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The "M" Gene (Permission Only)

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Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:18 pm
ScarlettFire says...

Welcome to the future, where the “M” Gene is a curse.

In the year 2048, humankind has become a collective of technology. There is not one single person that does not breathe gadgetry every single hour of their lives. Survival is no longer a concern for most people, but for some, their very existence is more than enough for them to worry about.

These people are called mutants.

Driven to the streets by people they've known, threatened away by a society that fears them and hunted by a government that wants nothing more than to harvest their powers, these mutants live at the very limits of humanity. They are the strange ones, the ones who can trust none but themselves.

Some of them manage to survive amongst their family and friends, never revealing themselves to be be mutants, but slowly going insane because of keeping it all in. Others choose to give themselves up to the government and therefore death. Some manage to survive in the streets, stealing food and what-not and living each day as if it were their last. A few are lab-rats for people they know.

Are you a mutant or a normal? Are you one of those who chase them away or are you living in the streets, barely getting by, avoiding the Enforcers by barely an inch? Perhaps you're a politician who believes in the idea of "killing a few for the good of the many". Maybe you're just the simple secretary who clocks into her work, day in and day out, all the while hiding that you could probably throw your boss out the window with ease, or you just might be one of those mutants who stick together with others of your kind, hoping to get by somehow.

In the end, everyone in the world has a role to play--and what role do you choose?

-Usual YWS/SB rules.
-ALL posts must be readable, co-relate to previous posts and have correct spelling. That means no chat speak.
-800 characters minimum or about 165 words for those of you using MS Word or other writing programs. This wordcounttool might help.
-Swearing; it's allowed just don't overdo it. And keep it reasonable; No F-bombs!
-Romance is allowed but no sex scenes; No one needs to read about details.
- Can claim up to 3 characters and No Characters Under 15--without permission.
-Can have up to 3 powers, at least one must be minor/weak and all must have some kind of flaw or side-effect. Make up your own or visit here to find a power. Please don’t go overboard; try to be reasonable.
-Teens must be 15 or older, Gov Agents must be 20 or above.
-Fantasy creatures are not allowed. These are mutants, not elves...
-Don't God-mod. Please, it's not fair. And no Mary/Gary Sues either. They annoy me.
-Please don't double post unless there have been no new posts for at least 24 hours.
-Please have a name and place at the top of each post. Such as
Name | Place OR, for example; Mia | Town.
- Please do not kill another person's character without permission; it's unfair, and not to forget mentioning, godmodding. We really don't like that. And besides, no one likes it when they're randomly killed.
-This SB is co-run by
ScarlettFire, SisterItaly and Isha. Listen to them or they’ll eat you.

Spoiler! :

1. An individual or organism or new genetic character arising or resulting from mutation.
2. An animal that has undergone mutation.
3. Tending to undergo or resulting from mutation; "a mutant gene".
4. Slang; One that is suggestive of a genetic mutant, as in bizarre appearance or inaptitude.
5. Genetics; A) A change of the DNA sequence within a gene or chromosome of an organism resulting in the creation of a new character or trait not found in the parental type. B) The process by which such a change occurs in a chromosome, either through an alteration in the nucleotide sequence of the DNA coding for a gene or through a change in the physical arrangement of a chromosome. C) A mutant.
6. The act or process of being altered or changed.
7. An alteration or change, as in nature, form, or quality.
8. Someone (A Human) with abilities that many others do not and may never possess, a result of genetic mutation. Abilities are often passed on from parent to child.

A note about groups:
Spoiler! :
A few groups might probably be set up, but the starting group is Kaine’s. If you want to create your own, just PM me and we’ll see what we can do about it.


- Kaine’s.
- Jude’s.

- Allison’s.


Character Slots:

- F - Ashley - ScarlettFire.
- M - Josiah - ScarlettFire.
- M - Maxwell - SisterItaly.
- M - Hannah - SisterItaly.
- F - Abby - Leahweird.
- M - Micah - Redbird.
- F - Kierra - CelticaNoir.
- M - Kieran - CelticaNoir.
- F - Elaine - Isha.
- M - Jude - Isha.
- F - Aster - KindredSpiritedBee.
- M - Bayard - Shadowlight.
- F - Vine - ReisePiecey.
- M - Camry - ReisePiecey.
- F - Sinead - CelticaNoir.
- M - Neil - Demoness.

Government Agents:
- F - Allison - Scarlett.
- M - Jean-Pierre - OnigiriChan.
- M - Harris -
- M - Carter -

- F - Olive - OnigiriChan.

Character Slots may be added/removed as needed.

Character Profile template:
Code: Select all
[b]Name:[/b] (First and last name.)

[b]Gender:[/b] (...duh. Female/Male/Hermaphrodite ;D)

[b]Age:[/b] (15 and above, no less. And yes, you can play the straggly old guy who totters through the streets using a cane to beat people.)

[b]Race:[/b] (Well, are you a mutant or a normal? Or a mutant normal, with the power to be boringly normal? In short, this is glaringly obvious. :P)

[b]Powers:[/b] (Anything ranging from psychokinesis to turning the sidewalk into quicksand and sticking people in it. As long as you’re a mutant, of course.)

[b]Appearance:[/b] (Description is a must. Does your character have a scar on his cheek, does he have a sixth toe or rainbow-coloured hair that he looks ridiculous in but is proud of? A hundred words at least. Pictures are optional, but anime is allowed.)

[b]Personality:[/b] (Does he have obsessive-compulsive disorder and rub his doorknob clean with a handkerchief that’s been washed five times since the hour rang whenever he goes out? Maybe he’s a narcissist that insists people wash his feet with every step he takes. Or perhaps he’s the next-door neighbour that everyone dislikes because he likes to knock on the door of every single person living on the damn floor. Details, details! Give us a hundred words here, at least.)

[b]History:[/b] (Two paragraphs at least. Even if your character’s only defining trait during the entirety of his or her history is that he has always been obsessed with watermelons.)

[b]Up for love:[/b] (This is pretty obvious.)

[b]Other:[/b] (Anything we forgot.)

Link to DT
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Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:22 pm
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SisterItaly says...

Name: Hannah Sinclair

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Race: Mutant

Powers: He can read a person’s mind/emotions/memories by looking into their eyes, hence why he doesn’t like making eye contact. When he does this his pupils dilate. He also has this sort of mind map-- you tell him where you need to go and the boy can tell you exactly how to get there. Even if it’s a place you wouldn’t suspect anyone could navigate-- like a maze or an air vent.

Spoiler! :

The obvious points of Hannah’s appearance are his snow white hair (despite his age), his striking brown eyes, and his love for odd hats. Hannah’s hair is naturally white-- don’t ask him to explain why because he doesn’t know either. When he’s using his mutation ‘power’ his pupils dilate to the extreme, and to be honest it sort of makes him look like he’s under the influence. Hannah can always be seen wearing a hat of some kind. His favorite happens to be the one in the picture, a black toque with patch-rabbit ears.

Hannah also has a horrible scar across his chest, from the fight between him and his father. Hannah has a thing about people seeing him without a shirt on, so the chances of anyone seeing it are rare-- but he doesn’t like talking about it. It’s not like he really remembers what happened anyway, he was only six at the time. He’s also got minor eczema on his back shoulders, and he’s often scratching at it. Either that or twirling his hair through his fingers.

He can often be found hanging by himself; when he’s alone he’s smiling brightly and always crouched close to the ground as he plays with whatever he has his hands on.

Personality: Hannah is usually kept to himself-- lost in his own mind. He would rather be left alone to play with his blocks/cards/dice than to be forced to socialize. When forced to converse he stutters a lot and loses track of the conversation-- he doesn’t have low confidence. The boy has a speech impediment. There are times he seems a little... too confident. Usually when he’s lying, but no one knows that little secret of his. He can be left alone for hours, hunched over a tower of cards or building a tower of blocks. He loves to build, and he will cry if you knock over his hours of work.

He also doesn’t take insults well. It’s easy to make this boy cry-- but almost impossible to make him angry. He’s not a fighter, but he can and does find other ways to get even. He’s not above using his ability for his own gain. Hannah will get into your mind and get one of your secrets and use it against you, make you squirm, make you grovel for him not to tell anyone. Only for you to find out that he wouldn’t have told anyone in the first place. He’s terrific at keeping secrets.

Back to his blocks and building obsession. Hannah has a bit of an OCD. When he’s placing the blocks/cards/dice they have to be placed just so or he’s not happy. Where ever he’s living at the present is always clean because ‘everything has a place’. If it doesn’t-- he finds one for it.

He’s also an exceptional liar. Even when he doesn’t have one of your secrets, the boy’s sheer confidence when lying usually convinces people he’s telling the truth (when he’s obviously doing the exact opposite.)

History: Hannah’s parents abandoned him on the streets when he was little because he told them he could read their thoughts-- which made them suspect he was a mutant. They didn’t want that in their family. He was quickly taken in by a wealthy man named Gregory Davids, who assumed the boy was just crazy.

If the man had ever taken a moment to actually get to know the boy, he would realize he wasn’t as crazy as he thought. Mrs. Davids, on the other hand, did take the time. She told her husband about the dilating pupils and how he could tell her exactly what she was thinking moments before-- and things from before he even knew her. By now, Hannah had grown a little resentful to Mr. Davids’ neglectful behaviour, so when the man finally decided to sit down and talk to Hannah the first thing the boy told him was that Mrs. Davids was having an affair with Mr. Davids’ best friend.

Both the boy and the woman were thrown into the streets. Mrs. Davids-- now harboring her own hatred for the boy --left him to fend for himself. He’s new to the streets, lost, confused, and afraid. You can probably find him wandering around somewhere with a duffel bag swung over his shoulder. (Which is 1/4 of the way full of cards/dominoes/dice. Which made up most of his possessions.)

Up for love: ...Good luck. He’s not really quite sure what ‘Love’ is. He could use a big brother/sister/mother/father figure in his life, though.

Other: Hannah stutters when he gets nervous, or when he tries to use a word he can’t pronounce. He has a bit of a speech impediment. And he’s good at picking locks. If you restrain him/make him feel restrained he’ll have an anxiety attack. There’s been one case of these attacks that he’s passed right out.


Name: Maxwell Marlow

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Race: Mutant

Powers: Max has a toxic touch, and because of the the tips of his fingers are green. He’s forced to wear leather gloves-- or risk poisoning the people he touches. He’s learned to control how deadly the poison is, and how fast it will work-- but he hasn’t been able to stop it. Sometimes it’s just a rash, other times it gets right into the person’s blood. Just having this touch makes his hands itchy, and using it makes him feel ill. Over using it could make him seriously ill-- and vomit.

Spoiler! :

Dirty blond hair, striking blue eyes, and chiseled features. Don’t mention that his ears are slightly larger in proportion to the rest of his face, it embarrasses him. He usually just wears what-ever’s thrown to him. A baggy tee shirt and a pair of worn jeans will do. (And if there is no tee shirt available he doesn’t mind going shirtless.) He will always-- always wear his gloves, though. “I dun wanna hurt no one.”

He’s athletic, but nothing too bulky. He loves to flaunt his muscles too, so expect him to brag about them once in a while. He’s got a large scar marring the side of his face-- from his right temple to his jaw. He got it during the fight with his oldest brother.

Personality: Max is pretty charismatic, for a guy who can’t form a proper sentence. He likes to talk, and if you’re willing to put up with him you can amuse him (and yourself) for hours by just conversing with him. He likes to get to know people-- and he won’t admit it but he likes to be the hero. He’ll go and talk to the guy in the corner who looks sad and lonely. He’ll follow the crying girl and ask her what’s wrong.

He’s is the kind of guy you don’t want to piss off too much. All he needs is the go ahead from someone (or to be pushed enough) to snap and beat the living daylights out of you. When Max gets violent, he usually doesn’t know when enough is enough. He’ll keep at you until someone pulls him away or you manage to escape. Max has never been one to know when to stop.

Call him old fashioned. He likes to help girls out. He’ll hold the door open, he’ll stand up for them, he’ll be the shoulder to cry on. Just don’t ask him to talk to a pretty girl. He never knows what to say, or how to act. He’ll end up blushing madly. He’d never hit a girl, either. Even if they got up in his face and screamed at him, or hit him themselves. “Ma raised me betta than that. Girls is smalla than me, and they’s precious. We’s s’posed to protect dem, not hurt dem.”

You want on his good side? Stroke his ego. He won’t admit it, but he loves when people compliment him. If it’s a good enough compliment you may even get a blush out of him.

History: Maxy was a pretty normal boy. He, his parents, and his two brothers lived a little ways out of the city when he was a kid. His dad was a carpenter, and the boys were expected to help him out around his shop without having to be asked. Which they did. Life was good.

Until he turned sixteen. That’s when he discovered his mutation. For a while his fingers had been tinged green, and they itched slightly. Sometimes he’d even get a rash on his hand. No one really questioned it much, though. The Doctors said it was probably an allergy to something-- and they just couldn’t figure out what.

While he was rough-housing with his oldest brother he grabbed him by the face-- meaning to hold him away with one arm. Instead, his brother screamed in agony and began clawing at his face and neck. When Maxy tried to help him he pulled the blade from his pocket and sliced his brother’s face open. In moments, he was dead. Poisoned. When his family found out that their son was a freak, they quickly chased him out. Maxy hardly had time to collect some clothes before being thrown out of the house.

He hitch-hiked to the city-- looking for someone who could help him. A guy who called himself a ‘Man of science’ took him in off the streets, promising to get rid of his ‘disease’. That promise was never kept, for the next three years Maxy was injected with drugs and tested. Over time they did assist in teaching him to control it-- but they never got rid of it. When he and some of the other mutants found out they planned on killing them they all ran for it. Maxy and a boy named Gabrielle were the only two to escape-- but Maxy doesn’t know what happened to the boy.

Now for about six months he’s been wandering the streets-- stealing food and what he needs to survive. He figures there has to be someone willing to take him in.

Up for love: Of course!

Other: He’s not so good at the whole speaking thing. He has horrible grammar, and he can’t read or write. This is more or less how he talks; “Oh hi, wassup? Name's Maxwell- I hate it, but no one seems tuh give two shits, so whateva. I guess ya c’n call me Max, if ya want.”

His only possessions are the clothes on his back and his first knife-- all the boys in his family got one when they turned 15. Sort of a coming-of-age gift. He’s also a quick learner.
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Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:24 pm
ScarlettFire says...

Placeholder for profiles....which are coming... Er, well. Soon, of course.

Female Mutant:
Name: Ashley Campbell.
Gender: Female.
Age: 17.
Race: Mutant.

Powers: Empathy,can feel the emotions of others. She can also become overloaded by the emotions and releases a burst of Kinetic Energy that knocks people out or, in the worst cases, unconscious or even kills, but that is rarely. Telepathy, able to read minds and send thoughts to others.

Appearance: Ashley is tall, about 5’7, with long, light, honey-golden brown hair, pale skin and dark brown eyes. She’s slim yet athletic and stronger than her slightly fragile appearance. She likes to wear light colours, such as white or pale blues, greens, reds, pinks, etc. She has multiple piercings in both ears, three in the right and four in the left. All of them are silver. Ashley tends to prefer mostly feminine clothes, but isn’t above dressing up as a boy if she has to. Often seen wearing jeans, a shirt and a grey leather jacket. Never seen without her dark blue bag.
Spoiler! :

Personality: Despite her somewhat distant and arrogant first impression, Ashley is actually kind, loving, caring, smart, determined, playful, loyal and fierce, though very easily distracted. She hates to see those she cares about hurt. She can get really defensive if someone she likes is harmed. Try not to make her mad, as she has a bit of a fiery temper that she tries not to lose often because she ends up in trouble. She’s definitely quiet and thoughtful more often than not and thinks a lot before speaking or doing something, especially when she's doing something. She likes to plan things out, if she can, and dislikes when her plans are thoroughly screwed up by stupid mistakes. And she has made a few mistakes in the past, and dislikes when this is pointed out. She also hates being called helpless or a coward—it’s another downfall of hers. She may have a blank, cold and uncaring edge to her expression, like she’s lost all emotion or just doesn't give a damn about the rest of the world. This is because she's feeling sad. She also has trouble with authority figures.

History: Ashley and her brother were born to a rather rich couple along with their younger sister. Life was pretty good--until their parents found out about Ash and Josi’s abilities. They were 12 and 13, respectively. To say there were shocked to find out that their children were mutants was one thing, to say that they also hated them was another. Ash and her brother were promptly kicked out, even after they tried to convince their sister to defend them, as she was also a mutant. Their sister ignored their pleas and betrayed them, saying she had no idea what they were talking about.

Hurt and betrayed, the pair left their well-to-do neighbourhood and dived into the homeless underworld of the city centre, trying desperately to avoid the suspicions of those who would try to snatch them for research purposes. For a few years, the pair lingered in the shadows. That was until Ash found herself in an alley, completely high--and dangerously so. That was when Jude found her. There was some confusion at first, but then the trio realised that they could help each other. Ash and Josi have been with Jude ever since.

Up for love: Sure, but she's kinda already got someone.

Other: N/A.


Male Mutant:
Name: Josiah Campbell.
Gender: Male.
Age: 18.
Race: Mutant.

Powers: Telepathy, minor and only when touching someone; Appeal, in which anyone already attracted to him will become almost obsessed with him; Illusion, where he can make someone see something other than what he is really doing.

Appearance: Josiah is taller than his sister, about 6’, with darker hair than his sister, brown of course, dark brown eyes and skin as pale as his sister’s. He’s slim, yet athletic and stronger than the fragile way he looks, even if he doesn’t look as fragile as his sister, which is mostly thanks to his thicker, muscular build. Josiah tends to wear darker colours, in contrast to his sister. Like his sister, Josiah has several piercing, all but one in his left ear. He also has a few tattoos, not that he’ll ever let you see them. He is never seen with his dark grey leather jacket on.
Spoiler! :

Personality: Often moody, distant, cold and cruel, Josiah can sometimes seem intimating but he does have a kind and loving side. He's also got a nasty temper, but rarely loses it. He's extremely loyal to his sister and most of the other mutants, so if you plan on swaying him, you'll need to be very persuasive. When he's working, he's often very single-minded and driven to do his best. Working as a stripper, he uses his Illusion ability to its full extent, meddling with the different realities his clients see. You could say he's just a little obsessed with work, but never very neglectful. He likes his details, not that he’ll take everything off if he can avoid it.

History: Refer to Ash's history or read below;
Spoiler! :
Ashley and her brother were born to a rather rich couple along with their younger sister. Life was pretty good--until their parents found out about Ash and Josi’s abilities. They were 12 and 13, respectively. To say there were shocked to find out that their children were mutants was one thing, to say that they also hated them was another. Ash and her brother were promptly kicked out, even after they tried to convince their sister to defend them, as she was also a mutant. Their sister ignored their pleas and betrayed them, saying she had no idea what they were talking about.

Hurt and betrayed, the pair left their well-to-do neighbourhood and dived into the homeless underworld of the city centre, trying desperately to avoid the suspicions of those who would try to snatch them for research purposes. For a few years, the pair lingered in the shadows. That was until Ash found herself in an alley, completely high--and dangerously so. That was when Jude found her. There was some confusion at first, but then the trio realised that they could help each other. Ash and Josi have been with Jude ever since.

Up for love: Sure, and he's bi.

Other: N/A.


Gov Agent:
Name: Allison Bishop.

Gender: Female.

Age: 48.

Race: Normal/Human.

Powers: N/A.

Appearance: Alison is tall, dark and beautiful--that's often the way others describe her. As a scientist, and even more importantly, the second in command and on equal footing with Adrian, she's strong and capable. She stands at a little over 5'9" tall, with dark red hair that's going grey, pale green eyes and lightly tanned skin. She's slim and athletic, and much stronger than she looks. She has muscle, but only if you look closely--not that you'll see it under all that clothing. She is most likely to be seen in expensive business suits with a pristine white lab coat over the top. Alison has a few scars, the most noticeable being the one snaking down the left-hand side of her face; the result of a past experiment gone awry. Alison wears a simple gold ring on her left-hand ring finger (And yes, it IS a wedding ring).
Spoiler! :

Personality: Despite her somewhat kind first impression, Alison is actually cold, distant, cruel, smart, determined and very hard to distract. She hates to see people who care about others and about hurting those they love, but often gets really defensive if someone she really likes is harmed, but be warned--if you start asking questions about her business, she’ll snap at you and drive you off, to the point and beyond physical violence. Alison doesn't get mad easily, but when she does, look out and find cover. She's explosive and sometimes extremely violent, which is definitely not a good thing. She can lapse into quiet moods for hours and more often than not thinks a lot before speaking or doing something--unless it's to cause pain.

She likes to plan things out, if she can. Especially her scientific studies and the like, and highly dislikes when her plans are thoroughly screwed up by stupid mistakes--usually mistakes made by those below her. But she has made her fair share of mistakes in the past, and dislikes when this is pointed out. It's not her fault if something goes wrong, she's the one issuing orders, after all. She also intensely dislikes being called names especially 'coward' or the like. Alison often has a blank, cold and uncaring edge to her expression, like she’s lost all emotion or just doesn’t give a damn about the rest of the world. This is usually the norm for her. And besides, she'd never tell you what, exactly, her plans are.

Vindictive and cruel would be the best way to describe her.

History: Alison's early life was pretty easy. She was a smart child and her parents were rich, so she pretty much got whatever she wanted--with a lot of acting to do so. She had the best of everything; the best tutors, the best music teachers, the best foods, the best schools. Everything. Up until she left high school and started college, she got what she wanted, but after a few years in college, her parents cut her off.

Two years later, both of her parents died, leaving her as the sole heir to their fortune. Alison used the fortune to finish her long study of Human Biology, Chemistry and several other fields of research that would apply to what she wanted. You see, she once had a sister. The poor girl was very, very sick, but she had a secret. She could move objects without touching them and Alison suddenly realized what it could mean.

She became obsessed with it. She studied and she researched and eventually, she found a job with a secret Government Corporation and rose swiftly through the ranks to one of the Heads of the Research & Development branch of said Corporation, and together with a team of fellow scientists, she's created a secret compound, hidden away from the rest of the world, where they capture teens with strange abilities and run tests on them, trying to turn them into the new ultimate soldier.

Up for love: Apparently, she's married. Not that it's ever stopped her before.

Other: She carries a few weapons, like a standard issue pistol, a high voltage stun-gun and high quality, extra strong handcuffs.
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Tue Nov 29, 2011 1:41 am
OnigiriChan says...

Can I have a government agent and an other, please?
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Tue Nov 29, 2011 1:48 am
OnigiriChan says...

Can I have a government agent and an other, please?
"If all our life is but a dream, fantastic posing greed, then we should feed our jewelry to the sea. For diamonds do appear to be just like broken glass to me." Northern Downpour

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Tue Nov 29, 2011 2:49 am
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Sassafras says...

Name: Camry Sosa

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Race: Mutant

Powers: Breathes life into inanimate objects (buildings, trees, plants, drawings, etc.) but to do this he draws on his own life source. Example, if he animates an object for five minutes that’s five minutes off his life total. The only way it doesn’t take away his life is if he pulls from his energy sources but that quickly drains him out. Camry only pulls on his life source in emergency situations.

Also, Camry can’t control the objects he breathes life into but they are obedient to him once “alive”. For example, Camry’s robot, Blue (See ‘Other’), can move around freely and do whatever he wants but when Camry give him a command he listens.

Spoiler! :

Camry has blue-violet eyes and messed black hair that sticks out in any which direction and never settles no matter how much he tries to brush it down. He’s tall, 6”1, and skinner than he’d like to be. He has too little muscle and not enough fat. Cam usually wears fitted t-shirts and baggy jeans that are usually at least two sizes too big for him. His only distinguishing feature is the small beauty mark beneath the corner of his left eye in the shape of a heart

Personality: Camry doesn’t really like being around large amounts of people as it panics him. He doesn’t talk much in groups but can keep up a conversation one on one. He has a type of stage freight, when asked to do something in front of a crowed more than five people he will sweat, stammer, and stutter. Camry doesn’t really like people so much, he doesn’t trust anybody really. Basically Camry is quiet and distrusting. He looks scared most all the time because he is scared. His eyes are always all over the place and he has this mannerism to where he runs his thumb over the tips of his fingers. He’s jumpy and high strung if you sneak up on him he will scream and attack first as those are his first instincts.

Camry is paranoid. He always thinks someone is following him or someone is looking at him. The only person (thing) Camry’s comfortable around is Blue. Cam spends most of his free time teaching Blue how to do new things like write and making tiny tools and clothes for Blue to wear. Blue is Camry’s life and if anything ever happened to Blue Camry would be absolutely heart broken.

History: When Camry was four his parents realized he was a mutant when they walked in on him playing with a rag doll. Camry was running around his room giggling and laughing and the rag doll was chasing him around and clapping happily. Not only were Camry’s parents scared upon walking in on the scene but they were angry at each other because they believed this mutation was because of something in their genes. They both decided to divorce and to send Camry away. Camry’s lived at his foster home for a total of three weeks before he was found playing with toys that shouldn’t play back. It took Camry five foster home transfers until he realized that his powers were not normal or accepted and to not use them in public.

Camry left his final foster home at the age of sixteen years old. The loneliness got ahold of him and he brought to life a small toy robot that he got for Christmas that he named Blue. One of the older boys caught him and threatened to tell the nuns that ruled to orphanage and call the police. This didn’t bother Cam but when the boy took Blue and snapped off one of his arms Camry cracked and breathed life into the house plants and choked the boy half to death by making the plants choke him with their vines. Once Camry realized what he was doing it was too late. He grabbed Blue and his broken arm and ran away.

Ever since then Camry has been living on the streets.

Up for love: Yes.

Other: Even though he knows it’s killing him Camry is constantly feeding energy into a small robot toy that he keeps around with him, Blue. Camry keeps Blue alive any time that he can; he hates when Blue is just a toy.
Spoiler! :

Camry is constantly eating energy bars and drinking energy drinks to keep that power source available to power Blue.


Name: Vine Hamilton

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Race: Mutant

Powers: (From the book "Mistborn") Can push and pull against metals.

Say there's a coin against the ground, if Vine stands over that coin and pushes against it she will go flying into the air. If she throws down another coin some distance away and is over that, or some other type of metal, once she pushes against it she will move through the air. Sort of like flying. If the thing Vine pushes against is lighter than her she will send the thing flying forward. If the thing she pushes against is heavier she will go flying in the opposite direction.

If she pulls against something she will go flying towards it. If she pulls against a metal window frame bolted to a building she will fly towards the building. If Vine pulls against something lighter than her it will come flying towards her. If the thing is heavier than her she will go flying towards it.

She can only use her powers when there is a bit of metal inside of her than she can pull on for energy. When that metal burns up she's left defenseless and she can't consume too much metal because it's deadly.

Spoiler! :

Vine is 5"5 and extremely thin. She has long dark hair and dark eyes that only lighten to a chocolate brown when in the sunlight. She has freckles on her shoulders and lightly spotting her cheeks. Vi wears ripped jeans and too big shirts that hang off the shoulder. Sometimes she wears big shirts without sleeve just to save herself the trouble of having a shirt hanging off of her. She walks lightly on the ground and moves around silently, like a ghost.

Personality: Vine may be small but she has enough of a temper to enrage ten men. She's easy to anger and will snap at the smallest of things. She's always getting into fights and causing trouble. She's not afraid to speak her mind and say what she has to say, even if it's rude. She gets annoyed at everything and thinks that everyone but herself is useless and weak. Vine can't stand weak people and people that look fragile. Vine will only mildly respect those who stand up for their selves and have a tough spark about them. She walks on those who allow their selves to be doormats.

Vine never backs down from a fight even if it's obvious she's unevenly matched. She picks on those who don't stand up for their selves and she takes what is left out in the open without protection. If someone yells at Vine or tries to fight her back she gains a little respect for them.

History: Vi grew up in a household of all men. She has two older brothers and a father who are all policemen. She grew up with everyone around her telling her to fight back no matter what. When ever Vine got in fights at school her and had to call her dad to pick her up her dad would ask "Did you win?" and if Vine said yes she didn't get in trouble for fighting and even got rewarded if she was being picked on first or if her opponent was a guy. But if Vine answered no she was to be grounded and have to live in the basement of the house and train for the duration of her punishment.

Vine discovered her powers when she was thirteen. She was yelling with an older girl at her school and upon seeing the belly ring the girl was sporting she thought how'd she'd like to rip it out and see her cry. As soon as Vine wanted it bad enough the belly ring ripped out and fell to the floor. The girl she was fighting with ran away and told the principal who told the police. When Vine noticed she might be in trouble she ran home and told her dad. Her dad was indifferent but told Vine that she had to leave if she didn't want to be caught. So Vine grabbed all her things and left.

Ever since then Vine practiced her powers and steadily got better at pulling and pushing metals.

Up for love: Yes, but only if you're tough enough.

Other: Vine keeps her weight as low as she possibly can without dying. She's a bit anorexic.

Vine has a coin taped to the bottom of her sneakers in case she needs to "fly" away in a tough situation and keeps vials of metal powder mixed with alcohol on her person.

Lastly, Vine is thin, not weak. Most all of her remaining body mass is muscle.
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Shadowlight says...

As always if something in my profile doesn't work for you- Scarli, Italy, or Isha- Please just send me a PM and I will gladly edit.

Name: Bayard James Kavanaugh (Kav-an- aw)
( nicknames are: Bay, Birdy, and the government name for him is- The Angel of Death)

Gender: Male

Age: 21 ( on November 27th)

Race: Mutant

Powers: Bayard was born with a pair of wings sprouting from his back. They seemed vestigial until he hit puberty and they grew to be fulling functioning, and powerful. The joints that connect them to his back are very much like second shoulder joints giving him a huge range of motion and flexibility with them. He normally keeps them closely folded against his body at all times. He is a powerful flier but has trouble starting from just a flat away- he needs some sort of height to get a good start, that is why he is most comfortable high up on rooftops, and can normally be found there. His wings are built very much like the rest of him so they are quite sturdy and strong and in a pinch (if he has no other choice) he can use them as offensive weapons. A hit from one of them can break bones if he gets a good shot.

Appearance: The first thing you notice about Bayard is the pair of large wings sprouting from his back(the feathers range from bright white to an ashy gray.) The next thing you would notice would be how intimidating he is to look at. Bayard is tall (6'4”) and built to match- not overly beefy, but he is definitely toned and powerful. The last thing you would probably notice is the fact he is your typical “tall, dark and handsome.” He has a old classic handsomeness about him. He keeps his hair cropped short, tries to remember to shave regularly(but usually has some form of “five o'clock” shadow- not unattractive at all,) and has large, subtle, and incredibly dark blue eyes. He also has a smile that can leave most weak in the knees.
Spoiler! :
Bayard.jpg (37.42 KiB) Viewed 1142 times

Spoiler! :
Oded 1.jpg
Oded 1.jpg (28.61 KiB) Viewed 812 times

Personality: Bayard on the first look, is in a word- a jerk. He is the one in a group no one would like- even the person who likes everyone would be off put by Bayard. He is: obnoxious, condescending, has a reckless streak a mile wide, sarcastic to a fault, acidic to everyone he talks to. He keeps people at arms distance and will not let anyone get close to him emotionally. He has the temper of mount Vesuvius- but he turns frigid and antisocial rather than violent. He is highly intelligent (and he knows it,) and he knows how to use his looks and intimidating build to his advantage.

This mean jerk he shows the world, is just a mask though- a front to keep people emotionally distant. Bayard is very much a teddy bear on the inside once you break his hard-as-nails shell. Once you have his trust and affection you will never loose it. He is fiercely loyal to those he considers his friends and would die protecting them if he needs to. He is the type of guy who would go though hell and back someone he loved. He is among the first to react to dangerous situations- Courage, a bull dog tenacity, and his reckless streak, make Bayard a very good fighter- he doesn't believe in "no win" scenarios.

History: Bayard was born into a family that lived is a small upstate New York town called Trumansburg. His father was a professor at Cornell collage, He taught genetics in zoology. His mother was a stay at home, home school mother to Bayard and his six siblings. Originally when he was born with the wings they were going to have them surgically removed- as they seemed vestigial and non functioning- but that was at the time they government was begging to more aggressively hunt down the mutants, so they kept his wings a secret and came up with many ways to keep the little things concealed- until he hit thirteen and they began to grow almost as fast as the rest of the boy and could no longer be hidden. Bayard used to practice flying in the deep gorges of Taughannock falls, and his younger sister Hannah would sometimes tag along and he would find the rocks high up on the cliffs that held the fossils she was always collecting.

When Bayard was fourteen his family was torn apart by the government. The enforcers showed up at his home demanding his parents to answer for why they didn't inform them of their son's “freakish mutation” his parents fought them (legally) and they were taken to court where in a mock trial they were both sentenced for “terroristic behavior, abuse, and child endangerment. Both his parents were sent to prison, and his siblings and he were all separated and sent to various foster homes all across the country- so as no hope for them to find one another. Bayard was sent to a government run “camp” where he lived for three years being a lab rat and watched closely by the scientists who watched and treated the mutants in the camp like they were nothing but animals.

When he was seventeen Bayard and seven other young mutants staged an escape and together broke out of the camp and fled- only three of them actually made it out. Those three then broke up and went their differing ways and Bayard started across the country to try and find his siblings, he didn't get far and soon from exhaustion and lack of food was near to collapsing when he was found. It was a small group of mutants who had found him and they took him in and he stayed with them. They lived in the city, in an old mill building complex that was abandoned when it was ravaged by a fire that left it in ruins.

For the last few years he has lived there, trying to gather information about his family and helping the group- or “The Pack” as they are normally know as. They are a pacifistic group that try only to stay below the radar of the government- but they will defend themselves if attacked. Bayard is something of a leader among them now as he has proved himself time and again as a competent leader and fighter. Because of his wings he is not able to go out in the city, he is mostly stuck to flying about at night and trying to spy and gather information being the aerial scout.

Up for love: Yes he is up for a relationship- he just doesn't realize that yet. If you are saint enough to put up with him long enough to get past “hard as nails” exterior and he learns to trust you, he would be a passionate and fiercely devoted lover. Bayard really does carry his heart in his hands and really wants to find that sense of belonging he lost when he lost his family. He is straight as a poker, and if very much old fashioned man in how he goes about relationships.

Other: Bayard has a very slight Southern United States/New Orleans type accent, He is left handed, loves music and can sing well and play the old dilapidated piano that is in one of the mill buildings. He uses a pair of pistols (with silencers of course) as his weapons of choice and has a nasty habit of attacking his “prey” from above, very much like a predatory bird. He is skilled in your everyday street fighting tactics and has been told he has a punch like a freight train. He is also a fighter of opportunity and will use whatever he can get his hands of if for some reason his pistols are unavailable. Bayard suffers from mild Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and he has a hard time getting his hands on the medication he need to control his seizures.

Spoiler! :
(Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (or TLE) is a more mild form of epilepsy (or at leas the kind Bayard has) when he has a seizure he goes slightly glassy eyed and has a hard time processing what's going on around him. He doesn't lose consciousness or time but can seem slightly zoned out or “off”. He describes it as being thrown head first into Wonderland, including all the bad/creepy stuff. He often gets a phantom smell that warns him he is close to having a seizure and certain sounds (like high pitched motorized sounds) can set him off as well.)
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OnigiriChan says...

(Please tell me if anything needs to be changed about Olive or Jean-Pierre)

Name: Olive Stamp "Oli"

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Race: Human

Powers: None

Spoiler! :
Oli has long auburn hair and bright brown eyes. She's 5"6 and has a slim figure. She usually wears things like floral print dresses, skirts and blouses, and other types of girly things. Olive is not a real girly girl, she just likes the clothing. She's actually a bit of a tom boy. She has a tattoo of a humming bird on her left wrist and tattoos of stars trailing from her shoulder to her collar bone.

Personality: Oli is extremely passionate about things that catch her attention. Once she sets her mind on a task she finishes that task no matter what. It's that quality in her that makes her a good student but an even better trouble maker. Olive doesn't like leaving anything unfinished. When something not complete she just has to complete it or else that incompleteness nags her until she does something about it. She can't left anything unsettled, when she has an argument with someone she has to make sure that there is a conclusion, she will never storm off in the middle of a conversation and if the other person leaves she has to seek them out to make sure they've reached a closing.

Other than that Olive is a real people's person. She likes being around others and talking, she hates being alone at any time. The only time she's alone is when she's exploring and even then she likes to have someone else with her if she can. Olive loves rummaging around abandoned buildings, forests, and even sewers if she can find a good one.

History: When Olive was seven years old she and her friend decided they were going to go walking through the old abandoned houses on the edge of town for a bit of an adventure. They were having fun and playing around in one of the houses when the floor suddenly caved in and they went tumbling down. Olive's friend fell from the second floor down through the first floor and to the basement, she died on impact. Olive was left hanging from a piece of the floor board and could do nothing but scream for help. She started slipping and right when she though she was about to fall someone appeared from no where in front of her. The person didn't hold out their hand to help her but Olive could feel herself being pulled upwards by some force. She was settled on the ground and the person suddenly vanished.

Olive went home and told her father about the incident and he told her that the person that saved her was a mutant but that she should never talk to mutant because they were bad people. Olive didn't believe it and from that day decided that she would find the mutant that saved her and that she would also make it her personal duty to locate every mutant that she possibly can and keep record on them.No one knows of Olive's mutant obsession and she plans to keep it a secret.

Up for love: Yes

Other: Olive has a nearly unhealthy obsession with mutants. She goes searching for mutants every chance she gets and has a log book on every person that she suspects to be a mutant. When she's trying to gather up information on mutants she often pretends she has heat vision and night vision, when questioned about it she usually says something along the lines of "It's lame, yeah, but something is better than nothing! Hey, what can you do?"

Name: Jean-Pierre Koss "JP"

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Race: Government Agent- Human

Powers: Nothing.

Spoiler! :
JP has dark hair and dark eyes. He's 6"1 and has a lean muscular build. He has a tattoo of a spider of his shoulder and a star on each wrist. He usually wears a shirt and tie with a pair of nice slacks, he's always dressed nice. JP almost always forgets to shave so he always has a bit of fuzz on his face that he at least tries to give a quick trim before leaving.

Personality: JP is a really happy guy. He likes to smile, laugh, and joke around. Even though he can be a bit goofy he takes his job very seriously. Jean is the type of guy that will walk down the streets smiling and whistling a tune simply because there are no clouds covering the sun. He loves being happy and agent work makes him happy. Jean is a protector or the weak and defenseless humans, Mutants, however, do not apply to his protection. Being around Mutants instantly makes Jean serious, he doesn't laugh or joke around and is in complete hunting mode.

History: Jean-Pierre was born into a family of government agents and was raised told that mutants were wrong and needed to be wiped out of existence. Everyone in Jean's family at some point in time was an agent and JP spent his whole life training for them moment when he would apply. He was home schooled by his father and mother and they together taught him more than a private school. He had lessons all week and training also, his schedule was never empty. His house was always organized and so Jean grew up to be very clean and orderly.

Even though Jean was taught to hate mutants he never really had a reason why he should dislike them so much until a mutant killed his father. It was then that Jean swore that he would avenge his father's death and be the best government agent mutant hunter of all time. Even when Jean is off duty he tracks down mutants.

Up for love: Sure.

Other: JP likes music so he plays the guitar, he also likes to sing.
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eldEr says...

Name: Jude Carter Scott

Age: 18 1/2

Gender: Male

Race: Mutant

Powers: Bio-density manipulation. Jude can alter his body density, usually decreasing it to aid in his dancing, and the density of any other living thing, including plants. He isn’t practiced with altering another organism’s density, however, and he barely manages with it- not that that’s a real problem. Why would he? For himself, decreasing is far easier than increasing, and whereas increasing quickly drains energy supply, decreasing almost comes naturally- he doesn’t have to think about it, it just happens. On the flipside, however, he often starts to over-do it. It ends up making him physically weak, although since he’s light, he can carry himself with just as much ease as before, and-- he ends up getting stuck at that density for a while, rather than just being able to change it. But, note that he’s still very, very practiced with this ability.

His second power is the ability to sense and manipulate the vibrations that create even the most minimal sound waves in the air. He can bend them, increase and decrease their volume and pitch-- this is usually what he uses to create his own haunting music, the sort of music that he doesn’t have to feel inclined to move to, because it moves him. In the past, he’s created waves strong and loud enough to kill a human being (fortunately there wasn’t anyone around to witness it), but he’s never been able to hit that again. Not that he wants to. The downside of this is that it’s making him go deaf- not the noise particularly, just a side-effect.

Spoiler! :
There is another mutation; one that does not count as a power by any means. Jude suffers from a mutated form of depression- one whose physical side-effects can be... a lot. They literally come in cycles that vary in length, strength and there’s no telling when a new one will come until it’s too late to do anything about it. Typically, the first day affects his emotions physically and emotionally, the second day he’s got a migraine, the next few days he’s just plain depressed and would just as soon shoot himself as get out of bed, and then it’s back to the physical (weakness/fatigue/severe loss of energy) effects, and then the last day is a migraine. As the last migraine fades, his spirits will start to be lifted again. Of course, these ‘days’ can all be suppressed into a few hours.

Appearance: (Description is a must. Does your character have a scar on his cheek, does he have a sixth toe or rainbow-coloured hair that he looks ridiculous in but is proud of? A hundred words at least. Pictures are optional, but anime is allowed.) ... 867326.jpg

Personality: Jude is quiet, distant, cold, stony, temperamental, and a large number of other things. Mostly, though, he’s... Jude. If he talked, he’d be sure to come off as a sarcastic jerk with a barrel of cold wit that he tosses out at random, whenever he sees fit. Of course, it’s a good thing that he doesn’t talk. Mute by choice, and don’t ask him why. There’s the aforementioned temperament problem that was previously mentioned to worry about there; ask him about his past, or about why he’s mute, or discover his past against his will, and it won’t be a pleasant experience at all on your part. He hates people in his head- which is a bit tricky, considering he lives with a telepath/empath combo and another technically-telepath.

On the other hand, Jude is severely depressed, oppressed, anxious and everything in between. His emotions are about as stable as a pile of loosely-packed grass in a windstorm. In other words? Don’t count on him to be anything but guarded. Every ounce of this pent-up emotion is poured into dance, which he tends to exhaust himself doing. On a regular basis. With mutated depression, this can get difficult, but hey- he manages. Dance is his passion, and if anyone bugs him about it, he’ll deathglare you, and trust me, a Jude-deathglare is the worst kind.

Of course, Jude’s also extremely protective over the ones he loves. He guards them with his life, and there is one particular person that he couldn’t snap on if his life depended on it. In other cases, his pride often gets in the way of letting him show when someone he previously disliked has grown on him. Heck, he won’t know that someone’s grown on him until they’re in danger.

Spoiler! :
Compressed Version, until I have time to finish the rest: He killed his little mute, epileptic sister when he was twelve, after being possessed by Elaine (another mutant), after they were both kicked out by their parents, has been chasing Elaine ever since, came across Ash and her brother in a back alley when one/both of them were unconscious and brought them back to the warehouse space he bought for himself. He has always, always danced, and he, Josi and Ash live together.

Up for love: Ja, but it’s planned out. ;)

Other: He has an obsession with strawberry-scented bath products (for himself; which means that he always, always smells like strawberries), is a bit of a neat/cleanliness freak, and his favorite food is whipped cream on gingersnap cookies.

Spoiler! :
I'll throw in Elaine whenever she needs to come in. Basically, she's a freak and Jude wants to kill her! 8D

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Skull3670 says...

May i join this?
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CelticaNoir says...

Name: Sinead “Neah” Blake

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Race: Mutant

Powers: Time-body reset; Sinead can teleport to any place she has been in the last three hours, as well as the ability to go back into time for up to three hours back. She can’t use this ability consecutively, as the ‘present’ and the ‘past’ are fixed points in time for her body; however, she doesn’t use it a lot because time-travelling puts an incredible amount of strain on her body.

Appearance: Sinead is considered to be beautiful, with her long flowing gold hair and dark blue eyes, but pale and feeble in comparison to her robust and spunky younger siblings. In this she recalls her mother, who had been a model laid off work because of her illness.

Despite the fact that she’s very pretty, she never usually catches a lot of peoples’ eyes, because she tends to blend into the background with unassuming clothing and mannerisms. Her hair is very rarely bound back, as she prefers to let it hang loose. She’s not very tall, and not very short, and combined with her clothing, she often comes off as someone who simply doesn’t belong.

It’s not as if she doesn’t like dressing pretty though--it’s mostly that she can’t because of their financial situation, as well as a need to stay low-key. If she does find something pretty, however, she is likely to wear it when nobody else is around.

Spoiler! :

Personality: Originally, she’s not a very girly girl, or a very fragile girl, either. Most people that meet her for the first time are usually surprised at her strong determination and rebelliousness, as well a recklessness that often puts her in danger. She’s the type that hates lying in a bed all day waiting till she heals up, and often her younger siblings are drained to the last bits of their energy attempting to keep up with her.

Sinead is very fond of books; her personal treasure trove is a medium-sized bag of books that she always likes to keep close no matter what the situation, much to her siblings’ dismay. This possessiveness actually extends to anything she is fond of, even people--she hates sharing with others, so don’t touch her stuff if you don’t want something heavy landing on your head.

However, as of the beginning of the story, she’s a very depressed person that’s living only for the sake of her siblings, and she always makes sure to take care of them first before attending to her own needs. This is mostly because of her recent past, and the choices she’s had to make in order for the three of them to survive, as well as the fact that they don't have their mother anymore.

When she loves, she loves absolutely--as noted before, she is incredibly possessive, and doesn’t forgive if someone takes away what belongs to her, hurts someone close to her, or if someone she actually cared about leaves her. While she never cries in public, she does tend to cry herself to sleep most nights, and she will seek revenge, if only to relieve her own feelings.

She doesn’t like to be called “Neah” by anyone but her siblings.

History: Sinead was born the oldest sister of three siblings. Their mother, Erin Blake, was a single parent, raising all three children on her own after their father had found out what she was and left the ‘freak’ for another woman. Erin moved to this town and took up a job as a part-time model, hoping that nobody would find out about her abilities.

Sinead had been nicknamed “Near” by her mother, and when she asked why she’d been given such an odd name, her mother simply said it was because she would always be “near” to Erin’s heart. The twins, as toddlers, had also taken up the name, except they distorted it into “Neah”. They had been a small and happy family, able to live fairly normal lives because of Erin’s job and the fact that no one knew what they were.

But Erin’s health was failing slowly but surely, and it was only last year when Erin was sacked from her agency, told that she wasn’t fit for the work anymore. Their mother took to the bed as their living conditions became worse, with all three children taking jobs to support her. But Erin was far gone by now; it was a treatable illness, but the treatment was far too expensive for them to pay.

Sinead took to what she and the others would consider dubious jobs, trying to gather enough money so they could treat Erin. But when they had all saved up enough to save Erin, it was too late; the doctor said there was nothing more he could do help her anymore, as the illness had taken over most of her body; and so, Sinead and the twins watched her fade away during the next few months.

It had been a peaceful death, with only a few tears shed at her funeral; Erin hadn’t known anyone else, and the children had already cried at her bedside quite a few times during the last few months, Sinead especially. She felt as though she had sacrificed much and had lost everything despite all she had tried.

The twins began to see the same change come over her as they saw in their mother. She stared out of the window most days, not moving from her bed or eating much of anything they brought her. When someone said anything to her, she rarely responded, and when she did, it was only with a one-word answer.

Finally, Kierra had had enough and dragged her forcefully out of bed by the arm one day and onto the balcony. She told Sinead to stop acting like their mother, when she wasn’t even sick, and that her behaviour of late was a mockery to Erin’s memory. Sinead stared, not saying anything, and the next day, she was back to normal, out of bed before the twins and washing dishes in the kitchen.

Still, they could see she was not all there. When she talked, she seemed to be detached from her words; inquiries about her health would only make her change the subject. However, they didn’t have the leisure to comment--a few weeks later, they found themselves on the streets, running away from Enforcers who were seeking out mutants like themselves.

Up for love: Yes. Just message me and we’ll work something out. :P

Other: Nothing at the moment.


Names: Kieran "Kiel" and Kierra "Era" Blake

Gender: Twins; Kieran is a boy while Kierra is a girl.

Age: 17

Race: Mutant

Powers: While it’s rare for even twins to have the exact same power, for the siblings, it’s always been a given that they were sound manipulators. They can pull sound into a solid barrier or use it knock things back, as well as make music with it; which is why they’re considered to be fighters as much as they are considered musicians. To be honest though, Kieran is more a musician than Kierra, and he’s better at creating walls than wiping out attackers.

Appearance: The twins look similar to their older sister Sinead, with gold hair and bright blue eyes. However, while Sinead is more graceful and elegant, both Kieran and Kierra come off as spunky, cheerful and bright-looking. They’re around the same height, slightly shorter than their older sister. Kierra keeps her hair down and wears a ribbon around her head while Kieran usually leaves it loose, but occasionally ties his up into a ponytail.

While their older sister wears clothes destined to look mute and dull, they wear clothes typical of twelve-year-old elementary-schoolers, which is why they’re often mistaken for being younger than they are. You’ll usually see either of them dragging around a musical instrument they found somewhere.

Spoiler! :


Kierra: Kierra is the older twin by three minutes. She looks up to Sinead and adores her younger brother--she’s often ‘stuck to him like a blood-sucking leech’, at least according to him. She’s a tomboy, opposed to her brother’s more demure tendencies; while his hobbies include sketching, playing music or sewing, Kierra likes smashing up things on arcade games--or said arcade games themselves, if the machine is ‘refusing to cooperate’ with her. She’s rash, but she’s childish and lovable, and she simply doesn’t care what people think of her.

Kieran: The younger twin. Kieran is possibly the most level-headed of the three siblings, and the most housework oriented as well. While Sinead was out doing random jobs and Kierra was busy singing at a bar to earn money, he had gotten a part-time job as a cook in a nearby restaurant--after evening, so he could look after his mother. While he does complain about Kierra clinging to him often, he honestly doesn’t mind. He loves both his sisters and would do anything for either of them.

History: Refer to Sinead’s history.

Up for love: Yup, both of them.

Other: Nothing at present.
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KindredSpiritBee says...

Name: Aster Christinel

Gender: Female!

Age: 19

Race: Mutant, but pretends she isn’t.

Powers: She controls pheromones, the chemicals that effect your emotions. So she can make you mad, sad or really happy with just a thought. Obviously she has to be close for this to work, but she uses it a lot inconspicuously.

Appearance:She has long, silky, white blonde hair and a really pale complexion. She burns easily under the sun, and as a result usually wears a wide hat that she tucks her hair under. Her eyes are a pale blue, and she has a round, soft face. She’s thin, but strong, and is average height. She has a bright red birthmark across her left forearm, from the elbow into her palm, and she usually wears long sleeves to hide it.

Personality: A really shy, run away type of person. She doesn’t like to be seen or heard, ever. She tends to use her powers to help her do that, and as a result hasn’t ever been discovered. She likes music and books, but has never learned to play any instruments and doesn’t know how to read. She really loves animals, and is very gentle, but is pretty breakable.

History: She grew up on a secluded farm with her parents and little sister, they all were mutants. Her parents were rebels of sorts, and they had very blatant powers. They were trying to make a stand against the government, but they went about it all the wrong way. Their house was raided, and they were taken, along with her little sister. She was left alone because she didn’t display any mutant powers, and was left to her own devices.

She found work as a stable hand and has been caring for the animals of a very rich family for years- in return she can sleep in the loft and she gets three square meals a day. So far she’s succeeded in staying out of trouble with her abilities, and prays every day that she can keep it up.

Up for love: yeah!

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Leahweird says...

May I take one of the last female mutant spots?

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ScarlettFire says...

Allison Bishop | Her Office ~ Top Floor of Medi-Co:

She stood by the window, one hand resting palm-down against the glass. The idiots behind her were still talking and it was starting to annoy her. She clenched her other hand into a fist, not looking away from the window. The freak had gotten away? Again! Oh, how stupid these goons were. This... She had been working on this for years! And they let the target escape yet again? She had had enough of their failure! It was getting ridiculous.

“Koss, Harris” she said, voice low, cold and deadly. The goons behind her froze, falling silent. She smirked, not bothering to look towards them. “Would you kindly get rid of these idiots and replace them with smarter people?” There was a long pause before she head several gun shots ring out in quick succession. She didn’t turn around, gaze fixed on the city below her. “Now, I need you two to lead this new group of Enforcers. Find me some good specimens, would you? The others were a bit of a failure.”

“Yeah, Doctor Bishop,” came the reply from Koss and she glanced back to see Harris dragging the five dead men out of her office. “We’ll get it done, no problem.”

“Thank you,” she said and pushed away from the window, crossing to her desk. “Oh, and do get this mess cleaned up, would you?” She looked up to make sure they understood. Harris and Koss nodded, the latter closing the door behind them. Allison eyed the five red stains marring her carpet and sighed. It was for the good of everyone--and her sister. She abruptly shook off those thoughts, scowling. She did not want to be reminded of that failure.

Picking up her equipment, Allison crossed to the door, being careful to keep her rather expensive shoes out of the blood as she did so. The last thing she needed was to ruin another pair of shoes by stepping in blood again; it had ruined her last pair of heels. And she hated letting things get ruined--especially her plans for the mutants. She was going to have so much fun with her new specimens. But for now, she had to get back to her lab. Closing the door behind her, Allison examined her shoes for stains before swiftly made her way down the hall towards her private lab. There was always time for a few quick tests.

Spoiler! :
Obviously, it was the second agent who fired the gun, not Koss. Also, Harris is currently an NPC, unless you’re willing to take him on. Anyway. Allison is plotting something. Whatever could it be?

Yes, this is the first post. No OOC (Out Of Character) posts such as questions, asking to bring in your character/s in, wanting to know where your characters/where everyone is, etc. Those go in the DT
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OnigiriChan says...

Jean-Pierre Koss - Mrs.Bishop's Office - Top Floor Of Medi-Co:

Neither Harris nor I moved until we were absolutely sure she was gone. Mrs. Bishop did that sometimes, made it like she was leaving and then turned right back around to find us in the process of goofing off. A door closed and I let out a sigh of relief.
Suddenly a wide grin spread across my face and I turned towards Harris, he was not smiling at all. He starred in distaste at the carpet stains and then back up at me, a hopeful look in his eyes.

"Nope," I smile. "You shot them, you clean the mess."

"I cleaned the mess last time."

"Because you shot them last time too."

"I always shoot them."


I walk over to Mrs. Bishop's desk and get the cleaning supplies out of the locked drawer. Harris catches them without looking and sprays the stains before they can seep in.

"You owe me for this, Jean."

I smile and take a seat on the desk, swinging my legs back and forth idly.

"No I don't." He turns to glare at me and I laugh. "Anyway, what are we going to do about this? I say we go out by ourselves, a bit of undercover work. Sounds fun, right? Fun..." I turn my head and look out the window. The clouds are rolling in, puffy and white like cotton balls. I feel a scowl tug on the corners of my mouth but I don't try and restrain it. My voice comes out gravely. "Going to be a blast and we can capture some of those mutant freaks. Bring them in and finally make boss happy... Lock them up. A few experiments. Make them talk..."


I snap my head back towards Harris.


He just raises an eyebrow and it's them I notice my clenched fist and hard frown. I flex my hands and laugh loudly.

"Right, right. So, catching the mutants. What should we do?"

Harris sits back, away from the stains that are starting to let up, and sighs loudly.

"What you said was sounding good. Go out in the streets, try to get some information, but people aren't really so keen to talking about the mutants. And us asking around will make us look-"

"Strange? Suspicious? Crazy? Come on, stop being such a downer." I hop off the desk and start towards the door. "Hurry up with those stains and meet me by the coffee shop. Dress like a stoned kid, people won't put too much thought into our questions if they think we're high."

Olive Stamp - The Slums

My hand was starting to cramp from the notes I've been taking.

Subject 23, long black hair, dark eyes. Female. Skinny, pale skin. Wears baggy clothes, was seen wandering through the slums. Stuck around the old metal frame buildings. Closer observations revealed that Subject 23 always stuck around some form a metal. Her shoes clink when she walks on the pavement. There is metal under her shoes also. Possible mutant. Subject 23 is currently wandering around (2:18 PM). Moving in for confrontation.

I close my notebook and shove it deep inside my bag. I have my "costume" on, tattered clothes, messed hair, and a single blue contact in my left eye, just in case the Subjects do turn out to be mutants I can fit in with them. They won't be suspicious if they think I'm one of them. Subject 23 is not too far away from me, picking at nothing. I approach her slowly as not to scare her off. She turns on me when I get close enough, which is not very close at all. I'm still more than ten feet away but I can feel her burning glare on me. I try not to smile.

"Hey, mate," I say, still walking towards her. She glares and doesn't reply until we're face to face.

"Hi." Her voice is emotionless.

"You can spare a... smoke?"

"No. What the hell do you want?"

"Nothing. Bored. Looking for a bit of company."

"Go away." She rolls her eyes and turns away from me. Okay, so she's hard. Not one to follow. Doesn't like people all that much. Thinks she's all that and a bag of chips. Okay.


She turns around, her eyebrows raised, and a half-smile half-frown on her face.


I smile and nod.


She laughs then, bitterly, and walks back towards me, stopping right in front of my face. I watch as she opens her mouth to reply. Have I finally got her? But for some strange reason I don't think it's that easy. Maybe it's that smile on her face, that smile that's not really a smile.
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