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Make a movie trailer

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Sun Mar 29, 2009 4:15 pm
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Bloo says...

Oh I am so going to make one of these. But seeing as I haven't even finished most of my book I need to think about this extra hard. And it will probably suck. :(
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Sun Mar 29, 2009 6:48 pm
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Krupp says...

Chad Palma (Voice over): "Keep it Cool. Did it mean to keep on rolling, even when the going got tough?

(Kyuss' "Supa Scoopa and the Mighty Scoop starts to play. A Jeep with two young men flies through a sharp curve on a mountain road.)

Chad: The only thing that matters is how the music captures you, takes you places.

(Chad, Ty, Jake, and David are performing for a large crowd, some kind of hard rock music)

Screen fades to black.

Elicia (to Chad): "I feel like we're wasting out time here."

(Chad and are in the car, embracing.)

Chad (Shouting at Jessie):This is all I am, and this is all I'll be. There's no other way I can live except through this!"

Jessie: "You say that, but you know that that's just an excuse."

(Chad is sitting on his bed, picking at his guitar, clearly angry about something.)

(Party scene, Chad and Jessie and Mitch are talking, laughing, and Chad is consuming too much alcohol.)

Chad (Voiceover): I didn't want it any other way. I didn't want to be the man who came home from work every day to a wife and kids, living a futile existence.

(Chad is in a garage, speaking to Ty and Jessie.): "We can do this."

(Screen fades to black, and the title "Keep it Cool" appears on screen. Rachel speaks to Chad.): "What drives you like this?"

Chad (sighs): "If I could create music all through life without having to work a single day-job, that would be heaven for me."

(Chad holds a hand out to Jessie.): "You with me?"

Jessie (grabs his hand.): "All the way, bro. We're in this together."

(Band is performing again, and singer David does a dive off of the stage, ending the preview.)

---------------'s not that great, but it gets the point across I think.
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Mon Mar 30, 2009 3:03 am
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Bloo says...

Okay this will suck.

[scene opens to a boy sitting in on a bed, his head is down, briwn hair in a mess]

Narration: I always thought being adopted would be happiest day of my life. If only had I known it would be the worst.

[scene changes, the same boy before, with a taller kid with gray tinted skin and red yellow eyes, with slightly tinted ears.]

Gray boy: You won’t stop us

Boy: What are you talking about’

Gray boy: You’ll see, soon *Smiles as the setting changes*

[opens to the same brown haired kid, and an old gray haired man in a living room]

Boy: What is this.

Man: Your destiny

Boy: But how can it be mine, I’m just a kid wi-

Man: It doesn’t matter, you have to.

[scene changes to the same boy and man in a damp cave]

Boy: Why me

Man: Because, you were destined to

Boy: *stands up, angered* that’s all you tell me, its my destiny. Well I know it isn’t, so drop it. You got the wrong guy, there was a mix up.

Man: No, I wasn’t. You are the one, and you can’t fight it

[scene changes to the same boy, with a young ma, over looking a stone city from a mountain]

Man: We need your help.

Boy: No you don’t

Man: we do, no matter what you say. We are not asking for you to be anyone else, just you. We need you.
Boy: No you don’t. But I will help, no matter what

[scene changes to the boy standing in a room with a dead man, smoke curling from his hands]

Boy: What did I just do

(The old man enters)

Man: Prove my point

Boy: *Smiling* Well then no point in fighting now.

[Montage sequence appears]

The scene opens to the boy standing over a city, and army behind him, he punches the air and they charge forward

Then it opens to the boy standing in a large room, facing a tall man, the boy out stretches his arm and a lightning bolt flows through it, hitting the man

The boy is in a field the old man’s head on his lap, tears streaming down the boy’s face he says “I will avenge you,”

The scenes flash showing a battle of two armies, lightning bolts and multi colored sparks flying through the air, then to a large building crumbling, and ending with the brown haired boys solemn face.
That User Who Changed Their Name A Dozen Times And So No One Ever Knew Who They Were Half the Time and When They Did Only Used Bolt.

The tragic tale of losing all #Brand for nothing in return.

The Take Away Is You Probably Know Me As Bolt

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Wed Apr 01, 2009 7:30 pm
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Chloe(: says...

Woman: What's that book you've got there?
(Reaches for book)

Kalla: Yes ma'am

(Woman reads description on back)

Woman: (gasps) An imaginary world of yours? You know that you can't imagine here.

Kalla: Yes I do ma'am. I mean, I know you can't.

(Woman starts reading)

Kalla: PLEASE don't read it, it's private.

(scene changes)

(Boy sitting on a bean bag chair in small apartment. Playing guitar)

Kalla: Viktor, I've got news.

(Viktor stops playing guitar and peers up at Kalla)

Kalla: You're-

(viktor nods)

Kalla: (quickly) This isn't good news.

(viktor frowns)

Kalla: You're, you're not real.

(Viktor stands up)


Kalla: No, Viktor. You are not real, earth is not real, the universe is not real.

(Viktor stares wide eyed)

Kalla: Viktor, you're world is not real . . .

(The title: The End goes across a black screen)

Kalla: And I can prove it to you. (echoes)
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Wed Apr 08, 2009 8:49 pm
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Ravons J. Daro says...

Man's voice: The Grimoire states the Wrath of the Holy Mother will befall us, if her Daughters, the Maydens will be exposed to further harm. This is the only solution... Here nobody will find them... From hereon we can return peace to our lives once more...

(An adult blonde man along with a woman bearing orange hued eyes stare at the back of an other male, as he stares up to the statues of four women.)

Man: Mother Gaeia wants her Children to be at peace. And I shall heed her wishes. Rest assured, Maydens of Gaeia...

Narrator: To free one from the clutches of Greed, amends must be made... Thus, one Man freed those afflicted by taking what they longed for.. Just to return everyone's peace...

And so it would eventually last...

(scene changes to a lush green meadow, lively looking hills decorated with flowers stand in the background. A young male carrying hazel brown eyes and same colored, wild locks of hair unsheathes his sword and dives right towards the screen. A definitely older male with flowing golden hair parries the boy's blade and easily flicks it away)

Narrator: Little does the youth know, his mentor would take him along a journey outside of the village...

(The fluttering of a cape is heard, a cloaked figure stares down in the camera. In his hands he holds a long shaped object wrapped up in old clothes.)

Figure: Take good care of her, Kin! She'll be important to you and us!

(The long haired man mentioned before stands before a throne, eying someone the camera cannot capture completely)

Man: If we do not take action, it'll take turn for the worst! Just like twenty-two years ago when every kingdom wanted to grasp the Mother's power! Heed my words, my King! As they will not!

(A huge army marches from the horizon, towards a lonely looking fort standing amidst a giant plain)

Voice: If the Drow are really marching under the flag of Caligo.. the Empress is plotting something huge...

(The brown haired youth carefully studies his sword, its blade unnaturally seethrough and filled with appears to be water)

Youth: ...Why do I have you?

Narrator: In a land where fantasy and reality share the same line, a magical threat peers down from the Heavens. The board is set, the pieces have been placed and the contestants are the Gods themselves.

(The brown haired youth rushes up a barren hill, a distressed expression on his face as he stares up at the skies)

(In an empty throneroom a beatiful, young and blonde elven female stares at the cloaked figure mentioned before; tears run down her face)

Elven female: I trusted you! How could you?! ANSWER ME!

Narrator: Even though they originate from a small village, their purposes bear something big.

Voice: Though we differ, here we stand. Dressed in the same plates, we carry the shields equal to eachother. We are alike right here on the field of battle. We are one. United We Stand.

It looks like crap, but that's because I'm not that far in my story yet. xD I bet it wont be worth the read.

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Wed Apr 15, 2009 9:52 pm
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asxz says...

--Girl jumps out of a pipe [4 meters off the ground in a construction site] and looks around quizzically—
“Who am I?”

--Images of men chasing her through the streets –
“[Dramatic music]”

--Girl laying the ground in pelting rain after the fight, she gets up –
“[Fast paced music]”

--She walks past a McDonalds, and sees herself [but it’s another person… a twin?]—
-- Other girl rushes out and greets her –
“Oh my gosh… you’re the first on who showed!”

--Third clone walks in, and faints—
“Who the hell are we?” – three of them whisper

--Flashes: Hospital ward, 12 look-a-likes unconscious in beds.
Men coming through the compound – seen through a window. --
“When you twelve you’s don’t know who you are…”

--Original girl running through the basement tunnels, gasping for breath.
Camera looks behind her and you see 2 men running through the mist--
“Things get tricky”

Okay… I know that wasn't great – but my creativity is at an all time low at the moment!

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Thu Apr 16, 2009 7:51 am
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Lil_Pau says...

Oooh! I've never tried anything like this, but it sounds fun!

I'll try to come up with something...
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