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Completely Idiotic

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Fri Jul 10, 2009 10:37 pm
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Lauren2010 says...

OH EM GE. Like one time actually like today actually like this morning I was lieing in bed and sleeping and stuff when my alarm clock went off. My ALARM CLOCK decided to be a stupid little bugger and RING RING RING RING RING. My room sounded like it had something giant and ringing in it RINGING! It like totally sucked. Anywhozzle then I woke up and like gort on my lap tipity top. Then my like bestest bestest bestie got on and IMed me.

She wa slike "Omg! Kaylie u r lyke so ttly mah bestie!"

And I was like "Omg! Katie u r lyke so ttyl mah bestie 2!"

Then she was like "Kayle, u wll nvr blieve who I saw 2day at da mall."

Then I was like "WHO?!?!?!" then I added "wait, u wer @ da mall 2day?"

She was like "duh Kaylie, its lyke 3 in da afternoon"

And I was like "oh"

She wa slike "anywayz I ttly saw TRENT HOTGUY FOOTBALL PLAYER!"

and I was like "OMG!"

and she was like "I NO! And he ttly asked 4 ur #"

and I was like "OMG!"

Then my phone rang and it was Trent hotguy football player. He asked me out and I said "OH EM GE LIKE TOTALLY YEAH!"

We went out and it was like totally awesome. I love him.

Wow, that was painful. *shudders*
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