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Fri Apr 17, 2009 11:24 pm
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Lauren2010 says...

Sometimes when I have writers block or just need to get the creativity flowing, I find that sitting down and writing something completely random is just what I need. Something like this must be very strange and shouldn't make much sense at all. The point is to relax and have fun so you can be inspired to write something less terrible. :P

You pretty much make up a few random characters, give them an outrageous plotline, and have at it. Here is an example that anyone is welcome to use:

Main: :arrow: Tanya "Twizzler" Grady - Tanya is pretty much regular. Nothing outstanding about her looks. Although she is a candy addict, particularly Twizzlers (hence the nickname).
Other: :arrow: Sven Svenson - Sven is a german exchange student, speaks only jumbled english. One of Tanya's friends.
:arrow: Q - Q is mysterious and lives in the swamps exactly seventeen and a half minutes from Tanya's home. People have only heard rumors of his existance. Rumors like: he burned down Mrs. Tootles birdhouse and that he once tipped five cows in Mr. Crankypant's field. No one has seen him in ages. But he's out there...oh he's out there..
:arrow: Jimmy Lord of the Cracked Cornless - Evil. Wishes to take away Cracked corn from all good people in the world. (You know the song/rhyme/whatever it is: Jimmy cracked corn, and I don't care...)
Any other random characters can be added..

:arrow: Tanya is normal. And when I say normal, I mean normal. There is absolutely nothing interesting about her, except her strange addiction to Twizzlers. Anyways, Tanya and Sven live in the great country of Tylenol where they attend high school in a city (could be anything really..just keep up the randomness). They go through life normally until Jimmy Lord of the Cracked Cornless comes and takes all the cracked corn away! But little did he know that the cracked corn was the only thing that stiffled the magic in this country for so long. Now Tanya and her loyal companion Sven find themselves filled with magical powers (to the extent of your choosing). Now they are charged with the task of defeating Jimmy before there is no cracked corn left in the entire world.

The Dilemma:
:arrow: Will Tanya and Sven sacrifice their new powers for the safety of cracked corn everywhere? Cracked corn was a valued nutrient in the land of Tylenol. Or will they let Jimmy get away with it so they can keep their new powers and let the land of Tylenol suffer with its lack of cracked corn? Only you can tell us.

:arrow: The only form of transportation is by motorcycle. When one rides said motorcyle, they are immedeatly transformed into a bad boy motorcyclist. They are immedeatly a million times cooler.
:arrow: All rivers, lakes, streams, and such are not filled with water but sparkling grape juice.
:arrow: When a person is born in Tylenol, they are presented with fifteen wishes to use throughout their lifetime. Tanya and Sven have none of these wishes left. Neither does Lord Jimmy. But Q has seven.
:arrow: Any romance that occurs must be with a platypus.

Well have fun! If any one chooses this, I would sure be interested to see how that turned out for you. Or if anyone wrote anything along the same basis of complete randomness, that would be interesting too. Remember, the point of this is not to write something good but to write something weird to maybe inspire you to write something that makes more sense.
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