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Mon May 17, 2010 1:07 am
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Emerson says...

In case your confused where to make your "introduction" I thought I'd do a quick explanation between the differences if of the About The Authors section and the Welcome Mat section.

Post in the The Welcome Mat if:
-You are a new member
-It's your first post
-You want to say "Hey all!" and let everyone know you're here now.

Post in the About The Authors if:
-It isn't your first post
-You want to tell us all your hobbies, favorite TV shows, favorite books, etc (Basically, lots of stuff!)
-This is more of an "info" place and less of an introduction place.

So, where are you wanting to post? ;-)

(To the Other Mods: Feel free to step in and change something if you see fit!)
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