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Shuffle Storylines?

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Mon Jul 12, 2010 11:02 pm
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FashionistState says...

I had this idea since I saw the TV Tropes forum topic of 'Shuffle Poetry'.
Basically, what you do is you put your mp3/media player on shuffle, and take the first line of the ten songs that come up.
The only time you can skip tracks is if they're instrumentals or the lyrics probably wouldn't be suitable for this forum.
Then you have to use them, in the order they came up, to come up with a short storyline. Optionally, the eleventh song's first line can be used as the title. This can be quite challenging as the lines it throws can get rather trivial.
If you ever come up with a good plot that you want to use, then leave a link to the finished story! ^_^

Here's mine:
You Don't Remember My Name

Your soldiers are fighting
I hypnotize with alibis
Please, please, forgive me
A carnival for the human race
You shouldn't have made me wait
I've got so much to say, but there's no point
All my life, you've said I was a freak
I have betrayed, and I have fooled
Stoplight, lock the door
How worn were we on such a day

This is the story of a girl who turns to revenge to solve her problems.
The fifteen-year-old is bullied because of her individual style, and she comes up with elaborate reasons to explain her injuries to her parents. They believe her...until her injuries land her in hospital; she regrets it and apologizes for covering it up. But then, she meets a mysterious girl around her age who's just moved to the area. The girl asks why she looks so miserable, and when she explains about the bullying, she gives an ill-advised recommendation: Get revenge.
The girl takes it pretty far, giving equally bad injuries to her tormentors. But as she continues dealing said revenge, it becomes less about revenge, and more because she actually longs to repeat the pain she causes.
The last three lines are the results: She takes it as far as actually killing someone. Her conviction leads to her telling her story to anyone that will listen. But then she realizes the only person that will listen is her reflection.
... Unless it's a farm.

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Sat Jul 17, 2010 1:00 am
Talulahbelle says...

This is so hard!
Okay here's what my beloved Ipod spit out at me...

It's astounding.
Down. You're pushing and pulling me down to you.
Gone. Its hard for me to see when I'm wrong.
And speaking of little Miss Katherine.
Gotta good reason.
It's all a game of this or that.
Live it and breathe it, you know that I do.
Hey Jude, don't make it bad.
Man you otta finished what you started.
3:30 in the morning - not a soul in sight.

Its about a girl who, one day meets this amazing boy who stops her in her tracks. But she's already in a relationship - one that she isn't happy in- she feels tied down. So, she leaves her current boyfriend to be with the new boy. Only after its too late to go back, she realizes that she made the wrong decision. The new boy is cheating on her with a woman named Katherine. So she goes back to her first boyfriend, and tries to explain to him why she left him. She tells him that she had a good reason and that life is just a game in which she doesn't know the rules. She begs him - "Jude, don't make it bad." They had a chance, she just didnt see it. They ought to follow it until the end. He leaves her in the middle of the empty city street at 3:30 in the morning!

Whew! That's really stretching the muscles!
I go to seek a Great Perhaps...

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Fri Mar 25, 2011 8:39 pm
Cspr says...

Hm. This sounds fun. *tries*


Human of the Year

When I offer you survival, you say it’s hard enough to live. -Bling (Confessions of a King)
It’s terrible love and I’m walking with spiders. -Terrible Love
Lady sing the blues so well. -Lady
Only interested in the sad music of the voice of Willamine. -Willamine
All I ask for is state of mind. -Someday
If you don't believe me. -February Air
Up the Hudson Valley across New York state.-California Zephyr
He moves efficiently beyond security. -Airportman
Many lives were taken. -Paper Cities
The city of angels is lonely at night. -Take Me Along

This is a story about a man who is in love with a female blues singer named Willamine and who wants to marry her, but Willa won’t let him even ask. As soon as he starts, she silences him.
He moves through her legions of fans, them knowing who he is, and past the security, for the same and a tag hanging around his neck, but no one will ever truly get close to Willa--not since the Twin Towers fell, killing her father, and her mother was killed by the after-boyfriend. Maybe not even before that. But Tony, a one-time streetlord, realizes he’s not good enough for her either. So they’re stuck at an eternal standstill. But he tries, oh he tries...
Maybe some people just aren’t meant for each other...and maybe some people aren’t meant to be good. And once Willa ends up involved, involved with his enemy, he has to make a decision--and fast.


Dunno if it was good, it maybe might have been a mite all other the place--but, hey, it didn't have to be brilliant... *shrugs*
Also, going from the fact my sister also uses my iPod, two pop songs popped up and probably didn't help. Honestly. -.- Lights and that ruddy Miley girl. At least Lights is a tattooed Canadian girl, but the latter? *shakes head sadly*
Oh well.
My SPD senses are tingling.

"The day, which was one of the first of spring, cheered even me by the loveliness of its sunshine and the balminess of the air. I felt emotions of gentleness and pleasure, that had long appeared dead, revive within me. Half surprised by the novelty of these sensations, I allowed myself to be borne away by them, and forgetting my solitude and deformity, dared to be happy."
— Mary Shelley, Frankenstein