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You know you're a writer when...

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Wed Oct 13, 2010 8:42 pm
davischen says...

You know you're a writer when you want to create a new world
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Thu Oct 14, 2010 9:42 am
LastPaladin says...

When every dream or thought is a potential story or character and where you tend to ask the oddest and most disturbing questions to people, to help write ya novel.
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Thu Oct 21, 2010 1:46 pm
Angela says...

Awesome, and so incredibly true. Here are a few of mine:

You know you're a writer when... would grab our milkcrate of notebooks before your money/playstation/any other minor thing in a fire. know you need to write more when you start narrating your life. (ex: She walked down the hall, confidence trailing her like the powerful aura of a ruler in her domain... I really should use that in a story. Or maybe not. :? ) have spent time contemplating saving up for the Encyclopedia Britannica to cut down research time.
...your Latin teacher has asked you what an English word meant. (word in question: omniscience. Oh the wonders of our world... :smt001 ) got up early (I'm talking crazy early like 7-in-the-morning-on-a-Saturday-early) so you could read/write before leaving. packed for a trip and realized that ALL you had in an entertainment bag was: books, writing magazines, notebooks, pens, pencils, and a single CD. have gone so low as to bribe your sibling for more computer time (been there, done that, sucks) are in the process of writing a story for the sole purpose of naming the victim after your childhood/modern day tormentor so they can die a painful and gruesome death. actually took the time to read EVERY SINGLE POST IN THIS THREAD (guilty as charged) took your school's typing class for extra writing time that you GET CLASS CREDIT FOR! (why else would you take it?)
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Sun Oct 24, 2010 4:55 am
Waterlilygirl says...

You know you're a writer:

- When you sit in class, highlighting the typo's your English teacher made.
- When you have the urge to higlight every single tiny mistake in a novel. And want to send it back, to get it re-edited.

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Fri Dec 03, 2010 2:41 am
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teamdelaware says...

You can't sleep because you're spending hours figuring out what would have happened in a movie if one thing was different
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Sun Dec 05, 2010 12:16 am
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FRAYEDjade says...

You know you’re a writer when you feel that choosing from a selection of really great adjectives is tantamount to a kid in a candy store.
We revel in the unabashed glory of the mind meeting a page.

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Tue Dec 14, 2010 4:55 am
Shadowhunter14 says...

I SO agree with silverSUNLIGHTx ! You know you're a writer when, during the middle of a good book or after you've finished it, you mentally continue the story and sort of dream up your own fan fiction. I do that. Weirdo :)

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Mon Dec 27, 2010 4:22 am

You know you're a writer when you can relate to many of the things on this list! Haha :)
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Mon Jan 03, 2011 10:30 pm
ultraviolet says...

...your first thought when hearing/doing something hilarious isn't "This would make a great Facebook status," but rather "I wonder how I can incorporate this into my novel..."
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Thu Jan 13, 2011 3:07 am
TheCodex says...

... when you first meet a person, you think, this would be a great character for my story!
... EVERYTHING that happens in your life somehow relates to your story. No matter how obscure.
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- Jack London.

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Sun Jan 23, 2011 5:18 am
FRAYEDjade says...

You know you're a writer when your nightmares have character dynamics.
We revel in the unabashed glory of the mind meeting a page.

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Sun Jan 23, 2011 4:39 pm
megsug says...

You know you're a writer when, after finishing a book or watching a movie, you say, "I would have done this differently.

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Mon Jan 24, 2011 3:35 am
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Masquerade says...

When your friend says something sarcastically and you turn to them and very seriously say "That would make an interesting story..." and immediately start plotting it out in your head.
"Many people hear voices when no-one is there. Some of them are called mad and are shut up in rooms where they stare at the walls all day. Others are called writers and they do pretty much the same thing."
-Meg Chittenden

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Sun Feb 13, 2011 8:55 pm
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RainWanderer says...

You realized that you are becomming a coffee-fueled being, staring at the blank computer screen on the 5th can of coffee and trying to finish your story in 12 hours.
Who am I? Just a wanderer, traveling from real life to dreams.

“Writing a book is a very lonely business. You are totally cut off from the rest of the world, submerged in your obsessions and memories.” - Mario Vargas Llosa

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Tue Feb 22, 2011 12:03 am
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kjr5horses says...

You know you are a writer when,

-you talk to your characters out loud
-you are still writing at 5AM
-you become your character when you write
-you read a book and find a better way to end it
-you follow your fingers
-you talk to your characters as you are writing your novel
-your emails are at least 2 pages long
-you get upset when people use chat speak or text language
-you are supposed to be talking notes for school, but instead write about your story
-you spell check everything before posting or sending it
-people think you are crazy because you always have a pen and notebook in your purse or backpack
-you zone out in the shower thinking about how to start the next chapter of your story and use all the hot water
-you have writer block and go to sleep only to wake up at 1AM and start writing frantically until your alarm goes off
-you are always thinking about the project you are currently working on
-your music has to fit perfectly with the mood of your story that you are writing
-you keep all of your novels, poems, and such on a back up flash drive just in case your computer crashes
-you rely on Word
-you write on your hand or arm if you are found without paper

And that's it for now!
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