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Finding out your worst and best!

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Mon Dec 27, 2010 4:19 am

Hello all authors, this is HIGHWHITESOCK.

I had this idea for a writing activity that can help everyone figure out how to look at stories/poems and figure out what could be improved. The idea is this:

Step 1:
Write the WORST story/poem possible. Bland characters, sparse description, liberal use of weak plot devices, and all kinds of bad stuff.

Step 2:
Either review this story yourself, or exchange with another writer to review. Figure out exactly what the problems are, and how exactly they can be improved upon.

Step 3:
Rewrite your story/poem, or the one you were exchanged as best you can! If you exchanged with someone else, take a look at their revision, then write it again yourself if you want. If you reviewed your own, give it to someone to compare with the first version, find out what's your worst and best!

If you have any interest, reply here or contact me on my profile or by message. If we get enough people, we'll see if we can get this started. Tell your friends!

Would you kindly?

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