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A brief essay on the author of Kiln, and many other things.

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Sat Dec 18, 2004 3:06 am
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norris_redford says...

Hello. I am sorry to say that Rachel can't be here right now. I, Norris, happen to know her very well, however, and shall tell you a few things about the writer.

Rachel began taking our story down about a year and a half ago. We were strangers in the beginning, and she didn't really know how to start. We now all know eachother very well, and spend much time together working on what is entitled 'Kiln', and some other works.

When she is not writing, the girl enjoys activities such as reading, listening to music, drawing, watching movies, taking walks, meeting new and interesting people, and procrastinating on homework assignments because she is thinking of new story ideas. Rachel stays awake long into the night, recording what my companions and I share with her about our adventures. She does this with both joy and some aggrivation, as we are not always very good at getting across what we are trying to say.

Rachel currently lives in Pennsylvania under her parents' roof, but is planning to move out upon graduation.

Some other things she likes are:
Placebo- band
David Bowie- Singer
A Series of Unfortunate Events- books
Harry Potter- Books
Stephen King- writer
And many other things.

Please feel free to Private Message Rachel if you wish to speak with her or ask her a question. She really is quite friendly once she's had her coffee.
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Sat Dec 18, 2004 3:19 am
Nate says...

norris_redford wrote:Rachel currently lives in Pennsylvania under her parents' roof, but is planning to move out upon graduation.

Good luck! I plan on moving out come this fall, but the rent for an apartment in the Washington DC area is ridiculous. I may end up just living with my parents for another year...
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