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Amidst the Roses

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Fri Oct 14, 2011 11:53 am
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ScarlettFire says...

Beauty - With Beast in a Forest (southern? North Country):

Tears pricked her eyes. She pulled her hood further over her head. She just had to tell him that she didn't need to know, but it was a lie. She did want to know. About everything, so bad it hurt. She tried to blink away the tears. That it was still raining helped; perhaps he would mistake her tears for water?

"Beauty..." Another sigh, from him. She turned her face away.

"Just don't," she whispered. "Let's just go and find my friend, alright?" Beauty hesitated, glancing back. He had stopped walking. "Beast?"

Beast stared at her, a frown marring his features. Features that would have any other woman running away. Screaming. They didn't scare Beauty; in fact, she found them fascinating. It wasn't often that one got to meet a human-like beast who could speak. He tipped her face up. "You've been crying," he murmured, studying her face. Beauty pulled away. "Beauty..."

"Beast, please," she whispered, gently dislodging herself from his grip. "Can we just keep moving? I have to find Briar Rose." She started walking again. "It's just...frustrating! We don't even know where we are, do we?" She had stopped again, staring at the soaked ground.
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Fri Oct 14, 2011 12:29 pm
Rydia says...

Edward the Woodcutter; Somewhere in an unknown forest with Asta the Wolf

Praesa. The Wolf was doing bad things then if she was associating with Praesa, everyone knew that Praesa was bad. The first time someone told Eddy what a Necromancer was, he'd screwed his face up real hard, trying to think why bringing people back to life was bad. But then the village girl had explained that dead people should stay dead and that had made sense. And she'd explained that dead people could never really be alive again, so what a Necromancer actually did was make dead people walk. He'd had to take her word on that because by then his brain hurt too much from all her explaining.

"Then you muss leave, bu' lemme give yer sumat for the road." Eddy went in his pack and brought out some strips of dried meat. It was rabbit. He'd caught it two days ago, but the meat was still good because he'd rubbed a little salt in it, like his daddy always told him to. He passed them to her and then took a few more out of his pack and started to chew the tough, stringy meat. It was hard going with his teeth, but it tasted good.

"You could come with me?" The Wolf asked. Eddy thought she looked very lonely and she must be ill, since she was coughing, maybe she was dying and that was why she was going to the Necromancer; so she could be brought back to life again. Eddy would have explained to her that the Necromancer only made dead people walk, but he didn't know how to go about telling her that so intead he shook his head.

"No, I knows me place an' it is 'ere in the forest." What he didn't add was that he did leave the forest from time to time, but only to help people who were good. And since the wolf was bad, he couldn't go out of his way to heelp her. Providing warmth and food were one thing, but travelling with a known villain? No. "You should wai' until mornin', darlin' - the fire would do yer cough some good."
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Mon Oct 24, 2011 11:38 pm
Skorpionne says...

Snow White | Vesperwoods | Middle Country
(Sorry I took such a shamefully long time)

On and on the forests stretched, even further than usual. Vesperwoods had merged with the newly created Rose Forest, providing the West Country Legion with a passage straight to the palace. Not that they needed it. There was a very small chance that they would meet any resistance.

Hours standing stiff-backed in a stuffy tent had produced this tactic: Snow would establish her base at the palace, then would spread her rule into the furthest corners of Middle Country. It seemed as though the palace would become her permanent home- Castle Custos held too many empty memories.

Autumn was steadily fading to Winter, and the trees offered little or no protection from the gales. Snow couldn’t help but compare herself, tugging her cloak tight about her shoulders, shivering from the cold, to Julian, strong, silent and unflinching. What did her army see in her? She felt so young, little more than the girl who’d run away from her step-mother.

Night was falling, and the current wind was bad enough. Snow dug her heels into her horse’s side. The poor beast managed to find some energy from somewhere, and cantered up to the head of the army, where Julian rode.
“We’ll need to make camp soon.”
Julian kept his eyes firmly fixed ahead. “A few more hours.”
“How many is a few?”
He still didn’t look back at her. It was a little insulting. “Five, possibly six.”
“That long?! We can’t fight half-dead, Julian, and we will need to fight.”
This was a blatant lie. In all likelihood, the only fighting they’d need to do would be against some plants. Truthfully, Snow didn’t know if she could go on for even one more hour, let alone five.
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Tue Oct 25, 2011 12:25 am
thestorygirl says...

Spoiler! :
This will be short. I'm low on time.

"No, I will leave now. Thank you for your help." I turned around abrubtly, then some of the manners I could remember came back to me. I should give him something in return for his help. But what? He wouldn't want money, especially not when it was stolen. I'd give him my bear pelt. It was of no use to me any longer, as I could no longer be cold. I gave him what he had offered me back, and threw the pelt on the log beside him.

"Take it, winter's coming." I dipped my head thankfully. For a second I think he tried to stop me, probably thinking a helpless girl couldn't handle the forest. I got up onto my dark grey horse and nudged for him to go. I heard my ribs crack, and it echoed along the clearing. Crap.
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Wed Oct 26, 2011 12:21 am
Sunshine says...

I think it's okay to have Taris slash through the roses

Taris Reginson- Middle Country- Inside of the Briar roses

Taris was beggining to grow cocky.

If he bothered enough to think about it, this would bug him. Cockiness was always a trait of Suirin or his late brother Leo. He had always tried to be meekier, a more humble son. Still, after easily parading into the Middle Country and slashing apart those annoying thorns... Cocky.

The thorns had given him and his soilders a bit of trouble, but they were nothing more than pesky roses with magical properties. They could get through them with swords and a few scratches- nothing more, nothing less. This was supposed block him from his quest! Perpostrous. At current, they were slashing through another thicket of the roses. He himself could feel them scratching at his skin, irritably ripping at his clothes. His soilders were begging to tire, panting. The thorns fell away at their sword-tips, but seemed to wriggle on the ground as they drop.

He and his soilders had a simple journey to the Middle. Only dark shapes through the woods were a threat, and nothing more. It was like the whole world was asleep.

Taris stopped swinging, listening to the quiet buzzing that had been silence. There was something different in the air, a certain stroke of authority. Something glinted off his eyes in the sun. The thorns seemed to rise even higher now, and as Taris turned around he saw the thorns were even thicker than when they came in. A small bubble of frustration, that eager need to impress someone, rose in his throat.

"Charge!" He yelled.

The soilders all took the que, running at the thicket with swords raised. They slashed through the never-ending ferns, battle-echoes running through the small land.

Figured it'd been a while...
I have loved the words and I have hated them. I only hope I have made them right.

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