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Dead by Daylight

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Mon Apr 16, 2018 6:24 am
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Kanome says...

The Entity, a being of darkness that feeds on others’ lifeforce. It was known in fairytales centuries ago, where people feared the Entity. It was told in legends that the Entity will cause people to disappear, making their existence no longer in the human world. In came to be true when people started to disappear during those times. People feared for their lives, begging the Entity to not take them and burned offerings for it, to please it. Years came by, the Entity went quiet. People started to believe the Entity was so pleased, that it disappeared for good, but it came the time where the nightmares began all over again.

One day, you were walking home from a long day, you decide to take a stroll in the woods. Next thing you knew, you blacked out, falling into a deep sleep. Something appeared in your dream, a spider-like creature who spoke that you have been chosen to take on trials against murderers of the past in the human world, that you must complete trials to proceed into the worlds before you. It also mentioned that these so-called former murderers will also be placed in the trials, where they must sacrifice you to the creature, becoming it’s lifeforce. You wake up, but the woods seemed to be different. You notice a campfire next to you and a path where an entrance is covered with a dark aura.

There are others who came to be in the same place as you. If the creature said was true, then you and others must survive the trials and find a way to escape. You must pass each trial in each world, hoping for a way back to the human world. Beware, you are not alone, for there are killers who wish to escape as well and go back to their murderous ways in the human world. Their goal is to find you and place you upon a sacrificial hook so it can please the creature. Use your unique perks or ‘skills’ to survive. Remember this, death is not an escape.

What you need to know:

The trials will based on the Entity. (It will be an NPC)

Your goal is to pass the trials given to go on to the next world. If you fail, you will be sent back to the campfire and must do the trial given until it is completed.

You do not know what killer you will be going up against, but this guide of the worlds will help you for when you are posting:
The worlds:
MacMillian Estate (Trapper): An abandoned mansion, surrounded by acres of land.
Coldwind Farm (Hillbilly): A huge farm with a tall white building in the middle.
Autohaven Wreckers (Wraith): An old autoshop, surrounded by vehicles.
Crotus Prenn Asylum (Nurse): An abandoned brick building, which some has been torn down and is surrounded by tall grass.
Lery’s Memorial Institute (Doctor): A hospital building.
Backwater Swamp (Hag): A swamp where there is a wooden boat on one side and a big boat on the other.
Red Forest (Huntress): A forest with there is the house on one end, and there is a smoke shack on the other.

Offerings can be used to please the Entity and can help the trial to your advantage. You can find these offerings during your trials.
Shroud of binding: it will be a white cloth with purple lining. This can make you be placed near others.
Shroud of separation: It will be a black cloth with pink lining. This can make you be placed as far from the killer as possible.
New Moon bouquet: It will be a bouquet of black roses. This will make the world you are in dark as it can be as the new moon shines.
Full Moon Bouquet: It will be a bouquet of white roses. This will make the world you are in bright as it can be as the full moon shines.
Clear reagent: It will be a small, clear glass bottle, filled with blood. This can make the fogness of the worlds clear.
Murky reagent: It will be a small, black bottle, filled with blood. This can make the fogness of the worlds thicken.

There will be two chests placed on each trial, where it can be the following items to help you:
Medkit: Be able to heal your injuries.
Flashlight: Can help you blind killers, which can cause them to be stunned and if they have someone on their shoulder, blinding them can save the survivor.
Chinese Firecrackers: Same as the flashlight except you must drop them next to the killer to make it work.

Each of you have three of your own unique perks or skills that can benefit for survival. For example, Self Care grants you the ability to heal your injuries without the use of a medkit.

There will be times where you will be chased by the killer. You can throw pallets down to stun them. Try your best to lose them.

The Killers:
Spoiler! :
The Trapper: The Trapper can place bear traps in the ground, trapping survivors in their path.
Agitation: Can increase his movement speed when taking a survivor on a sacrificial hook.
Unnerving presence: His presence makes you be in fear, which can cause you to mess up the trial given.
Brutal Strength: Can make him break pallets faster than normal.

The Wraith: The Wraith can go invisible, making his presence unknown to the survivor. He can use this tactic to his advantage. He can only reappear by the clanging his weapon onto a bell.
Bloodhound: When a survivor is injured during the trial, they can leave trails of blood. His strong sense of smell can trace the blood.
Predator: He can hear you in your tracks, making it easier for the survivor to be detected.
Shadowborn: He can see better in the darkness, but the sense of light can stun him. A survivor can use a flashlight to blind him.

The Hillbilly: The Hillbilly can take a survivor down in one hit using his handy chainsaw.
Lightborn: Unlike the Wrath, the Hillbilly is strong against light. Using a flashlight is useless against him.
Tinkerer: Tools added to his chainsaw are more effective than normal. He can upgrade his chainsaw, making it more deadly.
Enduring: Even though can be stunned by pallets like other killers, he can recover faster from it than the others.

The Hag: Her claws do not show mercy, the taste of fresh blood is what keeps her going. Her abilities to place a hex on a survivor shows more power than ever.
Hex: Devour Hope: Her thirst for blood will cause her to kill the survivor herself than sacrifice them to the Entity.
Hex: Ruin: Can cause a survivor to mess up their trials, even failing them.
Hex: The Third Seal: She can place a survivor’s ability to detect other survivors completely broken.

The Doctor: The Doctor is a dangerous one, where he can torture by shocking a survivor, even causing them to see hallucinations of himself.
Overcharge: His shock therapy is so great, it can make a survivor scream in pain if they had been shocked.
Overwhelming presence: His presence instills great fear, which can cause a survivor to mess up on healing, such as dropping items or even messing up the healing process.
Monitor and Abuse: He can make you believe he is not near the survivor when he clearly is.

The Nurse: The Nurse has the ability to teleport to her prey. Her surgical saw can inflict much pain.
Nurse’s Calling: She has the ability to see survivors healing, either themselves or each other.
Stridor: When a survivor is injured, she can hear the pain and groaning survivors make.
Thanatophobia: Her presence can bring a mental illness to the survivors, causing them to know little to nothing about their skills, which causes the survivors to use their skills slower than ever.

The Huntress: The Huntress is known for her hunts, chasing her prey. Her hatchets can go for miles and can still hit her target. She uses her axe as her main weapon. She hums a lullaby, making her presence known.
Hex: Huntress’ Lullaby: Her lullaby can cause a survivor to be confused. When hearing this tune, it grows louder into the survivors’ head, making them lose concentration.
Territorial Imperative: She will know if a survivor is near the sacrificial hooks in the basement.
Beast of Prey: She lusts for the kill, her presence will be become unknown to the survivor, making her unpredictable.

Character Template:
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Three unique perks:
Up for love?:

Survivor Slots:
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5. @Basil
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