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Academy of Magic

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Mon May 14, 2018 9:44 pm
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XxXTheSwordsmanXxX says...

Who would have known that hidden behind the walls of our reality is another filled with magic. That is why the Academy of Magic was created. Initiate magic users from all of the dimensions gather together in one place to learn how to use and control their magic. All manner of beings are found in the academy, as student, teacher, or a merchant of magical items. But from the shadows is a darkness that threatens not only the academy, but all magic users across the dimensions.

There will be additional updates as we go with this. Plotline is currently being fleshed out.

Caster Types

There are three caster types:

Wizard/Wizardess: These are the wand users. They are the most controlled of the three types, requiring study in order to better understand their magic and how to use it. Their magic usually stems completely from their logic and memory. These are the least likely to lose themselves to Raw Magic (Explained later) Any major feats, usually at the discretion of the wand itself, will etch itself into the wand with a symbol or mark of some kind. Allowing users of similar wands to have unique ones by the end.

Sorcerer/Sorceress: These are the staff users. They are the middle ground of the two. Their magic stems from both study and feeling. They tend to have a sense of enchantments from their particular magic. Staffs have the same quirk of etching a symbol or mark into the staff itself after a major accomplishment.

Glyph Casters: These caster use their own body to cast with. Motions and mental glyphs are how they cast. While this gives them a strength of not having to attune to a wand or staff, their minds must remain clear or their magic can be thrown off course. Their magic tends to be more powerful than most but they have a much more difficult time learning to control their magic requiring additional training, usually that of a mentor. Due to the raw and rather volatile nature of glyph magic, it is the easiest to fall into Raw Magic.


There are several classifications of magic.

Conjuration - Things like levitation and most basic magics that don't involve elemental magic would be used here.

Elemental - This consists of the standard Fire, water, earth, and air types, as well as light and dark. Manipulation of these elements are what create stronger and more powerful magics. For instance, if a user were to combine multiples of fire they could achieve Dragon Fire for their spell.

Enchantment - Usually consists of imbuing magic into inanimate objects. Generally the Wands and staves that a user has is crafted from some sort of enchantment.

Illusion - This magic is anything having to do with affecting the mind without physically influencing them. An example would be forcing someone to relive a phobia of theirs over and over again.

Potion Making - While magic is not necessary for this class, magical properties are usually drawn out of herbs through magical means.

Summoning - Calling creatures from other dimensions or creating golems from stone would be considered summoning.

Raw Magic - This is unbridled and uncontrolled magic. It is what happens when someone tries to use magic beyond their ability and can have serious consequences. From serious injury, death, or even losing one's ability to use magic completely. Generally this is frowned upon and should not be pursued as a specialty.

The Academy

Inside the junction dimension is an entire town of magic users and merchants that barter and sell all kinds of magical items. Not only those needed for classes at the Academy, but also whatever may catch the eye of a young magic user.

The Academy itself is a massive castle with hundreds of rooms that seem to be even grander than what the outside would seem. One of the several towers is the dorm rooms that begin rather simple. A bed and dresser with a bathroom. Each room has a mirror with the room's personality to interact with. Asking something of the mirror can bring about reasonable changes in the room.

Showers are communal with a boys and girls separate from each other.


The following classes are standard for all individuals to take. Generally classes are taught by the year so Many of the first year students will be in the same classes:

- Magical History taught by Ms. Harrish
- Application of Magic to be taught by Evie Lea
- Basics of Potion making taught by Mr. Lok
- Magical Beasts taught by Master Gawie Locar
- Mentorships / Wizardry and Sorcery Hall Study overseen either by mentors or staff rotation.


1) All YWS rules to be followed
2) Romance is allowed, but keep it less than graphic
3) Have Fun!!

Code: Select all
[b]Appearance:[/b](Picture if possible, if not give a good description)
[b]Age:[/b] (Magic will generally manifest in a user between 14 and 16 though it is possible to have younger or older individuals)
[b]Race:[/b] (Characters can be of any race that you want. I am allowing you creative freedom on what kind of creature that you would like to be and from where. The only requirement is that it is humanoid or a has a humanoid form that they will be in for the majority of the time.)
[b]Caster Type:[/b] (Wizard, Sorcerer, Glyph) (Give a description of your wand or staff if you are using one.)
[b]History:[/b] (Is your character from a long line of casters? Did you only just find out about the academy after magic suddenly happened one day?)
[b]Up for Romance?[/b] (Cause why not.)

Plotline Writer Pad:

Spoiler! :

@Lael (If you feel that you could)
@sheyren (If you feel that you could)
@HazelGrace16 (If you feel that you could)
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Thu May 17, 2018 2:32 pm
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XxXTheSwordsmanXxX says...

Jake Harrison

He finally arrived in the room with the headmistress'. He was an older woman with eyes that exuberated wisdom. Taking the seat that he was motioned to, he sat very still so as not to disturb the woman's work. Her hair was done up in a tight bun and her face did not show the years that she truly was. Dressed in a fitted dress as her pen quickly wrote out answers and inquiries. On her desk was a placard that read "Headmistress Genieva Raith."

“I apologize,” the headmistress said, “One of our professors was injured during a demonstration last week, so it’s up to me to mark these… long overdue papers before the new professor starts work in two days.” She sat forward and leaned her arms on the desk before continuing. “So, how can I help you…?”

He quickly spoke up when he realized that the headmistress was asking him a question. "Jake. Jake Harrison. My parents said I should take this letter directly to you, ma'am." His hand shook as they drew out the paper. I was taking everything had to not set the paper aflame right then and there.

He passed it off to the headmaster and let out a sigh of relief that his....condition, didn't interfere.

"I see that your parents brought you up with manners. Somewhat surprising," she said before her voice became a quiet mutter. "Considering we have been sending messages to them with no response for years now."

The headmistress opened the letter and began reading it over, with Jake straining to sit up straighter to see what was written with no success.

"I see," she said as she closed the envelop back up.

Spoiler! :
Look in Jake's CT for the contents of the letter.

“What did it say, ma'am?” Jake asked as the headmaster sat in silence for a minute.

Suddenly, the headmistress looked up and smiled at Jake. “You're from earth, correct?”

“Where else would I be from?”

At this Genieva chuckled. “Definitely from earth then.”

She stood up and walked over to a long drawer cupboard standing beside one of the many bookshelves in the office. She pulled out a rowan wand from her ribbon belt and pointed it at the cupboard.

“Harrison file,” she said. She turned to look at Jake’s expression as one of the drawers started shaking. Although she didn’t like showing off, Genieva always enjoyed showing those unfamiliar with the magical world a small inkling of what they have been missing all this time. As she opened the drawer, a thin file came flying out. Catching it in her left hand, she sat back down and opened the file.

“Let’s see here,” she remarked as she scanned the three pages in the file. “Male, fifteen years old… Grew up in Los Angeles… Wealthy parents…”

“How do you know all of this stuff?” Jake asked, perplexed.

“Hmm? Oh, we have an old hag in a closet who comes up with all of this after few draughts of Cloudblossom juice. I’m surprised that it’s all true so far.” Seeing Jake’s shocked expression, Genieva grinned and said, “How do they say on earth? Just kidding? We have a series of magical and non-magical sources in every realm who report on strange occurrences or individuals who discover their magical potential. Although, I wasn’t lying about old hag in the closet, but that’s just our Magical History professor.”

“But why’s my file so thin?”

“Your parents have not been very cooperative with us. We have actually been trying to enroll you since you were twelve. They have been unresponsive to our inquires, so this is all we got from a lady who worked for your parents.”

“Oh,” Jake replied.

“Anyway, back to the file. Hmm… spontaneous combustion… Interesting.” Genieva put down the file and looked at Jake again, this time noticing the scorched edges of his clothing. She seemed to be contemplating something in her head before standing up again and walking over to a long white staff with a ruby stone at the top and taking it over to Jake.

“Hold this please,” the headmistress said, holding the staff so that Jake could hold it. The boy took the staff awkwardly, expecting something to happen.

“What now?” Jake asked, looking confused at Genieva and the staff.

“Did you feel any reaction from the staff?” she asked, “Like a tingling sensation or a tension?”

“No… Did I do something wrong?” Jake asked, handing the staff back to the headmistress.

“Not at all, this is just what I expected, actually.” She returned the staff to its corner and sat back down behind her desk. Taking out a piece of parchment and started writing on it.

“That makes my task easier. This letter is for your new master, to teach you magic.” Arcaeail handed Jake the letter to read.

To Grawie Locar

This young lad is a Glyph Caster from earth. With him is a letter sent by his parents. I have not divulged its contents to the boy, and have left that task to you whenever you see fit to divulge it to him.

I think it would be wise to have him specialize in Magical Creatures. It would put his magic to good use, keep him safe from too much risk of using raw magic, as well as gain you a new apprentice.

He still needs to be registered, which is, as always, the Mentor’s duty.

Headmistress Genieva Raith

“Ask Misses Fitts outside to give you directions to Master Locar’s residence,” she continued. “Oh, and please keep any technology in your lodgings you will receive. No modern technology is allowed in the Academy. Welcome to your new life, Jake Harrison.”


Letter in hand and told to get directions to a Master Locar's residence. Jake smiled for the first time since his parents dropped him off in that alley. It was a bright smile, one that belonged on his features. He quickly caught himself fearful that he would ignite the letters in his hand, and it showed on his face.

Heading down the many, many stairs he came back to the reception area. The woman behind the desk looking to him and smiling. "Get yourself all set?" she asked.

"I'm supposed to ask a Miss Fitts about directions?" he said quietly. The woman politely tapped the engraved name on her desk to turn a little more toward him. Jakes eyes widened as he looked down. "Sorry...I...I didn't..."

"There is no need to apologize," she said warmly. "Where do you need directions to?"

"Master Locar?"

Miss Fitts smiled as she leaned in close. "You're lucky. He is a very good mentor to have. He specializes in magical creatures."

"Magical creatures?"

"I'm sure you've heard about dragons, basilisks, and unicorns haven't you?" Jake's eyes widened in shock. His mouth hung open in a comical manner making Miss Fitts give a quiet chuckle. "Shouldn't keep you waiting then. You head out the door there and go to the main gate. Make a left. Head down that street until you see a sweets shop. When you get your first allowance, you should head there. They have the best chocolate cake in all the dimensions. Anyway, make a left on that street and just head down to the bottom. It's a simple building with a large fenced in area and a gigantic birdcage. You can't miss it."

"Thank you," Jake said as he turned out of the lobby.

"A piece of advice about Locar," she said quickly, getting Jake's attention. "He tends to be a little strict and stern. Don't take it too hard. Stick with it and make sure to give your best and you will have him grinning like an idiot with pride."

Jake nodded gently. I wonder what that's like, he thought as he began down the cobblestone. He took the directions, with the quiet rattle of the plastic wheels on his suitcase. Moving down the road he saw the sweets store ahead of him. The window filled with cakes and candy that would drive any kid insane with delight.

Pulling himself away from the sight he headed down the road into more of a meadow. Already he could see creatures running around in the pasture, and they looked nothing like those from his home. He was amazed as he watched several hounds playing together, each of them having three heads.

Stepping into the large building he saw unicorns and griffins in stalls, waiting to be released for their turns in the pasture.

"We have enough of whatever you're selling. Just leave," a gruff voice said as a hunched form came forward, using his staff to move about. Jake was more than a little startled when he saw the animalistic features on the man's face. "Well, you gonna stand there like an idiot? Get moving."

"I...I'm here to give you this?" Jake said nervously, holding out the letter. "The headmistress told me to come here."

Master Locar snatched the letter away and read through the short message from the headmistress. Then the second letter from Jake's mother. He let a sigh escape him before folding up the letters and looking Jake over. "So you're my new protégé?" he inquired.

Jake became increasingly uncomfortable with the speculative gaze that he was being given. He began wringing the hem of his shirt in a nervous tick before it suddenly caught fire and Jake yelped. He began swatting as his clothing until it was out and he stared at the ground in a panic. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," he began chanting again and again.

"They're your clothes. Burn them all you want," Locar said with a huff. Jake looked at him with a shocked expression. "You're here to learn about your powers and through that education you will learn to control them, so things like that won't happen again. It seems that you are naturally inclined toward fire so that will be a good place to start. Let's go up and get you registered."


Heading back, Jake looked about the place a little more, taking in the wonders of this new world around him. At registration he was taken into a room with a young woman behind the desk and bright smile. "Hello hun. Ready to be registered?" she asked. Jake just shrugged.

"Let's start with the basics, Name?"

"Jake Harrison."





"He's a Glyph caster," Locar piped in with a sigh. He hated the paperwork.

"Oh! Then no staff, no wand ."

"Did I do something?" Jake asked quietly. "Am I supposed to of those?"

"You aren't," Locar explained. "Most sorcerers have to use a staff, like this," Locar presented his staff to be seen, "and most wizards need to have wands to cast their magic. You're magic comes from you hands. You will have to devote yourself to more mental fortitude. But you are as much a caster as anyone else."

"Alright...Glyph study will be a required course for you along with your other normal classes," the woman said.

"Classes?" Jake inquired.

"Why yes, this is where you come to learn how to control and cast your magic," she said gently.

"But I don't want to learn how to use it!" Jake said quickly. "I just want to get rid of it!"

Locar sighed. From the letter he knew that the boy must be desperate to remove himself from magic and go home. "My are a magic user. Magic is in your blood. Always will be. You can't just get rid of it. But you can learn to control it so things like what happened at my home don't happen anymore."

Jake nodded slowly. He set his mind to learn just enough to contain his magic.


"Grawie Locar. Sorcerer. Focus Magical Creatures."

"Alright. Your room is on the fifth floor, room 35. Welcome to the Academy," the woman gave him a wave and sent him on his way.

"Tomorrow you will be taking classes and tutoring with me," Locar said.

"Okay, mister Locar," Jake answered.

"Grawie. You call me Master Grawie," he said sternly. "You should head to your room and introduce yourself." The hunched form headed out back to his house.

"Wait...introduce myself to who?" Jake asked as he stepped out into the hall. He sighed defeated as he trudged up the stairs. He slowly wrapped around the stairs until he managed to find the right floor and headed for his room. As he arrived he felt his suitcase suddenly swing away and hit the wall, knocking open the lid. He turned and saw a girl with bright red hair coming striding down the hall. Though his bag wasn't in her path she had made sure that her way was completely clear.

Jake slowly began putting his clothes back in the suitcase and opened his door to drag it in. The room was quite plain. A bed and dresser with a mirror at the top. He sighed as he was relieved that no one was staying in the room with him. "Don't want to burn someone," he muttered to himself as he sat on the bed.

"I hope that isn't an omen of things to come," an older feminine voice said. Jake jumped and dropped onto the floor as he looked around in a panic. His hands already heating up. "Whoops," the voice giggled. "Didn't mean to startle you." The woman gave a wave from the mirror and Jake looked around frantically to try and find her. "I'm in the mirror, honey. Would you mind putting your fire away? You're burning my coat."

Jake looked down and saw that his hands were covered in flames that he quickly began swatting out. "I'm sorry," he said fearfully.

"It's alright honey. Not the first time my floor was burned," she gave him a 'come closer' motion that got Jake up on his feet. "Well, aren't you a strapping young man. My name is Meredith, I'm your helper within this room. I can create simple furniture within these four walls to suit your needs."

"I...I'm Jake...Jake Harrison," he said nervously.

"It's nice to meet you Jake. How about we get you settled?"

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Thu May 17, 2018 2:53 pm
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XxXTheSwordsmanXxX says...

Edrea Torquot

Edrea gave herself another glance in the mirror. The elegant dress that she now wore had been painstaking made just for her and her rather flat figure. If it weren't for the feminine curve of her jaw and the long fire red hair that tumble down her back, she could easily be mistaken for a boy.

Edrea grinned at the memory of what she had done to the last person that had dared mistake her gender. A simple servant who called her sir instead of miss. First she had cast a spell covering the servant in boils and blisters and then, with a sly grin, she had cast yet another of air to whip the poor boy until every boil and blister had been broken open.

Could she have had a little more class and simply corrected him or reprimanded him with a stern verbal warning? Sure. But you didn't gain a status like that of the Turqouts by being nice. Besides, it's too much fun to assert your power.

She adjusted the small bow at the front of the dress, resting over her chest, and smoothed out the wrinkles of the corset like waist to the flowing skirt. The material was a shimmery purple, a symbol of power and authority. Both of which her family had. A leather cord is wrapped around her waist and a smooth leather holster is set at her hip. Inside is the dragon bone wand that she had picked from the multitudes of others that her family had delivered. Only dragon bone would do, it was the tradition of their family.

Finally feeling ready she turned on her heel and headed out the door. The servants in the hall would jump and quickly bow. All of them unnerved to be in her presence. Edrea smiled as she loved the power that she exuded, just with her family name. But now was not the time. Striding down the hall she made her way down stairs, in the elegant fashion that any upper class woman would, and approached her parents in the hall.

"Are you ready to get registered my dear?" her father asked in a deep voice of authority. Everything about him demanded respect. From the tone of his voice to the way that he stood. Everything exuded power and authority.

"Yes, father," Edrea responded as she arrived at the ground floor.

Her mother stood beside her father, dressed in an elegant red gown. "Red draws the attention of others. And with the prestige that was have, having eyes on us only strengthens our standing," her mother would say.

I must remember to get some red dresses, Edrea thought to herself. "How do I look?" she asked giving a small spin.

"Elegant. Very becoming of a Turquot," her mother said. Taking a hair clip from her own hair she placed in her daughter's hair to help keep the long fire red hair out of her face.

Edrea was shocked. Her fingers gently tracing the smooth curves of the jade dragon hair pin. "Mother! This is your favorite hair pin!" she stated in shock.

"Now it's yours. Remember that you have Dragon slayer blood running through your veins. Remember that everything you do now or in the future is always for the purpose of strengthening our family name," her mother stated in a stern tone.

Edrea held her head high. "I will not dishonor our name in any way."

"Good," her father said standing beside her. "Now I don't like having you rub elbows with those cretins, but it is required that your advanced studies be completed at the Academy. I know that you're disappointed in that aspect..."

"Why would I be disappointed, father?" Edrea quickly jumped in as they began heading out into the street. "I am given the honor of making sure that every up and coming magic user knows the power and authority of the Turquot family. By establishing myself now, I can save on the time it would take if I were to try to establish myself once my schooling is over."

Her father let out a deep laugh as he nodded. "I see your studies of business and persuasion have not been a waste of time. I'm glad to hear it. We provide a great deal of funding to the Academy so if you have any trouble whatsoever, just send me a message and I will have it dealt with."

"I won't have any trouble, Father," Edrea smiled sweetly. "If anyone crosses me, I will personally kick them back in the dirt where they belong."

"That's my girl," her mother commented.

Edrea began focusing on the people in the street around her. Many of the people gave them a wide berth. Everyone knew that standing too close to one of the Turquots could end badly for you if they were in a mood. It gave her a great deal of view within the streets.

Just a little ways in front of her, she could see a young boy dressed in drabbed clothing that was slightly singed at the edges. Brown hair left uncut and messy, hanging in his eyes that were fixed on the Academy grounds. Behind him he dragged a suitcase on wheels. Another commoner magic user, she thought to herself. He won't last a week. She noted how the boy turned off to the main reception area instead of heading to the registration. Idiot. But then again, most people are.

As the family entered the registration area, Edrea didn't even wait she simply stepped up to the next open space and began giving her information. Her parents right behind her to show that rejection was no an option.

With a sigh the man behind the desk began the paperwork for registration. Setting her dragon bone wand on the desk to be registered. The official picked up the wand to examine the runes before he yelped and dropped the want onto the desk again.

"Sorry about that," Edrea said sweetly. "It isn't fond of people who...lack spirit." She gave another sweet smile taking her wand back. The official wanted to tell her exactly what he thought about her comment, but with such prestigious parents, he didn't want to risk his job. He filled out the paper work and picked up the rooming roster before Edrea flicked her wand toward the roster. "Roster," she cast, bringing the roster directly to her hand. Looking over the small descriptions she tapped on one and nodded handing the roster back. "I want room thirty."

"I'm afraid that room thirty is already occupied," the official stated, trying to gain some control of the situation.

"It was not a request. I want room thirty," Edrea said again, using that authoritative voice that she had learned from her father.

The official glared at Edrea before he shook his head and made a few changes on the roster. "Floor five room 30. Have a nice school year Ms. Turquot."

Edrea stood up and headed out of the office. "Why room thirty?" her father inquired.

"Room twenty-nine has a has a sorceress. She could make a good ally within the school. But I shouldn't have to take the room lower than her, so...thirty."

Her father nodded in approval and her mother gave her a kiss on the forehead. "We'll let you get acquainted with your room. Let us know if you need anything."

"Some red dresses," Edrea said quickly. "Need to make an impression, right?" The family smiled and her mother nodded.

"They're on the way," her mother said as they headed out. Edrea began heading down the corridors to her room.

Perhaps she would bump into this sorceress on the way.

Edrea made her way through the halls. Her things being sent to her room through magical means or with servants bringing them up later. For now though, she would set herself as the queen of the floor. Those who didn't bow would be forced to kneel.

She strode with powerful steps, making it clear that she would not suffer any in her path. At the fifth floor, moving down the corridor, students parted in front of her like the Red Sea. She idly thought over the story and how Moses was likely one of the very first Sorcerer's of the Earth Realm.

She spied a young boy, noting that it was the same one that she had seen carrying that pitiful little suitcase. With a grin she flicked her wand and muttered, "Suitcase." The suitcase flew from the aisle and slammed into the wall, spilling its contents along the floor. She could hear the gasps of surprised and shock that she already had such control over her magic. Her casting already excelling beyond their own.

She noted the door and grinned at how she was getting close to her door and her future pawn. Stopping at door thirty she grinned as she arrived at her door at the same time as the sorceress arrived at her's in twenty-nine.

"Greetings," she said raising her chin ever so slightly. "I hear that you're a sorceress. Don't seem to be as many wand and staff users this year so I thought I would make sure to make myself known. I am Edrea of the Turquot family. Perhaps we can study together so that I can explain the basics to you...advance your education as it were."

She held out a neatly groomed hand expecting an immediate reaction just from her name.

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Thu May 17, 2018 6:53 pm
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Bellarke says...

Morrigan Greenvine

I am not going to like this place. Morrigan thinks as she stands up from where she sits on the stairs outside of her dorm.

An older boy walks past her, and she catches herself before she does something she will regret.

"Morrigan!" A voice hollers from behind her. "Get in here, you have to see your room."

"I am coming, Aunt Bea." She stands up and walks in to the building.

The wide walls are painted a dark grey, almost black color, and the floor is made up of dark wood. The stairs that lead up to the next level are made of white wood, and the look almost like a fairy tail.

"Whoa." Morrigan says as she walks up the stairs. The hallway that the rooms are in is even elegant.

There is art and flower in pots hang from the walls. And the walls are painted a dark grey, same as the first floor, only the floor is white wood.

"In here, Darling." Morrgian's Aunt Bea yells from inside the nearest door.

"Coming." She says, walking in the large room. "Wow."

There are two large beds, and two mirrors. Magic mirrors on the wall.

"Dear, you do not get your own room." Her Aunt puts a hand on her shoulder. "You will be sharing with a boy named Jonathan Woods. Hes going to have half the room, as will you."

"What?!" Morrigan nearly yells. "Co-ed?"

"Yes. Now I must go." Bea kisses her on the forehead. "Call me when you can."

Then shes gone.

Morrigan stands alone in the room, eyeing every aspect about the room. "This is gonna be a long year." She says to the empty room.

She walks out side and she sees something moving in the bushes. "Whos there?"

"An old friend." A voice says.

Morrigan lifts her arm and allows the magic to get from her fingers. "Come out." She yanks her arm back, and a boy is yanked out of the brush.

"Renier?" She asks.

"Morrigan." He smiles at her, his hair falling into his face.

"You go here?"

"Yes. I do."

"I knew you were magic!" Morrigan laughs. "Where are you dorms?"

"Down the way."

She rolls her eyes. "Whatever. Come check out mine."

"Okay." He sighs. "If you say so."
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“Who we are and who we need to be to survive are very different things.”

~Bellamy Blake

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Fri May 18, 2018 4:31 am
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AlyTheBookworm says...

Kassia Vidal

Kassia stared at her surroundings, her hands hanging limp at her sides.

A huge marketplace lay sprawled before her, crowded and bustling with life and sound and color. Enchanted jewelry strung up in a nearby stall clinked and glittered. A strain of violin carried from an open door to the right. An array of colorful bottles sat in the window display of a potion shop.

And- for the first time- she was surrounded by people that looked nothing like her.

Kas had never thought much of her greyish skin, yellow eyes, and horns. Everyone in her little village had looked similar, with only a few small differences in appearance.

Now, in a whole different world, she saw people in colors and shapes she had never imagined. Yellow hair, brown eyes, light pink skin- and did that man have wings?

A hand grabbed her shoulder and steered her over to the side of the street.

“Kas! Stop staring- you’re drawing attention to us.”

Her older brother was glaring at her again. Jorem didn’t seem impressed by the marketplace- but then, nothing ever seemed to faze him.

“Sorry. It’s just so… different!” she said.

Kassia found herself peering over her brother’s shoulder again. An impressive-looking sorceress with a golden staff was walking out of the potion shop.

Jorem sighed.

“Let’s just get you registered. You can waste time staring at this stuff once I’m gone.”

They stepped back out into the street and headed up towards the Academy. The grandest building of all, it towered over the town and must’ve had hundreds of rooms.

Up until now I’ve spent my life in a straw hut... I can’t believe I’m going to live here.

The two of them eventually made it to the castle courtyard.

Jorem stopped to ask a wizard for directions, and they followed a stream of young magic users to the registration area.

Kas kept herself from staring but couldn’t help an excited smile.

After a short wait, her brother led her over to an open desk. A thin, greying man shuffled some papers and finally looked up.

“What’s your name, son?”

Jorem stepped back and gestured to Kas. “My sister’s here for registration.. not me.”

The man raised an eyebrow as he noticed Kassia. She beamed at him.

“Tell me your name and age, kid.”

“Kassia Vidal, sixteen.”



“Put your staff on the desk- without knocking over my coffee.”

The plain wooden staff was secured to her bag. She wrestled with the tie for a moment of awkward silence before gently placing it on the desk.

The official’s eyebrow shot up again, and he scribbled something down on his clipboard.

Kassia had been given the staff a month ago by her parents back on her home planet of Relan.

Then, the dark, gnarled staff had seemed magical and mysterious. She had taken it in her hands and felt a sense of power…

Now, it just looked like an ordinary stick. Rough, common, and ungraceful.

She thought she heard a snicker from the sorcerer behind them.

A blush rose to her cheeks and her smile fell. She continued staring forward at the greying official.

“You’re on floor five, room twenty-nine. Off with you.”

Kas snatched her staff from the desk and headed up towards the school.

“What’s wrong?” Jorem asked.

She hesitated before answering.


She wouldn’t let some stranger’s laughter ruin her joy.

“Alright. Then I have to head back now,” Jorem said, coming to a stop by the huge castle doors.

“You don’t want to see my room?”

“I wish I could, but I’m on a bit of a tight schedule,” he answered apologetically.

Kas was disappointed, but she smiled anyways.

“I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too, Kas,” he said, smiling back.

“Tell mother to improve her writing and to read more- and make sure Ereina doesn’t touch my stuff while I’m gone. Tell them to send tons of letters!”

Jorem promised he would.

He gave her a quick hug, then disappeared into the crowd.

Before she could get cold feet, Kas shouldered her pack and entered the crowded castle hall. She headed down a corridor and up a flight of stairs at a brisk pace, eager to explore her new home.

Her scales and horns earned her a few stares, but no one bothered her.

Kas finally reached her room. She was about to enter when an imperious voice spoke up behind her.


She turned to see a girl with fiery red braided hair and cold brown eyes. The girl- a wizardess, it seemed- was wearing a shimmering purple dress. The outfit looked like it might’ve cost as much as Kas’ house back in Relan, and the girl wore it confidently.

“I hear you’re a sorceress. Don’t seem to be as many wand and staff users this year so I thought I would make sure to make myself known. I am Edrea of the Turquot family. Perhaps we can study together so that I can explain the basics to you… advance your education as it were.”

Edrea held out her hand.

Kas stared at it for a moment in surprise.

Then, remembering her manners, quickly shook the girl’s hand and put on a friendly smile.

“I’m Kassia Vidal, from Relan, but you can call me Kas. That- um, would be great! I’ve never even seen someone use magic before, so I have a lot to learn.”

First time someone’s been friendly since I got here, Kas thought to herself.

Edrea looked her up and down, looking unimpressed. She seemed to be expecting something.

“Yes, you do. Have you heard of the Turquot family?”

Kas slowly shook her head.

“That’s your family, right? Is there a reason why I should know of them?”

It was then that she noticed the silence in the hallway.

From a glance, she saw that a few students had stopped and were staring at the two of them. Their eyes flicked from Edrea to Kas, as if waiting for something.

Did I say something wrong?

“Er… I should unpack. But I’ll see you later, Edrea! Nice meeting you.”

Before anyone could answer, Kassia turned and rushed into her room. She shut the door and took off her bag, dumping it onto the floor and leaning her staff against the wall.

How embarrassing. She’d barely made it past introductions before getting flustered.

“Just got here and I’ve already messed up,” she grumbled to herself. "Don't even know what I said wrong."

A voice cackled, “Oooh, she talks to herself!”

Kas jumped. She looked around the room but didn’t see anyone.


“Here, girlie.”

The voice seemed to be coming from… a tall, gilded mirror.

She stepped up to the mirror, but didn’t see herself. Instead, a vaguely humanoid figure stood behind the blue glass. Its body was misty and slightly amorphous, but its feminine face was more defined, with large, slanted eyes and a mischievous smile.

“Stop staring, it’s rude. Aren’t you going to introduce yourself?”

Kas finally found her voice.

“I’m Kassia Vidal. What- or um, who are you?”

“Lyn, your roomkeeper. I can change the furniture to anything you’d like- but I won’t be ordered around. I only take polite requests.”

“If I’m in a good mood, that is,” the mirror-woman added with an impish grin.

“Oh. Nice to meet you,” Kas said, resigned.

She’d been glad to learn that she didn’t have a roommate, but no one had thought to tell her that the mirror was alive.

The room was small, but clean. There was a desk, chair, wardrobe, and a comfortable bed- and a door to a small bathroom. It was nice, especially when she compared it to the room she had shared with her sisters back home.

Sunlight streamed from two windows. When she peered out, she could see the marketplace in the distance.

“Well, this will be my home for a while,” she said to herself.

“Sure will. Better get used to it,” the mirror replied.

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DivinePrincess says...


Rose walks through the hallway, her hair pushed behind her ear and her eyes scanning almost every single guy that passes her. Not only does she love this place, but she loves the fact that there are people around her that actually knew who she is and what she is capable of. She was one of the strong ones.

“Rosalie Booker,” A lady stood in front of her, halting her stride.

“And who are you?” She smirks, her eyes easily judging the lady based on looks.
“I’m here to show you to your dorm, follow me.”

Rose follows the lady, her smirk continuing as she arrives to the room.
Rose’s eyes scan the perimeter. She lies her bags down on the twin-sized bed and turns around only to realize that the odd woman was gone, as if she just disappeared out of thin air.

The people around here seems normal to her. Even though she can sense she’s one of the only girls around here that originate from hell, she still felt as though she fits in. Her bright blue eyes dart to the hallway as boys continue to walk by.

Brown hair, brown eyes… No.

Blonde hair, blue eyes… No.

Just as she is about to exit the room, a young girl enters the room. She seemed almost nervous, like she could tell that Rose was from down below. They make awkward eye contact, and Rose smirks once again before rolling her eyes and plopping down on the end of her bed. She watches the girl, intrigued, as the girl breaks eye contact and makes her way to the other side of the room. The girl shivers.

Rose can easily sense what she is, or at least where she’s from. The room gets a little lighter, and Rose’s top lip twitches subtly.

“So, when did you figure out you were an angel? Or whatever you call it, I wouldn’t say I’m an expert,” Rose looks at the girl still, her smirk continuing.

“Excuse me?” She places her bags on her bed as well.

“Hell… An angel, sis. An angel. When did you find out you were an angel?”

“And who are you?” She shivers again, “I can tell you aren’t… from above.”

“Far from that, honey,” Rose laughs a little, “I’m Rose, though.”

“And what are you exactly? I can’t tell…” She begins to unpack her clothes.

“Don’t worry about that.” Rosalie stands, sighing heavily and beginning to unpack herself as well, “Just know they’re brave for putting us in the same room. Seems a little catastrophic.”

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kat13254 says...

Ella Soleil

I wander the streets of the town I managed to get myself to. I look around and there's people, who, for once, don't all look like they have a stick up them. I don't know how I managed to get here myself, but I'm so proud of myself that I did. Someone bumps into my slow moving self and I immediately yelp out an apology. The person just scoffs and keeps walking, so I start moving myself to have that hopefully not happen again. After about 20 minutes of walking, I finally see the academy. I could've gotten there so much quicker if I flew, but no way would I do that with any people around.
I walk up to the registration desk and the man behind the counter eyes me bored.
"Uhm hi! I'm Elizabeth, Elizabeth Soleil. I'm a glyph caster." I speak out rapidly, used to having to introduce myself.
"Oh, 16."
"Hmm, we got the message from your... Group. They exiled you until you come here and can control light magic they say. As you're a glyph caster, you will need a mentor. Hmm. Ah, yes they would make a good mentor." He scribbles some stuff down on paper, and folds it neatly, handing it to me.
"Thank you." He nods, and points me to the neatly kept woman in the hall.
"Allia Harah." He finishes with.
I turn and smile, and when I'm about half way across the room, and he calls out to me,
"I forgot, room 24"
I acknowledge I heard him and walked to my room, eager to drop off my things, and then I'll go find my mentor.
I push open the door, a woosy feeling washing over me. I clutch the door to keep myself from falling, my legs weak. I breathe heavy, until the feeling passes and I walk in. The person standing in my room confirms all the suspicions of the passing feeling. I shiver, and I know she's not of this world.
"So, when did you figure out you were an angel? Or whatever you call it, I wouldn't say I'm an expert." Shock floods me, if she knows then she... I stop by thought midway,
"Excuse me?" I place my bag down, trying to keep my calm.
"Hell.. An angel, sis. An angel. When did you find out you were an angel."
My breathing is shaky, "and who are you..? I can tell you aren't... from above..." My words draw out,terrified of the possibility.
"Far from that, honey," her laugh echos through my being, and it sends an icy chill through me. "I'm Rose, though"
"And what are you exactly? I can't tell..." Trying to hide the shake in my hands I start to unpack my clothes.
"Don't worry about that. Just know they're brave for putting us in the same room. Seems a little catastrophic." I realize I was holding my breath and let it out. I can see the small tendrils of darkness crawling around my arms, and I quickly shove them deep into my bag, hoping she was too focused with unpacking to notice.
"I'm Ella, by the way." My voice does have a slight shake, but I'm calming down, for now.
"I need to go find my mentor." As soon as I'm done unpacking I rush out of the room, not sure where I'm going but I need the sky. I walk and walk until I come to a small wooded area. I look around me and when I'm sure I'm alone I let my wings show themselves. I hover slightly as first, until I hear a stick break and I quickly drop, there's a sharp pain my in ankle but I ignore it.
"Hello, who's here?" A voice sounds out. She sounds... Nice?
"Oh uhm sorry I was just on a walk" I walk out of the woods and I see a woman with auburn hair, and slightly blue skin, almost like ice.
"I thought I felt angelic magic. You must be Elizabeth, I felt you were here. I am your new mentor, Allia."
A slight blush rises to my face and I apologize profusely. "Ella, just call me Ella. How did you know where I was."
"Ah. I have a special talent to psychic abilities. Your ankle is hurt isn't it?" Just as she says it the sharp pain I've been pushing away comes running back and I lift it, hovering just enough so I can grab my ankle without flying.
"Come with me, I will take you to the nurse." She gently brings me down, wrapping her arm around me to stabilize me. It's weird, I feel something like I've never really felt before, a motherly sort of feeling. Maybe this won't be so bad after all.
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elysian says...

Jonathan Woods

Jonathan stepped off the bus, taking in the busy street enclosed by towering shops. He stood there for a moment, staring at the wand and staff shop and the multiple pubs. He forgot that he was standing in the middle of the street until a girl, short and petite, bumped him.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” she frowned, meeting his eyes and then turning around. He watched the back of her long blonde hair as she disappeared into the crowd, covered by the many students that seemed to be grabbing last minute things before registering for school.

The magic school.

If his parents knew he was there, he didn’t want to know what they would think. They’ve always been so closed-minded, would they be scared of him? He was their only son, so maybe they wouldn’t disown him, but how could they deal with having a freak kid? They wouldn’t have to. They would never know he wasn’t at boarding school, and they will never know the burden of having a magical kid in a non-magical world.

He started walking down the stretch of the street towards the Academy, stopping in a few stores to pick up some books. As he got closer to the castle, it just seemed to get bigger and bigger. Soon, he was standing at the gates, open for the new students, and hesitated.

What if he felt the urge to hurt someone like he did with that bully at his old school? The bully was terrorizing a girl half his size, so he made him see his worst fear. He wasn’t sure how he did it without a staff, as he wasn’t able to do it again until the staff showed up in his room, but he felt a power like never before. The bully went pale into shock, and never messed with anyone ever again. Although, that is how Jonathan got sent to “boarding school”.

He walked in, heading to a table with an old woman behind it.

“Name?” she said, as if it was the millionth time she had said it that day--it was probably the truth.

“Jonathan Woods.”




“Uh, Sorcerer I think.” He remembered reading somewhere that sorcerers use staffs.

“Ah, here you are. Room 23,” she paused, looking at him and then back at her list. “You room will be co-ed.”

“What? How is that allowed?” Weren’t there any rules in this school?

“We had a shortage of rooms, and there are a couple co-ed rooms this year. We tried to pair people we thought wouldn’t cause a problem out of this.” she replied simply. “Do you need someone to take you to your room? If not, I have a lot of people to register.” She moved her head to look around me.

I looked behind me at the line and politely declined her offer. I started walking to where the rooms were according to the map, thinking about how weird it would be to live with a girl for a year. What if she was crazy or something? Jonathan hadn’t had much experience with girls in his past, but he knew they could be obsessive and annoying.

Why did he always have to look at the negative, though? Maybe she wouldn’t be bad at all. Maybe she would be super laid back and chill, he really needed to stop assuming the worst of every situation.

Jonathan turned the corner to see the long hallway already had many students moving in. He was a little late, now that he thought about it. He found room 23 and quickly opened the door to see a girl with platinum blonde hair and a boy with dark brown hair that seemed to be around the same age as me.

“Oh, um, I’m sorry, is this room 23?” He stuttered, embarrassed for walking in on their conversation.

“Yes! Are you my roommate?” the girl asked, smiling.

“Uh, I guess,” I replied, setting my things down on what seemed to be my bed.

“Oh, cool! My name is Morrigan and this is my friend, Renier,” she gestured towards the guy next to her on her bed, who waved.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Jonathan.”
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ShadowVyper says...

Mason Scute

Mason flew high over the tree tops, savoring the feel of the wind whipping against the scales of his face. His powerful wings beat heavily, beginning to grow weary from the long trip. He dropped down soundlessly behind the school and transitioned fully to his human form.

He cracked his neck as he looked up at the impressive architecture, then readjusted his grasp on the staff in his hands. It was a dark piece of black walnut, the top intricately carved and ornate. There were some artificial decorations carved into the wood, making it beautiful, but he'd not earned any unique carvings in the few months he had it. He mostly used the staff to pull pranks and cause mischief.

He got a firmer grasp on the suitcase in his other hand, then briskly walked into the school. He glanced at the map on the wall, then deftly picked his way to registration. It was ridiculous him being here, but he intended to make the best of it.

His village was scared of the strength of his magic and sent him here in hopes of reforming his bad behavior. Little did they know, they were doing nothing but giving him a leg up. It wasn't manner's school -- he wouldn't have come if that's all it was. This was going to teach him how to be a more powerful sorceror, and then he truly would be unstoppable.

He walked up to the registration counter, feinting confidence even though he had to no idea what to expect. He surveyed the man behind the desk in silence, trying to get a feel for him. The clerk didn't seem overly confident, as if he was still nursing some wound to his pride.

"Name?" he asked sourly.

"Mason Scute," Mason answered.



The clerk hesitated, looking him over for a moment. He didn't look sixteen. Already he was over six feet tall, thin but muscular. His features were sharp and angular, and the jagged cut of his hair only accentuated them. People generally thought his features were in sharp contrast to each other -- pale skin, coal black hair, intense green eyes. His goatee only added to the age he appeared.


Mason hesitated for a moment, considering the question. "I'd like to take all of them."

"No, you will be taking first year classes," the clerk sighed. "I was asking what class you are. Wizard, sorcerer, glyph caster?"

He rapped his staff against the desk, then looked at the clerk pointedly, annoyed at the sharpness in the man's voice. It wasn't his fault this idiot was asking vague questions. If he wanted a clear answer to begin with, he should find a better way to phrase what he was really asking.

"Alright, you will be in room..." the clerk scanned the roster, then cringed. "You said Mason Scute? S-C-U-T-E?"


"You will be in room thirty," the man said almost apologetically. Mason frowned at him, wondering why room thirty was such a bad thing. "With Edrea Torquot."

"And that is...?"

"You don't know the Torquots?" The clerk's eyebrows shot up in surprise. "In that case, I would suggest treading very carefully. Their family is not one to be trifled with."

Mason smirked. This would be a fun year. Not only would he get to learn magic -- he'd get to put a spoiled little bratty girl into her place. He'd have her begging for a room re-assignment before the week was through.

"Fifth floor..." the clerk said, shaking his head at the reaction.

Mason scooped up his staff and suitcase and headed up the stairs. He was tempted to shift to his reptilian form to fly up -- it was so much easier than trekking up the stairs like a pack mule -- but he figured it would be pushing it on his very first day. He needed to establish himself as the invaluable student that he was, so he wouldn't be expelled when he pulled his shenanigans.

He reached the fifth floor just in time to see a girl cockily strutting down it. She had fiery red hair tied back in a braid and moved with the force of a tornado. The students around stepped back quickly, allowing her to pass down the center of the hallway undisturbed.

Suddenly the girl flicked the pale wand she carried, sending another student's clothes spilling across the floor. The other students gasped that she already knew how to control her magic; Mason rolled his eyes. It was nothing more than a cheap parlor trick, meant to either impress or intimidate the others -- he wasn't quite sure which. Neither would work on him.

He snorted as he saw her stop just in front of door thirty, turning towards the girl that stopped at the room next to theirs. So this is her majesty Torquot, Mason mused with a smirk. He'd been right -- it would be a fun stay. He wouldn't feel bad about infuriating her -- it was clear that she deserved to room with him, and so much more.

"-- I can explain the basics to you..." Mason snorted again as he heard his new roommate lecturing the neighbor. "Advance your education as it were."

He slowed walking as the girls exchanged introductions. Edrea seemed very proud of her last name. He frowned again, wondering yet again why people expected the simple name of "Torquot" to receive a reaction. The other girl seemed nervous and quickly excused herself, ducking into her own room.

Mason strode forward, walking towards the door Edrea blocked. She whirled around on him with a glare. "Where do you think you're going?"

Mason cocked an eyebrow, looking down at her coolly. "Into my room."

"This is my room," she hissed.

"Guess that means we're mates now," he answered, pushing past her, unimpressed. He had to keep the smirk off his face as he walked into the room and listened to her storming in after him.

"No, you must be mistaken," she said, lifting her chin condescendingly.

"Floor five, room thirty," he answered, turning towards her. "I believe that is the room we are standing in presently, is it not?"

"Obviously," she answered crisply, seeming not at all pleased entertained by his jab. "But this room is mine. I just straightened the clerk out on that. There must have been some mistake -- you should go downstairs for your new assignment."

"Nope. I came up after you -- no mistake," Mason said, glancing around the barren room. He saw a narrow mirror on the wall opposite the door, but otherwise nothing in the room. He figured there must be some trick to it. He looked back towards Edrea. "You are welcome to go request a new room assignment, if you wish. I, however, am not going anywhere."

"Oh yes you are," she snapped. "Do you know who I am?"

"Yeah, Edrea Torquot," he answered, purposefully mispronouncing her last name. He saw a tindril of color rise to her cheeks, betraying her anger. "Do you know who I am?"

She huffed at his impertinence.

"Two giant egos in one room." The voice came from the mirror as an image flicked across it. Mason glanced towards it, not particularly surprised. Of course there would be some way to monitor the rooms, if they were going to bunk teenage boys and girls together. Or if they thought bunking Mason and Edrea together was going to be a good idea. "Oh me, oh my."

"Hello," Mason answered, purposefully turning away from Edrea to give her a clear cold shoulder as he addressed the mirror. "Who are you?"

"My name is Rabia," the mirror answered. "I am the room keeper. I can create whatever furniture you would like, but only if you ask nicely -- I can also leave you sleeping on the floor if you decide to be rude towards me. I don't care how you speak to each other, but you will address me with respect. Is that clear?"

"Sure." Mason shrugged, not particularly impressed with the threat. The mirror was sorely mistaken if she thought Mason hadn't had his share of sleeping on the ground -- and much worse. And he wasn't going to be bullied by anyone -- certainly not a mirror.

"And your names?"

"Well she is the grand, superlicious Edrea Torquot, don't you know?" Mason answered sarcastically, making sure to mispronouce her name a second way. "I'm Mason."

"And he's leaving," Edrea cut in.

"Wrong again," Mason said, making his voice sarcastically cheery as he flashed her a sardonic grin. He turned back towards Rabia. "Can you make anything?"

"Anything and everything," she answered. "Though I doubt everything would fit in this room, so I suggest you try anything first."

"I'd like a bed that's closed in on most sides, kinda rounded, but sits up about yay-high," Mason gestured mid-thigh level. "I just need one opening to get into, the rest can be closed. And I wouldn't object to the bottom section being drawers, to save a bit of room in here. It doesn't look like we'll have much room in here."

"I will have plenty of room," Edrea said, drawing herself up in another attempt to intimidate him.

"Oh good, you've already gotten a re-assignment?" Mason asked. "Good for you. I didn't even hear you leave."

She narrowed her eyes, sending him a glare that could melt steel. Lucky for him, he wasn't steel -- and dragons, even half-breeds like himself, didn't melt for anyone. And certainly not some uppity little witch-child.

"Could I also get hooks at the top, to hold my staff?" Mason asked, turning back towards the mirror.

"Are we sure you're staying in this room?" Rabia asked.

"It's certain," Mason answered without hesitation.

"This is not the last you'll hear of this!" Edrea huffed, storming from the room. She slammed the door after her so hard the mirror rattled on the far wall.

Rabia cringed, then conjured up the bed Mason requested. It stood just taller than he was himself, with padded hooks near the top for his staff. The opening was on the long edge that faced the middle, at the very right side. The material was smooth and stone-like, resembling an egg.

Mason leaned inside. It was wonderfully dark, but Mason's eyes could see the thin layer of gold plating the inside of the dome lid. The bottom was made of a nondescript gray that squished when he pressed his knuckles into it. There was a bearskin blanket in the corner furthest from the opening.

Mason set his staff in the hooks, then crawled inside of the bed, instinctively curling up. It was comfortable, just as he'd imagined. A tight space, but not cramped -- just small enough to make him feel secure. The gold helped him feel more at ease, its sparkling reassuring him even with his lack of treasures here.

He reached under his shirt and gently rubbed the single gold emblem he had hidden on a necklace just under the collar, the closest thing to a security blanket the Reptilian tribe he was from ever came to. Gold was more comforting than plush -- though the fluffiness of the bear's fur felt nice against his cheek, and its scent ignited the warmth of a fire inside his belly at the memory of a good hunt.

He crawled back out, looking at the mirror with a new-found respect. She'd made the bunk exactly to his liking, beyond even his specifications. It was rare someone could do that. Typically people tried to pile his bunk up with frivolous pillows and a wide-open expanse over his head when he tried to sleep. This actually felt like a cave.

"I know a half-breed when I see it," Rabia said with a twinkle in her eye. "Enjoy getting settled in now. I doubt our dear Edrea will be gone for long."
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Bellarke says...

Renier "Ren" Black

Ren walks up the steps to the large dormitory, eyeing the people who all just stand around.

Some are staring at him, some are laughing with their friends. The Glyphs are tossing things through the air with their magic. The Wizards are changing the colors of the grass around them, or shooting the Sorcerers with small electric bolts.

If this dorm is full, I swear to the gods! He thinks to himself.

As he walks in the door, and gasps at the beauty of the entry room. The walls are covered in unique paintings. The floor is made up of granite, and is sparkles back up at Ren as he walks to the desk where a clerk with thinning grey hair and big brown eyes smiles at him. "Hello. Welcome. Name, please."

"Uhh...Reneir Black." Ren hesitated to say his full name.

"Age?" She starts writing stuff down on a note pad.

"17, almost 18." He scuffs at the floor with his old converses.

"Class? Glyph? Sorcerer? Wizard?" She smiles at him.

"Sorcerer." He says, digging in his bag for his staff.

"May I see your staff?" She holds out a hand and yanks it out of his hand with her power.

Shes a glyph.

She runs her hand over the staff and then looks up at him. "you will room in twenty nine. With Kassia Vidal." She hands his staff back. "Off you go. Its on the fifth floor."

Ren sighs, but turns and walks to the stairs. Here we go, co-ed.
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GreenTea says...

Esi was late. She was always late to everything. It was a special talent of hers, no matter how early she left, she always comes across some problem that makes her late. She arrived at the atrium of the school and was greeted by an expansive lobby. In the dead center of the lobby was a sour looking receptionist. Esi looked at him and felt a bit of dread root itself in her stomach. She approached warily.

"You are late to orientation," commented the receptionist. Esi nodded and bit back a thorny retort, not wanting to provoke him.

"Yes, I suppose you're right."

"We'll take care of this quickly and then you may join the other students in the first year tour. Name?"

"Esobel Hwajutzu."




"Sorceress." When she said that, her staff seemed to warm a bit as if to be pleased with her recognition.

"We do not have a room for you yet, we will send you a message when that is sorted out. We will hold your luggage until you are given a room. Now go and find your class." Esi nodded and briskly walked into the main hall of the school. It was enormous and the architecture was impressive. Large, gold gilded buttresses soared over her head and large windows made up the ceiling, giving the main hall a pretty, light feeling. Esi smiled to herself. She had a feeling she would enjoy it here.

A voice suddenly echoed throughout the hall.

"All new students, please report to the dining hall for orientation in fifteen minutes. All new students, please report to the dining hall for orientation in fifteen minutes."

Esi looked around to see if there was a source of the voice, but it seemed like it had come from the walls themselves. She looked up and saw other students, some with wings and some just levitating, soaring around the main hall. She took a breath and felt her wings unfurl from the tattoo on her back. With a light flap, she took to the air and started to glide. Suddenly, she crashed into a student walking in the opposite direction.

"Ow!" they said as they both tumbled backward.

"Oh my goodness I'm so sorry!" Esi apologized, rubbing her head.
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XxXTheSwordsmanXxX says...

Edrea Torquot

Still fuming that the headmistress had told her that there was nothing to be done, Edrea sat down at a table by herself. Students filed into the dining hall as food was being placed on the tables.

As more students entered the hall, the louder it got. People taking seats next to people they knew, or those that they had only recently become accustom with. Many people gave Edrea a wide berth so they did not bring her infamous wrath down on them.

With the dining hall full, several teachers and administrators arrived and moved up to the platform at the head of the hall. The head mistress began speaking, her voice strong throughout the long room.

"Welcome to The Academy," the headmistress began. "In the coming months you will learn how to use the magic that you've been given. You will find some classes easy for you, while other will be more difficult. Just remember that the teachers are here to help. As I have already gotten a few mentions of a disregarding of the rules I am going to make it clear that using your magic in a manner that will harm one of your fellow classmates or damage their belongings is not prohibited while you are attending this academy. It is an irresponsible use of ones magic will not be tolerated."

There was a quiet in the hall that seemed to settle in around the hall as the headmistress' words were left hanging. "Now we have a few individuals for demonstrations. Some of you may want to pay attention as you may want to apprentice under a few of the individuals."

The headmistress sat down as a few people came up talking about their business or their specialty. All of which were boring to Edrea, until a new sight came down the main aisle. The woman stood twice the height of a normal individual, From the waist up she looked like and average woman with chestnut hair. But below the waist she had the body of a draft horse, the same color as her hair.

"Thank you for having me," she said as she made her way to the platform with a large wooden box with a spout and lever on it. "I'm Lena from The Needle and Thread Tailoring. I specialize in crafting beautiful and functional clothing that some of you may be in need of."

Flicking her wand a series of three clothes arrived on the stage. "This particular set is designed to keep from burning with some of the hottest fire that we know." With that, she pulled the lever and a jet of fire shot out from the spout on the box. The clothes were consumed by the flames before Lena close the spout again and the fire died. The clothes remained in place without a single thread singed.

"We do take custom orders if you are interested. Just come down to The Needle and Thread Tailor shop and we will get you fitted up."

The headmistress stood up again with a small smile. "Please enjoy meal and get to know the individuals that will be your classmates for the remainder of your time here at The Academy."

Edrea was glad that the demonstrations were finally over. Everything that had been shown were all low grade magics to begin with. The potion maker's plant growth potion barely even made a sapling.

Moving over to Kassia, she took her by the hand to draw her away from a few of the people near her. "So...what do you think about these common casters about?" she asked with a snark tone.

"Well..." Kassia said with a small shrug. "They seem to all have at least a small knowledge of what their doing."

"Monkeys and typewriters I guess. So here's a question. What's with all of the scales on your skin? And the horn?"

"" Kassia said, a small blush creeping into her cheeks. "I come for a race of...dragon people. Scales and horns are sort of a common place where I'm from."

"Well isn't that interesting. My family have a long history with dragons."

"Really?" Kassia asked.

"The first Torquot gained their fame as a dragon slayer."

Kassia's eyes widened from the rather shocking discovery of Edrea's heritage.

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Thu May 24, 2018 8:23 pm
DivinePrincess says...


Rose wasn't one for big dinners, although she loved all the attention she got as she walked into the dining hall. She winked at a couple boys, as normal, and sat down at a long table in the middle of the room.

Her eyes moved around the room as the muffled talking halted when the headmistress started her prolonged speach that she had absolutely no interest in whatsoever. Rose picks at her food, still glancing around, as she makes eye contact with that same girl from her dorm. Ella, was her name.

They keep the steady, awkward eye contact before Rose smirks and finds it a great time to mess with the poor girl. Rose's eyes turn a deep red and fang like dentures emerge from her gums.

She mouths the word, Boo. .

Ella seems to tun a light pale color as they break the eye contact. Rose's eyes become the light blue she's use to and her fangs become covert.

A boy sits at her table, but seems to be by himself. Rose eyes him, trying to use her senses to figure out what he is or conjures.

The voices in her head whispered, Fire, Fire, Fire. She was not sure what that meant, but she could make an easy recongition by the voices that he's either from the same place she was, or he had a power that originated from her origins. Either way, she was intrigued.

"Fire is one hell of a gift," She sips her drink as the boy's head lifts to look at her, "I'm Rosalie, but people call me Rose."

Jake was nervous. Shifting a little in his seat moving away from her for a reason known only to him. "J...Jake Harrison," he said quietly, his hands placed firmly on the table almost like he were trying to keep the table from flying away.

" I had a rat named Jake when I was like, thirteen," Rose tried to lighten the mood, sensing that he was nervous, "Hey, it's okay. I'm immune to fire. Shit's pretty awesome, knowing that if the place ever burns down you're gonne survive."

Jake gave a small smile but his eyes didn't seem to believe her. His fingers nervously twitched on the wooden table. "Not something I really want to think about it," he muttered.

"Aw, come on." She smiles with him, "Seems awesome. Anyways, what are you? I'd have to think that since around here there's unicorns and dragons and all that ish that you gotta be something weird too."

Jake looked at her confused. "What? I'm...I'm human. I...I didn't even think magic existed until I began setting things on fire by accident."

Rose's eyes glance away from him, "Ah, I know the feeling. I got my magic from my mom, and I don't even know her. She's probrably somewhere in hell," Rose smiles larger, "You might think I'm joking but I'm not... She's actually probrably somewhere in hell. Left me here with my shitface of a father and these goddamn powers that I had to learn to live with."

Jake's eyes widened in surprise at finding out there was such a thing as hell, not to mention the girl beside her had a parent from that place. "Y...You're...half demon? Like...from those animes?"

" I wouldn't call it that," She looks back at Jake, "People down there think of us more like... the princesses of the underworld. We're delicate little things to everyone there. Not much of us, because not many people make it out. We have a bad reputation for what we do, but it's the way Satan brought us up and it's the way we learned how to live."

He just stares at her, in awe, and she can sense the room becoming hotter and hotter, "Do you want me to stop talking?" She asks, "I don't want to scare you."

"You're not really scaring me," he said quietly. "It's just...the last time I talked to someone for this long...I...they got hurt. At least you know what you are...people close to you didn't hide you away. demons do all that stuff in movies? Like...eating souls and possession and stuff?"

"You may hear alot of things about us but it's human nature in our world. Demons don't just mean we can haunt.... just like how human's eat animals... it's like one food chain up. I'm... I'm a Succubus, so..." Rose looks at the ceiling, hating having to explain what she does, "I was created merely for pleasure, if you know what I mean."

Jake stared at her with an expression that could be imagined on a deer facing the headlights of a semi.

Something inside of Rose flares like a shotgun. She tried to hold it in, but his poor soul was so vulnerable. She kept thinking about how easy it would be to just get him alone and....

"So Jake," She starts, "You ever had a girlfriend?"

Jake's expression darkened. His eyes fixed on the table and his hands squeezed together causing his knuckles to turn white. "K..Kinda...I had a crush at the school I was at before coming here," he said in a saddened tone.

She leans forward, intrigued once again, "Ah, crushes. Don't trust those," Rose taps her fingers on the table before moving her hand onto his.

"I...ended up hurting her...when we confessed to eachother," he said, his skin starting to feel hotter.

"Well, you wouldn't hurt me like you hurt her," Rose's eyes narrow on his, "Unless you really tried to."

He visibly swallowed as he could see the look in her eyes and blush filling his cheeks. The skin of his hand that had grown quite hot suddenly erupted in flame. Consuming her hand and his. The fire catching onto the sleeve of his clothes before he began frantically patting trying to pat it out all the while whimpering apologies to her.

Rose just starts dying in laugher, her hand burning with blisters, "Oh my gosh, that is the most magnificent thing I have ever seen in my life!"

The skin on her hand slowly heals as she helps him put the fire out, throwing her drink at him in attempt to distinguish the flames. Meanwhile, there's a tap on her shoulder and Rose turns around only to find the headmistress standing there, a concerned look on her face.

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Fri May 25, 2018 1:47 am
AlyTheBookworm says...

Kassia Vidal

Kassia woke up to a bright room and a bed that was way too comfortable to be her own.

It took her a split-second of confusion to realize where she was.

The Academy- my new home.

She must’ve fallen asleep while unpacking.

Hoping that she hadn’t slept for long, Kas pulled herself up from the too-comfy bed and changed into one of her nicer dresses. She checked her appearance in the mirror- ignoring Lyn’s snickering.

She was almost at the door before she realized something.

“Why are there now two beds in this room?” she asked with a sneaking suspicion.

“’Cause you have a roommate, genius,” the mirror replied, her tone more grumpy and sarcastic than it had been before.

Kassia groaned in disbelief.

“They were short on rooms this year,” Lyn said snidely. “Better hope he’s nice! He’ll be your roommate for the rest of your-“

“Wait a second, my roommate’s a he?


Kas could get used to having a roommate, but she had never expected to be forced to share a bedroom with a boy. Maybe it wasn’t odd to humans, but the idea made her slightly uncomfortable.

Guess I’ll have to get used to it.

She left her staff by the door, figuring that she probably wouldn’t need to use it, and headed out of the room and downstairs to the dining hall. She pushed her worries to the back of her mind and admired the castle as she walked. It was definitely impressive- and probably ancient.

It almost felt like the air was heavy with spells and magic… or maybe Kas was just fantasizing.

Finally reaching the first level of the castle, she followed a crowd of chattering students towards the huge dining hall- which was even louder. New students milled around the room- already forming cliques- and found seats at tables covered in platters of food.

Kassia gazed around the room, searching for a familiar face- though the only person she’d met here so far was Edrea. Eventually giving up, she sat down at a table across from a friendly-looking sorceress.

Before Kas could say anything, she noticed the silence. The headmistress was speaking on a platform at the other end of the hall.

“Welcome to the Academy. In the coming months you will learn how to use the magic you’ve been given…”

She talked about classes, teachers, and rules, then moved off to the side for a few demonstrations. Kassia watched as a wizard levitated a pile of books, a potion-maker made a sapling grow in seconds, and a sort of centaur-woman talked about clothing- which reminded Kas of her desire to visit the marketplace again and explore the town.

The demonstrations ended, and the headmistress moved forward again with a smile.

“Please enjoy the meal and get to know the individuals that will be your classmates for the remainder of your time here at The Academy.”

Kassia got up from her seat to get some food, piling a little bit of everything onto her plate. She made small talk with the sorceress- who turned out to be just as friendly as Kas expected.

Then someone grabbed Kassia’s hand, pulling her off to the side.

She turned to see a girl with fiery hair and dark eyes.

“So… what do you think of all these common casters about?” Edrea said.

Kas glanced back to see that the group she’d been talking to had walked off, giving her odd looks.

“Well… they seem to all have at least a small knowledge of what they’re doing.”

“Monkeys and typewriters I guess. So here’s a question. What’s with all the scales on your skin? And the horns?”

Kas didn’t know what a “monkey” or a “typewriter” was, but she understood the question. She felt her face go red.

“Oh. Um.. I come from a race of dragon-people. Scales and horns are pretty commonplace where I’m from.”

“Well isn’t that interesting. My family has a long history with dragons.”

“Really?” Kassia asked, curious.

“The first Turquot gained their fame as a dragon slayer,” the wizardess replied.

Kas stared for a second, shocked at the words and the matter-of-fact way she had said them.

Fighting her fury and disgust at the term “dragon-slayer”, she tried not to let her emotions show. The human probably didn’t understand how dragons were sacred, how they were the ancestors- almost deities- of her people. It wasn’t really her fault.

Very few understood that dragons weren’t just dumb animals. Besides, Edrea couldn’t help what her family had done. It’s not like she’s a part of-

Edrea pulled her wand out and held it up so Kas could see it. With a chill, she realized it was made of bone.

“That’s the Turquot family crest etched on the bottom. It’s dragon bone. In fact, my parents had an array of dragon bone wands made so I could choose the best one from them. A Turquot won’t use just any common wand.”

She smiled, a cold expression.

Kassia didn’t know if she should yell at Edrea or be sick. Instead, she forced herself to calm down.

“That’s an… interesting tradition. But you know, dragons aren’t just animals to be hunted and used. They’re actually very wise.”

Edrea rolled her eyes. “We know that, of course. Slaying them wouldn’t be anything to be proud of if they weren’t. It wouldn’t be a challenge.”

Kas suddenly wished she’d brought her staff. She didn’t know any magic yet, but it would be useful for whacking the amused condescension off of Edrea Turquot’s face.

“Excuse me. I’m starving,” Kas suddenly said.

She walked past the wizardess and took a seat at a table. After grabbing a plate of food, she began to stuff herself. Edrea sat across from her- which wasn’t what Kassia had wanted. Luckily, the girl decided to act superior and snarky to another kid and left Kas alone, for the moment.

So much for wanting to be friends, she thought.

…And she still hadn’t met her roommate. He could be worse than Edrea, for all she knew.

Cheer up, Kas! At least the food is good.

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Fri May 25, 2018 2:15 am
XxXTheSwordsmanXxX says...

Jake Harrison

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Jake whimpered over and over like a mantra. His arms covering his head as he waited for the beratings to begin. Yelling and screaming about how he could possibly think of showing his magic in public.

"Whoa! Calm down, Jake," the headmistress said with an easing motion with her hands. "We don't expect you to have completed control of your magic. You are a Glyph after all. Your magic is very volatile Accidents are bound to happen."

Jake looked to the headmistress with confusion. He wasn't being scolded for letting his magic get out of control? Or burning his clothes? "But...I burned my shirt...and the table...and...." his eyes widened. It seemed to suddenly hit him that Rose's hand had been on his when he ignited. "Oh my god, Rose! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to! I'm sorry!" His eyes beginning to brim with tears at the thought that he hurt someone else again.

"It's fine," Rose giggles, her eyes turning red in attempt to set Jake off again, "But I meant what I said. Maybe you could show me more of that in the bedroom.. when your roommate is away of course. We wouldn't want to expose his roommate to any 'heated' conversation, would we, headmistress?" She winks in his direction.

Jake's face turned a deep red again and his hands began sparking on the table, before he suddenly stood up. " ...uh..."

"Want to take a look at the fire proof clothing so you stop burning your clothes?" the headmistress asked with a smirk. "And Rosalie...I suggest you save your...conversations for after Jake has a better handle on his power. After all, while in most dimensions you two would be considered of age...I don't think Jake is ready for any...advanced lessons. Don't want him burning the dorms down."

Jake nodded as he hurried up to the platform, still patting out the sparks that were appearing on his palms. His heart was thumping in his chest. He didn't know how to deal with the half demon woman that seemed to be seriously trying to start something. But how could he be close to anyone when he burst into flames every time his emotions start stirring.

Looking up to the three sets of clothes currently floating in the air on nothing. By the clothing was a young man, a little older than Jake, with bright orange hair looking over the clothes. "These things are really amazing aren't they?" he said looking them over.

"Yeah," Jake agreed as he inspected the fabric. He could see the centaur woman off to the side talking with his mentor. It seemed that his mentor was already putting in an order for some fireproof clothing for him. He didn't understand this place. Mythical creatures just walked around and no one gave a second glance. His ignition didn't spark outrage. Everything was different.

Looking over to the box with the spout, Jake noticed one of the older students looking at the box with the spout at the same time that the centauress and Master Locar noticed him.

"Don't touch that!" the centauress cried out as the student suddenly flipped the lever, a shocked look on his face that it flipped so easily.

Jake was watching in slow motion as the spout glowed with the fire inside. Turning to the student beside him he gave a strong heave, shoving the orange haired boy off the platform before the fire was the only thing he could see.

A scream rang out through the dining hall as everyone watch Jake be consumed by the jet of fire that shot out from the box.

"Extinguish!" cried the centauress and Master Locar cried and the fire went out. At the base of the clothing, where everyone expected a charred corpse of the glyph caster, was Jake. Huddled up and smoking as the clothes on his body continued to smolder.

"Jake!" Locar cried as he ran over. "Let me see boy." He slowly moved Jake to look at him. "'re not burned."

"I....I've never burned," Jake whimpered.

"There's a difference between a caster not being burnt by his own fire and not being burned by any fire, kid," Locar said looking him over. "What was in that box?"

"Dragon fire. I test all of my fire proof clothing with it," the centauress answered in amazment.

"Engulfed in dragon fire with no burns, no blisters, not even a heat spot. I think you might be immune to fire...and with that knowledge I know exactly what you'll be studying."

"What?" Jake asked.

"You're going to learn Draconic Taming."

"You there!" the centauress roared, stomping toward the student that set all this into motion. "We're gonna have a talk about not touching stuff that doesn't belong to you!"

Jake's clothes were heavily burned but he slowly shambled down the aisle to the seat he had been at beside Rose. His heart still hammering in his chest. He was certain that he was dead. Burned to death by that box. His hands still shaking as he sat down. Sparks and small flames spitting from his skin as he tried to calm down. He felt like any little thing could make him ignite again. He dropped his head into his arms as his body shivered in his desperate attempt to calm down.

Rose glances at him, sipping her new glass of water, "That was quite a show you put on."

"I didn't do anything," Jake answered quietly. "I just get to find out I'm more of a freak."

"A freak could be a good thing," Rose winks, "I love a freak."

A series of sparks follow down his spine. Trailing their path of anxiety in a display of snaps and pops. "Please," he begged. " I don't want to ignite again."

Rose sighs, smiling, "It's good to know I can turn you on," she lean back in her seat. "But I'm just playing with you, that's how I am. Get used to it."

Jake sighed as he was almost begging for when he wasn't even known. Now he would be the guy that walked away from a fire. I really hope this doesn't turn into anything.

Too bad all the people who know how to run this country are busy running taxicabs or cutting hair.
— George Burns