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Girl in the Garden

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Thu Nov 10, 2011 11:48 pm
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sarahjane97 says...

The other day my little sister and I were watching Project Runway on TV, and afterward she wanted to dress up and do a "fashion photoshoot". I've never taken portraits of people before, so constructive feedback would be amazing! :D




^ This one is my favorite! ^


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Fri Nov 11, 2011 6:16 am
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panda21 says...

i love it keeep up the great work ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** panda21**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

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Fri Nov 11, 2011 3:57 pm
penguinduan1 says...

Cute! For such a young model, this is a good "atmosphere" for it. There's nothing that's too fancy or anything. And since I have been in a professional photoshoot, this is very good! I like the fourth one, actually. The fifth, and last, photo sort of... I don't know... but it didn't come off to me as "girl in the garden". Her expression reminded me of a deer in headlights. Overall, very good job for a first "professional" photoshoot!

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Sat Nov 12, 2011 10:09 am
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ChocoCookie says...

Hi Sarah Jane! :D

I love to review photographs with cute kids in it! :P
Oh! Oh! Is this your sister? Is, she is awfully, awfully CUTE! <3
And so pretty! *.*

How old is she? OMG!
Okay. Okay. Guess, I got distracted. :P
Back to reviewing. ;)

Picture 1: She looks really natural. That smile, the accessories, hairstyle and that dressing. Oh my! Just perfect and beautiful for a little girl like her. <3 But I guess, you should have taken the picture somewhere else. Like given it a beautiful background because she's really pretty. The background should also match her. It kind of looks a little dull behind. :S

Picture 2: Forgot one thing. She has a tan skin! :O That is just so awesome! :P Now what I like her is her bulgy eyes, her face (with no make-up except under her eyes. Good job there.) and the posture. Definitely it matches her. And to see that you don't take photographs much, it is hard to believe, love. :) Now, what I was kind of disturbed is that green paint on her hand or to call it- nail polish. Oh please. Remove that. Error!

Picture 3: For some reason, she looks weird here. And I just don't know why! D: Maybe its just not natural or is it her smile? :( And she looks a little fat. Sorry :3 So I guess, this picture, was not too appropriate. But your sister is still cute, okay? :D

Picture 4: Your favorite! ^.^ That's nice. She does look very natural here. But I sort of thought its not the best picture. I will say that at the end. XD Now here, instead of that thing she's balancing on, she could stood have somewhere else because not all of her is seen much. Just the face is clear. I wanted more like the whole of her. =) But its all right. I'm sure you can do better! x) And I also thought, she kind of shines here. :P

Picture 5: Aw.! She looks sad and funny here. Why is that? :( BUT THAT ATMOSPHERE. THAT BACKGROUND! OMG! I must say because of that, she looks mind-blowing. <3 Apart from the smile, she looks amazing and awesome! ;P Your photography has definitely worked out. *claps*

So, that's all of it. Anyway, I said I would mention my favorite picture. And that picture is..................
♥ PICTURE 1! ♥

Overall: Good attempt. I would surely give this a 8 and half / 10! :D A little more natural and realistic. Please say that your sister is a really good model. She's done a great job for a little girl. ;)

I hope I wasn't too nitpicky. Looking forward to your works. ^.^

Keep Taking Photographs, Love ~!

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Sun Nov 13, 2011 3:47 am
confetti says...

So adorable. I would say that every picture is perfect except the last one. The atmosphere just seems to change in that one, but these really are lovely.
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Wed Nov 16, 2011 5:58 am
WinterBloom says...

Wow! Let me just say your little sister is beautiful and quite a good model! Now for the pictures
Picture 1~ it is such a beautiful picture her posture is great and so is the lighting, but it would look slightly better if you moved to camera slightly more to her.
Picture 2~ So cute! Everything on this picture is great! The angle, lighting, and it's zoomed in just right!
Picture 3~ Oh my gosh so pretty! I love it! If it wasnt so close to her head on the right then it would look slightly nicer
Picture 4~ Very cute!
Picture 5~ Very pretty! But when she smiles its prettier than that deep look she was going for

Your pictures are great and very well taken! The model is very good and for so young has great potential! :)

Love Ella :)

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Sat Nov 19, 2011 1:12 am
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Impossible says...

Awwwwwwww!!!! She's adorable!! :) lol. And those are great pictures!! My favorites are the Second and fourth ones....:) She's so pretty!!
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Sat Nov 19, 2011 1:58 am
Mirasol says...

Your sister is really cute and she's appealing in a way that is not childish at all! Very unique element! The photos are all really nice, excellent job for a beginner! You could have captured the surroundings a bit more though. What I like is her hair. The wisps of curls that hang at the side are simple yet captivating. :) Good job!

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Mon Dec 26, 2011 4:25 pm
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limegreenleopard says...

So Merry Christmas, even though it was yesterday, and here's a review for you.
These pictures are gorgeous, but let me review them one by one for you!

Photo 1: Adorable! Her smile is lovely and really shines out in the picture. Her skin looks smooth, she is well positioned, and the photo is well taken and of good quality. Well done!

Photo 2: Loving the nail varnish! :D This is a beautiful close up, she still looks as perfect as ever and it feels like you have really 'captured' a special moment. It draws me in and makes me wonder why she is so happy. Great job!

Photo 3: The photo is well taken, but her expression makes her look a bit strange and like she's seen something she doesn't like. To improve this picture, she could have been looking up and smiling a bit more. Not like looking right up, but just slightly more.

Photo 4: OMG IT@S MY FAVE! It's truly, truly stunning and looks very professional. Her eyes draw you in and she has a slight dreamy look which makes her very mysterious but in an enchanting way. The photo is taken very well and the angle is lovely, it really shows off your sister's beauty. I like how she's leaning in like she has a secret to tell you. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! :D

Photo 5: I don't feel like this one fits in with the rest, You may need to crop the top and bottom of the picture so it's more focused on your sister. Other than that, her pose is great and it's a nice picture.

Overall, loved it all! I WANT YOUR SISTER! Sell me her now, she's adorable yet so maturely beautiful!!!! You've done a fantastic job with the photography and keep it up! It was a pleasure to review all of this cuteness!!!!

Keep snapping,
~leopard :D
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Sat Jan 07, 2012 9:02 pm
murtuza says...

Hey, Sarah!

I'm so glad I got the opportunity of seeing this collection of pictures. The people above me have all stated their adoration for your sister and I have become a fan of hers as well. She is an amazing model too, mind you, judging from the expressions and poses she makes. She's photogenic and isn't shy of the camera. And that's great because that way, there's more chance for the picture to look as natural as it can be.

The first picture is very sweet because I get to see her smile and show her teeth. I can feel the innocence right there in her smile and it's very simple and without any such complex setting, at least according to me it seems that way. But I believe the background could have been altered a bit. There's a fence behind that's a little blurry and it doesn't really suit the nature of the poem since you're showing a pretty face and all smiley and stuff and then you have the fence that symbolizes restriction and also, there's some wood piece or something on the wall too. It doesn't fit in well. Maybe just using the wall as background would have been well suited. If the wall is too low, you could have tried making her sit down and snap the pic. But despite all that, this picture is still pretty nice.

The second picture is my favourite. I don't think there's any problem here with regard to background or angle. You've captured her face very well but maybe a bit more farther could have been better so that we get to see the rest of her lovely hair from the top. It's cut from the frame and so only a bit can be seen. Nevertheless, this is definitely a great picture and it's the cutest because of that pose.

The third and fifth photos don't really have that much of appeal as the rest and fall short of being noted. The third one had your sister looking down. I couldn't see her eyes so well and it's like you wanted to make it spontaneous (which is a great idea, especially with kids) but I couldn't bring myself to find anything special about this picture so it's going to be my least favourite from them all. Though, I can see that you're experimenting with the poses and the angle and everything and that shows how much you wanted it to be different from the rest. This experiment was definitely not a failure. The subject of the picture just brightens up the screen and makes it worthwhile.

In the last picture, it seemed like she wasn't ready enough to be snapped. Her pose seemed a bit too stiff. The setting and the other things like the slide (I'm assuming it is one) are well captured and compliment the scene.

All in all, you're sister looks like a wonderful model. Do tell her that she's very pretty and that she should totes walk the ramp one day! You've barely edited any of the photos and they have come out so beautifully. Great job, Sarah. I can't wait to see more. Keep 'em snapping!

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