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Tue Oct 11, 2011 8:25 am
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Pigeon says...

Pigeon and Hecatia followed Kitty in silence. Pigeon wondered why Kitty kept referring to her as a half zombie; she was pretty sure the zombie virus had left her after Kyllorac's reviewing, but maybe the after affects of the virus (such a slightly green tinge to her feathers) must have been confusing Kitty. She understood why people would think Hecatia was infected though; Hecatia had a tendency to glomp people, and to say :nod: instead of nodding her head, at the best of times.

Kitty stopped suddenly, causing Pigeon to tread on her heels.

"Look" Kitty said, "up there." She pointed to a large rock, which appeared to have someone sitting on it.

"Is that a YWSer?" Hecatia asked.

In response to their voices, the person on the rock peered over the edge.

"I think so." Said Kitty. "How are we going to get them down? That rock is surrounded by zombies." After a moments thought she continued, "and you two half-zombies aren't much help."

Pigeon began again to protest that she was no longer a zombie, then shrugged and decided not to bother. Instead she said, "I can fly up and see who it is. Then maybe Hecatia can fight a few zombies off and make a path for us."

"Yeah!" cried Hecatia. "I have a sword!"

Pigeon reached up and snatched the sword from the YWS logo.

"Here, Kitty, you can take this and help Hecatia. I won't be able to fly with it."

Kitty shook her head. "That's not my kind of weapon. Haven't you ever heard the saying 'the pen is mightier than the sword'?" She reached up and took the pencil from the YWS logo. "Well, it's not quite a pen, but it'll have to do. Okay, Pigeon, go tell whoever's up there that we're on our way."

Pigeon obediently dropped her sword, which was picked up by Hecatia ("I have two swords!", she cried gleefully.), and fluttered away to the rock where she found Scarlett. Kitty and Hecatia soon fought their way up and joined them atop the rock.

They were just getting ready to fight their way back through the hoard when they spotted Lumi and Chibibo, closely followed by Charlie, closely followed by a hoard of his own.

"My Lumi!" Kitty grinned. "...and Chibibo and Charlie"

"Yes," said Scarlett, "and a whole lot of zombies."
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Tue Oct 11, 2011 10:43 am
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mvb627 says...

meanwhile, Mvb was in a city, surrounded by zombies.

"I. HATE. ZOMBIES," she shouted throwing a chatnade with each word. When she was done with that, she picked up a metal pole.

"time to smash some brains in," She mumbled as she smashed in the face of the zombie closest to her. "I just wish more people were here to enjoy this."
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Tue Oct 11, 2011 8:43 pm
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Charlie II says...

Charlie was running out of breath and the zombies were catching up with him.

In one hand he held the remains of Lumi's leash, more for a keepsake than any particular use, and in his other he held the PSG. The barrel glowed blue with after-pun and Charlie was getting worried that it might overheat. Supposedly the technology was too clever for that, but Grif had never briefed him on the specifics.

"AaaaAAaaah" screamed one zombie as it tripped and tumbled down the side of the mountain.

Charlie saw an opportunity and seized it. "Looks like I'll be giving you guys the SLIP!"

The PSG made a sizable crater in the mountain. Charlie was worried -- it seemed to be getting stronger, as if the puns were compounding like repetition for emphasis, emphasis, emphasis...

"Chaaaaarrrrrrlieeeeeee," the remaining zombies yelled. "Come to poetry mountain, Chaaaaarrrrrrlieeeeeee!"

He didn't like the sound of that.

"Charlie -- over here!" The others were starting to congregate again, having dealt with their respective zombie hordes, and he could just about make out Kitty15 armed with a pen and someone with a sword that looked as if it had been plucked from the YWS logo. He started heading towards them, but he was running out of puff.



He almost made it, as well. Unfortunately someone had left a bit of bark lying on the floor and Charlie wasn't looking properly. It snagged his right foot, he stumbled, and the PSG flew from his grasp and landed a few meters away on the floor. The zombies cackled as they bore down on him and all the YWSers could do was watch.

"Charlie! Noooooo!"

"C'mon, man! Make a pun!"

"Oh come on. He can't seriously have tripped over that?"

Charlie scrabbled towards the PSG.

"You've only got one shot," said the leading zombie as it licked its lips and tied a napkin round its neck. "I hope you're feeling lucky!"

"Lucky?" said Charlie with a nervous smile. "How could I miss? It's PUN-t blank range!"

The explosion could be heard in General Fiction. When the smoke cleared the only remains were a large crater and a blackened napkin. Charlie was nowhere to be seen.
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Tue Oct 11, 2011 9:24 pm
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Rydia says...

"Charlie," Kitty said sadly as the smoke cleared to reveal the absense of her friend. She turned her eyes away for a moment out of respect for the sacrifice he'd made. When she looked up again, ScarlettFire was making her way over from the base of a nearby mountain and Kitty could only assume that Charlie's blast had been so powerful, it had also defeated any hoard of zombies that might have been after her.

"Alright team," Kitty turned back to see which members they had managed to gather. There were the two half zombies, who were really not bad as far as half zombies went, in fact you could almost believe they were still writers. Then Dreamwalker and Incognito who they'd picked up somewhere along the way and now Chibibo and Lumi who was - off - his - chain. She gave him a stern look but decided there wasn't time for that just now.

"We have a new mission, one that might save all of YWS-" Here she paused for the expected cheers but the group were too tired for that and what little response she did get was not encouraging. Incognito was crunching loudly on what looked to be a shoe and Hecatia was giving those strange verbal :nod:'s again. "We are going in search of the legendary YWS ship, a journey which will take us into the very heart of... the archives." The response to this was louder and very reminiscent of her suggestion to enter tha vault, which admittedly hadn't turned out as well as she'd hoped.

"The archives?"

"Are you serious?"

"What legendary YWS ship? If it's so legendary, how come I haven't heard of it?"

Explaining how Snoink had sunk Nate's ship was not something Kitty wanted to go into right now, especially since she'd been along for that particular joy ride and wasn't overly proud of some of her actions. Hey 'Rina, I bet you can't steer through those dangerous looking rocks over there!

"Just trust me, there's going to be a ship, and Nate created it in case of emergency, so there might be instructions or a cure or... or a way out." As much as Kitty didn't want to abandon YWS, it might come to that and if it did, she was determined to save as many members as she could. But what she was really hoping to find was some zombie fighting arsenal or a cure. Nate would have thought of zombies when putting the emergency measure in place, right?
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Fri Oct 14, 2011 3:39 pm
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Charlie II says...

Charlie's first thought was that he had been teleported.

He holstered the PSG and got to his feet, surveying the unconscious zombies lying in a pile around him. They weren't dead (or even re-dead as the case may be) -- just out for the count. Satisfied he was safe from zombification, Charlie took a moment to look at his surroundings.

It was a lot greener now. He appeared to be standing on some sort of dark green surface. It wasn't the ground -- that was for sure -- and he felt it moving dramatically with the wind. Charlie narrowed his eyes. How on earth could it support his weight if it was light enough to sway under a light breeze?

"ALRIGHT TEAM," boomed Kitty15's voice from somewhere to the right of him. Charlie spun to face her but couldn't see her from where he was now standing.

He sighed and started to run again, calming his mind and pushing away the aches and pains. He felt remarkably fresh considering what had happened earlier in the day, and he built up so much speed that when he reached the edge of the green surface he didn't have time to stop himself falling over the edge.

Charlie hit the ground. Hard.

As he got to his feet (again) he was hit by understanding. Fortunately it was far less painful than another physical blow.

"You have got to be kidding me."

Charlie was standing on the dirt floor looking up at the "green surface" he had fallen from: it was a clover leaf. All around him stems of grass and flowers towered above him. An ant scuttled past him, easily five times his current size. Charlie looked around at the giant world around him and sighed again.

"I see," he said, nodding to himself. "I guess this is what they call a SHORT story."
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Sat Oct 15, 2011 8:33 am
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Pigeon says...

"ALRIGHT TEAM," boomed Kitty15's voice, causing everyone to gather together and watch her. Kitty seemed to be marking them off in her head; she looked around, muttering under her breath "ScarlettFire, Pigeon, Hecatia, Dreamwalker, Incognito, Chibibo, Lumi..." Kitty frowned. "We're still missing a lot of people. Has anyone got any idea where they could be?"

Everyone looked down or at each other and shuffled their feet awkwardly. There were mumbles of "no" "sorry" "I haven't" "I think they'm not sure...."

Pigeon shifted her weight uncomfortably. After her flight up to ScarlettFire she'd changed back into human form, but being a pigeon always had strange after-affects. This time it was a powerful impulse to peck at things, and she kept searching the ground for edible bugs.

Suddenly, in a clover patch, she saw movement! With a bird-like 'cooing' noise she dived face-first onto the ground. As her chin hit the dirt, she remembered that she was no longer a bird. Pigeon groaned, lying stretched out on the ground, feeling as though she was grazed all over.

The others stared at her in bewilderment. Feeling too embarrassed to move, Pigeon continued to lie where she was. It was then that she felt something tickling her nose. She looked down, going slightly cross-eyed, and saw...


"It's me!" Charlie had to yell to be heard, he was so tiny.

"Charlie!" Pigeon cried as the others continued to stare at her in bemusement. "It is you!"

"Yes, it is." Charlie agreed. "I'm in a TINY bit of trouble." The PSG fired up Pigeon's nose. She sneezed.

"Don't worry, I'll pick you up." Pigeon got to her feet, then put lay her hand, palm-up, on the ground. Charlie climbed on and she held him out in front of her. "Look everyone! I found Charlie!"

Everyone crowded around to see until Charlie felt that he was in danger of being squished. He climbed up Pigeon's arm, then down into her pocket. "Come on everyone!" He squeaked. "Let's get going!"

Everyone looked blankly back at him - the tiny sound didn't carry very far.

Pigeon sighed. "He said: Come on everyone, let's go."

There was a unanimous "Oh, right!" and then everyone turned expectantly to Kitty, hoping for further directions.
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Mon Oct 17, 2011 12:13 pm
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Lumi says...

"Guys," Lumi said, poking around in the darkness with his boots to find solid ground, "Guys?"

There was a loud groaning, and then someone's stomach roared, which shook the cavern.

"Okay. Cheeto is here. Anyone else?"

"Scarlett, present."

"Walker, pr...guh..."

"Hecatia and--Pigeon, is that y--yeah, Pigeon's here, too."

Lumi blinked, wondering first where they were, and second, how they got there.


"br0," he said, before hopping onto Lumi's shoulder.

"Alright guys. Cover your eyes. Time to illuminate the situation." Lumi clenched his fists and held his breath, bringing what felt like a burp at first through his throat, through his nose, and up into his eyes. His whole body began to glow, giving off a luminescent shine. And the cavern was lit.

"Seriously?" Dreamwalker murmured, squinting at the cave walls. "We're in the archives...the abandoned 1000 Monkeys Project."

Lumi gulped. 1000 monkeys didn't seem like a fun afternoon. "Okay, we need to get out of here before things get messy."

"Can't you teleport us like Kitty did?"

"I'm a Junior Moderator...I don't have that much energy."
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Mon Oct 31, 2011 12:12 pm
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Kale says...

High above the horizon, clinging tenuously to the tail of a "g", Kyllorac dangled above most of YWS, Kyllorac's ladder of Likes having crumbled just as Kyllorac grabbed hold of the letter. Breathing heavily, Kyllorac attempted to climb up the "g" and sit in its tail (rather than precariously dangle), Kyllorac's fear of heights only barely beaten out by a very strong self-preservation instinct, which had fully triggered Survival Mode: Zombie Apocalypse.

Kyllorac had just gotten a leg over the "g" tail when, from down below, there was a "PEW!" and a mini PSG blast nailed Kyllorac right in the hand with a nasty, nasty sting. Kyllorac of course let go, and wound up dangling from the "g" upside down, which tipped the precarious balance of self-preservation and acrophobia well over the brink of FREAKINGOUTNOWKTHXBAI! and towards *flail like MAD*, which lead to Kyllorac's leg slipping off the tail of the "g", which in turn lead to Kyllorac plummeting down to the forums below with a Mufasa-like scream.

Kyllorac had always thought Charlie would make a pretty good Scar.
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Thu Nov 03, 2011 6:17 pm
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Skull3670 says...

The world swam back into focus and Skully surveyed the scene determined to work out just what had happened. Around him lay writers of variou sshapes and sizes.
"Now why on earth would i attack writers?" He thought out loud. Then he noticed the sign.
Super Duper Mart - Home to the Omega SUper Deluxe Cupcake. The scrawled next to it.
Beware of the glOMG! It's like totally fantastic! EEEEEEEEEKKKK! Closely followed by a man shaped splat.
Dear god! I remember now! He thought. YWS zombies. Yuck. He gave himself a quick once over, ensuring his three barrelled Awesome Alliteration Annihilator was still in one peice and loaded. He straighten up his "Read this and weep" t shirt, re arranged his chatnades on his belt and emergency exploding pun pen before heading off in the direction of where i remembered leaving the Punctuation Propelled Motorbike.
Hopping on to the glimmering motorbike, i pulled by black hat, safe in the knowledge it wasn't going anywhere.
"Right. Punctuation. Let me think about this. Let's see, maybe this will work?" With that said it roared to life and i sped off into the fading light. My comms link chattered to life.
"Hello? Anybody? We could use some help. We seem to be in the 1000 monkeys cavern."
"Scar? That you? My god i haven't seen you since the invasion of Arb! I'm on my way. Say hi to shadow for me." With that i dropped my head and planted my foot, blasting the odd zombie with the AAA on my way to the cavern.
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