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Vint Cerf Academy

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Sat Sep 15, 2018 5:33 pm
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ChristenedPages says...

Dear ______,

On behalf of the Vint Cerf Academy, I am pleased to congratulate you on your acceptance! Your application and interview have made it clear to us that your potential and drive mirror our school's mission statement to promote worldwide communications and innovation.

Within this packet, I've included official registration forms, schedule preference charts, and a list of our rules and regulations.

My team and I will be pleased to see you
Monday, August 25th for the first day of classes.

Until then,

Principal Google

Quick Explination: One thing all students and faculty at VCA have in common: they are the embodiments of various mobile apps and services, which their names, appearance, and personalities reflect accordingly, to an extent. For now, the only
requirement to reserve a spot is to claim a mobile app/service in the DT and create a CP. Once the cast is a good size, we can discuss character introduction posts. And of course, any questions/plans about the plot can be discussed anytime!



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