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365 Days as a Monster Hunter

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Sun Oct 14, 2018 8:57 am
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Rydia says...

Chapter Eleven: Day 304: How to Hunt Monsters on All Hallows' Eve

Perhaps the most assiduous day of a Monster Hunter's year is this: All Hallow's Eve. Somewhat foolishly, even the modern monster seems to think itself able to disguise whatever slimy or hairy deformities it has, amongst a crowd of children in tacky, unrealistic costumes. A Monster Hunter will have none of the usual problems with finding monsters to vanquish on this most ridiculous of holidays.

But, for this night only, you are asked to put aside your more lethal methods and focus instead on driving the monsters back underground and ensuring any humans who become aware are rounded up for the clean-up. Afterall, it is far harder to make a human believe there were no monsters if there are monster body parts strewn throughout the streets.

Be discreet and be alert for tonight you will see more monsters than ever before and you are best advised to...

What's Going On?

It's All Hallows' Eve and Monster Hunters across the world are preparing for their busiest day of the year. Some few young, rash and eager Monster Hunters may be excited that they will see more monsters tonight than any other night but most sane Monster Hunters would much rather stay indoors.


The role options are:

Human Monster Hunters -- trained all your life to deal with what goes bump in the night, it is likely your parents and their parents were Monster Hunters before you. Many centuries ago, to be a Monster Hunter was a sacred path and the other humans revered your ancestors and rewarded them richly. In modern society, humanity has forgotten the existence of monsters and the Shadow Council have decided that's for the best. Instead of being richly awarded, you are considered a recluse, that weird guy who never wants to come out on an evening. You barely make minimum wage because, despite many attempts, the council can't just magic money up from nowhere and any goods or money seized from defeated monsters belongs immediately to the council. It is not a glorious life but you pride yourself on being a defender of humanity.

Monster Monster Hunters -- perhaps adopted, or more likely orphaned, kidnapped, stolen, by human parents, you have been raised to know the evils of your kind. And you can't deny it, monsters are indisputably evil but what does that make you? Shunned by both sides of the conflict, you may find that even if your parents have grown to love you, they still keep one eye open when they sleep at night. Because monsters can't help being what they are and while you fight for good now, Monster Monster Hunters have a long history of returning to their roots. So why do you do it? Out of love for a family who took you in or because you want to prove that monsters can be more than they seem, by of course killing monsters. It's a hard life and one filled with confusion but humanity needs to be defended, doesn't it?

Aware Humans -- Some few humans come into contact with monsters and refuse to be put back to sleep on the matter. It's rare because the Shadow Council are very good at covering their tracks and most humans are very happy to believe that what they saw was a person dressed up or a particularly good prop. You are not one such human. Perhaps you help the Monster Humans by keeping an eye out for monsters and informing the council or perhaps you are a Monster Hunter in training, hopeful of passing the tests and being granted the access to the council's artillery and the right to bear arms in this war. Or perhaps, and only perhaps, you have sympathies for the monsters and have helped some number of them remain concealed.

Cast List:

1. @Rydia -- role to be confirmed

Character Profile

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The storybook takes place in London so carrying guns is against the law and you had better be discreet about doing so. The Shadow Council have some sway in getting their hunters out of jail but there's no guarantee.


That's for you to decide. The storybook will continue past All Hallow's Eve and on to the other 364 days of monster hunting but it's direction is entirely up to all of you. Perhaps the monsters are indiscriminately evil, or perhaps not.
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Wed Nov 07, 2018 8:43 am
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Rydia says...

Charles Yeung

"Let's go to the Halloween ball at the town hall, there's bound to be monsters there," Isla suggested as she stabbed her ice cream with a spoon. The girl sitting next to her broke into a giggle.

"Oh yes, lots of monsters," she agreed, making air quotes with her hands before giggling again. Isla shot her an annoyed look and Charlie wondered again what she was even doing in their group; she didn't seem to like people. Not that he was a people person himself but survival in numbers and all that. Normally it made sense, though perhaps not so much with a hunter like Isla around.

"Sure, let's pay to do our job," Charlie muttered under his breath.

"Obviously the council will pay," Isla insisted, jabbing an elbow into the stomach of the short, fair haired boy next to her.

"Oh- yeah - obviously," the council leader's son was quick to agree. Maybe that was why Isla had declared herself a member of her group - they were just oh so agreeable.

"You in Charlie boy?" Isla asked, finally turning her full attention to him. Charlie had wanted to say no but there was something in those deep, chocolate eyes that promised this time, maybe just this once, it would be fun. Which didn't make any sense at all because Monster Hunting was never fun but somehow Charlie found himself shrugging.

"Better than hunting alone I suppose."

"Oh Charlie, you're such a mood killer," Isla declared which set their female companion to giggling once again.

Later that night, dressed in his reinforced monster hunter clothing; (jeans, t-shirt and leather jacket, all coated in a flame resistant spray and with an inner lining of crazy scientist grade acid resistant material); Charlie waited at the rendezvous point. He was the last to arrive.

"What are you supposed to be?" Isla asked with a sniff. "It is a fancy dress party you know."

Charlie shrugged and for a second, a flicker of hope ignited in his chest; maybe they wouldn't let him in like this. Maybe he'd have to waste most of Halloween going home and getting changed and someone else could be a monster snack tonight instead.

"Well you're lucky I came prepared," Isla continued and out of her handbag she brought several capsules of very real looking blood. "Just make sure you get plenty on you."

"But I like these clothes," Charlie complained with a sigh.

"Like they wouldn't have got blood on them anyway," the council leader's son scoffed as he passed the tickets around.

Charlie removed his jacket and then crushed one capsule to his chest and the other to the side of his head and felt the liquid trickle down his neck.

"There, now you smell of animal blood and you'll make the perfect victim," Isla declared, sounding very satisfied.

Charlie almost gagged as he fought not to throw up the big ball of fear clenching his stomach. "Great. Let's get this over with."

The town hall was a big, gothic looking building which made it perfect for this time of the year and fake cobwebs crowded the ageing staircases leading up either side of the main hall while the chandelier hung from the ceiling, draped in strings of bats.

"Look, there's our first kill," Isla declared as she indicated a fur covered boy of about the same age of them and started weaving through the crowd.

"Do you think she realises-"

"Maybe she doesn't care-"

Charlie looked from one companion to the other but realising neither of them were going to do anything, he sighed heavily and hurried after the red haired girl dressed as a vampire.

"Isla, wait-"

Charlie put a stopping hand on Isla's wrist as she started to pull a blade from her right boot. Honestly, you'd think they'd have been searched at the door or something.

"That's Uva," Charlie said. For a moment he didn't think Isla looked surprised - more like annoyed - but a second later her eyes flashed with shock and she took a half step back.

"Oh, terribly sorry. It's so hard to tell the difference between you and, well, a monster sometimes. Such a good costume."

Charlie didn't think he'd have believed the mock sincerity from anyone other than Isla but he felt like the smile in her eyes was more mischevious than aggressive, right? Honestly though, who knew with that girl.
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Wed Dec 05, 2018 2:05 pm
TinkerTwaggy says...


An arm wrapped around the shoulders of his best friend Koko, Uva gracefully turned back, a charming smile plastered on his face. “Well, I am a monster, dear.” he offered the falsely polite woman, before winking at her. “Just not a complete one.”

She crossed her arms in a defiant fashion. “I still don’t see the difference, sorry. It must be the force of habit.”

“It’s alright, love, the powers of observation of a feeble human were always limited.” Uva calmly retorted. “Feral monsters, for example, would consider your attempt at taking my life rather stealthy, whereas I, on the other hand, could hear your blade resound alongside your footsteps since the moment you pulled it out, about twenty-three steps ago. Next time, make sure to make them less… eager.”

Isla’s gaze turned venomous. “You know, one of these days, maybe I’ll try that for real.”

Uva winked again. “I’d be disappointed if you didn’t. But I’m glad to see my powers in verbal jousting are still effective.” then, his gaze turned concerned. “But seriously, Isla. Too eager. Don’t let that get you killed.”

“Keep your worries to yourself, and put that civilian out of the way. We’re working.”

“Not yet.” Uva gazed at his friend. The timid, brown-eyed look of a dark-skinned boy dressed in a gray-colored hoodie appeared in his line of sight. “You know the drill, right?”

“Yes! It’s… It’s fine, Uva.” Koko assured hesitantly. “This always happens during Halloween, right? You got work to do.”

A gentle smile appeared on Uva’s face. “Usual spot, after I’m done. And tell your Will-O-Wisps to stay put.”

Koko rolled his eyes and smirked. “You know they never cause trouble.”

Uva wrapped his second arm around his friend’s shoulder and gave him a heartfelt kiss on the cheek. “Of course not, Kobee, but lemme be a worrywart for just this second. Now go, before I eat you like the cutesy cutie pie you are.”

“R-Right.” Koko freed himself from his friend’s embrace and gazed at him one last time. “Um… Be safe, okay?”

“If you are, then so am I.” Uva turned to his colleagues, who had watched the scene in silence – well, disgust for Isla, but what else was new. “Apologies for the obligatory social detour, everyone!” he continued, switching back to his theatrical tone and mood. “Usual roles, I assume?”

Isla nodded. “We don’t know what we’re up against yet, so it would be best to scan the area. I’d rather make a clean catch.”

“Ah-ah-aah!” Uva interrupted in a singsong tone. “There’s no ‘I’ in team!”

Isla rolled her eyes. “Yeah, well there’s no ‘you’ in team, either. Now, let me stick to my role while you stick to yours.” a silence followed the declaration as Isla stepped forward, stopping right before she disappeared within the busy streets. “...And try not to die either, while you’re at it.”

Uva smiled. “Your courtesy is duly noted and appreciated, love. Have a good hunt.”

Like a sneaking shadow, Isla finally vanished from her comrades’ view.

“...Can I… Can I ship that?” the other girl of the group intervened, a hint of hope in her voice.

Uva let out a laugh. “I wouldn’t mistake that for romance, Lady Bubble, but you can! I hear you’ve been looking for fanfiction material for some time, now.”

Bubble shrugged nonchalantly. “Eh. Useful thing to do in between missions.”

“Well, just make sure you don’t–”

“She must NEVER know.”

Uva nodded. “Good girl. Have fun! But please, don’t let your writing distract you from the duties that may save our lives.”

“Pff! I’ll be fine, I’m a pro! Come now, council boy! Keep me company.”

The other boy let out a sigh. “Please, refer to my title at all times, Lady Bubble. Not that one.” he glanced at Uva and Charles, nodding at them politely before he and Bubble went their way.

“Well, now.” Uva continued, passing an arm around Charles’ shoulders. “With our support party gone, it’s just you and me as usual, darling. Feeling refreshed?”

Charles frowned. “Uh, what are you doing?”

“Playing my part. Couples are more discreet and usually left alone, inside. I’d rather not have you be rusty when we attack, however, so! Are you well?”

“...Yeah, just… Let’s just get this over with. And don’t do anything weird.”

“Darling,” Uva declared as they passed the gates of a large, mall-like building leading inside the heart of the Halloween party, “you simply don’t get to ask that to a Monster Monster Hunter. Now, fix your mood and focus! We have a beast to subdue.”


Uva adored parties.
As Charles reluctantly ftayed close to him, Uva couldn’t help but sigh happily as he let the surrounding ambient invade his senses. The chaos appeared so very clear to him, with constant chatter, movements, smells and sounds. Several hundred humans followed the rhythm of a same tune, dancing without a care as the fresh wind of the early night wrapped its arms around them. Other humans rejected the embrace, preferring to stand or walk around aimlessly, muttering curses against the climate under their shivering breaths. Others, still, simply didn’t care, as they were too busy trying to sell products to others, or admire the elaborate costumes that were present within the building – Halloween, for some, was still a serious business.

“Great costume there, my lady!” someone eventually said to Uva. “Did you paint your entire body in gray?”

“Thank you, darling!” Uva cheerfully replied, putting a prideful hand in his cloudy mane. “I’m disguised as a Neko-Mane, a wonderful cat monster from Japan! And I did paint my entire body in gray, indeed. Well, that and the fur covering it.”

The passing man’s eyes widened as he looked closer. “Wow. You’re… very dedicated.”

“I enjoy costume parties, is all. I think they’re the absolute best.” Uva tenderly pushed his lips against Charles’ cheek. “Come on, honey – let’s go enjoy the rest of ours.” he turned back to the man. “Happy Halloween to you, sir!”

“…Was that necessary?” Charles grumpily muttered, several minutes later.

“Humans hate to bother intimacy, especially in this country.” Uva simply explained. “Though I’m enjoying walking like this, he would’ve distracted us a bit too much, and a bit too long. I’d also hate to have him realize that this fur of mine is too… real.”

“Well… I guess that makes sense.”

“Don’t worry, darling, this isn’t a power play on you, nor is it a date. If anything, I’d rather have one of those with Kobee.”

“The boy from earlier?”

“Indeed! Koko’s his real name, but you know me and my affectionate sobriquets.”


“I give names to people and things I like. And that boy, darling, is someone I like a lot.”

Charles’ eyes widened. “Wait… You mean… Like, he’s your boyfriend?”

Uva’s eyebrows formed a confused frown. “Why no, of course not. Why do humans always assume that romance will follow camaraderie?”

“Uh… well, I dunno, it usually does?”

“...Does it? I should ask him, then. I very much lack experience in the romance field.”

“Then, maybe you should look into it first. Y’know, to avoid messing things up, or something.”

“Hmm… Well.” Uva offered a genuine smile to Charles. “I suppose that makes sense.”

The moment was cut short by a little vibration emanating from Charles’ pocket. The boy quickly pulled out his phone to check the message. “Bubble and Isla got a confirmation. I’ll need your help to judge the threat level, though.”


“She says we’re dealing with a… camouflaged Redcap?”

Uva’s smile immediately faded. Redcap. A murderous goblin out to take the life of anything it meets - and if it was this close to a civilian area, it was most certainly a very experienced one.

“Darling,” Uva whispered calmly, “We may just be in a bit of trouble with this one.”
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I shall find the answers... to these questions."

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