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Christmas Ornaments. (Contest Entry)

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Fri Dec 30, 2011 3:23 am
Nikko says...

Happy Holidays everyone! This christmas, I took lots of photos from different kinds of parties so here they are! This is also my contest entry for the christmas photography contest that Lumi is putting up. :)

So that you can see the photo more clearly, you should right click and view the image, this is also to all my awesome friends (lol, I editted this because I didn't place 'friends'. D:) out there, Merry Christmas! :)
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Sat Dec 31, 2011 9:42 pm
theotherone says...

Hello there. :)

These pictures are absolutely awesome. I might not go one by one because there's really nothing to say apart from their prettiness. But, I will say my favorite and my least favorite, and the reason for that.

So, I shall begin. ;)

The one like the least is the last one. I would have loved it if you wouldn't have put a picture of the same chandelier (or is it just a light fixture?) earlier on in the post. The first one is so much more beautiful, because I see that you thought about it, about the angles, the light, the colors. The last one though seems like you just took a picture of it. And there's probably a tiny part of my that doesn't really like the fact that it's a picture taken from the bottom, because that's just what I don't like. Sorry. ;) But otherwise, the choice of the subject it great.

My favorite one is the third one. The colors, the lighting... It's just beautiful. I especially like the lights on the right side. I don't know why, I just do.

Hopefully this review was useful for the contest. If it isn't, well then... You still have my opinion. ;)

Keep on the good work!

-Other One
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Wed Jan 04, 2012 8:04 pm
Rydia says...

Hi! This looked like it could use a few more reviews so here I am :)

1. I'm not sure that I like this one. The star in the foreground looks a little too flat and cut off for my liking, while the one in the background is too out of focus to be of more than passing interest, though it is the more interesting of the two. The red item is hard to make out, I wonder if perhaps it's flowers but all in all it's too abstract without having that true feel of abstract photography.

2. The focus is a bit all over the place in this one and it might have been nicer to pick out a smaller section of the chandelier and draw more attention there. I think you've chosen a good angle and some of the jewels look so clear and dazzling, but there's not enough direction. I think you need to ask yourself what you was trying to accomplish with the photo, what mood, where you wanted the eye to be drawn.

3. Either you needed more of that reflection at the bottom or none of it because the tiny little bit you do have is just enough to be far too distracting. I love the bauble though and the light catches it nicely. I'm not sure about the red to the right, it feels very out of place and contrasts badly with the colours. I think if you gave this one a spherical crop to fir the shape of the bauble it would look lovely!

4. Again, there's too much of the chandelier in the picture, but I do like the upward shot you're going for, I just wish you'd tilted the camera a little more and concentrated on getting a shot of just the crystals falling like little strings of tears. Also, the dead light is distracting. Either you needed to decide to make that the focus and give this a forlorn look to contrast with the splendour of the rest of the chandelier or uh... you needed to make sure it didn't get caught in the photo xD

Overall, my favourite is either the second or the third and my least favourite was the first. You've made a good attempt here though and I think if you just put a bit more thought into what mood you want to create with each shot, you'll see improvements very quickly! Remember, a piece of art should tell a story and focus is the key tool in that. If there's a vase of roses and the camera focuses on one that's wilting while blurring the others into the background, then the emotions are sad, neglected. On the other hand if the camera focuses on a bead of water on one of the freshest roses then the theme is happy or rebirth or life.

Heather xxx
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