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The Vampire Diaries

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Tue Jul 31, 2018 9:34 pm
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DivinePrincess says...

Welcome to Your Worst Nightmares: The Collision of Three Worlds


The world is a crazy place. But what would it be like if three worlds collided? Three completely different worlds with different morals, different needs, and different pasts.

The supernatural world, on the other hand, can be even crazier. The three worlds constantly collide: in both love and war. In this storybook, you will be taking a character to different dimensions of hate and relationships.

There’s a small town in Virginia called Mystic Falls, where the three worlds are known to collide constantly. The Originals of these worlds are known to wonder the streets disguised as regular people, but in reality they’re lethal and completely different.

How will the three worlds get along, if at all?

You can choose between the worlds in which you believe your character would fit in best:

Spoiler! :

Vampires are created when a mortal drinks a vampire's blood, and then is killed. They can eat normal human food, but they digest it immediately-- they usually need to feed off of human blood once a week (but some do it everyday). Vampires have many abilities: mind compulsion, super speed, super strength, and accelerated healing. Vampires are usually attractive and manipulative.

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Character slots:

Spoiler! :

Werewolves are created usually by birth, but a mortal could be created simply from being bit by one. Werewolves only turn during full moons. Although this is true, they also have similar abilities as a Vampire, thus the rivarly: super strength, speed, and they are often more aggressive.


Character Slots:

Spoiler! :

Witches are the most underestimated group but are the most powerful. They are able to create spells from elements. Some of their abilities include: They are able to balance nature, and bring the dead back to life by spells. They can create different spells for different situations. Although they are powerful, they are also easy to kill.

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Character slots:

Spoiler! :

Hybrids are a mix of werewolves and vampires. They are created through spells cast through witches, or a rare chance of a vampire impregnating a werewolf. Hybrids are extremely attractive, as well as aggressive. They can also be created if a werewolf is changed into a Vampire by drinking a Vampire's blood and passing. These are a lethal species, as to why they are extremely rare. They have the same abilities as both a werewolf and a vampire.

Character Slots:
1. Reserved: Divine Princess

Character Template:
Code: Select all
Age (18-26 For Werewolves and Witches)(Vampires: How old are they really? ex. 100 yrs, 80 yrs... etc. And how old do they look?):
Physical Description + Picture:

*general storybook rules apply*

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