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Mon May 02, 2011 4:39 am
Cspr says...

So, I have a few current ideas I've decided to share with the class.

Some backstory: Most of them are based off a few RPs I did a while back. One of them started last May on a small site I love to haunt and is still somewhat active (we hit a dead zone for a bit, but we're back). I figured it might work here. It's based off a book idea I had, something I also tried to write into a script, but it just won't go on paper. I figure doing a SB might get my creative juices flowing again when it comes down to that particular one. The second thing, Fangland, was created in April of the same year and is getting out of its own dead zone. It has stayed more or less active of a site of less than ten members for more than a year. So, I figure that one might work, too. Plus I just have a few other ideas. I might post new ideas here when I have 'em, too, so I don't clog up more space.

(A.) First idea: There are people in this world who are very different. They don't seem to be. A.D.D. or A.D.H.D. some would say. Druggies. Mental. Problem kids. They can hardly handle themselves, pulsing with adrenaline-related energy and defended by a high pain tolerance. They seem unusually related to animals and faster, stronger than would be deemed normal. Their hearts beat healthily at a stronger pace and their immunity is amazing. They're mostly ignored, however, or misdiagnosed--misdiagnosed because there is no term for what is wrong with them, except for a term in the underworld, beating faintly under busy city streets. Berserker. The monsters outlawed in 1015 A.D. by Vikings. Before the Renaissance. Before the plague. Before mass witch hunts. At a time where so much was allowed, berserkers were made illegal--and they disappeared without a fight.
But their descendants, warriors by blood, trickle through the systems of our nation among others. And now these problem children are having a new problem--they dream wild dreams, most of a familiar gray-bearded man. A man they recall, faintly. A man who talked to them at a park, a man who gave them a wind-up toy, the man who when the kid was trying to get sugar from a neighbor from their mum had a 'toy' guillotine in his apartment.
Unfortunately, he's quite the...collector. The fact he happens to know how to wake the beast split between hundreds--well, that can't be fortunate either, can it?

Title (or first book in series/film title): HAZE, Haze. Potential Ratings: 16+-18+.

(B.) The second is pretty simple--there's a troupe of dancers, performers. They go around on Broadway and in Civic Center productions and they may even visit your local library. Their most famous performance is "Dracula Redux", a spin-off of Bram Stroker's novel, while their comedy, "Fangland" (which was recently bought by a major television company for translation into the world of television) mocks everything about vampires, more or less. If you hadn't guessed it by now--the performers are vampires, using their acts as a ploy to protect themselves.

Title: Meet Your Monsters, They Look Like You (or Meet Your Monsters, or Fangland). Potential Ratings: 12+-16+ (depending on how far things go--since there will be blood and probable implications of cannibalism, I might want to up it to 18+).

(C.) I have a Warriors fanfic currently about a wipe-out of the Clans at the Lake, a collab. of green cough, harsh winters, human-started fires,...and the earth-ripping monsters are back. I have a few characters yet up already and a basic plot--people would pick out characters and flesh them out, adding names for minor characters and making their own characters as the F1 cats have kits. It'd be simple and fun, with emphasis on good grammar (rarely seen on the Warriors site anymore, unfortunately) and weekly posting in the least. I would add more information, but, yeah, anyone interested in collaborating on making a Warriors SB, or joining the one detailed above, just PM me or post something here.

Title: Lost Omens (a Warriors SB). Rating: Probably 12+, for potential violence, mild romance plots, and blood.


Anyway, thanks guys for hearing me out and I hope you have comments...and one or more of these catch your fancy. ;) If not, I'll probably post more here sometime...
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Mon May 02, 2011 10:29 pm
jessig833 says...

I'd join the warriors SB.. :D

I havent seen one on here yet.. :D

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Sun Jan 01, 2012 11:40 pm
TheClosetKidnapper says...

I really really like the first two and would join if you choose to make them into a SB! :D
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Fri Apr 13, 2012 2:51 am
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Stori says...

Did some cat say Warriors?

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Fri Apr 20, 2012 2:28 pm
Cspr says...

Yep. Warriors.

Not sure there is one currently. I still have nine weeks of school left (gag), but I plan on doing some storybooks/making one or two when summer rolls around.

However, if you made a Warrior SB, or I did, I could RP some (yours/mine) and, you know, make sure the plot's carrying along once in a while (if it were mine). Very busy right now. Getting closer and closer to finals (blah).

So, yeah.
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