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Sat Jan 22, 2005 1:10 am
Sam says...

We did this in language arts (another, I know!) I'm going to describe a really junky car to you, and you have to try to sell it to me, using positive connotation. If you have little brothers or something you can also just borrow one of them. I have to find my example...I'll post it then. It's really fun! Try using some oxymorons too to make yourself laugh...

Let this be your mindstate....

"My car is a piece of crap but I want you to buy it anyway."

Brand: Ford
Year: 1964
Kind: Van
Color: Orange, Lime Green, Pink...Paint is faded and chipping off in some places, exposing rust.
Missing: 2 wheels, the remaining ones squeak

Basically it's a falling apart eyesore of a car [ie. crap]. I want to sell it to you anyway.
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- Demetri Martin

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Sun Feb 06, 2005 1:30 pm
Harley says...

(I'm gonna do this like a newspaper ad)

60's Ford Van in psychaedelic colours of Orange, Lime Green and Pink. Chipped paint effect showing beatiful rust colour. Seats with limited edition cigarette burn decorations. Windscreen decorated with spider web syle smash. Comes with 2 wheels which play a squeaking symphony as you drive. All it needs is an engine and 2 more wheels!! Starting price $6'995 Call 1800-PIECE-O-KRAP for more details

(I'm not very good at these things :oops: )

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Sun Mar 13, 2005 12:14 am
nickelpickle says...

A new and improved 1964 Ford. This fabulously, never owned car is a large van able to fit the whole family. Perfect for a man who works as a clown, lime green, pink and orange paint splash the car in addition to a background color similar to rust. All you need is a clown nose for the front and you'll have it all! For just one hundred grand, you can have all of this in addition to two wheels. That's right, folks, you get two wheels with this FABBBBULOUS offer!

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