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The Fight for Worldow

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Sun Nov 18, 2018 10:30 pm
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EditorAndPerks says...

{Section One: History}

Three tribes ruled the Worldow or (World-Grow) for as long as their records reached back. One day, there simply had been an unoccupied world, with scarce plants or creatures, but the trio of Creators embarked on a new journey - gathering tools to create the first glimpses of what would be known as Scaren, (Scar-been) Lightew, (Light-blew) and Cloudry (Cloud-bury).

At first, all three peoples lived in isolated worlds, the Scaren on the rugged and cold terrain of the north, the Lightew occupying most of the western islands, while the Cloudry stuck to the mountain ranges found in the southern lands.

Then, as if guided by their makers, they crept, skipped, and flew to the previously unseen area - the eastern jungles. There, not only did they greet each other for the first time, they meet a fourth type of creature - Pinete (Pine-bite). That group was guided by a different Creator, rumored to be a part of all three original ones.

Still, with the discoveries, all four groups tried to live peacefully, now knowing that there were others out there. That idea soon faded once claims of the others' Creators started to wreck their lands - too much light in the north that melts the snow, quakes in the east that shakes the trees, storms throughout the mountain ranges in the south, and sentient beings rising from the earth in the western islands.

From that day on, known as Live-end in the common tongue, the four populations have shrouded themselves in anger and fear, trying to hide from any other potential threats from these unknown people.

{Section Two: Current Events}

In a week's time, the hundreth anniversary of that fateful time will be observed by all four peoples, in their own ways. However, this year, the Creators have bonded together to face an even deadlier danger than uncertainty had brought before - a true mix of all four races. They called themselves the Wineed (Wine-bleed) and are rumored to hold a power of true fear - total control over another person.

Spurred by this idea, the Creators soon gather all four populations into a chaos-filled world at the eve of Live-end, and picked a handful of individuals they perceived to hold the key in fighting against the Wineed. First, however, they have to fight back against their prejudice and actually become a united front to face their ultimate enemy.

Armed with only slivers of advice and guidance from their Creators, this group must come together and chase their enemies, while uncovering secrets that might be better not known.

Every person brings different strengths and powers to the table, and their own strategies on how to defeat enemies, as they're all from different walks of life, literally.

The Creators hope that the group can find peace and at least unite for the shared goal, but they may still have a few tricks up their sleeves in order to have the unwilling participants bond together.

The first step is to find the Wineed, who left clues that the Creators urged them to find, scattered across the mainland. From there, once they secure four supposed hints, they will travel to wherever vile place the creatures emerged from.

{Overview of the Groups}

Scaren, (Scar-been)

Spoiler! :
This group of people lives in the northern section of the island, amongst the icy and frozen areas. They thrive in the cold area, having grown accustomed to the snow, and developed a few ways of warming themselves up. Their power varies from simply causing a few shakes here and there, to ripping through the earth to split a village in half and being able to reverse that.

Lightew, (Light-blew)

Spoiler! :
This group of people occupies most of the western islands right off the coast of the mainland. They love the sun and its waves and keep themselves in the rays to stay ever warm. They never seem to burn and are willing to use that against their enemies. Their power varies from collecting and shooting balls of light to practically summoning their own sun to burn through whatever lies in their path.

Cloudry (Cloud-bury)

Spoiler! :
This group of people settled along the southern mountain ranges. They love getting as close to the sky as they can be, and relish in climbing the highest peaks in very quick times. They adjust to altitude changes in split seconds, which results in them jumping from insane heights. Their power varies from summoning a cloud to carry them, to creating a thunderstorm that rocks an entire town.

Pinete (Pine-bite)

Spoiler! :
This group of people stayed hidden longer than the others, among the jungles in the eastern section of the island. They delight in being able to interact calmly among the multitude of animals that live alongside them. They can speak, or at least communicate with a wide range of animals, at least being able to understand their body language. Their power varies from holding a conversation with a motionless tree to being able to give entire jungles the ability to move and even attack others.

Wineed (Wine-bleed)

Spoiler! :
Not much is known about this group of people, but rumors run amass through the entire earth. Some say they are a true mix of all four races, and hold a power that sends fear through every people - total control over another person. It is thought of to be blood-related, or even a mental power, but no one really knows much.

Character Profile

Spoiler! :
(Please delete the parentheses when submitted! Also, I would recommend not combining groups, as though it's cruel, mixing populations is probably the worst thing one could do. Maybe that sentiment will change later, but not really currently, sorry.)

[One last thing: we can discuss making Wineed characters if you're really wanting to make a bad guy, but I'll have to see on that XD.]

Code: Select all
[b]Group: (Scaren, Lightew, Cloudry, Pinete, Wineed)[/b]
[b]Description: (As descriptive as wanted, hair/eye appearance, outfit)[/b]
[b]Items/Belongings: (Stuff important to your character, or useful for battle, a limit of three for now. Think of how this can link to your character as well.)[/b]
[b]Weapons: (Limit of three, could be unique objects, whatever you want.)[/b]
[b]Powers (As provided by lineage/group your character is from. No overpowered abilities, either, please.)[/b]
[b]History (Family life, how their past affects their outlook on their given task.)[/b]
[b]Up for Romance:[/b]
[b]Other: (if you provide that your character's Creator gave advice or not, could be put here)[/b]


Spoiler! :
Just in case, I will be planning out one character for each category, including Wineed, to be able to have the perspective of the "enemy." If you need help working on your characters, then either take a look at my example ones, of feel free to ask questions in the DT or the links I left there.

-Scaren 1:
-Scaren 2:

-Lightew 1:
-Lightew 2:

-Cloudry 1:
-Cloudry 2:

-Pinete 1:
-Pinete 2:

-Wineed 1:
-Wineed 2:

I'll have to figure out if I want Wineed playable characters, or just leave them as NPCs. Hm.
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