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I;m nowhere near new, but yet I am

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Tue Mar 01, 2005 2:30 pm
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DrummerChica[k]a101 says...

My old username was Gracey13, therefore explains.
I'm 13 and 3/13, I ride horses, sing, play the drums, and write. Mainly music. But I caan't just like pick up a pencil ands write, for some reason. My inspiration always come while I'm at church. So i get like 4-10 songs/raps written a month, lol. but they don't get finished.
my poems aren't inspired in churcch. I wrote "That Night" in my room and "Task": on this website. So.....yeah.
Anytways, I've been singing since......FOREVER. Morgan (Chevy) and I are trying to make it big. She doesn't think we will, I do. I've been riding horses for about.............6 years? Well, yeah, about 4/5/6 yeARS, on and off tohugh.
And as far as the drums, November 28, 2004 was when I FIRST sat a drum set. I've been playing for like 3 months then. Yeah, 3 munts and u day. But ask Nov(Chevy), I sound like I've been playing fore atleast a year.
Nuff 'bout me, buhby.
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Wed Mar 02, 2005 5:56 am
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Tara says...

Welcome (back)! Yeah, I know wutcha mean by 'I can't just pick upa pencil and write.' Neither can I, I have to be in 'the writing mood'. This is a mood my dad knows very well, lol. He'll try to talk to me while I'm writing my book, and I'll just say 'Writing'. I'll get a phone call, and he'll say, "can I have her call you back? she's working on her book."
Oh, wow, good luck to you and Morgan! She's a great songwriter. Do you play an instrument, sing, or both? Ok, lol, I'm gonna go now. :wink:
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