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Digital Portrait

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Wed Feb 08, 2012 2:09 am
Mickixoxo says...

I wanted to see if I could draw realistically on the computer, too, and this is what came out XP

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Wed Feb 08, 2012 8:29 am
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hudz96 says...

You are simply amazing and im stunned.
I cannot say much of anything else. She reminds me of people who sing Opera or someone from those ages where they wore Corsets.
She is simply Divine, as is your skills.

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Wed Feb 08, 2012 8:50 pm
xXTheBlackSheepXx says...

Cool! I've never seen you draw like this before :) I like that you experimented with just black and whites. And I think it's really awesome that you are interested in drawing more realistic stuff xD Some things are very impressive like the lips, eyes, and strands of hair. I like how you added so many strands and they look so smooth ^_^

Comments: Since you were focusing on a more realistic style, I'd pay more attention to the shading of the face. This was really hard for me at first (well, it still is) because I usually draw manga stuff and when I tried to draw real people the face still looked one-tone with color. You can see that the mouth and eyes are highly detailed, but the nose looks unfinished, like you were unsure of how to go about drawing it. Also, the chin and neck are very cloudy and I thought that could've had a lot more definition.

And just a little bit about the hair: It's super cool but I don't like how the bun doesn't look connected to the rest of the hair, and the hair doesn't look connected to the scalp. You just need to fill in those white spots. Besides that you're all good.

Hope this helped!
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