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Ideas for anyone who wants them!

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Tue Nov 09, 2010 8:30 pm
Idraax says...

Need a prompt? Have writer's block? I have a bunch of ideas that I'm never going to use. You can have them! Just post a link here when you're done writing it. Enjoy! :)
    The Breath of the Earth
    The Wind in the Sky
    The Song of the World

Plot ideas/Prompts!
    Fighting a hero, the villain has lost his/her memories. On day he/she finds a secret lair/lab/hideout etc... She/he also finds a costume. He/She then discovers that they are [insert villain name here].
    After election number two, it has been found that the winner of election number 1, won due to a miscount. What happens?
    In a distant universe, there exists a library of cliches. The people who work for the library, who go out and gather cliches, are called [insert group name here]. Write an episode where they are seeking cliches.
Check these out please! :)
Will review for food thread

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Wed Nov 10, 2010 3:07 am
Jagged says...

This topic has pretty much the same purpose, and was posted earlier/still on the first page in the threads list--let's not clutter things up too much :P
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