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My Villain Academia

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Sun May 13, 2018 8:25 pm
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Sheyren says...

My Villain Academia

The following contains spoilers for My Hero Academia, season two.

Decades ago, the first child with a quirk was a born. Eventually, more and more children were born with various powers, or quirks. From simple things, like being able to glow, to powerful abilities, like creating fire with your hand, the world was soon filled with these quirks. Soon, around 80% of the population had a quirk, either their mother’s quirk, their father’s quirk, or a combination of both.

Society changed with the presence of these abilities. Criminals now had the power to do more harm, but simultaneously those who kept justice became stronger. The public soon knew heroes, men and women with legal permission to use their quirks to stop villains. Schools such as UA, meant to teach students how to become heroes, began to pop all over the world, and heroes became the role models of society.

But an incident in Hosu City, Japan, turned the world’s attention to the ideals of certain villains. The notorious villain, Hero Killer: Stain, was slain by three students of UA, but after his death surfaced a video explaining why he had gone on serial murder sprees, killing dozens of heroes. Many found his belief—that many professional heroes are false, and don’t deserve the title—quite appealing, and soon, groups of villains gathered together to spread the beliefs, forming the underground villain school AY.

Maybe your parents were villains. Maybe you have a quirk which seems to be designed for villainry. The reason doesn’t matter. What does matter is your shared feeling of not belonging. You don’t want to be a student of AY, and you don’t want to be a villain.

And finally, it’s your chance to break free.

Rules and Information

- General Storybooking rules apply, as usual.
- Your character will be a freshman in YA, meaning everyone is 14.
- Don’t be afraid of angst.
- You do not have to have seen My Hero Academia, the source material of this storybook, but know that there will likely be spoilers for it. Not many, but some are inevitable.
- We will be running a lot of this storybook in the Discord server, so we seriously recommend joining the server for it. The link is here.
- @Saen will be running this with me, so her word has just as much merit as mine does.

Character Template:
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[b]Villain Name:[/b]
[b]Up For Smooches:[/b]
[b]Appearance (physical description, not outfit):[/b]
[b]Brief History:[/b]
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- BrumalHunter"

- AstralHunter

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Sun May 27, 2018 3:58 pm
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Sheyren says...

Kagemori Kaminaga – Switchblade

The room fell hush as Class 1-A’s teacher walked in. None of the class knew his real name, but as a villain, he went by Shadowfang. Kagemori remembered reading about him in the news before coming to AY. He had killed seventeen civillians and nineteen professional heroes, with his quirk Dark Pause. Anyone standing inside his shadow immediately becomes unable to move. Just looking at him, however, instilled enough fear to make a normal person freeze up. His eyes showed no emotion, and even as he breathed, he was unmoving. This was a man who had no qualms doing whatever it takes to accomplish his job.

Kagemori looked around at the class while waiting for Shadowfang to finish attendance. Seat 1, Ayano “Turbulence” Souchi. Quirk: Gale Blaster. She can create bolts of air, and control their intensity.

Seat 2, Kagemori “Switchblade” Kaminaga himself. Quirk: Switchblade. He can create bladed weapons from his hands and feet on the side of his body corresponding with which of his eyes has turned purple.

Seat 3, Aya “Izanami” Funai. Quirk: Healing Touch. She can heal others through physical touch.

Seat 4, Hori “Werewolf” Kaoru. Quirk: Wolf. He has wolf claws, ears, and a tail. He can hear better than most from the ears.

Seat 5, Hazama “Cloudburst” Hyoudou. Quirk: Tragic Tear. He can fire his tears off like bullet projectiles, tearing through anything a bullet can.

Seat 6, Ryunuske “Phobi-Ryun” Tachinaba. Quirk: Phobia Burn. He can burn images into one’s mind, causing them to believe they are facing what he chooses to burn.

Seat 7, Yamamuro “Blank Book” Koi. Quirk: Storyteller. If she signs her name on your body, she can control you by writing in her notebook what she wants you to do.

Seat 8, Miyara “Red Cloak” Seiko. Quirk: Teleportation. She can teleport herself and any number of objects that she can envision in her head.

Seat 9, Kouta “Morpheus” Fujioka. Quirk: Illusions. He can create physical illusions, that anyone can see.

Seat 10, Akatani “Apparition” Mikumo. Quirk: Mirage Echo. He can create illusions based on atmospheric conditions, and can also alter the sound of his voice.

Seat 11, Sakaguchi “Firebird” Ayao. Quirk: Phoenix. She can fly on wings of fire, and can also heal her wounds by exposing herself to flames.

Seat 12, Uyemura “Arizona” Seibei. Quirk: Evaporate. He can remove the water from anything, including people, given that he’s touching them for over a minute.

Seat 13, Elise “Adder” Kepler. Quirk: Sharp Sense. She can strengthen her senses, including perception, as well as strengthen her physical form.

Seat 14, Sakamoto “Unicornio” Itsuki. Quirk: … Kaminori, nor the rest of the class, know what his quirk is.

Seat 15, Tashiro “Sharpshooter” Hatsumi. Quirk: Robin Hood. She can create and fire arrows by imagining a bow is in her hand, and drawing back and releasing like a drawstring exists.

Seat 16, Tsuzuki “Infinity” Yumia. Quirk: Doppleganger. She can make clones of herself, but the clones instantly disintegrate when attacked.

By then, Shadowfang had finished attendance and was staring at the door, as though waiting for it to open. When it didn’t, he turned back to the class. “The middle of the year approaches. Tomorrow marks the halfway point. So, we’ll need to assess you.”

The door suddenly burst open, and three more teachers walked in. The villain Roots, whose quirk Growth gave him the ability to control the roots of any plants nearby provided, he was touching the ground, came in first. He was followed by Thunder, and her quirk Stun Clap meant she could stun you from ten feet away with her extremely loud clap. Lastly came the villain Shatter, whose quirk, Glass Break, let him control shards of glass with his mind.

“So,” Shadowfang said, turning his class’s attention back to him. “Midterms will be held tomorrow. There is no writing on these tests. You will be broken into four groups of four, and pitted against us four villains. We will hold back, but not so that it’s too easy for you.”

A collective expression of shock crossed the room in a ripple. We have to fight professional villains? Kagemori didn’t know which hero he would want to face the most. Maybe Shadowfang, since he was most familiar with Shadowfang’s patterns.

“Also, the principal will be attending. Every student that passes will then have to fight her.” The room was even more shocked at that. The principal didn’t use a villain name, and simply went by Kate. No student knew her quirk for a fact, but it was rumored that she had something allowing her to shapeshift into a specific form, and certainly no one wanted to find out.

“The groups will be as follow,” Shadowfang continued, now reading off of a paper. “Turbulence, Infinity, Red Cloak, and Morpheus, you four will be fighting Roots. Werewolf, Adder, Cloudburst, and Arizona, you will be fighting Thunder. Izanami, Unicornio, Phobi-Ryun, and Firebird, you will be up against Shatter. Lastly, Switchblade, Sharpshooter, Blank Book, and Apparition, I will be your adversary. Okay, get a good rest before tomorrow. Class dismissed,” Shadowfang said before walking out the door, followed by the other villains. On her way out, Thunder winked at them before mouthing something along the lines of “failed students won’t get off easy.”

Not a soul in the room moved. No one said a word, no one did a thing. After the long pause, a voice finally spoke up from the back of the room. “We are so screwed.”

“We need more information on tomorrow. Setting. Weather. Anything that could be helpful. Working together on this is our best chance at collectively passing.” Kaminaga said.

Aya simply laughed. “You think I’ll be helping you guys?”

“We’ll have to be fighting in groups anyway. Might as well start now.” Unicornio pointed out.

“Silence, quirkless peasant,” Aya snarled.

Sakaguchi spoke up. “Alrighty, settle down. We need to put our heads together and think.”

“She’s right. We can all pass, or we can all fail,” Hazama added.

Kagemori was thankful at least some of the class agreed with him. “Listen. I was thinking, of all the villains in the school, they specifically chose these four. Shaowfang was an obvious choice, being our teacher. But his quirk requires light sources, so wherever we’re fighting, you can expect a lot of light. Probably somewhere outside.”

“Oh! I get it,” Ayano jumped in. “So we can expect there to be plants where we fight, or Roots would be useless.”

“And Shatter requires glass, so we’ll be somewhere with accessible glass,” Akatani noted.

“So what could be looking at? A cityscape would mean no plants, and a forest would mean no glass.”

“But remember, we would have to use somewhere within the school’s reach. Somewhere like the abandoned city just outside of the cavern system,” Uyemura noted.

“It’s built on the edge of a forest. It’s the ideal location.”

“Well then, everyone, what do you say we go map out the terrain to prepare?”
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Tue Jun 19, 2018 7:11 pm
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Magestorrow says...

Akatani Mikumo – Apparition

As they stepped out into the afternoon sunlight, Yamikumo unfurled the earphones in his pocket and popped one earbud into each ear. The last thing he wanted to do was be stuck with his classmates for longer than usual, but he supposed he had to if he wanted to pass his exam. He would use this time to study the battleground and the three students who would be his partners. He knew more about the latter of the two from his time with them at AY, but he rarely paid attention to his classmates unless he absolutely needed to.

And this, unfortunately, was one of the times.

He reviewed their quirks as the group traveled to the abandoned city. When it became hard to focus from his peers talking, he simply turned up the volume of his music. He had heard the songs so many times that he rarely paid attention to the words that accompanied them. Switchblade, Blank Book and Sharpshooter. An interesting trio, especially when paired with his quirk. Switchblade and Sharpshooter were the more physical of the four. It would be wise to have them on the front lines no matter who they fought, while Blank Book should be kept as far away from the fight as possible.

This was the culmination of their time at AY. Fighting villains was the closest they would get to fighting heroes. He should have been thrilled, but all he could think about was the possible punishment that Thunder had implied he would receive if he failed to do well. He had been raised to fulfill the dream of his parents. It was the last connection he had to them. He knew he should be bubbling with joy right now. By fulfilling their dream, he was getting the closest to them he ever would.

But no matter how hard he tried, he was left with an empty feeling. Like he was sure this wasn't right, even though he knew that it was the only possible option for him. He was meant to be a villain. It was in his blood, and he couldn't deny that. He gave what would be his third and final sigh of the walk. He just wished he could be under the covers of his bed, browsing through Tumblr and thinking about anything other than his upcoming exam.


The city was as nice as it could have been, he supposed. He had been there only once before. His uncle had taken him there when he had informed him he would likely be attending AY. Yamikumo hadn't objected then, and didn't object now. It was the best option. Even if he detested wandering through his streets, he would do it to achieve his dream – the thing that had become his sole motivator these days.

He took one look at the city and immediately realized that he had found his opportunity to escape from his peers. Popping one earbud out to hear any replies to the comment he was about to make, he said, “I'll go check that area out.”

“We should probably go in groups-” Unicornio started to say, but Yamikumo had already popped his earbud back in and was heading down the street he had pointed at. It would be impossible to memorize the entire layout, and a map would only slow him down in an actual fight. The best he could do was learn more about the general make-up of the city. The average type of building and street would be good knowledge to have, as well as anything that could possibly cause a problem.

Case in point: he almost tripped over a vine that was growing across the broken road. The sound of his quiet yet passionate swear made some animals hurry out of nearby buildings and scuttle into others. Another thing to take note of, then. He could use that as a means to distract Shadowfang. He turned his attention back to the actual street. It was exactly what he had expected. Cracks ran across it and up the sides of the buildings, plants clinging across every available surface. The occasional animal stepped out into his path, but, as with the others before it, would quickly hurry away when it saw the approaching teen.

He spent nearly an hour investigating the city and listening to the podcast he had replaced his music with upon entering the future battleground. When he was satisfied with what he saw, he found a shortcut back to the entrance. Some of his classmates had already gathered there by the time he had arrived. Whether it was out of luck or simply coincidence, three of them were the people he would fight with the next day.

He walked over to Switchblade, Blank Book and Sharpshooter. Temporarily pausing his podcast, he gestured for them to come over. They didn't object to it, opting to simply follow his directions. Good. That made things easier on him. “I'm making a group chat for us,” he simply said. He had their phone numbers from the beginning of the year. “We can discuss strategies for our exam tomorrow.”

“But we're all here right now,” Switchblade protested.

“We're waiting for everyone else,” Sharpshooter added. “It would be a good way to pass the time-”

“I'll text you,” Yamikumo interrupted.

He pulled his phone out and pressed play.

As the words of the podcast muted out the following objections, he turned his back to them and slipped into the forest bordering the city. He had no qualms about leaving behind the towering remnants of a forgotten town, or the teenagers that were currently investigating it.
“You cannot get through a single day
without having an impact on
the world around you.

What you do makes a difference,
and you have to decide what kind
of difference you want to make.”

Jane Goodall

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Fri Jul 06, 2018 4:01 pm
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HazelGrace16 says...

Miyara Seiko - Red Cloak

Let’s see. Turbulence, Morpheus, and Infinity. Great.

All were students that Miyara had never managed to converse with. Fighting these faculty members would be difficult enough as is, but now knowing she’d have to fight them with a group of people she’d never worked with before was all but comforting.

As the days leading up to the test became shorter, Miyara was starting to feel the pressure that she and her group had still not met to discuss their plan for fighting Roots. It seemed however that she was not the only one feeling the anxiety as one night Miyara woke up to a text from a new number.

[Unknown]: Hey this is Kouta Fujioka.

[Miyara]: Uh hey?

[Unknown]: Oh I mean Morpheus. That’s probably more recognizable.

[Miyara]: No I know who you are.

[Morpheus]: Oh okay!

[Morpheus]: Anyways, I got your number from a mutual friend and I assumed I needed to take the initiative in preparing for this upcoming fight.

[Morpheus]: Is there a good time for you to meet up with the rest of us?

[Miyara]: Anytime is fine with me.

They then planned to meet that next morning before classes started.


Miyara showed up about 35 minutes before their meet up time. She teleported throughout the terrain taking in the setting in front of her. Her class had toured it the other day, but she was hoping she hadn’t missed anything.

By the time the rest of them showed up to the meeting spot, Miyara was doing her best to control her breathing.

They all made their introductions as Miyara watched and calculated.

Infinity seemed to be quite excitable and eager. Turbulence on the other hand seemed happy, but almost with a catch. Like she wasn't sure whether she was actually kind or only pretending to be. And Morpheus seemed a tad jittery but ultimately focused. Miyara wasn’t quite sure why he kept avoiding eye contact with the three girls though. Maybe he was shy?

“So let’s face it. We have absolutely no assists to directly hurt a plant controlling quirk.” Miyara admitted with a sigh. “However, one advantage we do have is the element of confusion. So instead of using our powers to combat his, we instead need to manipulate him into using his abilities on himself.” Miyara explained.

“So like, with seduction?” Infinity piped up, pursing her lips.

”Ew no. That’s not what I meant and that’s not even funny.” Most of the group had descended into fits of laughter, to the dismay of Red Cloak and her similarly reddening cheeks. “What I meant is-“

”We know. We know. Lure Roots into a spot where he is vulnerable, and attack close.” said Infinity as she finished her thought.

Morpheus looked around. ''That's a good start. The environment is nice and varied. Big, a little chaotic, lots of small places we could lure him into.''

”But, due to all the overgrowth across the city, there really isn’t a spot we can lure him to diminish his abilities. At least not places that he’d be stupid enough to enter.” Turbulence stated with a sigh.

''All the same, we should use clones and illusions to misdirect him as much as possible. Just one person running into a secluded place could be too obvious, but we can have lots of them running in every direction.'' Morpheus explained, motioning to Infinity.

”How many of us have strong hand-to-hand combat abilities?” Miyara inquired. “I’m fairly confident with my own abilities, but also know that I cannot do it entirely alone. We’ll only have so many openings and we need to be sure that we are prepared in case Turbulence can’t get in to make the shot just yet. Opportunities to weaken are opportunities nonetheless, even if we can’t get him down.”

''I'm pretty fine in hand-to-hand, but in this circumstance, I'm probably more useful in the misdirection department.'' Morpheus added. ''Though Infinity, you're pretty strong in hand to hand, so you should take what opportunities you can.''

Infinity saluted cheerfully. “Anything to not fail and die!” They all shared a chuckle. Miyara suddenly was thankful to have someone like Infinity on her side. To have all of them on her side.

“Alright. Looks like we’ve got a solid plan. Let’s just hope our asses don’t get handed to us.” Turbulence smirked.
"Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine" - The Imitation Game

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Sat Jul 07, 2018 1:57 am
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Chaser says...

Hazama Hyoudou - Cloudburst

Hazama shuddered at the entrance to the tunnel. “What a scary place,” he thought out loud. “Why would anyone prefer this over the city?”

“What, you think villains live in princess castles?” jibed the boy in a stylized poncho. He reached out his hand to dissolve the moisture from the rock walls.

“I mean, if I had to choose, then yeah,” Hazama replied, “but don’t worry, it’d be a badass princess castle.”

The boy twanged a laugh. “It’d better be!” He was Uyemura Seibei, a bit of a laid-back boy with a rugged charm. Quirk: Evaporate. Hazama had clocked him as a good best-friend character.

“I understand your concerns, Hazama,” said the boy entering behind them. His prominent wolf ears were twitching at the echoes within the tunnel, and he looked deadly serious despite having a mouth with a permanent w-shape. Hori Kaoru, Quirk: Wolf. He was their class representative, and the most studious out of all of them.

“We have to consider the utility of these tunnels to Thunder’s Quirk,” he said, his voice bouncing off of the walls. “She could easily use the echoes to overwhelm us before we had a chance to fight. That means our best chance of winning lies in an ambush. So today, we must learn the terrain, no matter how dank it is.”

Uyemura stifled a laugh. “Dank it is,” he said, grinning. “Hella dank, my dude.”

Hori, taking this as an agreement, nodded and moved off through the tunnels.

“Ah geez.” Uyemura sighed, looking at the three branching tunnels. “It’s gonna be boring if we have to split up. But that makes this interesting, if there are only three tunnels.”
And to complicate that matter, the last member of their party walked in. The short, meek blonde who comprised the last quarter of their team, Elise Kepler. Quirk: Sharp Sense. Already, she seemed to be scanning the tunnel, her eyes perceiving grafts and bumps invisible to the naked eye.

Uyemura greeted her as she approached. “So, Hori already went down a tunnel, and that means you can go with me or Hazama. Which one’ll it be?”

Hazama started with a stutter, though Uyemura held a hand up. “Not that it’s a big deal or anything,” Uyemura said, grinning at their reactions. “Here, I’ll make it easy for you.”

He danced backwards and slipped down one of the tunnels, waving as he disappeared. “Byyyee.”

Hazama and Elise were left stunned at the tunnel entrance. Sheepishly, they began to gravitate towards the last tunnel.

The tunnel system was a tangle of shafts carved into the cliff face. Designed to hide AY from the world, each tunnel was maintained equally with air vents and lantern light. They branched off and looped deep into the mountain, their extent courtesy of the digging villain, Scooperman. His odd sense of humor was reflected in the warping structure, and Elise had to pull Hazama aside as he nearly fell into a tunnel beneath them.

Hazama walked alongside Elise, trying to find something to say. Unfortunately, the tunnels were sparse of conversation material.

“Sooo, A.Y.,” Hazama said, wandering his gaze. “Does anyone know what that stands for?”

Elise was focusing on scanning the tunnel, but she didn’t seem to mind his fizzling small talk.

“I’d like to think it stands for Akaguro Youth,” he continued. “You know, the Hero Killer Stain? His real name was Akaguro.”

“Yeah,” Elise said absently, but her eyes were focused on Hazama now, and his unnervingly calm expression.

Hazama removed his glasses, staring ahead with ice-blue eyes. “If we were all a little more like Stain, I’m sure...the world would sort into its proper place. Heroes are heroes, and the villains are villains.” His eyes began to glisten, catching the lantern light. “Even the Hero Killer Hazama.”

Without warning, his tears shot like bullets into the darkness. From farther down the tunnel, a yell of panic called out. Hazama froze, then jammed his glasses back on, looking at who he had shot.

The cowboy came stumbling out of the darkness, shaking his hand out in frustration. “A little warning next time?” said Uyemura. “If that had been anyone else, they would’ve been killed.”

“That includes Thunder,” added Hori, emerging from the tunnel beside them. “We’ll be counting on that attack for our ambush, Hazama. It is our only long-range ability.”

He turned to Elise. “I’ve cartographed the eastern tunnels. Have you run a sufficient scan of this area?”

As Elise nodded, he folded his arms. “Excellent. Let’s leave and compile information. Once we’ve done that, we can formulate a strategy to take Thunder down.”

Uyemura clapped his hands. “Let’s get going!”

In the back of the group, Hazama adjusted his glasses and smiled earnestly. “Yes,” he said. “Let’s.”
The hardest part of writing science fiction is knowing actual science. The same applies for me and realistic fiction.

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Mon Jul 16, 2018 6:31 pm
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TinkerTwaggy says...

Turbulence – Just another (Ursus) Shock

“Well, since we got our plan and all, I’ll see myself out.” Turbulence continued, turning back. “Got some individual training to do before the big day. Good luck, y’all!” with that said, Turbulence walked away, soon to be followed by the members of her team as they each strolled away from each other. At the very least, Turbulence should allow herself to be satisfied: the plan wasn’t bad, the teammates were… Too shy for her liking, but certainly not useless. Looking at her watch, she realized that she still had enough time for some afternoon-to-evening practice. So, grinning to herself, Turbulence walked back to the “school”, directing herself towards the training grounds.
As per usual, the sandy, circular stadium-like ground of the training grounds were completely empty at this hour. Turbulence removed her hoodie and attached it around her waist, making a tight knot with the sleeves. Then she removed her boots, standing barefoot in the arena as she opened her hands and began her training.

Gale Blaster. The Quirk that had given Ayano her new nickname, one that she preferred to refer to herself as rather than the identity given to her by per parents. Her Quirk allowed her to create and project projectiles of air from her arms, feet or mouth. Depending on how she formed the projectiles, she could use them for a variety of offensive, defensive and disruptive purposes. Every day, such as today, she trained in using them for close combat or shooting practice. And so, there she was, moving across her training field as her Gale Blaster fired wave after wave of air bolts in a variety of manners, several of which she wrote down in a notebook of hers. She made sure not to forget how to perform the movements necessary to the creation of the projectiles. Gazing at her page, Turbulence nodded to herself with satisfaction. Twelve names had been wrote down, as well as short summaries on how to initiate them, what they should be used against and how they could be used in rapid successions for devastating effects. All had been tested again, except for one.

“Time to try this again.” Turbulence whispered to herself. She opened her arms and stayed in her position, breathing in and out to calm down. Then, she began to gather air between her hands, creating a spherical air bolt that grew twice her size. Just the gathering of air alone made her sweat, and seconds later, she had to force herself to compress it until she could hold it between her hands. Turbulence smiled, panting heavily. She could only make it that big for now, but she’d soon be able to increase its size as she trained. The problem was the time-consumption.
But unfortunately, Turbulence’s train of thought was swiftly interrupted by a sudden scream behind her. She swiftly turned back to locate its source, but as she did so, the sphere of compressed air in her hands flew away, floating in the direction of the located figure: from the extravagantly revealing white dress and facial features, it was the one nicknamed Izanami, who had likely beenbe observing Turbulence’s training for some time. It took only a second, however, for Turbulence to realize that both of them had bigger problems to concern themselves with.

DUCK!” Turbulence shouted at the top of her lungs. She quickly gathered air around her feet and shot it backward, allowing herself to dash towards Izanami’s position on the higher ground. Though the girl appeared confused, she noticed the previously compressed sphere of air decompress with amazing speed, until it finally detonated, creating a tornado of sand and leaves. The explosion lasted for a few seconds until it finally died down. Turbulence raised from her position, staring down at the dark-haired figure stuck right below her. Izanami stared back, as if studying Turbulence’s features. Then, Turbulence associated the earlier scream with the person she had just saved, and her face turned from mildly astonished to very much enraged. At the same time, Izanami’s face took a similar expression.

“What the hell did you think you were doing?!” Turbulence shouted.

Unhand me at once, you mindless wench!”

“Mindless?! I literally just saved you from a very dangerous move that you disrupted! Why would you do that?”

“Hmph! Serves you right for not being careful enough!”

“I was most certainly careful enough to save your sorry butt!”

Excuse you, my butt is perfectly wonderful on its own, thank you very much!”

“Oh yeah, you’d know that for sure, given that fancy outfit of yours! Where the heck d’you get that,”!”

“Are you for real?!”

“Very much so!”

They both fell silent as Turbulence closed her eyes, calming her breathing once again. There was nothing more frustrating than an idiot destroying her plans. But it was done – no use thinking about it much. When she opened her eyes again, Izanami was still staring, visibly impatient. “Well?” she inquired. “Are you going to let go, or must I force you?”

Turbulence let go of Izanami’s hands and raised on her feet, putting on her combat gloves and hoodie as Izanami brushed dust out of her dress and sprung up as well, arms crossed in what she certainly supposed was an intimidating stance.

“From the ground up.” Turbulence said. “Why are you here?”

“To beautify my features, of course. It takes time, patience and effort. You just had to ruin the moment and the view with your preposterous training, so, I decided to see if you were as good as you tried to be. Evidently, there’s still some work to be done!”

Finally, Turbulence began to smile. Oh, yes, this would be the highlight of her day. “Indeed!” she joyfully replied. “That would be why I was practicing that technique you so ungracefully interrupted.”

“Shut your trap, wench! I am always graceful!”

“Even when you’re tackled?”

Especially when I’m tackled!”

Nonsense level: god-like. That girl was an insecure child. “I’ll try to believe that.” Turbulence carefully replied. “So? What advice can you give me to improve my noisy training?”

Izanami looked away, lost in thought as she enrolled a flick of her hair around her index finger. “Not an advice.” she corrected. “A proposal. Your ability seems… useful, at best. I’d like to have it at my disposal when the time is right.” she looked into Turbulence’s eyes. “Work for me, and you’ll be my relentless vassal. Make sure that not a finger is laid on me, and none of your injuries will ever matter anymore.”


Izanami froze in place, a look of utter shock painted in her face. Turbulence couldn’t help but giggle – the look, admittedly, was priceless.

“No?!” Izanmi repeated. “NO?!”


“Why you uncouth little– You have no right to refuse anything to me!”

“Oh, really?”

Yes, really!”

“But you, girly, with all your talking, have nothing to threaten me with.”

As Turbulence expected, the look of rage Izanami displayed earlier appeared once more, and she rapidly approached Turblence. But before her hand could reach for her cheek, Turbulence grabbed it with her gloved hand. “Codename: Izanami.” Turbulence began as she grabbed the other hand, holding both of them above Izanami’s head. “Name: Aya Funai.”

“Do NOT call me that!”

“...Quirk: the self-named God Contact. You can heal others, only through physical touch. You can also drain them of their lives via the same mean. If you heal others too much, it can be quite straining on your body. I have studied the Quirks of all my classmates, because I never know which one can be dumb enough to try something on me. I’d never think it would be you.”

“Unhand me!”

Turbulence did as asked, pushing Izanami away before crossing her arms, gazing at her with uncaring, calculative eyes.

“How dare you...” Izanami whispered, trembling with rage. “How dare you do this to me?”

“Oh, but I’m not doing anything, Izanami.” Turbulence assured. “In fact, I’m not even refusing your offer.”

“Then what are you doing?!”

“Let’s answer that question with another question. How many people in your life ever said no to you?”

Izanami frowned, visibly taken aback by the question. “I wouldn’t remember. It doesn’t really happen. Why would it?”

Exactly. Why would it? You are, after all, a godly white mage able to sap the health of every human you come in contact with.”

“Well… Yes.”

“You’re basically able to decide who leaves and who dies, like… Like a grim reaper!”


“So no sane person would actually want to disobey anything from you, you’re flawless!”


Turbulence grinned. “But what about those who don’t realize any of that?”

“What about them?”

“There are rude people, you know. There are people, with or without Quirk, that wouldn’t mind shooting a bullet through your skull or use their Quirk like so...” as if spat, an air bolt suddenly came out of Turbulence’s mouth and grazed Izanami’s neck, finishing its course behind her. “ hurt you without regard for your beauty, your perfection, or your status.”

“Did you just…!”

“It’s an example, Iza.” Turbulence interrupted, raising her hands in a gesture of peace. “You can heal that wound later. If, however, I were to be the kind of idiot who doesn’t know who I’m dealing with, I could actually end your glorious existence without remorse.” Turbulence’s smile disappeared as she approached Izanami. “No matter how perfect you are, you’re still in a human body. Someone, somewhere, could take advantage of that.”

Izanami froze once more – though this time, she looked ready to throw a frustrated tantrum, potentially because she realized Turbulence wasn’t exactly wrong. “…So… what advice can you give me to avoid this… situation?” she asked grumpily.

“Not an advice.” Turbulence replied joyfully, imitating Izanami’s earlier tone. “a proposition. If I’m to be your vassal, then you are to be my white mage.” Turbulence removed her combat gloves and opened her palms. They had been burned by the large amount of air bolts she had thrown using them. “Now, if I touch you with these, you can drain enough of my energy to heal your wound on the neck. But because you’re a perfect goddess, and therefore intelligent, mature and calculative, I trust that you’ll also heal my hands so that I can keep training to protect myself, and you, when you ask me to.” Turbulence delicately grabbed Izanami’s hands with hers, then gazed into her eyes. “Do what you must.” she concluded.

Izanami stared at Turbulence with disdainful eyes. “Or I could just drain you of everything until you grovel at my feet and implore me to let you die.” she suggested.

Turbulence giggled, and placed one of her hands on Izanami’s exposed waist. “But will you be done before this uncouth hand stabs your stomach with an air bolt, a wound from which you won’t be able to regenerate?”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Are you… sure about that?”

Air began to gather on the palm, and Izanami couldn’t help but shiver as she felt it tickle her skin. Silently, the bruise in her neck began to fade away, as if it had never been there. Then, Turbulence felt a soothing sensation in her hands, until the familiar stings of the burn marks in her hands disappeared. Izanami removed her hands, and Turbulence removed hers. Looking down, she could see that the burn marks were gone. Then, Izanami placed a commanding finger on Turbulence’s lips. “I’m your goddess.” she affirmed. “I’m your white mage. Nobody messes with your white mage, or you don’t get back up again. Got that?”

“And I’m your vassal.” Turbulence replied. “I am your weapon. Nobody breaks your things without your direct approval.”

“Good! I’ll be going, now.”

“Call me if you need to fight! Well, except during the exam.”

“Mm. By the way, those wounds? You’re far too reckless, Turby.”

“Reckless? I call it fun.”

Izanami gazed at her one last time. “Don’t you die before I’m done with you.” she left her spot and directed herself towards the exit, elegantly pushing her hair back as she did. Turbulence nodded to herself. Free, gullible white mage with terrible tendencies to cope with? Not a bad toy. As long as she could use her to get healed every time she trained, she’d advance much faster, and who knows, maybe more interesting happenings would show themselves along the way. For now, Turbulence decided to get back to her home, too. She was greeted by the moon’s gaze, the night’s fresh wind, and the promise of a very, very unhealthy relationship.

Aah. What fun.
"Is there a limit to how much living I can live with my life? How will I know if I've gone too far?
And why did I spend my life savings on sunglasses for a whale?
I shall find the answer... to these questions."

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kat13254 says...

Aya Izanami Funai

Our assignment is to work as a team? What an absolute joke. It's especially vile I have to be teamed up with the quirkless peasant. Ugh. I look around the room casually, not even bothering to hunt out my teammates, they can find me. I see 'Firebird' headed in my direction, and I let out an audible sigh. I pretend not to notice her as she walks over, and calls me Aya. I whip my head in her direction, staring daggers into her.
"Oh, sorry... Iza, right?"
"Yes. And make sure you do not call me Aya again." I touch her arm and gently sap some of her strength until I can see it on her face she realizes what I'm doing. I pull my hand away crossing them, satisfied with myself.
"So, what did you want exactly?" I stated without much emotion in my voice.
"I, uh. just wanted to know when you wanted to start practicing?" I see out of the corner of my eye that "Phobi-Ryun" and "Unicornio" the other two idiots on my team are making their way over. I roll my eyes and flick my hair out of my face.
"I hope you three aren't expecting me to do anything. Even if I do the bare minimum I'll still do better than the quirkless peasant over there," I nod my chin in Unicornios direction, "Besides. I'm much too good to deal with this."
"What do you mean! If you don't help we'll fail for sure!" Firebird exclaims, her voice going up in pitch.
"Talk to Useless-nio. He doesn't even have a quirk."
"Yeah well at least I still do more than you!" He raises his arms, looking almost exasperated. I grab it, tugging it down, sapping him, because dealing with peasants just drains me.
"Well if you have one use it." Despite the others raising their voices I kept mine at a very monotone low tone. I get up, brushing down my long skirt, and walk out of the class, looking as if I'm following the crowd who is going to check out the area. I see a small hallway which leads out the back door, normally used by the custodian, and I rush my way out it, checking behind me, making sure my idiot group members aren't tailing me.
When I'm a safe distance into the foliage near the school I hold down my skirt and sit on a low hanging tree branch. I pull out my phone and turn on the camera, checking my makeup. The branch is thick enough I feel stable so I pull out my lipstick and apply a touch up.
After about 20 minutes of just enjoying myself and the scenery, I get up and head back towards the school. I figure I might as well head towards the training grounds. Running my hands along the softness of the foliage, I can feel the life in it. I pick one and watch it shrivel and turn black as I drain the life out of it.
I pause suddenly when I hear the wind pick up rapidly. I turn the corner to the training grounds, concealing myself in the trees and I see someone, my classmate Ayano "Turbulence" whatever her last name is, practicing her quirk. I've never really taken notice of her before, but looking at it now it looks... Useful. Long range, powerful, not as powerful as me of course, but I could make good use of her.
Watching her, for a fair amount of time, I watch her give the target her all, and that's when I decide to give her a test. I scream bloody murder at the top of my lungs, pulling my best horror movie face, and I see her whip around, the foul imbecile actually fired at me!
"Duck!" She yells out, and launches herself in my direction, the next few seconds fly by and next thing I know I'm under her! How dare she do this to me! My anger flashes across my face and my blood boils.
"What in the hell do you think you're doing?!" She shouted at me, making my anger even more palpable,
"Unhand me at once, you mindless wench!"
“Mindless?! I literally just saved you from a very dangerous move that you disrupted! Why would you do that?”
“Hmph! Serves you right for not being careful enough!”
“I was most certainly careful enough to save your sorry butt!”
“Excuse you, my butt is perfectly wonderful on its own, thank you very much!”
“Oh yeah, you’d know that for sure, given that fancy outfit of yours! Where the heck d’you get that,”
“Are you for real?!”
“Very much so!” She closes her eyes, and I feel like slapping her, or better yet leave her wounded and weak for doing such things to me!
"Well? Are you going to let go, or must I force you?”" She stands up, and my anger turns from her cruel attacking me, to the state she left my dress. After thoroughly patting down my dress I cross my arms, using my emotions to threaten her, pathetic thing she is.
Midway through our conversation, she actually has the nerve to send an air bolt my way, grazing the skin of my neck! She approched me, the smile leaving her face,
“No matter how perfect you are, you’re still in a human body. Someone, somewhere, could take advantage of that.”
How dare she say that! I already know I can't use physical force to make her surrender to me, but I also can't use verbal...
I quietly accept what I'm hearing, knowing she's not wrong,
“…So… what advice can you give me to avoid this… situation?” The tone of my voice, depsite my best efforts, betrays my feelings.
“Not an advice, a proposition. If I’m to be your vassal, then you are to be my white mage.” She removes her gloves, and I can see the physical strain her quirk leaves on her body. I eye it cautiously.
“Now, if I touch you with these, you can drain enough of my energy to heal your wound on the neck. But because you’re a perfect goddess, and therefore intelligent," Yes. " mature," Yes! "and calculative",YES! She finally gets it." I trust that you’ll also heal my hands so that I can keep training to protect myself, and you, when you ask me to.” She grabs my hand, and I allow it, as with what she's saying she won't try such a rash move. “Do what you must.”
I allow it a moment, making her believe I'm thinking over her proposal,
“Or I could just drain you of everything until you grovel at my feet and implore me to let you die.” My smirk, desplaying exactly how I'm in control of this scenario.
She laughs, infuriating me, yet at the same time I feel a gust start to build around my exposed midriff.
“But will you be done before this uncouth hand stabs your stomach with an air bolt, a wound from which you won’t be able to regenerate?”
"You wouldn't dare." My voice threatening, my eyes daggers, staring into hers.
“Are you… sure about that?” The wind now being more fierce, and tangible, it tickles my skin, and I immediatly begin feeling the skin of her palms regenerating, restoring them back to their unscaved forms, while at the same time I allow myself to trickle enough of her energy to heal my neck. I remove my hands, satisfied with my work when I see her gaze down at her hands, looking at the immaculate skin, although it wouldn't hurt her to moisturize. I place my finger on her lips, drawing her full attention to me.
“I’m your goddess.” She needs to get that very clear, but to appeal to her I'll rephraise it for her less intelligent mind to understand. “I’m your white mage. Nobody messes with your white mage, or you don’t get back up again. Got that?”
“And I’m your vassal.” Turbulence replied. “I am your weapon. Nobody breaks your things without your direct approval.”
“Good! I’ll be going, now.”
“Call me if you need to fight! Well, except during the exam.”
“Mm. By the way, those wounds? You’re far too reckless, Turby. Don’t you die before I’m done with you.”
I stroll off, completely satisfied with what I'm getting out of this deal. Free protection, in exchange for some healing. Now that exam, I can't use her there, so bribery may be needed, either from the teacher, or I may have to bribe my teammates, only through the nicest way of course. I smile to myself, thinking of seeing one of them, begging me to help them. As their goddess of course I wouldn't refuse, but it would come at a cost to them. A hefty one if it means I may actually have to hurt someone.
Mew ฅ(⌯͒• ɪ •⌯͒)ฅ❣

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SirenCymbaline says...

If anyone were to walk into the gym, they would see three Segata Sanshiros all doing martial arts drills in a line. One of them was Kouta Fujioka in disguise, training his body and his quirk to work in sync with each other.
He had to be at his best for the upcoming midterm fight.
There were two other kids in his year that had illusion related quirks.
Kouta knew that he would have to outshine the both of them if he wanted to make a name for himself. His quirk was the most multi-purpose of the three, but that advantage would be completely useless if he couldn't back it up with creative strategizing. That was fine with Kouta. That was exactly the kind of recognition he wanted.

He decided it was time to take the practice into more complex territory.
It was easy enough to make three convincing looking people that all move in sync with each other, but it was far more difficult to have them all moving in different ways without making any mistakes.
The three Sega Saturn mascots became four, with one doing a cheerleading routine, and the other two playing at having a tea party, while Kouta was still doing his drills.
Good. That was good.
But it didn't take long before he lost concentration and forgot about the first one, causing it to dissapear. Damn. The frustration from his mistake caused the other two to start flickering on and off too. He let them disappear.
He was about to try it again, when Itsuki burst through the door.

"KOUTA!" Itsuki yelled, sliding to a stop.

'What?' Kouta asked Itsuki with resigned apprehension, unsure of what exactly he was anticipating.

"Halp." he said simply, pointing to the door. He didn't seem to want to give any more context.

Kouta had his best 'oh god what is it this time' look on. An expression that he made fairly often around Itsuki. But he walked through the door, to see a hallway floor covered almost entirely with paper cups half filled with what he chose to assume was water. Itsuki followed behind and placed a hand on the other boy's shoulder, grinning wildly.

"Wanna, uh, complete the floor with illusions and all that? Y'know, like how your quirk does?" he said, speaking in his ear.

Kouta jerked away from the physical contact.
''...How did you have time- did you skip Tax Evasion Class to do that?'' said Kouta, who was also skipping it at that very moment.
''Nevermind, I've been telling you, pranks are for babies, and we have midterm fights to practice for.''

Itsuki walked between Kouta and the hallway filled with paper cups.
"Buuuut, don't you think that this would be fun?" he asked, gesturing to the hundreds of cups behind him. The wild grin he had didn't leave his face.

''A phenomenal achievement in wasting mine and everyone elses' time? Maybe.
Maybe if I tried, I could theoretically deduce just how that constitutes as 'fun.''
Kouta said to the air next to Itsuki's head.

"I mean....uhhhhhh..." Itsuki had no idea how to explain how watching other kids, bewildered by the scene before them, was fun. "...don't you think watching some randos get confused over the sheer amount of cups in this hallway would be fun?" he asked, scratching his head.

''Well, it could be...but that's still time I could be spending preparing for fighting a teacher. We're going to be fighting teachers. You, too. How are you not thinking about this?'' Kouta asked Itsuki back. Itsuki simply shrugged.

"I've got a few new gadgets I need to test anyway, so yeah. There's that," he said calmly. His eyes lit up with an idea.
"Y'know, it would be pretty good for your training, wouldn't it? Having to create illusions on this scale, and to maintain it and all...wouldn't that be really good for training your quirk?"

That stopped Kouta right in his tracks. Using illusions to fool a lot of people all at once, in real time, out of the context of class or practice, out in the wild- that would be the superior test of his skill.Kouta started to smile a little bit.
''That would...that would work. Okay. We're doing this.''

He stood back, and the empty spots on the floor were filled with paper cups.
There was no flash or effect of any kind. Just a blink and they were there.
Itsuki rubbed his hands together maniacally.
"Yes...okay quick, hide us. Let's get to the wall and you make us invisible. The other classes should be coming out soon." He slid over to the wall.

''Okay. Just don't move, or some of you might poke through.'' said Kouta, trying to look less excited. Itsuki gave him a thumbs up before he straightened, readying himself to be illusioned away into being a wall. This was the moment he had been preparing for. This was the culmination of his life, any and all work he had ever done was to come to fruition right here. Pretending he was a wall was the biggest moment of his life, and he was ready.

''Yep, we're a wall now.'' Kouta whispered. Beneath the cover of being a wall, Itsuki grinned.

"Now, we wait," he whispered back.

After about thirty seconds of silent anticipation, their classmates came piling in to the flooded hallway.

Their classmates would be fully unprepared for tomfoolery of this magnitude.
They would be coming out of Tax Evasion, the class that caused even the most attentive students of villainy to space out.
With this little trick they would jolt their fellows into reality, and remind them of the true chaos of the world. Kouta would come out of this experience no longer- okay, still a serious, studious kid- but that studious kid would also be an agent of chaos.

''What the...who did this?''
''Wait, wait, some of them...don't exist?''
''What putrid soul was behind this? They shall perish, perish I say, for commiting this act against me!'' cried Izanami.

Many students tried to weave through by predicting where the fake cups where and finding the pathway through, but the placement was so random that they could not help but to keep stepping into the real ones.

Cloudburster's careful tiptoeing was thwarted by the sheer haphazardness, and he was tripped by the will of chaos.

Red Cloak teleported across the room. ''Later.'' she said to the unfortunate souls that remained.

Turbulence merely allowed a light sigh to escape her, and prepared to blow the cups away with an airbolt. But Iza interrupted her.

''Turbulence! I demand that you carry me over this, this minefield!'' she screeched.

Turbulence lowered her hands, letting the air dissipate.

''Sure.'' she said. She picked up Izanami, and bridal carried her through the minefield, her face deadpan the whole way through.

Apparition was at the helm of those remaining who still tried to trace the path of the illusory, and make it through unscathed. He deftly stepped around the real cups, surpassing his fellows with each step. He was almost at the halfway point, when he stepped directly into a real cup. Then he decided he had had enough.
He walked right through the rest of them, with total disregard for the waters, his stride unwavering, his face indifferent.
Apparition was beyond caring. He knocked them all over with the courage of a real man.

Switchblade, who had hung behind this whole time, took advantage of the path that Apparition had carved out, the rest of the students following suit. They all took advantage of Apparition's brave sacrifice.

But Kouta knew that while Mikumo's sacrifice may have been beneficial to his classmates, he had not done it for them. He did what was right for himself, and it turned out to be helpful to the others by pure coincidence. A true inspiration. Mikumo, Apparition, whatever, Kouta considered him a rival because of their similar quirks, but he had more that just that going for him. He had style.

Kouta marked this prank as a success. His peers had been fooled, and confusion reigned supreme. Feet had been wet. But he knew he was capable of so much more.
Kouta dropped the wall illusion, and nonchalantly walked away from the scene as though nothing had happened. He dropped the illusion of the cups a few seconds after he had already left the scene, to make it less obvious that it was his doing. He turned to Itsuki.

''You game for one more? Because I have an idea.''

Itsuki's smile was devilish.
"Let's get to it then."

No person can be a great leader unless he takes genuine joy in the successes of those under him.
— W. A. Nance