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Supernatural Hierarchy

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Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:15 am
DivinePrincess says...

Can your character handle the unyielding forces of the highest powers?

The "Hierarchy" and It's Purpose

Spoiler! :
Or better known as "The Superiors" are a known group of individuals that maintain only the highest amount of power.
In this new world, the hierarchy is only known to the regular man as a mythical or, shall I say, whimsical story that was told by those throughout centuries. In reality, The Superiors are most definitely existent and rule over those with talents. This supernatural humankind is easily roaming the streets, disguised as innocent civilians and are forced to obey The Hierarchy or The Superiors.

The council that contains all three members of the infamous Hierarchy have lived for millions and millions of years, and have indeed been proven Immortal, just as those roaming the streets freely are.

They posses the most valuable gifts, that are left to rule over those that are weaker than them. It's time to meet the Hierarchy.

Meet The Superiors (Your Enemy)

Spoiler! :
Oliver "Jackpot" Usain: Known to the supernaturals as the brave hero who protected their kind. Is approximately two thousand years old and is the youngest of all Superiors, gaining the third highest position in the Hierarchy after his father was killed in battle. Is perceived as bossy, influential, and most of all: Cocky and greedy. He possesses the power of strength and combat, therefore taking down his enemies by any physical means.

Naomi "Precious/Medusa" Wallace: Possibly the most known council member, she is also the most beautiful. She draws in every gender, and never gets the answer no. Her bleach blonde hair and black eyes are hypnotizing and they do just that. She brings boys in to her quarters, and some servants even say that they never come out. She feeds on the souls of others in order to keep her beauty sustained. She has earned the second highest Hierarchy seat in the council. She is trained in combat and can paralyze a person with just one wrong look, being the second most dangerous council member.

Julius "Crimson" Carter: Known to the supernaturals as the most aggressive and alarming council member. Rumors have said he has died over 300 times, but has always came back due to the fact he 'made a deal with the devil'. His eyes are ice cold, and his personality is evil and corrupt; destroying anybody that comes in his way with the blink of an eye. Nobody has ever seen Crimson in person, being as though he hides away within his quarters and sends people to do his deeds for him. He is the highest spot in the Hierarchy, earning his way to the top by manipulation and blood. He has the power of darkness: the capability to control the dark forces like lightning, pain, and mind control.


Spoiler! :
Can your character defeat the forces of the Hierarchy? A special group of supernatural humans will be brought together by the underground rebels to bring down the unfairness and stop the mistreatment of their kind by The Superiors. Only the best of the best is recruited.

There will be drama, romance, and heartbreak on the road to the Hierarchy, but the deed MUST be done in order to regain their freedom.


We need at least five characters, but more are definitely welcome.


If you would like a spot, simply drop your filled character template in the comments or reserve a spot! The Discussion Topic page is displayed in a link at the top right of the page.

1."Leader #1" (Female) Lydia - DivinePrincess
2."Leader #2"(Male): Adrian - Europa
3. Member: Lana- Europa
4. Member: Pela - Kanome
5. Member: Fluffles - Chaser
6. Member: Scarlette Rose- kat

Character Template:
Spoiler! :
Age (18-30):
Talent (No God modding, but be creative with your characters abilities):
Appearance (attach a picture and provide a description):
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Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:54 am
DivinePrincess says...

Name: Lydia "Dia" Taylor

Age (18-30): 20

Personality: Lydia is the daughter of Naomi Wallace. She is cunning and smart, as well as somewhat determined. Once she puts her mind to something, she is to complete the task and never look back. She believes that everyone has good in them no matter what. She has a huge heart, but people should be damned if they take that for granted because even though she is a natural leader, she could just as easily throw you out of the pack. People look up to her because of her undeniable wisdom and is barely caught crying or thinking negatively. She is always going to protect the people she loves, regardless of the circumstance and will ALWAYS do her best to set a good example. She is the complete opposite of her mother personality wise: She does not take advantage of anybody and will always spread love. She has slight attitude and sarcasm when she wants to, but also has a sense of compassion and wholeheartedness when it's needed.

Talent (No God modding, but be creative with your characters abilities): Is given three unique abilities:

1. Paralysis Shock: Taken from her mother, she is able to temporarily "freeze" a person if she stares at them long enough. It lasts up to a minute and a half.
2. Super Intelligence: She knows the unknowable, knows every fact in the book and can memorize ANYTHING within seconds.
3. Fire Manipulation: She is able to manipulate and conjure fire, a gift she received from her late grandfather.

Appearance (attach a picture and provide a description): Lydia looks nothing like her mother. She is seemed to be even more unique and beautiful, with hair that is black as night and grey eyes. Her skin is a caramel tan, and her body is curvy. She is very fit, with strong legs but a feminine figure. She dresses somewhat scandalous on her free time, but when it comes down to business she definitely dresses like a business woman.

Spoiler! :

1. Beauty'
2. Intelligence
3. Physical Strength
4. Fire
1. Trusts too easily
2. Will do anything to protect the people she loves
3. Water
Other: Is interested in love ;)

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Thu Feb 22, 2018 5:20 am
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DivinePrincess says...


Daughter of the Naomi Wallace... that's all I hear. I'm not sure why it's such a blessing; to be related to the most evil girl on the planet-- but to most people it is. Not only does hearing that sentence completely piss me off, but everyone fails to realize I'm an actual human being with feelings and emotions. I'm nothing like my idiotic, controlling, and manipulative thing of a mother.

I could get away with it if I wanted too-- not being her daughter. I definitely look more like my father. She screwed up when she was in her "experimental" stage and got herself pregnant with me. She found herself falling in love with a mortal-- a man with dark skin and a charming smile. She then had me, a daughter with caramel skin and almost white eyes. I could definitely get away with it. I could deny it all I want to, but people already know who I am from my powers. Not many girls are "blessed" with three supernatural powers. Again, to most people it's a blessing, but not me.

You need to learn how to control your powers and use them... pointless in my eyes.

My mind wanders as I walk through the dark hallway to the meeting place in the letter. Some underground office area (Not even going to lie, it kind of reminds me of those superhero movies), with labs and a whiteboard. Nobody is there but a piece of paper explaining our task.

Who are these people that want this so badly? Why don't they do it themselves?

The door slowly opens and I lean against the large desk at the center of the room as a handsome man around my age walks in, automatically making eye contact with me as a smaller girl, most likely in her teenage years, seems to be following behind him. I automatically sense something off about the girl, but I soon dismiss the thought as the man speaks.

"Lydia Taylor... I didn't..." He starts.

I interrupt him, "Don't," I say, "To the group I am Dia... No Lydia, no Taylor, I'm not my mother."

We await the others. He slowly nods and looks around the room, the little girl staying quiet behind him. I study his expression before I hesitate to open my mouth, "And who are you two?"

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Mon Mar 05, 2018 2:41 am
Europa says...

This moment might go down as the list time I ever listened to my protege. I had wanted to sneak in with everyone else when they arrived, but Lana had wanted to show up early. I hadn't expected anyone else to be there, but here I am in a room with a complete stranger.

"Hi!" Lana gave her a cheery wave. "I'm Lana."

Lydia didn't seem interested in talking with her. She only said "Uh-huh." and turned to me.

"Well, I assume you have a name too, right?"

"Well, I have a lot of favorites." I replied. When Lydia didn't seem sure how to answer I smirked and said "Right now I'm going by Adrian. That's subject to change, though. Just a word of warning."

"I'm just so excited to finally meet you!" Lana tried again. She glanced at me and checked herself "I mean, we both are. I mean, the daughter of Naiomi Wallace! That's--"

Lydia cut her of with a tense "Yeah. It's great."

I grimaced a little while Lana scrambled to fix her mistake. "No I meant, uh, it makes you the best possible choice to lead this uprising. You've got the inside knowlege, all the motivation,"

"Nice try." Lydia scowled.

"Hang on, why don't we start over?"

"Or how about we don't?"

Lana flushed and dropped her gaze. I patted her shoulder. "You'll learn soon enough Lana. Sometime's you just gotta know when to quit."

Lana was saved from any more awkwardness by another person creeping through the door. It was a girl just a little smaller than Lana. She looked pretty young, but then again, you can never tell with people like us.

"Oh...hi" The new girl said shyly. She held up a letter. The same one we'd all gotten the day before. "I got this letter. Am I in the right place?"

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Tue Mar 06, 2018 1:39 am
Kanome says...


Pela was walking towards a door to a specific location she was informed to meet. Pela took out a letter out of her tote bag that she received, requesting her services. She did not know what was going on, and what she had to do if she had refused. She remembered when she first came to the city she lived in.

She didn’t remember where she came from or who she was, but she was taken in by an elderly couple. She eventually remembered her name, Pela Crone. She had recently discovered her ability. Clairvoyance. She always knew she was different, but didn’t know how.

Pela looked at the letter. “Underground sanctuary… I guess this is it.” She looked up at the entrance, contemplating whether to go through with this or not. She took a deep breath in then let out a big sigh to keep herself calm. “Alright.” She opened the door and three other beings were inside. They all stared at her. “Oh… hi. Am I in the right place?” She held up the letter she received.

“Yeah.” A man spoke softly to her as the girl next to him came up to Pela.

“Hi there! I’m Lana. What’s your name?”

Pela felt a little awkward with the greeting she just received. “P-Pela. Heh.”



Pela put up a small smile as she heard footsteps behind her, seeing a young man walking towards the room. She was still confused of why she had to come here, but in her heart, she knew it was the right thing to do.

Hopefully, being here with provide her the answers she needs.
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Tue Mar 06, 2018 3:30 am
Chaser says...


In the ragged ribcage of the city, a cat feasted on a captured pigeon. Having fought brutally to bring it down, it tore into the weaker animal with delight, oblivious to the creature that rose from the shadows behind it.

This entity had a jagged, tumbling gait, sweeping its limbs stealthily over the sides of the alley as it moved closer. It loomed over the cat and withdrew an oblong object from its pocket. Beneath the entity’s stringy bangs of black hair, a smile split its cheeks.

The cat’s hair stood on end, and it darted its eyes around suspiciously, seeing nothing but the shadows of an empty alley. But an enormous astral pressure was crushing down on it. Slowly, the cat looked down in horror as it realized what the entity had deposited next to it: a cucumber.

The cat yowled, leaping sky-high, and in that instant, the entity burst from the shadows holding a drawstring bag. A yellow gust of light shot from the cat’s body into the bag, which quickly sealed with an impact of cloth. The cat landed on its feet, looking slightly miffed but nonetheless unafraid. Shaking its fur out, it stepped over the cucumber and continued munching at the pigeon.

The entity held up its bag nonchalantly before tucking it away in its belt. It then held up a different object, a letter addressed to the immortal Furfur Lovecraft, checking the address to the sign above the wooden door in the alley wall. It was the letter’s recipient, the immortal Furfur Lovecraft, that opened the door and stepped into the darkness to rebellion.

His vassals knew him as Furfur, a shambling demon that offset even the hardiest of foes. However, he had no vassals, he was merely a servant boy, and everyone called him Fluffles.

Fluffles walked down the dark hallway. Through the door, he could see three, maybe four people congregated in a room and watching him advance. Reaching the threshold, he stopped, looked at them all, and fell face-forward onto the floor.

The room went silent. Fluffles drew himself up slowly, then coughed. “I thought some slapstick would lighten the mood,” he professed. He looked at them all again, then walked over to the corner and sat down.

The dark-skinned woman cleared her throat. “Alright. Looks like everyone’s here."
The hardest part of writing science fiction is knowing actual science. The same applies for me and realistic fiction.

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Tue Mar 06, 2018 6:13 pm
DivinePrincess says...


I look around at everybody and nod, “Looks like everyone’s here.”

Adrian sits beside me and I clear my throat a little bit to continue talking, “I’m not very experienced at this whole leadership thing. When I got the letter, I wasn’t sure how to respond. But I’m hoping that ya’ll trust me enough to lead you through this mess as much as I trust myself. If you don’t know me already, my name is Lydia Taylor—But you can call me Dia. And if you don’t already know, I’m the only daughter of Naomi Wallace.”

Adrian nods and I flash a friendly smile at Pela, who seems nervous, and then set my eyes on everyone else in the room. There’s a man, who seems shy yet humble, who simply just stares in awe once he realizes who I am; and another young girl who looks somewhat innocent with a friendly and welcoming face. I study the three across from Adrian and nod slowly, “We have a good group. What do you think Adrian?”

“Of course,” he speaks, looking back at me, “A great start.”

I look through all the paperwork that was left on the desk in front of me, “I know my mother. She uses her face to get what she wants. She can… feed on your soul so when you encounter her be careful don’t look at her in her eyes. She can also paralyze you. That’s… That’s why they call her Medusa,” I look up at Lana and then glance right back down, “You and Adrian might be the only ones that don’t not apply to that though, as I’ve read here that ya’ll can…” I hesitate, “Generate body armor?”

Adrian nods again and I move my glace to the girl that sits infront of us, “Pela Crone… Clairvoyance. You’ll definitely come in handy although Julius Carter possesses mind control and that might be your weak point. Try your best to stay away from him.”

I look at the man who sits beside her, “And you are,” I look back down at the paper, “Furfur Lovecraft. Emotion. Fatigue and Pain. Similar powers as Julius. Although, you might have some trouble with Oliver Usain seeing as he preys on those who looks weakest. You will come in handy with my mother… she has an emotional side.”
Adrian hesitates, “And you?”

I close the book, “I possess the powers of paralysis shock like my mother, and fire manipulation. I also got gifted with extreme intelligence. My enemy seems as though it’ll be Julius. I’ll find my way through as we carry on, don’t worry about me.”

I take a deep breath and flash another smile to everyone, “Alright ya’ll. Let’s get this thing started. I’ll try my hardest to protect each and every one of you as will Adrian and remember, NOBODY gets left behind. I was told that the Hierarchy has moved locations expecting our presence. We’ll start by traveling through the Mountains in California in hopes that we can find some hints of where they’ve moved to.”

Adrian nods with everybody in agreement and I gather the paper and stick them in my backpack before leading everybody out the door, ready to find my mother and show her what she had been missing out on all these long years.

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Wed Mar 07, 2018 3:50 am
Kanome says...

Pela Crone

After the meeting was adjourned, everyone headed out of the door they first came through. Pela was walking beside the others, staring at Lydia from the corner of her eye. ‘Even though she said she doesn’t have enough experience, she seems like a natural-born leader. Wish I can be like that.’ Pela looked ahead of her, still walking beside them. She was still confused about the whole thing, but she didn’t have time to question it. At least, not at this moment.

“You’re a quiet one, aren’t you?” Adrian spoke, walking next to Pela.

“Huh? Oh. I guess so?” Pela was quite surprised to see Adrian talking to her. Then again, he seems the kind of person who would just talk to anybody. Pela squeezed the strap to her tote bag gently, trying not to make eye contact with him. Pela didn’t know what was the right response to his question, since it came out of nowhere. People don’t usually talk to her, which was why she was quite surprised that Lana and Adrian spoke to her.

“That bag must be important if you’re holding it like that!” Lana came up behind Adrian, smiling at Pela.

“Y-Yeah.” Pela opened her tote bag, only to take out a camera, holding it with both of her hands. “My camera. Sometime ago, I lost my memories so I decided to take pictures of some of my greatest memories now in case I ever lose them again. Kinda silly, huh?”

“Hmm…” Adrian placed his index finger under his chin, giving it some thought. “Not at all.”

For some reason, that wasn’t the answer she was expecting, but it did make her smile. “You guys, don’t lose focus.” Lydia spoke up to them, stopping them in their tracks as they reached their destination. Pela looked up at Lydia, still clenching her camera tightly in her hands.

‘I wonder…’
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Tue Mar 20, 2018 11:16 pm
Chaser says...


They left the underground by way of staircase, which lead back outside the building. Immediately, Dia held up a fist. “Hold up.” She edged forward, pointing at the ground. “What is that?”

“Oh.” Fluffles walked forward and retrieved his cucumber. “That’s mine. It’s for collecting fear.” He examined at it for a second, then chucked it at Adrian. “Boo.”

Adrian caught the cucumber an inch from his face, then tossed it back with an alienated look. Dia cleared her throat. “Furfur, was it? Please take this seriously.”

“Understood,” Fluffles said, saluting with the cucumber before putting it away.

Adrian led the group out of the alleyway. With a quick nod towards Dia, he led them to the street, took one look at the city, and continued down the sidewalk.

Fluffles noticed that they must have made an odd ensemble, Dia striding ahead while Adrian and Lana walked side by side. Pela was drifting nervously nearby, and Fluffles himself shambled, his limbs in physical anarchy, behind them. Upon closer analysis, perhaps he was the main cause of the oddity. Even so, the rebellion was far from a team.

Eventually, Lana broke the silence. “Shouldn’t we be more discreet about this?”

“The Hierarchy is too widespread to hide from effectively,” Adrian pointed out. “Besides, being out in public means they can’t use their powers. If necessary, we can.”

“Aside from that,” Dia murmured, “we’re already being followed.”

Trailing around five yard-lengths back was a man in a top-hat, his thumbs twiddling in front of his tailcoat. He strode forward cleanly, his eyes locked on the group of rogue immortals.

“Honestly, you should be talking to him about discretion,” Adrian said. “Guy looks like a commercial for mustache wax.”

“He’s not trying to hide himself,” Fluffles commented. The man was watching them with amusement, his steps orderly and intent on catching up with them.

“So,” Dia calmly ordered, “new plan. We dispatch that man and escape the Hierarchy surveillance.”

“Let’s take this tram,” Adrian suggested, joining the crowd at the tram stop. As they shuffled on, the man raised an eyebrow and followed them in.

They shuffled around to the back of the car, with Pela, Adrian, and Dia sitting across from Lana and Fluffles. The man followed, his prim steel-grey attire sliding past the other occupants. He sat down next to Lana and swept his gaze over them. Slowly, his eyes fell and focused on Adrian. He grinned, leaning forward.

“Avalon! It is you! By god, it’s been ages!”

Adrian sighed in relief, then replied politely, “You’ve got the wrong person. My name’s Adrian.”

The man frowned and shook his head. “That can’t be. I take utmost care to remember acquaintances.” He removed his hat, pointing to himself. “Remember? We shook the president’s hand, back during the war.”

Fluffles glanced at Adrian, who crossed his arms in discomfort. Apparently the immortal had been around longer than they knew.

“Oh, yeah,” Adrian said. “With Roosevelt, right?”

The man sighed. “No, no, don’t you remember? It was Lincoln.”

All eyes snapped to Adrian, who was now glaring at the man with anger and something like recognition.

“Avalon, right? That's what you called yourself back then. Of course, that was changed from the last one, and that from the one before.” He made a rolling gesture with his hand, sighing. “It’s rather pedantic. As for me, I have only ever been August.”

He smiled genially at all of them. “It’s nice to meet you all.”

Fluffles stared at him nonchalantly. “So, it was a Hierarchy immortal, after all.”

“The Hierarchy, yes,” August beamed, placing a hand over his heart. “The grand arbiter of supernature, our one true defender. I am, as you guessed, here on their behalf. But before that, a nice chat. I admit it’s for information purposes, but I’d love to know your names.”

Dia stared at him without flinching. “I think you already know mine.”

“Lydia Taylor, of course, and might I say how much more elegant you are in person. Your mother sends her regar-” He froze midsentence, the smugly pleasant expression on his face.

Lydia produced a knife from her pocket, leaned over and discreetly slit his throat. Her eyes hadn’t stopped glowing gold as she said, “Be ready to dispose of the body, alright?”

The rest of them nodded, and Lydia returned to her seat and closed her eyes.

“-ds.” August unfroze, and was about to continue when he noticed the bubbling slash leaking at his throat.

He sighed. “Now how did that get there?” Suddenly his neck began steaming, a blue mist searing the cut closed.

“Anyway, Avalon- Adrian, I’m so pleased you’ve finally taken a side. Now we’ll see whose ideals hold true, won’t we?”

Adrian grit his teeth and looked away. “It won’t be yours,” he muttered lamely.

August sighed and smiled. “Maybe not, maybe not. I can’t say the Hierarchy is a utopia. But, it is a way towards it, and for now I will continue upon that path. A gentleman’s devotion is his soul. And I am trying.” He grinned apologetically at all of them.

“Well, I guess that concludes the pleasantries of our rendezvous. We’ll continue this conversation at the feet of the Hierarchy, if you’re willing or still physically capable. Apologies, my power tends to kill indiscriminately.”

“What, you want to blow your cover in a place like this?” Dia said.

“I’m not suited to be one of you, you know?” August lamented, leaning from side to side. As he did, Lana’s eyes widened as August’s hand turned to liquid and plunged down her throat, blocking her lungs. “After all, my power isn’t as strong or inspiring as yours. But it is quite subtle, and deadly to boot.”

Adrian started upward, and Dia held him back. The rest of them looked at each other apprehensively.

“Of course, the first one to die will cause a panic,” August mulled as Lana gagged. “And witnesses make a job dreadfully messy.

“So, I’ll request that you please empty this tram,” he said politely, “before she drowns.”

Dia glanced at Adrian, who grit his teeth. “Furfur. Clear the place.”

Fluffles stood up, drawing the bag from his belt. Placing it in the middle of the cart, he sucked in a breath and pulled the bag open. A spiral of yellow light erupted from the bag, mushrooming out and washing over the civilians in the tram. Some shot to their feet, others stiffened and glanced around warily. With that flash of light, Fluffles had instilled in them the emotion of the cat and cucumber: absolute, damning terror.

Like drifting bubbles of acid, the civilians got up and shuffled towards the exits. The driver too, exited the tram, only looking back to lock the door behind him. August smiled as he heard the key turn. Dragging Lana to the middle of the aisle, he faced them all.

“Now then,” he said, burning mist peeling from his body, “let’s get to the massacre, shall we?”
The hardest part of writing science fiction is knowing actual science. The same applies for me and realistic fiction.

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Wed Mar 21, 2018 1:39 pm
DivinePrincess says...


Everything happened so quickly. My eyes darted all over the place, just as the strange man stood there with Lana. My senses began to tingle and my eyes connected with Adrian’s in confidence that this encounter will be the least of our worries. We have much bigger to come.

This man’s power seemed to be unique, but it was absolutely nothing compared to all of our combined. He even said It himself, ‘my power isn’t as strong or inspiring as yours…’

My eyes slowly turned red as my body temperature increases with every breath I take. The look on Lana’s face only made me stronger. Nobody gets left behind. Adrian’s skin somehow gets tighter and Fluffles stood behind us.

“Lana, I’m going to give you instructions, okay?” I glance around at my surroundings, “I need to make sure you hear me. Okay? You need to give me a sign that you can hear me.”

Pela’s eyes widen as her powers slowly generate and I do not ask her what she sees or doesn’t see, for the clear fact that if I did Lana would just completely freak out.

Lana kicks her feet slightly, struggling against the man, and I nod, ”Okay. Great. I need you to make eye contact with me, please. Do that for me. Look into my eyes.”

Adrian grabs my arm, “What the hell are you thinking? You want her to be paralyzed? What good would that do?”

“Adrian shut up. This isn’t the time to question me. If she makes eye contact with me and her body shuts down then she won’t feel any pain and we can get her out of there and heal her later. She’s not going to be able to get her away from him with her awake.”

Adrian hesitates to believe me but just slowly nods to agree, “Okay. Do it.”
I look at Lana once again, “Okay. Ready?”

She shakes her head in fear, the man’s hand shoving back down her throat, “You two blow me,” he laughs, “Thinking that paralyzing her will—,” He makes eye contact with me instead of Lana and he freezes.

I flash a cocky smile and look at Adrian, the man’s powers shutting down for a temporary amount of time, “Handle that. He’s only paralyzed for a couple minutes so get Lana out of there while we still can.”

Fluffles and Pela stand behind us in complete and udder disbelief as Adrian grabs the man’s wrist and breaks it to remove Lana from his grasp.

Lana bursts out into three large breaths and the paralysis bond breaks on a man, as my skin starts to scorch and become even hotter.

“Hah. You’re mother taught you well. I forgot you had her abilities along with your grandfathers. I see how hot your skin is getting,” He smiles, nodding, “It would be a shame if your friends had to see you dead. What a great leader, right?”

My hands turn to flames and I glance at Adrian who nods at me in approval. Right then and there, this was the first time I’ve actually seen Adrian for who he was and little butterflies start in my stomach. I’m not sure what that means, but all I know is it means he believes in me and knows I can do this.

The man starts running at me and I counterattack, tripping him and holding his arm behind his back—in the process burning his skin and neutralizing his own power. He elbows my stomach and grabs my neck, pulling me above him even though holding my central area scorches his own hand as well.

“Not good enough,” He mutters, as I head-butt him and force my own hand down his throat, burning is insides and looking at Adrian, “Finish this. His power is neutralized.”

I watch Adrian do his thing, breaking the man’s bones one by one by one. I step back into the group, my powers lowering back into my body and my heartbeat slowing back to it’s normal pace. Once my skin turns back to my normal color, you can clearly see the hand marks around my neck.

Once Adrian takes care of the man, I force the tram door open and just start walking as if nothing happened. “Let’s go guys. This fight was the least of our problems."

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Fri Mar 23, 2018 6:37 pm
kat13254 says...


After my parents found out my location they went through hell and back to try to get me back under their control again. 

'Never again' I mutter under my breath, thinking of all the abuse they put me through. Once I was chosen before I could even remember, they isolated me and treated me like I was the scum of the Earth. So many times I've thought if they hadn't wanted a child so bad, and the fact I was a registered supernatural they would've killed me on the stop. I wouldn't put it past them. I was supposed to meet this group of supernaturals who were trying to start a rebellion. I never grew up seeing the hierarchy, so seeing them at 19 for the first time, I could easily see how corrupt they are. Then my parents found me and here I am, on a mountain Lydia told me they would be travelling to. Isolated yeah, but thats what I'm used to.

I shiver, before catching myself about to fall back into looking at old memories. No. I'm not allowed to think of back then. I'm strong. I can get over this. I only have one fear, and it's them. The hierarchy is nothing. 

I hear footsteps nearing me, I duck behind the rock I'm sitting by, when I hear the voice I've heard only a few times before, I know it's them.

I step out, and instantly I see them tense. 

"Lydia Taylor right? I'm Scarlette Rose, we talked a few times before."

"Call me Dia, and yes. You're our last member. Everyone meet Scarlette." I see a few of their eyes looking at me and I feel slightly intimidated, these guys all have powers... They're dangerous... No stop it! I can't be thinking like this. I will myself into Lydia's mind and get the impression she's trusting me, and if she's supposed to be the leader that means the others should follow suit. At least I'd assume so, I've never truly understood how packs work. Wolves do something similar, the ones who used to come by my little forest used to love when I'd tickle them with the vines, and the mother would always introduce me to her babies.

"I think I remember you saying something about her," the young looking guy says, "She can control nature right?"

"Yeah, you're right Adrian. Oh yeah, this is Adrian, and these are the other." She introduces them each in turn, and I try to remember each one using a specific feature of their face. The one introduced as 'Fluffles', although Adrian mentions his name is actually Furfur, his eyes, they're intriguing, the emotionless way they portray him. 

I always learned by the creatures that used to visit me how to learn people through their eyes, the eyes give away so much and I found if I use my connection to earth to follow them I can get a slight grasp of what someone is feeling, and if their thoughts are loudly projected, I can usually get hints at them. 

"So, before we go forward we should make sure she's not a hierarchy spy. Don't you think Dia?" The girl, Lana says, pulling me out of my focus. 

"I don't think we nee-"

"Oh no worries. I understand distrust so I'm happy to prove my powers" I take the grass sitting on the ground beside us, willing it to grow into large Morning Glory's. They're one of my favourites, and they're common in this region. I will them to life and allow them to tickle everyone, making Pela almost follow over, she was so quiet I let them pay her special attention to make her laugh as they run themselves by her using their flowers to brush her hair and tickle her neck. I thank them for allowing me to manipulate them and allow them to climb around the nearby bushes and rocks, and unanimate themselves. 

I end with a smile on my face, loving to hear the voices and playful giggling the flowers and vines always carry with them. The sights they've seen and the stories they've heard. Every time I allow something to come to life, it's draining, but it fills me with a different kind of energy. 

"So Lydia, Adrian, do you think I am who I say I am?"

"Dia, and yes, although I didn't need that proof I knew you were who you said you were," Something I've never understood is nicknames, so I just choose not to use them. 

"Good, so now that we're all here are we ready to keep going?"

There's a small wave of yeps and nods, and with that Lydia starts on the path again, and I follow, feeling like an outsider. That's just who I am, an outsider. I have my plants and me, well and the animals too, they just always trust me, probably because of my connection with nature.
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Europa says...

Lana King
Scarlette jogged up beside Adrian and I. The poor kid still looked a little nervous, but she didn't keep to herself. I'd seen her earlier in the back talking with Pela. Those two seemed to click really well, I mean I didn't hear what they were talking about or anything but they seemed really into it. Now it looked like Scarlett's was wanting to make friends with the two of us.

"So," she broached "body armor?"

"Yep!" I smile at her. "Mine's carbon, his is metal. But I've got other skills too."

"Really? What?"

"Well," I raised one of my hands for her to see and let some of the armor grow around my index finger. It formed a little shell and then sharpened itself to a point. "I can also grow weapons."

"Wow!" She stared like she'd never seen it before, which she probably hadn't. I peeled the little piece of armor off and help it in my palms.

"Plus it's biodegradable, so you know, helping the Earth!" Scarlette watched in fascination as it crumbled away to black dust, which I brushed off onto the street.

"Lana," Dia called back "be careful with that dust. Someone might track it if you leave too much"

"Oh come on!" My stomach rumbled insistently so I pulled a granola bar out of my pocket and started unwrapping it. "We took care of that stalker guy, didn't we?"

"'That stalker guy' isn't the least of our problems. The Hierarchy has deep pockets. You should know that by now."

She was right. I should. But maybe not for the reasons she was thinking. "Okay, okay. I'll be careful." Behind her back I rolled my eyes and made a face. Scarlette stifled a laugh.
Dis glanced back and she immediately swallowed it. "Anyway, I never caught you guys' names."

"Right! I'm Lana, and Mr. Strong Silent over there is Adrain. He's training me."

Adrian glanced over and gave Scarlette a friendly nod.

Scarlette tipped her head to the side. "Do all supernaturals take on mentorships?"

"No, Adrian's just weird."

"Hey!" Adrian laughed. He reached over and flipped my ponytail into my face. I shook it out, spitting hair out of my mouth. Scarlette looked up at Adrian.

"Could you teach me too?"

Adrian shook his head. "Sorry. I don't know how your power works. Besides, I like to stick to one neucence at a time." He flipped my hair in my face again. I sputtered, pulling more strands of hair from my mouth.

"You're a neucence!"

We'd decided to stay the night in a little abandoned campsite just on the edge of the mountains. We all sat around a tiny campfire, which was easy to light thanks to Dia

"Can I ask something?" Scarlette asked haltingly.

"Of course." Dis said encouragingly.

"Well, I was just thinking...I mean the Hierarchy has been in power for a long time so...I guess I just wanted to know why you all decided to do this."

Dia didn't hesitate in answering. "Because I want to prove I'm more than my mother's daughter. She's nothing but a tyrant, just like the rest of them." She scowled into the fire. "And I won't rest until I see them burn."

There was a long moment of silence after. Surprisingly, Pela was the one who broke it. "I've seen what will happen if the Hierarchy stays in power."she shuddered a little. "I want to stop it from happening."

They all looked at me.

"Oh! My turn? Well...I guess it's just the right thing to do."

Fluffles shrugged limply. "I joined because the letter told me to." He answered flatly. Dia frowned at him. He blinked owlishly back at her. Dia shook her head and looked away.

"Adrian, what about you?"

"Hm?" Adrian, who'd been staring into the fire up until this point, started like some one had poked him in the side with a sharp stick. "Oh." He shrugged "My schedule was open. Thought I might as well see how it all goes down."

Dia stared at him for a second. "What."

He ignored the steel in her voice. "I guess I was bored."

"You were bored?" Dia repeated incredulously.

"Listen, Lydia." He turned toward her and leaned his arms on his knees.

"Dia." She corrected sharply

"Lydia, Dia, whatever works. Your young, so I'm not surprised you don't see things like I do, but I've been alive for not even I know how long and I've seen enough to know that nothing's permanent. Not the British empire, not the Third Reich, not the Hierarchy. I figured it was just a matter of time before a ragtag group of plucky upstarts decided to unseat them, and way later on down the line someone else will get sick of us and eventually we'll all either end up dead or in hiding. So forgive me if I don't share your optimism."

All throughout this, Dia had been looking more and more like her head was going to explode. She opened her mouth, probably to give him a piece of her mind.

Time to switch on the old Lana Charm. "Don't get too mad at him, Dia. It's just his way."

Dia turned her glare on me. It was a wonder I didn't freeze right there.

"He really does believe the Hierarchy has to go, he's just...a little more future minded, that's all."

Dia looked back over at him. He shrugged again. She kept her gaze on him. Then it cleared.

"I'll take your word for it."

— Someone Incredibly Noncommittal