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SB Month: The Carnival!

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Thu Jul 05, 2018 9:35 pm
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fraey says...

Kille woke up in the security room to a voice screaming. She blinked and allowed her brain to emerge from her sleep (that had been really nice by the way) before glancing around. Two hours ago she vaguely remembered screaming "don't bother me unless it's an emergency" to her fellow security guards @RaidenCheese and @izanami to name a few.

Instead of peace and quiet, however, Kille had to hear "we need help chasing a subject!"

She jumped off the rather comfortable couch and quickly latched on her belt carrying her secret weapon (a large container of Ritz candy, her favorite.)

"@Sree!" She called out to her fellow guard. No answer, so Kille rounded the corner to the front desk, and there was her partner, also sleeping on a wooden desk.

"Wake up!" She shook her partner until Sree's eyes opened slightly. "We got a Code Pink!"

"Code Pink?" Sree mumbled. "I thought that wasn't a thing."

Kille scoffed. "Don't you remember? Raiden declared that after the golf cart incident."

"Oh yeah."

"Now come on," she said, pulling on her fellow guard's arm. "We gotta go!"

"Okay, okay."

In two minutes, both guards are locked and loaded into their hot pink golf cart. It was really slow, but no one had the heart of throwing it away, so everyone just tried to push the gas pedal really hard.

"Now," Kille said while steering, "let's find this suspect. Maybe some of the workers can clue us in."
farewell, once, amidst a wave.
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Thu Jul 05, 2018 10:14 pm
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LordWolf says...

Kyll and Lizz sat outside the charred remains of @Rosendorn's Burger stand, now covered in a very hot pink foam. Even though this fire was long extinguished, flames still stemmed from all over the fairgrounds.

@Lareine twirled around on the barstool next to them, drinking a glass of lemonade and commenting on how easily the curtains in the magician's side show could go up.

No one knew where the fire originated, perhaps it came from the flamethrower or the guy who swallowed swords. It could have even been the guy earlier who was juggling chainsaws, though he had moved along at some point to clear one of the highways of debris.

There was quite a bit of speculating to be done while the gang, now including @Evander, drank lemonade. From another fire free area came @Elinor.
"So do any of you know about the flying shrimp and grits?"
Lizz sat up at the mention of food.
"No but I'd like to get something. Do you know anything about the imminent wildfire?"
"Is that's what's happening here?"
"We've taken it down a notch but now we're just waiting."
"Waiting for what, Lizz?"
"@TheSilverFox, he needs to bring more lemons."

Everyone, including Elinor, turned back to the bar and tried to ignore the screeches of birds and teenagers.

It was far enough in the distance...

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