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Searching for a collaborative writer

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Wed Jul 01, 2009 3:00 pm
badbadztmaru says...

I am currently searching for a collaborative writer. I haven't written anything in 2 months and it is my belief that I can start writing again if I have someone to talk to about it. Through my life I've had a few friends like this and they have been so valuable to my writing. I'm hoping to find someone like that here, someone a little like me so we can level, but different than me so we can bring in new ideas o each other!

I'm picky however and have a few requirements.
1.) Must be female [sorry guys]
2.) Between the ages of 17-19 [If you're younger and still want to be my collaborative writer, then msg me and we'll talk about it]
3.)Write general fiction. Basically, I don't do anything dealing with vampires, werewolves and special powers. There are a few fantasies that I will do, but it has to be done in the correct way.
4.)Must have very little to no influence from anime
5.) Listen to obscure, quirky music [Ok, this isn't a requirment, but it would be really nice!]
6.) Online at least a lot at nights and early afternoons. We both have lives, but it would be nice to have someone on as much as I am, which is basically 7-9 hours in the day. Also, same country as me. Different countries have different time zones and that wouldn't work out.
7.) Have MSN/Skype messenger that they're always on.

Maybe by making requirments I am narrowing my options and may never find a writing buddy, but these points are really important to me.

If you're interested, you can post here THEN either send me a PM saying a little about yourself, or msg me on one of my messengers. If I'm not on my messengers, add me and I'll get back to you.
Skype: kittyonjurphone

Thank you!

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Wed Jul 01, 2009 10:09 pm
Jasmine Hart says...

Hi. I'd recommend joining the user group "The Double-Trouble Writing Huddle". That's a section especially for people who want to do a co-write. I think that you'd have more success finding a co-author there. Just click on "groups", and it will be listed there.

The storybook section is also worth a look as a sort of warm up; that will help get you back into writing if you haven't written in a while.
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