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Nightmare on Emilyrose

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Thu Apr 29, 2010 12:00 am
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LovelessSummer says...

((Rated 16+ for violence and blood shed! Cursing, sure. I just don't want to see fukc[intentional misspelling] in every post. Okay, so here's the story. I'm really excited about the new 'Nightmare On Elm Street' movie because I'm a big horror movie junkie. So, I decided that I should make a storybook out of it. There will be a few changes because I want the characters to be together. So, instead of a killer that gets you in your dreams, you will just be killing yourself with your fears and stupidity. How, you ask. Well, let me tell you. *swish*

It's Saturday night, you're tired as [insert profanity that applies] and you just want to sleep! So you do. Everything's normal except these strange people (the other characters) that talk, look, move, and even smell like real people. Oh, and there are these terrible monsters out to get your of course. These monsters are your fears. You're fears are being controlled by Freddy. Freddy is out to kill you.

You're are dreaming, but in a more not dreaming kind of way. You're asleep, but whatever happens in the dream happens in true life. So, if you're being chopped up slowly to pieces by a kitchen knife, you will feel every ounce of pain and, if you survive, there will be scars. Let's just get that out of the way. The pain you will feel is real. As real as my fingers typing this sentence. Well, maybe a little less real that that. You can absolutely not defeat the monsters, or Freddy. You can try, but you won't succeed. You can only slow them down enough to get away. Grotesque(<--- I love that word.) versions of your worst fears, be it clowns or spiders, are out to get you, and if they get you, they will kill you. Also, if you choose to kill your character, you can make a different one. But you only get two lives.

Your Job:
Stay Alive. Wake up.

Character Template(My profile will be used as an example.):
Fear: Maggots and worms.
Name: Lei Tammen
Age: 17
Spoiler! :

Personality: She's nice and very curious. She likes to investigate. In a horror movie, she's the dumb one that actually goes down into the basement to inspect the creepy noise. She can't help it though. She hates being alone, prefers to be around at least one other person. She is very emotional: the one that whimpers or screams at every strange noise. Her favorite things to say are: What was that? Who's there? Guys? Hello? And things along those lines.
Warning(What will kill your character): Don't ever send her to investigate something or 'check that out'! She. Will. Die!
Explanation(Why they are scared of their fear. Be creative people!): When she was seven her dad always took her to his job because he couldn't afford a babysitter to watch her. He worked as a trash man. One day, while he was picking up the trash cans, little Lei decided to play around a bit. As her dad and his assistant got busy picking up a giant metal frame bed, she decided to play queen of the mountain. Long story short, she fell in.
The worms and maggots swarmed her immediately! She was covered with them. They were in her hair, mouth, shirt, pants, everywhere! She couldn't get out, she was stuck. She thrashed and screamed for help, but by the time her dad made it over to her can, the damage was already done. From then on, she couldn't even look at a bag of those tasty little gummy worms you get from the gas station without feeling worms crawling all over her.
Other: Up for love. She doesn't like eggs and fell asleep wearing her Hello Kitty pajama set.
Bonus(Optional. I'm just doing this because I thought this was really cute, and because they will be wearing what they fell asleep in during the story. No naked sleepers please.): Here's a picture of the pajama set.
Spoiler! :

♥ Basic YWS rules.
♥ No 'oh my god, hide the children' profanity.
♥ No detailed sex scenes but romance is allowed. Who would wan't to write a detailed sex scene anyway? That's just...ew.
♥ Post frequently please. And no one sentence posts.
♥ Enjoy!
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Fri May 14, 2010 9:11 pm
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Ladyofthedeathroses says...

Fear: Drowning and Clowns.
Name: Sara Rose
Age: 16
Picture: ... com-16.gif
Personality: She is cold and malicious she has the ability to keep calm and level headed even in the scariest of situation but can be very kind and caring shes the one who will walk up completely calm up to Freddy and kick him in the balls(basically the kickass main character). Her favorite phrase is Whatever or whomever that was you have 5 seconds before I kick your ass.
Warning(What will kill your character): Don't leave her alone. She will go up to her worst fear and fight it. Which will peeve it off and she will get killed.
Explanation(Why they are scared of their fear.: She is scared of drowning because to teach her how to swim her mother threw her into the deep end of the pool and left her there she was drowning for 5 minutes before her mother came back but it was to late. She can now swim but still is scared of water. She is scared of clowns because when she was 5 her mother forced her to watch the movie IT and it scarred her for life.
Other: She is up for love and fell asleep in her black pajama set. She is not afraid to fight her way out of anything be it Freddy or a room full of clowns she will do whatever it takes to get away. She will stand her ground unless confronted with an enemy she is scared of. She can stay calm and is very good at hiding her fear and emotions.
Bonus: ... ajamas.jpg
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Sat May 15, 2010 12:40 am
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Allessandre says...

Fears: gothic people
Name: Scarlette Overdon
Will add in pics later
Personality: smart and happy, always trying to make friends but no one knows a whole lot about her
Warning: never let her do anything crazy, or let her anywhere near high places. Her hand eye coordination is nonexistent
Reason: when she was five, a gothic man tried to kidnap her.
Other: up for love, fell asleep in a minidress nightgown thing, purple
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Sun Jan 29, 2012 4:49 am
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LanaBrown says...

Fear: Spider, Bats, and Clowns
Name: Aurora Night
Picture: ... ml?src=www

Personality: She is the beautiful, strong-hearted, nerdy girl who comes up with the plans. She is boy- crazy but thinks boys don't notice her and is oblivious to her beauty.

Warning: Do not completely reject one of her ideas. If you do she will try to prove that her plan does work and she will die.

Explanation: She is scared of clowns because one day she and her mom went to the circus and after the show she got seperated from her mom and a clown found her and tried to rape her. She ran away from him but fell in an open manhole filled with bats and spiders. Some spiders crawled all over her and bats swarmed her. By the time they found her she was already scarred.

Other: She is up for love and really shy, although she likes bad boys. She fell asleep wearing sleep shorts and one of her dad's undershirts.
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