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The Wish Trials

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Fri Jul 20, 2018 11:36 pm
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kat13254 says...

Spoiler! :

Genies, fairies, dragons, demons, and the other supernatural wish granting sort. One day, once every 1000 years the "rulers" of each respective species, they host an event for the entertainment of all.
You meet one of these mystical legends. How you came across them could be by sheer luck, or family stories. However you met them they make a clear point. You will be granted infinite wishes with their magnificent power, no catches(on the wish). But. In order to earn access to this magical power, you must compete.
The challenge is simple, each respective species has 3 competitors, you will be brought to a special arena, this arena has 5 different 'biomes', tundra, forest, marsh, island in the ocean, and moutains. One for every species, leprechaun, demon, genie, fairy, and dragons. Demons normally don't grant 'wishes' but more deal style. For this, rumours spread through the challengers that, surprisingly, demons are the most generous in help. They're very competitive, and will do anything to win, including arming their competitors with black magic, but the other races have become privy to this over the millennium, so they all help their competitors in the same way. Can you win? Or will your team fall, and you will have to adjust to regular life all over again?

The Teams:
Black magic is taught to the competitors of team Demon. This gives them the widest variety of use, but black magic comes with a cost. The cost varies depending on who teaches you your magic, but nonetheless it can be severe or subtle. Members of team demon are usually sneaky and not afraid to cheat.

These warriors are skilled in the art of fire, but they're usually greedy, and over confident. They are usually hot headed, so be prepared to keep your cool.

They are typically seen as "weak" but their magical abilities are not to be messed with. Although the stereotype is they aren't good at physical fighting, do not let them sneak up on you. They have a vast array of long range magic, as well as healing for their allies.

Genies competitors are masters of disguise, they can camouflage themselves, as well as produce illusions. Their magic is not as strong offensively, but they make up for it by backstabbing and illusions.
1) ~@Saen~

These little guys aren't not to be underestimated in their training. Their magic is specialized in distraction and mirages. They create a show to be able to get to their goal. They are also masters of mischief, creating traps, and causing internal fights.
1) ~@Chaser~

Spoiler! :
History:(Can be brief)
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