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Finding Light

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Sun Oct 23, 2011 10:38 pm
Gamergirl says...

Hello there. So I've been here for a while and I decided to start up my very first Storybook (yay)! Now since I haven't done anything like this before you'll have to bare with me (and give advice along the way, hahha).

Now I haven't give a rating yet as I do not mind how vulgar your posts are. Which I hope will make people feel a lot more easier to put whatever they want. However if someone is a little uncomfortable please tell me and I shall put a limit. Now for some rules. Please no God like characters. Talk to other people to find out more of there characters. And there is a limit to how many people in this Storybook (seeing as it's my first ever one ^^'). The limit is five. Sorry!

Now for the plot!

There are four main planets; Neroi, Usewa, Mehic and Jelof. Neroi is filled with wildlife, fresh air and too many trees. Whereas Usewa is a place filled with factories and urban lifestyle. Mehic takes a futuristic tone with flying cars and laser guns. Then there is Jelof, a place without a sun, all citizens live near the core and are filled with dark days.

For a long time each of these plants lived peacefully beside each other. Until now. According to the people of Jelof they no longer want to live in a world of darkness. So the begged their neighbouring planets to give them some help with recovering light and warmth to their world. And when that didn't happen they started war. Before long each planet was ready to kill each other.

Which is where this story takes place. Your character is from one of these planets believe that what your planets army is doing is right. However just a little part of you wants this to stop. You want to try and help Jelof get light back. However you know if you express your feelings only execution awaits you. That's when you discover five other people just like you (the rest of the characters). You band together ready to take on everything you've been told about the evil of those other planets.

So here is what you need to fill in.


Nickname/Likes to be called(if any):





Power(if any):

Weapon(if any):



Home Planet:


Fun Facts:


Now each character does(or did) have a father. Now each man from each household was involved within this war somehow. So give some info on what the father thinks.

So I hope this is a good enough starting point for my very first Storybook. Please tell me what could be better and please submit your character.

Oh almost forgot to add my character.

Name: Deloi Hail

Likes to be called: Green

Age: 18

Looks: Somewhat tall with dark green hair that reaches her waist. Along with her dark green is her equally green eyes which gave her the nickname Green.

Outfit: Wears a bronzed colored tank-top, a white shawl is tied around her waist, she also has a bronzed colored knee length skirt that is neatly ripped up her left leg. On her feet she wears leather buckled boots.

Weapon: Uses a set of laser guns which she keeps within her shawl.

Strength: Good with long/short range wepons. So finds it comfortable with using guns.

Weakness: Finds one-on-one combat difficult and uses her fists (or sword if near by) as a last resort.

Home Planet: Mehic

Personitly: Deloi is a girl that enjoys to laugh and is normally one to look on the brighter side of things. She is one to charge head first within a battle which leads to carelessness. She is most likely to start an argument and always thinks her answer is right. However when the chips are down Deloi is most certainly able to find a joke within the darkest times.

Fun Facts: Because she is used to living within Mehic she despises most things involving nature.

History: Growing up she was a child that enjoyed to learn of new things. She grew up with a normal childhood, which she always classed as boring. Because of her green colour combo she was somewhat bullied so didn't have much friends, she tries to make up for it now. When her father first started in the war she begged him not to go. However when he left for the battlefield she left home. A year has passed and she hasn't heard anything of her family.

If anyone has anything they think I should add please tell me. So happy character making :)

~ G.G (Gamergirl)
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Tue Oct 25, 2011 9:15 pm
Lornydoo says...

Hey there ! My name is Lorna and Im a newbie to YWS . So I would like to try to get involve in your storybook.

Name: Azealia Wintares

Nickname/Likes to be called(if any): Aza

Age: 17

Sex: female

Looks: Short. With Short Pixie like red hair. Bright Blue eyes . Which are usually barely noticed under the darkness of Jelof.

Outfit: Long dark purple dress with a ribbon tied neatly at the back and Black leather Boots rough and worn .

Power(if any): none

Weapon(if any): A Long Dirty well used sword which is kept in a sling on her back at all times. Also a small knife hidden in her right boot.

Home Planet: Jelof

Personality: Azealia is a shy kind of girl who has never called "making friends" fun. She is a deeply depressed girl ... which is no supprise seeing as she has lived her whole life in darkness. She is the type of girl who would only get into a fight if the cause was reasonable enough for her. Many call her an emo or a goth but to be honest she thins that they aree just cruel harsh sterotypes.

Fun Facts: Her only friend is a small voodoo doll she keeps in her left boot! Not that anyone else knows that!

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Sat Oct 29, 2011 11:23 am
tinkembell says...

Pshh Gamergirl, this is an awesome storybook! Only thing I'd suggest is adding strengths/weaknesses, history and other to the character profile, it'll make them more real ;) Oh, and have you made a DT (discussion thread) for it yet? It would help :3. Also, I'm kind of new to storybooks too x) Please could you save me a spot *puppy dog eyes*? I'm doing homework now (meh T-T) and as soon as I'm finished I'll write the character profile :P

Edit: Yay!

So, imma be a male; to test my creative abilities ^^ besides we already have two females.

Name: Phoenix Woods
Nicknames: Usually everyone calls him Phoenix, but those close to him call him Ash.
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Home planet: Neroi

I'll finish the rest later ;).
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Sat Oct 29, 2011 11:53 pm
paintingtherain97 says...

Name: Kaen Parsh

Nickname/Likes to be Called: Kaen, no nickname

Age: 12

Sex: male

Looks: Kaen's hair is a dark, dark brown, almost but not quite black. It's short-cropped and makes his head look like a big heart. His eyes are shaped like almomds, a pale greenish brown, like murky pondwater. He has the stature of a boy who likes to run:thin and wiry, with long legs and a lack of beef. His skin is olive, and his face is ordinary. The nose reminds one of a ski slope, with a long drop and a bump, and the lips are pouty. The one thing abnormal about him is his really large ears, which make Ben Stiller's look small.

Outfit: Kaen, for some reason, loves the color blue. He wears a light cerulean blue tunic, a navy blue belt tied at his hips. On his legs are stocking-like pants of an azure so light it's almost white. As for Kaen's feet, they're clad in the standard skin-tight rubber sock-shoes, of a grayish hue. Tunics and belts,with pants underneath, are standard for the planet's male population. He's just a normal kid.

Powers: He has no actual powers, but his physical fitness is extraordinary.

Weapon: In an urban world, everyone keeps a weapon. But they're always concealed. Kaen hides his small, sheathed blade in a sewn-in pocket near the top of his tunic.

Strengths: Kaen likes to run, so he is extremely fast. He's smart enough to stay away from fights, but he practices with his blade a bit just in case. He's also focused and serious, so he get's work done.

Weaknesses: Kaen get's angry easily. He has angst at the whole planetary situation and doesn't fit into the normal school of thought. This can be dangerous.

Home Planet: Usewa

Personality: Kaen is somewhat philosophical, but he is grounded. He is full of angst and only feels free when he's running. For some reason, he can't find fun in the things that other kids do. He needs something more. But he keeps to himself and waits for it.

Fun Facts: He hates the drab gray of his life and seeks color. Also, he is horrid at math.

History: Kaen was born twelve years ago, in the depths of a hard winter, to parents Anika and Derew Parsh. He was their second child. There first was a girl named Ceda, who was two at the time. Their baby was sickly and almost died, but he was a fighter. He would live to see more winters.

As a boy, Kaen was quiet and thoughtful. He played, although usually solitarily, and admired his outgoing sister. When he was five years old, his mother gave birth to fraternal twins: a girl named Jamisa and a boy named Feleho. Kaen loved both dearly but found he wasn't good with children younger than him.

When Kaen was eight, something terrible happened. His beloved father was drafted into the war. This meant the possible death of Kaen's dad, as well as the monetary annihilation of his family. His mother had to look after his little siblings, so she couldn't replace his factory income with one of her own. Soldiers were not, on this planet, paid.

Ceda decided she'd get a factory job. Kaen begged her not to. He knew how much she loved school, where she could she friends and play sports and do what she loved best for over an hour a day: playing the piano. But she went on and did it anyway.

Soon, things in the war got worse. All boys ten and older became required to attend military academies. Anyone above the age of twelve, upon recieving military training, was immediately deployed. Kaen followed suit. And so he left his family and joined the war.

Note to the author of this storybook: This is a really good storybook. If you want me to change anything, pm me. Otherwise, I can't wait to start this. :)
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Sun Oct 30, 2011 3:57 pm
Thalizar says...

Been looking for a good Storybook! Think I've found one here!

Name: Alexander Lymn

Nickname/Likes to be called(if any): Xander

Age: 17

Sex: Male


Outfit: ^^^ See above

Power(if any): Xander's relation to his mental illnesses has rewarded him with the ability to manipulate emotions, whatever Xander feels, the people around him too feel.

Weapon(if any): No weapon, just the above!

Strength: Brilliant at rational choices and knows exactly what to do in a crisis.

Weakness: Prefers to work alone and can get a bit aggressive and power-mad when his schizophrenia kicks in. He is also a xenophobe and fears new things.

Home Planet: Neroi

Personality: Xander has a long fuse and doesn't tend to get annoyed by small things. However, his schizophrenia often takes control of him and forces in into situations that he normally would not like.

Fun Facts: Xander's knowledge of fungal plants and bacterium is outstanding and he can create cures for most ailments and illnesses.

History: Xander was born whilst his father was away at war. His father despised the war and did not see the issue with giving Jelof help. In fact, he was part of the Lighting The Darkness organisation on Neroi until conscription forced him to fight. Xander grew up only knowing his mother's views, which were similar to his fathers, but with less interest. Xander's mother often committed adultery and brought many different men back into the home while his father fought on enemy territory. Xander grew up a peaceful life, he always expected someone different to be in his house when his mother returned from a night out and assumed this was normal. He was home schooled and had little association with the outside world, which, according to many therapists is what caused his schizophrenia to develop. Without a friend, Xander had to make his own. Soon this friend became more powerful, as Xander trusted it more and the alter-ego became more and more likely.

Xander always dreamed of the outside world, where the trees grew and the flowers blossomed, but his mother, he told him it was dangerous, far too dangerous. This trust in his mother's words slowly caused Xander to fear anything new and strange. He began to fear the men his mother brought home, but he was too weak to do anything. It was not until one night, when his mother came home early that he took action. His alter-ego took control and killed them both, his mother and the man she was with. Attacking them constantly, from what the post-mortem stated was, "More than a few hours".

Xander was not found in the home, and had escaped into the outside world. He lived in the forests of Nerio until his fourteenth birthday when he returned to society and caught a ship to Usewa. He did not know where he was going, he just wanted to escape. The destination was a surprise for him though, no trees? No flowers? This place was strange, but he soon implemented himself into their society and now lives in a squat with seven other teenage children.
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Mon Oct 31, 2011 3:57 pm
Betheny says...

I'd be more than happy to join your Storybook, so here's my character. I'll finish it later, I want to draw my character this time (I've had an idea and can't find any images that fit)

Name: Klara Vasta

Nickname/Likes to be called(if any): Klara

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Looks: (Picture at the bottom)

Outfit: (Picture at bottom)

Power(if any): N/A

Weapon(if any): She uses a fold away quarter-staff that has been passed down through her family for generations.

Strengths: She is a fast runner with high endurance, also she is an effciant climber. She has incredible 'street smarts'.


Home Planet: Usewa


Fun Facts:

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