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Risfel be welcomed

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Tue May 18, 2010 6:25 am
RisfelRagnarok says...

Yo, what up? My name says who I am, but its not really my name, its just what I use for online stuff. I gotta be honest, I've only been rping/storybooking for about 2 years now, and most of the time it was idle/oocness, been from nice times to the worst of times. And I don't mean to brag but I can do some nice multi paragraphs or just paragraphs in sucha short time. Kinda proud as to where I have got, you be the judges.

I kinda like writing battle rps more than anything, its not that I'm violent by nature (yes he is -Puts his hand down- Shut up) but I suppose I like battling like its some sort of art than a self defense mechanism. So yeah I'm kind of a fan for them FF7 AC battle scenarios and/or DMC, Bayonetta, God of War and Dante's Inferno, with a bit of Bleach, minus the instant movement, yeah thats gay. But just because i like a perfect fight with spells and skills, mental powers and demonic stuff and what not, doesn't mean its only gotta be about that. There's gotta be a worthy cause to ones own fight, rather than adding some one sided philosophy the character or the villain, its even better when the protagonists and antagonists are fighting for a true fact in the world, like some kind of deep meaning yet mind effing ideology. Try watching the Watchmen and maybe you can understand where I'm coming from.

I also have a story Ive working on since I was a kid, thanks to my inspiration with Bomberman 64 for some reason, and decided to go work for a manga company or some comic association, maybe even a video game so i can be the author and character illustrator. Its a story that if it were ever stolen I would be crushed, but I wouldn't give up.

Thats about what I can say, I'll try and enjoy my stay

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Mon Jul 19, 2010 2:14 am
TheEnigma says...

Welcome to YWS, Risfel. You will enjoy it here. It's a great site.

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