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The Emperor's New Tagbook

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Sat Apr 28, 2018 8:17 pm
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Lumi says...

Since we're able to see this, I think it conceptually failed already. No worries, though! We can still tell the story of how our Emperor got his new Tagbook, and the consequences of being storybook-vain!


@Kanome sat by the castle's stained glass window, sewing SQUIRE ARMOR together while listening to the percussive rain. She was joined by @Aley, and then later @Hattable, as everyone really wanted to get a piece of that sweet rain drumming.

So yes, it was a bit of a stormy night in YWSland. Just grab a Hostess™ snack and get bundled up.

Far away from the YWS Castle, @Lumi and his crew of pirates were battening down the hatches, as @Rydia's lipstick had turned blue, which was their way of telling that a horrid storm was on its way. They even had volunteers helping out, running around as if chickens without heads. Twas wondrous.

Down below the deck, Lumi found @Evander and @Kaylaa of the fabled rogue team gathering rations to sneak away with.

"Did @Rosendorn tell you to do this?"

"Would she do anything but?"

He rolled his eyes and pointed to the back. "There's cocoa powder back there. I'm sure someone'll enjoy it before it gets wet here."

@Ventomology, @katnes, and @GeekyGirl ran through the ship, trying to get inspiration for new novels, essentially running all over Lumi's new boots. He grumbled about them and wrote a note for @TheSilverFox to polish them after the storm.

Then, turning towards the camera in his face, he asked: "So...what are you doing to save us?"

On the other side of the screen, self-proclaimed emperors @BrumalHunter and @Tortwag made their fingers into pyramids, grinning. "I believe," said Hunter, "that this will be our tagbook."

"*grins*, emoted Tortwag, "Indeed, m'dear."

Oh, and @sheyren was with them, but in the background making cookies. Before this post ended, he managed a "Bwaha--"
I am a forest fire and an ocean, and I will burn you just as much
as I will drown everything you have inside.
-Shinji Moon

I am the property of Rydia, please return me to her ship.

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Mon Apr 30, 2018 11:21 am
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sheyren says...

"--hahahaha… ha… ha." Shey finished his maniacal laughter, annoyed with the inconvenient timing of the previous post's end, and disappointed in how it negatively affected the overall quality of his cackle. No matter, though. He was making cookies, and these cookies were the most important plot device yet. Of course, that title was greatly devalued by it being the second post, but Shey didn't care.

But these cookies were not just chocolate chip cookies, as they appeared to be. They were, in fact, raisin-oatmeal cookies. There was also some pandemonium-inducing potion poured into the recipe, but honestly the raisin part was probably more devious.

He set these cookies down on display in the main hall of the castle, a sign next to them reading "Free cooie Cookies!". It was totally inconspicuous, and no one even knew what they were getting themselves into. He watched as @falconergal9086 came over, picked one up, and bit into it. She glanced at it, quickly realized what it was, and finished it, sharing some with the falcon on her shoulder.

You're kidding. She likes those things? Of course she likes those things. Whatever, there's still the pandemonium thing. But then she walked away like a normal person, and in frustration Shey knocked all the cookies onto the floor.

"I thought I heard something about free cookies?" Said a voice, and Shey looked up to see @Omnom and @ScarlettFire standing in front of the empty table with the cookie sign.

"Oh, uh," Shey started. "They got eat-"

And then a huge explosion came from the outer wall of the castle. Shey leapt from his seat as several others rushed by him to see what was happening. Screams echoed from across the courtyard, and Shey ended up beside @saentiel as they made their way to see what was up out there.

"It's a giant bird." @LadyLizz said indifferently, walking in the opposite direction with her hands shoved into her pockets.

And she was right. A giant falcon was tearing through castle walls, with @TheBlueCat in its mouth. Blue's Dave conveyed the general shared sense of "what on Earth is happening right now?"

@Elinor was across the courtyard, leading an evacuation right below the destruction. @soundofmind was gathering volunteer knights to fight the beast in a modified phalanx (Shey found it impressive she could organize such a thing), and @Sujana was organizing an archer formation on the roof of the main tower.

"Hmmm." Shey looked up, thinking. "I might have gotten the potion a bit wrong." He looked over to see @XxXTheSwordsmanXxX staring at him in disappointment. "Okay, maybe not just a bit."

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Mon Apr 30, 2018 9:20 pm
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CaptainJack says...

@ladylizz saw the disasters happening in the castle hall and decided to call it an early day. She gathered up her paperwork, flashdrives and armor, and then put a child safety lock on the Record Room door, hoping that would keep the problems out.
No one can open child safety locks. Except children.

The Great Hall was filled with screaming Knights, Squires and civilians, so she ducked out the back door and into the parking lot. A few people stopped her asked what was happening, and she would just look back to the castle saying, "Some sort of varmint issue." And they would answer, "how would garments cause an issue?"
"Varmints, varmints, pests, creatures, things that go bump in the night..."
Of course by the time she reached the end of her long list, they were long gone and rushing off to the action.

She kept on walking up to the hill where @Omnom and @Kale were standing by the car.
"You two need a ride somewhere? Hopefully to an establishment with food that's not the tavern about to get the roof torn off by an angry bird?"
Kale picked up a basket with a possum and a raccoon.
"They don't like the restaurant with the porcelain pigs."
"Are you using Rose and Lavender as justifications to why we shouldn't go to Snoink's cafe just because you thought the tip jar was staring at you?"
"Uh, let's go Knights headquarters #2 and raid the kitchen. Maybe @TheSilverFox will ditch out and meet us there."

Another crash came from the castle and flames erupted near a guard's post, lighting the banners on fire.
For a moment, all three officers considered going back or calling the fire department or something, but then decided to just think about what they could make for dinner.

Even as they drove down the road and heard the roars and screams, no one dared to look out the back window.
Lady Lizz noted that this happens every couple of weeks and they should be totally fine.
For sure.

Too often we crave the extraordinary in life, without even learning how to cherish the ordinary first. Friend, I promise you this: if you can learn to take joy in the simple mundane things in life, the extraordinary will take care of itself, it'll be on its way, hurrying towards you. But if you skip the first part, it'll ever evade you.
— Arcticus