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The Academy For Heroes-In-Training VII

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Wed Jan 24, 2018 12:39 am
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Lumi says...


After being picked up by FOX Films, the budget concerns facing The Academy dissipated overnight. This semester, a spring semester, The Academy will take place in its own pocket dimension. Staff from all universes of heroes have been hired, and the presiding Headmaster is Bruce Wayne, as portrayed by Christian Bale. How FOX got ahold of him, we don't ask. But what we do ask is that you enjoy your stay here at The Academy as our documentary follows the lives of 7-10 students in particular.

You may be the son of Daredevil, or the daughter of The Flash. The sky is the limit, but you're here to learn, which means you are no fully-fledged hero in your own rights.

You will be sent on missions to varying universes. You will be examined as if you were a typical high school student; but above all, you will be expected to perform well for the documentary.

I. Character Slots
1. Martha Selena Wayne - Lumi
2. Spinacia Oleracea - chibibo
3. Omega Zero - Tortwag
4. Aznera - saentiel
5. Lamia Aleptys - Tortwag
6. Leon Shimada - Sheytato

II. Character Template
Code: Select all
1. What is your full name, and which hero are you related to; how?

2. Describe your powers for us. And if you don't have any, what makes you incredible?

3. What are your weaknesses? How may you learn to overcome them?

4. How would you describe the way you act around others? How about alone?

5. Please describe your physical appearance for identification purposes.

6. Do you have any nemeses? If so, who or what are they?

7. Have you attended a semester of The Academy before? If so, what brings you back to us?

III. Rules
1. All SB Forum rules apply.
2. All posts must be in third person.
3. If you are overpowered, your character will be re-tuned by administration.
4. Your character may be from any universe, including your own.
5. All 7c7 discussion will occur in the Discussion Thread.

IV. Loyalty Ping
Spoiler! :
@Tortwag - @BrumalHunter - @TheSilverFox - @chibibo - @Steggy
@Ventomology - @Rosendorn - @saentiel - @Sheytato - @soundofmind

V. Bonus Footage
For our darker cuts of reel, we have produced a Bonus Footage Screening. Viewer Discretion is Advised.
I am a forest fire and an ocean, and I will burn you just as much
as I will drown everything you have inside.
-Shinji Moon

I am the property of Rydia, please return me to her ship.

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Thu Feb 15, 2018 5:23 pm
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Lumi says...


Lesson One

How unnatural is it for a girl to look to her father for strength? For someone raised above the broiling turmoil on the streets of Gotham, Martha wasn't satisfied with her life in any regard, nor had she ever been. For her dissertation, she'd written about the rotten nature of humanity, titled Nineteen Years in the Dark, which garnered critical disdain from her professors. Disdain, that is, until her father ripped away his donation stream from her finishing school.

It always was like this for Martha, who made a closed-door decision to take up the mantle of her parents and don a mask back home.

All this considered, Martha was strong, intelligent, refined, and unabashed by danger. But she was not independent. Daddy always came to the rescue when there was trouble, and she made a further closed-door decision to distance herself from the Wayne family name--until those closed doors opened to her father with abundant news.


A young blonde girl stood at Martha's door, watching her dress her room. The walls and windows were covered in black tapestry, and cybernetics were arranged in the corner. She had an antique dresser by her bed, In a nook by the entrance to her bathroom was set up a small sitting area with a Ouija board splayed on a table, her Tarot deck piled beside it.

"You sure do like the color black, don'tcha?"

Martha turned her eyes over her shoulder. "I only work in black," tucking her hair behind her ear, "or sometimes a very dark shade of grey."

"So your dad is like...the head honcho here. Why are you slumming it with the rest of us?"

"Because, Martini, unlike most of you, I'd like to distance myself from my father."

Martini pursed her lips and crossed her arms. "Have you read the list of residents in our hall? Apparently some alien chick rolled up this morning. Like, really alien, Martha."

"Don't be rude, Martini."

"She's got a tail, Martha."

Martha turned her head to glare a hole in Martini's forehead. But then she stopped, finishing hanging her flame-retardant suit (dark grey) in her closet. "Fine. I want to see the alien girl, too." She slowly composed herself and pulled her hat into a ponytail. "Take me to her, Ladybug."

Martini practically jumped for joy. "You used my hero name! Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygoddddddd!" She squealed. "We're going to be best friends and I'll take you to New York for a holiday to meet my d--"

"On second thought, I hear aliens prefer lone company." She shoved Martini into her room, locked the door, and briskly walked towards the cafeteria, ignoring the calls for her to return from Ladybug.
I am a forest fire and an ocean, and I will burn you just as much
as I will drown everything you have inside.
-Shinji Moon

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Thu Feb 15, 2018 5:24 pm
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cheeb says...


“Stop squirming, dear.”
“This armour is too tight, Mother.”
“Yes, well. We only had old sets of mine, and you’ve gotten bigger than I ever was. There was no time to have a new set made.”

Spinacia shuffled uncomfortably again as they stepped through the Academy gates. She could see the enormous building that made up the residential block of the school, the wide green plains littered with picnic tables and sports fields, and - most importantly - a set of exercise equipment, complete with punching bags and weighted accessories. Spinacia suppressed an excited grin and began to run forward to inspect the equipment and that’s when it happened: her excitement was replaced with horror as she heard a ripping sound.
“Oh… crapbaskets.”

Language, dear!” said Chikori with a sigh. “I was afraid that would happen. Here,” she added, handing Spinacia a towel from her luggage, “wrap this around your waist.”
“No, no, wait. I think I can…wait…” With an awkward twist, Spinacia glanced down and watched her tail unfurl itself from her waist, and curl up into a tight spiral to cover up the split seam.
“That works,” Chikori said, repacking the towel. “Although if you used this, you’d always know where your towel is.”
“I don’t understand the importance of that.”
“No, you were never a big reader, were you? Let me look at this map again.”
The older Saiyan scanned the map of the Academy and narrowed her eyes. “This way.”
They turned and started crossing the green oval to their right, towards the clearly-marked administration building - Spinacia glanced left and right at the students they passed, some of whom regarded her with mild interest.
“In here, dear.” Chikori indicated the door next to the admin office.
“Ooh, clothes!” Spinacia exclaimed, pleased, and ran inside the shop.

Ten minutes later, she stepped out of the changing room in a brand new outfit, and looked meekly at her mother. “How… does it look?”
“You look fine. I didn’t think you cared much about appearance, anyway.”
“I just thought… Master Noion wouldn’t approve. It’s not the traditional Saiyan uniform, so…”
Chikori narrowed her eyes. “Your father isn’t here to judge.”

She turned to the register and handed some coins to the girl behind the counter; Spinacia looked on with a bewildered expression.
“Mother, there’s something I don’t understand,” she said as they left the store. “We are the wife and daughter of Master Noion. Why did we not simply take our share of clothing, instead of giving that girl that… money?”
Chikori hesitated, and tried to choose her words carefully. “Well… this world. Noion doesn’t…” She closed her eyes for a moment and put her hands on her daughter’s shoulders. “Spinacia, while you’re here, I want you to learn the customs of this place, and these people. Think about the way this world works and how any other worlds you visit work, and think about the way your father does things, and… just keep an open mind, okay?”
Spinacia nodded thoughtfully. Then her expression brightened. “I understand! This world doesn’t belong to Master Noion, so here we are on the same level as everyone else.”
Chikori smiled.
“In that case,” Spinacia said, beaming with inspiration, “do you think Master Noion would be proud of me if I conquered this Academy for his empire?”
… Baby steps.

Spoiler! :

Also, she's not actually going to try to conquer the Academy; that was just an end-of-post gag. Let's say Chikori talked her out of it offscreen.
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the user formerly known as chibibo

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Thu Feb 15, 2018 5:25 pm
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Lumi says...


"I really love your belt, Spinoccio."

"Oh, this thing? I just - it's Spinacia, by the way - I just bought it from the shop next to the admin office. My Saiyan armour had a... wardrobe malfunction? Anyway, your belt looks even better! Is that a can of shark spray on it? And a boomerang? And a taser? And a grappling hook? And a--"

"Are you done?"

"Almost. And a Hydroponic Roll Baker? Okay, done now."

"A Hypersonic Road Breaker, yes." She peered over Spinoccio's shoulder, looking for that damned tail, and then realized her terrible mistake. "...and...heeeeere I thought folks of your species sported rather smashing tails. You make us humans seem so dull--"

Spinoccio swished Spinoccio's tail. It was Spinoccio's belt the whole time. "Yep! You can look, but don't touch! It's very sensitive."

Martha winked. "I'll keep that in mind for later!" She peered it over and then looked over the girl's wild hairdo. "How the L'Oreal did you do that?"

Spinoccio glanced over her shoulder. "Do what?"

"Well, I just mean...your hair, Spinoccio?"

Spinoccio shrugged. "I just used a couple of hair ties. Also, um, I'm Spinacia. Spi-nah-chee-ah." She smiled awkwardly, as if to say 'no hard feelings but for real it isn't that difficult'.

"Your parents named you...after...a lettuce." Martha deflated a bit.

"After the strongest vegetable in the universe!" Spinacia exclaimed. "Did you know there's an old Saiyan legend that tells of a sailor who, armed with nothing more than spinach, rescued the love of his life from a deserted island and slew the terrible cyclops that had kidnapped her? It's kind of ironic that after that, my power level didn't quite... anyway. Marty - can I call you Marty -"

"Only my friends call me that."

"Great! Marty it is, then."

Martha raised an eyebrow. "Spin, would you like to spar?"

Spinacia's eyes lit up and she opened her mouth in glee. "I would love nothing more than to spar with my best friend! It'll give me a chance to start my rigorous training here."

"Alright, then! I have a gravity room on lockdown, and we can render any environment we want, so how about we put up our dukes and let's get down to it?"

Spin nodded a dozen times. "Hit me with your best shot!"

Martha smirked. "Fire away."
I am a forest fire and an ocean, and I will burn you just as much
as I will drown everything you have inside.
-Shinji Moon

I am the property of Rydia, please return me to her ship.

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Mon Feb 19, 2018 9:58 pm
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Magebird says...


If her many relatives could have had a say in the matter, they would have all been present for her arrival at the school she would spend the next portion of her life at. But if the entire group came, it would present the tricky task of how they would all arrive. Her parents, of course, had to be there. Aunt Glis was also a necessity, as she was the only one of them that could teleport. And, while there was no need for his presence, she wanted Uncle Aleks to be there.

So tearful goodbyes were exchanged the morning prior to her departure, and she set off with her four relatives of choice in tow. Despite her dad's many reassurances that a dangerous situation wouldn't arise, Uncle Aleks had brought with him his beloved sword. Aunt Glis soon followed suit. Nera had grown up in a time of relative peace. Their precautions seemed excessive to her, but they had both been witness to a chaotic period of war.

They appeared in front of the school's gate. The distance traveled made even Aunt Glis nauseous, and they took a moment to recuperate after the last teleportation particles disappeared. Then color returned to all of their cheeks, and they turned to face the school.

Growing up in the hallways of castles and elaborate bases, it was difficult for a building to wow her. But the school was truly impressive; she had never seen something of its magnitude, and it somehow managed to reflect the power of those that resided within it. She felt a strange mix of excitement and pride. This building would become like a second home to her (or a third or a fourth or a subsequent number, as she had many relatives and loved their homes as much as her own). It seemed fitting for a school of heroes. One could only imagine what she might be taught inside of its walls.

She reached her hand into her pocket. A large family meant being in the center of all sorts of conflicting and different personalities. Reading people had never been a difficult task, but she still felt comforted when her fingers rubbed against the paper of Aunt Liz's note. School had not gone well for her, but she tried not to impart a negative view on her niece. If that was what Nera wanted, then so be it.

“Do you have everything?” her mom asked, surveying her outfit. Her daughter's independence was nothing new, but entering a strikingly different environment was nerve-wracking even for the queen of the Nether. How was she ever going to get by without her mom's scheduling and general sense of organization? Her life would surely become a mess once they went their separate ways.

“I do,” Nera said. She had checked several times the night before, and Ro had given it a certificate of approval when she had stopped by that morning. “And if I don't, I'll call.”

Her dad sniffled. His tendency to act over the top had been a point of contention a few years back, but now she was oddly attached to it now. Thinking about it now only made her wish that she wasn't leaving in the first place. “I'm going to miss you, Azzie!”

“I'll keep in touch,” she promised.

“You better,” Uncle Aleks threatened, leaning forward and messing with her hair. Her eyes lingered on his sword. He was her sparring partner and her teacher. She didn't know what she was going to do without him. Whenever she had a problem, he was the one that she went to. Her parents were always wells of advice, but neither one understand – their childhood had been centuries ago. Her uncle, though he was her relative in name only, had been a teenager only two decades before.

They understood each other.

She took a deep breath.

“Well,” she said, “I should probably be going now.”

The four adults reluctantly wished her goodbye – hugs were exchanged, as well as kisses she barely tolerated. Then they were gone, swallowed up by the bright purple particles that were only associated with the teleportation of an enderman.

She suspected a good portion of her nights would be spent chatting with her family. They would talk about her adventures, and the chosen ones from Earth would impart their words of wisdom on how to overcome the struggles she was bound to face. Life would be tumultuous, as it always was. But, for now, she was one of the many new students standing at the gates of the impressive school before her.

And she couldn't wait for this chapter of her life to begin.

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Fri Feb 23, 2018 5:47 pm
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cheeb says...


"I can't believe this is really real!" Spinacia exclaimed, running her hand over the wall of the gravity chamber. "Like... for real!"
Martha waited as Spinacia excitedly examined every switch on the environment simulator's interface. "We could fight inside a volcano! Can we fight inside a volcano?"
"I wouldn't recommend it. The simulator raises the temperature to match."
"You're right. We should save that one for after lunch. Really get a sweat going!"
Martha scratched her head, but didn't comment.

"Ooh. Okay, how about this one? 'Barren wasteland amid a series of mountains'."
"Actually, those look more like plateaus."
"Well, either way. Something seems nostalgic about it. Not sure why, 'cause I've lived on a spaceship my whole life, but anyway..."
"Go for it, then."

Spinacia entered her selection and flipped the switch. Instantly, the whole chamber began to change - pillars of rock began rising from the floor. One of them began to form under Spinacia's feet, lifting her up and up - she wobbled a little, but kept her balance. Martha joined her on the plateau after an impressive display of parkour on the still-forming rocks.

The two shifted their poses into sparring stances. For a second, neither moved - they simply stared one another in the eyes. Their eyes then started to dart around, observing every inch of their opponent. Finally... Martha moved.
Spinacia raised her fist to block Martha's punch.and with her other hand went in for one of her own. Martha grabbed her wrist and threw it aside, twisting Spinacia's torso in the process, and swung her left foot up, connecting with Spinacia's right ribs, forcing a fairly large gasp of air out of Spinacia's mouth. Spinacia jumped into the air, flipped backwards and landed behind Martha, aiming a kick to her head as she did so. Martha almost dodged it entirely - Spinacia's boot grazed the left side of her face. As Spinacia landed, they stared each other down, panting.

Martha smirked. "So can you show me anything I haven't seen a thousand times before?"
Spinacia narrowed her eyes slightly. "Well... I can try." She jumped back a bit and raised her hands up, holding them level with the left side of her head. She then curled her fingers into a hook-like shape. She stared down Martha and called out two words Martha couldn't make heads or tails of.
"Galick Gun..."

Instantly, a bright glow began to form from her hands. Martha's eyes widened, and she reached for her belt -
Martha felt the heat emanating from the brilliant white blast flowing from Spinacia's outstretched hands as, with barely a second to spare, she launched herself off the plateau and fired her grappling hook at another one nearby.

The blast of energy enveloped the rocky tower in a blinding glare. Dust and debris scattered into the air with a ferocious speed, cutting Martha's cheek. Again, she fired her grappling hook onto another ledge and rappelled up with her boots digging into the rough terrain. Once sturdy, she grinned. "I have to hand it to you," she said, panting slightly, as she brushed herself off, "I absolutely have not seen that before."

"Well, thank you! You must be very sheltered!"

Martha laughed--"Oh no, I'm quite familiar with explosions."--and fetched a device from her belt, clicked it onto her gloves before launching herself through the air to connect her fist with Spinacia's, causing a bright bomb-flash. Spinacia flipped hand-over-feet to dodge the explosions with Martha fast on her trail.

Finally, Spinacia got her footing against the wall and dove back, bashing Marty's ribcage with her leg. Staggered, Martha failed to block her volley of punches--just before diving back and releasing a rush of ki blasts that shot Martha off the plateau and into the ravine below.

As the dust settled, Spinacia crossed her arms, trying to spot her sparring partner. Failing this, she closed her eyes to sous out her location.

Down below, Martha crouched by a rock trickling with spring water. It would be to her advantage to use it, she figured, so at the same moment, she splashed the stream and shot a rock on the other side of the ravine, and watched as Spinacia tried to choose a target.

She can split herself into multiple forms! Spinacia thought wildly. She backed up towards the wall of the chamber and watched the surrounding area carefully.

Martha ground her teeth together, growing angry at the lack of motion. From her belt, she retrieved several bangsnaps (also known as "Lil' Splodeys", Throwdowns, snap-its, poppers, poppies, pop-its, snappers, whip'n pops, Pop Pop Snappers, whipper snappers, fun snaps, party snaps, pop pops , whiz-bangers, snap'n pops or "'bangers"') with nano-propellers on their rear. With two hands, she threw them out into both routes of the canyon, grappling behind an upper plateau's stalagmite.

Spinacia jumped over to a nearby platform as the one she had been on began to tremble, and crumbled to dust just as she left it. Desperately, she moved her hands into their attack pose again and focused on the direction from which one of the sounds had come.


No, thought Martha.


Stop! It! Martha commanded in her head.


OH SHIIIIIIIIII---- Martha flipped her watch and slammed the gravity controls. The pressure rose by 10x instantly, causing the blast of light and energy to take an Olympic nose-dive dead into the ground.

The rocks suddenly became vapor. And as they hit the ground, Spinacia and Martha (who were eerily close together) found it hard to stand.

"That... was a... smart move..." Spinacia panted. "How are y-"

Director: It hurt badly enough to interrupt you?
Spinacia: Have you ever been punched in the face by a bat-kid?
Director: No...?
Spinacia: >.> How about a Saiyan...?

End Cutaway

"Now come on. That wasn't polite, I just wanted to ask -"
"Hey! That was my nose! Will you just lis-"
"Okay. Okay... it doesn't bother me." It doesn't bother me...
... it bothers me, it bothers me a lot!

Spinacia's nerves were just about shot. All she wanted to ask was whether Martha, like herself, was at her limit - and judging by her sloppy, yet strong™, punches, she likely was. Barely able to control herself at this point, Spinacia unleashed a massive wave of ki, stopping Martha in her tracks. Almost all of the remaining rocks around them were crushed into dust by the pure energy - then all of a sudden, it was gone. Spinacia fought to keep her eyes open, but she watched her opponent stumble towards her once more... and then fall to the ground, unconscious. She dropped to her knees, exhausted.

"Congratulations, Student No. 8675309, you are victorious.

Spinacia slowly climbed up onto one of the few plateaus that hadn't been entirely reduced to rubble, raised her arms up and stretched, as she stood victorious, if battered.
"I hereby take this plateau in the name of Master Noion!" she said trimphantly. A moment later the plateau turned into a wireframe and then vanished, dropping the Saiyan unceremoniously to the ground.
"Ow!" she yelped, as her tail rubbed her sore behind. "I guess that's for the best - Mother said I probably shouldn't conquer anything while I was here."

As Spinacia panted for air, the gravity suddenly released from the chamber, as well as the battle terrain. As she looked up, a tall, dark-clothed man walked into the chamber, clapping slowly for her performance.

Spoiler! :

"That... was a... smart move..." Spinacia panted. "How are y-"
"OW! You punched me in the face -"

What did Mother tell me I should do in this situation?
Chikori's voice came into Spinacia's head, clear as a bell.
Spinacia, if you ever find yourself being punched repeatedly in the face, always remember to -
the user formerly known as chibibo

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Mon Mar 05, 2018 4:20 pm
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TinkerTwaggy says...

Lamia Aleptys – Back to square one

Sometimes, I feel almost bad for the Orcs.‘Cept… Not really.

Lamia chuckled wholeheartedly as she finished watching the silent walkthrough video of Orcs Must Die 2, once again happy to see the download percentage advancing steadily on her Steam app. Whenever she checked it. It was beautiful, too: this game had everything a Knaaren would like.
Killing – which was a staple.
Placing traps – another staple.
Hunting, fast or slow – a side-entertainment.
And fun-loving comments of the main character that adores his job.
Surely, it was the best game to let Lamia be introduced to the wonderful world of entertainment: and since the gems the Teensies had given her were worth quite a lot in this world, she had had the great idea to go shopping for whatever she wanted a few days before coming to the Academy, and add the prized items to her cave – still placed below the Academy, and luckily, nobody had touched it.

A sudden alarm resounded in the shadowy room – from an alarm clock, another of the items she’d bought – which informed her that introduction classes would start soon. Though they mostly had free quarters today, Lamia would prefer not to be late. She rose from her large chair and stretched her limbs. She climbed the stairs that led back to the surface world and went out of her cave, enjoying the rays of the floating sun above her head. Ah… Today, today could be quite a good day.


“What is that?!”


"I don't know! Run!”


“Somebody call the Torch!”

Or a very, very bad day. Whichever.


After dodging, deflecting, countering and surviving countless attacks from fellow unsuspecting newcomers, morphing back into her Fairy form along the way and properly convincing a few more that she was, indeed, the same person, Lamia was finally allowed to reach her class – and amazingly, she wasn’t late. She wasn’t in a mood to pay much attention yet, though, mostly because the forced morning exercise had been tiring. Ah, but she did specify a necessary thing at the end of her own, personal introduction to the class.

“Yeah, so, I have a monster form, please don’t attack it anymore.” had been her concluding sentence.

With that out of the way, Lamia was free to explore the Academy, choose a club – and she was interested in the musical one since well, she’d rather not have bought an electric guitar to not use it – or have practice matches with other students. That last activity seemed to be especially popular, and she could see why quite easily. She smirked to herself as she reached a hallway in one of the school building’s first floor, slowly walking while enjoying the view. Preys, all of them. But predators, too – all of them, still. She had no idea who among them had the potential to be one or the other. And that, was most exciting.

“I’d like to apologize on behalf of the entire staff for what happened this morning.” a voice suddenly said.

Looking on the side, Lamia saw Wonder Woman: and as she remembered, she had spoken without greeting. Lamia grinned. “Nah, it’s fine,” she replied. “Kinda used to it. Not used to you not being the headmaster, though.”

“I have more… specialized priorities, now.” she conceded. “But still, you being used to your status doesn’t make it better. Though I suppose you should know better than to go out in your real form.”

Lamia pouted. “It’s been a while, and I forgot humans were sensitive. And don’t call it my real form, it makes it sound like this one isn’t.”

“It’s not?”

“It’s just not the one I was born with. It may be a bit lost on y’all non-magic folks.”

“I’ll have you know my lasso of truth can teach you one thing or two about magic.”

“Is that thing in your movie? I saw posters about that the other day.”

“I didn’t watch it yet. Apparently, I won’t be disappointed, but I’ll be the judge of that. At any rate, welcome to the Academy again, Lamia. Hopefully this time, you won’t be in huge trouble straight away.”

Lamia laughed. “Thanks, Teach! I should be fine. And just in case, I got some laser-washing powder with me.”

Wonder Woman’s smile disappeared. “...Is that the name of your magical artifacts?”

“I read the wiki: Rayman 3 was an interesting game.”

“I’ll take your word for it. Enjoy the tour, and be ready for the missions, tomorrow.” and with that, Wonder Woman walked away, leaving Lamia alone with her thoughts.

“...I wonder if Orcs Must Die 2 finished downloading...” she asked herself. Then, as she walked through the hallway to get back to her lair, an absurd image of Wonder Woman playing Rayman 3 while watching her own movie and eating nachos came into her mind. She immediately burst out laughing. Why was it so hard to picture legendary heroes doing normal activities?
"Is there a limit to how much living I can live with my life? How will I know if I've gone too far?
And why did I spend my life savings on sunglasses for a whale?
I shall find the answers... to these questions."

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Mon Mar 05, 2018 4:46 pm
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TinkerTwaggy says...

Omega Zero & Mother Elf

Ultimate VS Ultimate:
Offense & Defense Lv1

Tiled ground. Brown color. Lighter shades in some parts – lack of paint, or simply, lack of renovation. They’d be easily destroyed first if punched correctly. So, they should be the first targets to dispose of.
Omega gazed at the beautiful white pillars decorating the corridor he had stopped walking through. Stone, no doubt. Easily breakable as well – would be useful for offense and defense purposes. Good distraction, too. And, in the case of an enemy below the first floor, destroying all of them could make the entire structure collapse.
Omega frowned, as the space around him suddenly glitched out, only to be replaced by an infernal, constantly moving orange background that made him dizzy – it was as if he was free falling, with shards of a familiar armor falling down with him.
Another memory.

“WOW, What was THAT?!”

Omega gazed up.
Structure: Humanoid. Gender: female – the orange-colored, spiky ponytail she wore was a dead giveaway, alongside the thin body structure. Body: brown-skinned, with tribal beige markings all over it. A tail, of the same color of the hair, appeared behind her back.

“No, seriously dude, did you do this?” the girl said, approaching Omega with widened eyes. Like… Was that an illusion spell or something?”

As Omega waited for her to specify what she meant, he concluded that she was most likely a magic-driven creature – something outside of his knowledge. Though, perhaps she could alter data of the real world to influence its structure like Cyber-Elves could. But that meant she’d be especially weak against the weapons he was equipped with. Should they battle, he’d have to overwhelm her quickly to avoid any chanting, any interruption... The O-Saber would be the safest option. Although, the poncho she wore could hide automatic weapons. If so, he’d have to guess what effects they’d have on him. Risky, but doable.

“...Uh… Dude? Hello? Talkin’ to ya?”

Since Omega was perfectly aware that she was indeed talking to him – and still waited for that specification, which didn’t seem any closer to arrive – he, of course, remained silent, noticing that her legs were quite muscular. Hmm. Physical training. Would she be fast enough to dodge an O-Saber’s assault? He doubted it. He’d have to confirm that by shooting first.
Interrupting his thoughts, Mother Elf finally revealed herself in a flash of light and appeared next to him, bowing her white-colored head in front of the girl.

“Please, do forgive his rudeness.” Mother Elf began in an appealing tone. “Omega is not yet used to fully interact with other beings. He’s listening to you very carefully, but is also waiting for you to specify what you meant – when you said ‘What was that’, that is.”

“...Oh.” the girl said. “Well, uh, the glitch thing! Like, I’m not crazy, right? The entire place totally turned orange for like a split-second, right?”

“Area N,” Omega spoke. “A natural ability that allows the user to interact with both Cyberspace and reality, thus summoning one into the other, or vice-versa. Cyberspace: an alternate reality that Reploids or Humanoids can access with the right set of abilities.” he then put a hand to his heart. “This present form is Humanoid. What you witnessed was but one of my abilities.”

“...Huh.” the girl commented, appearing taken aback. “So, your actual name is Omega, then?”

Omega stared, waiting for the girl to continue. After all, Mother Elf had already mentioned his name.

“I’ve already mentioned his name,” Mother Elf specified to the girl. “He is waiting for you to continue.”

“...Wow, okay.” she pointed at herself. “Lamia. Lamia Aleptys is my name. I didn’t see you in class, so, I assume you’re in a different one. Nice to meet you, Omega! So, if that was one of your abilities...” she grinned. “What are the others?”

“I have yet to regain most of them,” Omega replied with a hint of suspicion in his tone. “State your interest.”

“He is asking why you are so curious about his abilities.” Mother Elf translated.

“Uh… ‘Cause that thing was cool?” Lamia replied, unsure what to say. “I mean, if it bothers you, we can always have a practice match, you know. I’m itching for a battle, we’ve got two girls who already started and that way you’re not spoiling the surprise. What do you say?”

“We shall battle, Lamia Aleptys.” Omega agreed as the crimson-colored Biometal embed in his chest began to glow.

“She did not mean here!” Mother Elf immediately exclaimed. The glow died down. “Lead me to the battle arena.” Omega stated.”

Lamia let out a giggle. “You’re a tasty one, that’s for sure,” she commented. “C’mon, follow me! We’ve got a nice stage, and people watching. Right, this way!”


“Sorry if this looks a bit bland.” Lamia said as Omega and herself walked into a sports room with wonderfully polished wooden planks below their feet. “I’m not sure if the gravity chamber’s still taken or not – and I’m more familiar with this, anyway.” Lamia approached a console at the edge of the room and pressed a button. As Omega looked around, he noticed that three black bars spread across the walls – and with Lamia’s move, a green light appeared to replace them.

“There we go!” Lamia exclaimed, turning back to face her opponent. “Now we can fight to our heart’s content! Any damage we make will be restored to normal. So, ready?”

Omega stared at Lamia. “Warning. Warning.” he repeated as the Biometal in his chest began to glow. “Megamerge.” A powerful flash of light surrounded him. When it died down, Omega’s appearance had completely changed: his crimson-colored armor protected his body, and when he opened his eyes, they were golden. Calmly, he put a foot forward, turned his body on the side and, with a wave of his arm as his blond ponytail appeared behind his back, he proclaimed: “Ware wa Messiah nari! Ha, ha ha ha!”

Lamia blinked. “...I do not know what that means, but it was pleasant,” she commented. A grin plastered itself on her face as she fumbled her hands in her poncho and pulled out a rifle. “Well, then.” she continued. “Let the hunt begin, prey!”
Omega pulled out his O-Buster from his holster as energy circled around him: he then fired a Charged Shot, but it splashed across a wide, circular gray shield that appeared in front of Lamia.

“Just in time,” Lamia commented. Aiming her rifle, she fired three spiral shots that went through the shields and approached Omega.

To Lamia, these were the fastest, trickiest energy bullets the Hoodlum gear had ever produced.
To Omega, they were the slowest gunshots he had ever seen.

Omega took a short inspiration and dashed around the shots, reaching for a very surprised Lamia – the movement was so fast that red-colored afterimages followed him. She fired her shots again, but Omega continued his movement with a dashed jump, as energy circled around him yet again. He landed right in front of her and, having put his O-Buster back in its place, he raised the handle of his beam sword, the O-Saber. Omega slammed it against the ground as a sharp wave of energy made the entire room tremble with the sheer impact. Lamia was thrown away as her shield promptly disappeared. There was, however, the second layer of it – Omega performed a short dash and began to attack the shield with a series of Triple Slashes. Lamia rose from the ground, and raised her hand, a second layer appeared behind the one Omega attacked.

“So, you’re the relentless type, huh,” Lamia commented, narrowing her eyes. “Guess I’ll have to be a little bit faster, then.” she opened her free hand as a sphere of energy appeared within it. It pulsed briefly, then she hurled it forward, hitting Omega in the process. She threw three more of these, but Omega kept on attacking until another of her shield layers disappeared. “Wha…!”

Omega, of course, hadn’t even flinched – this level of damage wouldn’t even hurt a defenseless Mettaur. Lamia charged another one of her energy balls: this one was two times bigger. Omega’s attack stopped the moment she hurled it: he merely deflected it with a wave of his free arm, letting it crash against the wall as he resumed his assault. Lamia’s eyes widened as she placed yet another shield in front of her.
It was only a matter of time. He could keep chaining his Triple Slashes for days – that much he remembered.


Director: ...This guy is a MONSTER!

Omega: I am the Messiah.

Mother Elf: If you mean to praise Omega’s dangerous abilities, then yes, yes he is.

Director: No, I mean, He just wants to kill the poor girl!

Mother Elf: Not unless I tell him to kill her. He’s just, how do you say… he doesn’t hold back.

Omega: I am the Messiah.

Director: Also, he really needs to stop saying that.

Omega: [staring]

Director: ...Wh-Why is he staring at me like that?

Mother Elf: Ah, I should mention that if you tinker with the few things he likes, there is a chance that he will not be pleased. In other words, I believe you should run.

End Cutaway

Lamia suddenly snatched Omega’s arm as he attempted to hit the shield once more. He gazed up – for Lamia’s height had suddenly increased. “You wanna go relentless, big guy?” she said with an eerily calm tone. “Good, because I think I’ve got just the thing.” Lamia’s grip grew tighter, and her entire appearance changed: monstrous claws replaced her hands, a muscular, rough-skinned body replaced her fairy one, and her clothes, too, were replaced by a hood the color of her new skin. She unleashed a mighty roar and punched Omega with her free arm, aiming for his gut. Omega skidded across the ground, then dashed forward once more. He unleashed another of his earth-shaking Charge Slash – and though Lamia endured the hit, several rocks fell from the ceiling and hit her.

“UGH!” Lamia screamed. “Do you just never stop?!”

Before she could recompose herself, Omega moved behind her and unleashed a Triple Slash on her back, followed by a Charged Shot from his O-Buster. Lamia fell on her knees, panting. For a second, Omega’s assault stopped: so she turned back and, with an energy sphere covering each of her hands, and attempted to hit him with both. But he was merely waiting for her to attack. He raised his O-Buster and fired a Charge Shot to her face. Lamia fell on the ground, tired as could be. “Okay… Okay. Timeout. This isn’t working.” With a painful grunt, Lamia reverted to her Fairy form, then remained on the ground, panting, gazing at Omega who simply stood there, O-Saber in one hand, buster gun in the other. With a sudden flash, Mother Elf appeared in the form of a flying ball of light above Omega’s head.

“How are you feeling?” Mother Elf asked.

Lamia raised her arm. “I have SEVERAL questions!” she shouted. “Does he never, ever stops?”

“If you refer to his battle style, Omega does not stop attacking unless he charges energy, baits his enemies, or after his enemies are defeated.”

“Means no?”

“Means no.”

“I am the Messiah.”

Lamia and Mother Elf stopped for a second to stare at Omega, who gazed back at them with serious eyes.

“...Does he…?”

“All the time. Proceed with your next questions.”

Lamia giggled. “Okay. How the heck is this guy so darn fast? And strong? Why can he just shrug off my punches in Knaaren form and hit back just as hard?”

“The short answer to that question is that though he still cannot remember all of his abilities, Omega is… simply better equipped than you are.” Mother Elf explained. “Most combat-type Reploids have amazing feats of speed and strength to begin with, and he stands as being arguably the single strongest human-shaped one among them – timelessly so.”

“...Timelessly so?” Lamia repeated as she sat on the ground. “The heck does that mean?”

Mother Elf fell silent for several seconds. “This will sound a bit… overwhelming.” she began. “This next information is technically easy to find, but I’d prefer if you tried keeping it to yourself.”

Lamia frowned. “Uh… Sure?”

“Thank you. You see, Omega comes from a game series, in this world. He is not invincible, as there are other beings from other worlds that could most certain defeat him easily – some of them are teachers in this school, in fact. But to give you an idea, the designers of his being and power could not make it so that the world he was thrown in could perfectly show off all of his power.”

“...Wait. What are you saying?”

“I am saying that the very world he was in could not properly process the full extent of his strength. And when he reappeared as a ghost a hundred years after his death, he was still stronger than the strongest Reploids of that time."

Lamia’s jaw dropped as she began to realize the meaning of Mother Elf’s world. “You’re kidding, right?”

“Technically, I was not programmed for humor – though I suppose I could still be funny if I tried.”

“And you’re not trying?”

“I’m not trying.”

“I… But then how did he even die?”

“A long story, though I suppose it can be considered as an interesting one. I shall let you discover it yourself. Omega needed your help for a sparring match, and he got what he wanted. For that, we thank you. Omega?”

“What is it, Dark Elf?”

Mother Elf sighed. A reminder of a status she did not want to remember. “Anything you wish to… Any advice you may give to your defeated foe?”

Omega’s body was engulfed in a flash of light, and his Humanoid form appeared again. “Not enough speed. Not enough strength. Arsenal is lacking.”

“Wha- I have a lot more gunshots to use against your sorry butt! I have like… five other suits with my Laser-Washing Powder!”

“Why did you not use them?”

Lamia fell silent. “...I don’t… think I would’ve had time. I have management issues.”

“Fix them.”

“If Elf hadn’t told me anything about you, I would’ve slapped you for that.” Lamia commented as she rose from the ground. “But hey, I got something out of this as well. The Hoodlums were the first creatures I met that made me worry. That made me feel like I was a prey.” she poked Omega’s forehead. “You, are the second thing I know that made me feel this way, right after them. It’s frustrating, but I like that. Because you're going to help me grow.”

Omega's eyes, for a split-second, took their golden gleam again. “I will grow. I will get back to my pedestal.”

Lamia laughed. “Finally, some personality, darn it! Okay, call me when you need more matches, yeah? We’ll see which one of us becomes the best Final Boss of this funny story.” with that said, Lamia waved them goodbye and exited the room, leaving Omega alone with Mother Elf.
Oh, and with the crowd of various students that had come midway through the fight to watch it all.

“...Omega, perhaps I have miscalculated.” Mother Elf admitted, whispering softly. “I did forgot we were being watched. I, too, may have some management issues I need to–”

“Fix them.”

Mother Elf stared. “Indeed. I suppose we can be funny if we try.”
"Is there a limit to how much living I can live with my life? How will I know if I've gone too far?
And why did I spend my life savings on sunglasses for a whale?
I shall find the answers... to these questions."

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sheysse says...

Leon Shimada

No one showed up to see Leon off. Soldiers were never home for this type of thing, anyway. Leon could imagine them now, probably fighting in somewhere like Gibraltar. Genji, his father, would be on the front lines, his mother Mercy trailing behind offering aid to anyone who needed it. Zenyatta would be there too, assisting them in battle, while Uncle Hanzo would be sending volleys of arrows down onto them.

“So this is it, huh?” Leon commented, looking up at the massive academy in front of him. The doors alone dwarfed any building he had previously laid eyes on, even the Shimada Syndicate’s base.

“Pretty impressive.” A voice came from behind Leon, and he turned around to see his childhood friend and foster cousin, Akio Shimada, standing behind him, taking in the scene before the two. Akio turned his attention back to Leon, and looked around to see if anyone was with him. “No one showed for you either, Sparrow?”

Leon shrugged. “It’s nothing new, them being soldiers and all. You know what I’m talking about.”

“Yeah, Hanzo’s made it a habit of not showing at most things like this. But, I guess I’m lucky just to have someone. Anyhow,” Akio said, gesturing for Leon to lead the way. “Shall we enter?”

Leon nodded with a grin and entered the building, Akio just behind him.


After dropping their bags off in the room that Leon and Akio would be sharing, the two made their way around the school, exploring the place that would be their home for much of the immediate future. They stopped midway through the day to grab a bite at the mess hall, grateful for the first day of school having no classes. As they claimed their seats, the cafeteria around them quickly filled up with all sorts of interesting characters. Most people had friends to sit with, so the single empty seat left at Leon’s table remained vacant.

...Until a girl without any noticeable friends asked to seat herself there. Leon hadn’t minded being alone, but Akio was quick to let her sit there, and even quicker to introduce the both of them. “Hey there, I’m Akio Shimada, and this is my cousin, Leon Shimada. And you are..?”

“I’m Aznera,” she introduced herself. “Sorry for taking your last seat here, I got occupied exploring the training arena and lost track of time. Before I knew it, the mess hall was full.”

“Don’t worry about it, no one was going to sit there anyway,” Leon said.

Akio stood up. “Wait, there’s a training arena?”

“Yeah, just down there,” she said, pointing and standing up. “I can take you there. I’m not hungry anyway.” Az brought them out the door of the mess hall and led them down the main hallway, veering left and sliding through a door, up a stairwell, and passing through yet another door. They emerged in an empty room, the only decoration being a digital pane on the wall by the entryway.

“Oh, we so have to have a battle royale. You two interested?” Akio asked excitedly.

Leon sighed, shrugging. “You just want this because you know you’ll win.”

“I’m down, I guess,” Az claimed, and Akio nearly jumped into the air, unable to contain his eager anticipation.

“Then it’s settled!” He practically skipped to the panel, turning the room into a jungle scene. “Az, Leon, you can go first.”

“What? So you can analyze Az’s fighting style before having to face her? That’s cheating.”

“Too bad, I called dibs.”

“You never called dibs.”


“Fine. Az, let’s do this.” Leon drew his naginata, running towards her. She swept her hand through the air, and suddenly shards of glass were flying towards Leon. He stabbed the butt end of the naginata into the ground, using it to pole vault above the projectiles, and he swung the blade end above his head midair, preparing to bring it down on Az. She blocked the attack with a wall of glass, and when the blade shattered it, she used the explosion of shards to sneak away unseen. Leon dropped to the ground, falling silent to try and locate his adversary via sound.

Spinning around, he swatted a piece of glass out of the air, having not heard it, but having predicted its origin, since attacks from behind were the most common ambushes. But he was so caught up in covering behind him, he looked up at the trees above too late, and a piece of glass came raining down from her perch, slamming onto his head with the blunt end.

Akio jumped in. “If that hadn’t been blunted, Sparrow would have died. Thus, Az wins. Which means, she’s up to fight me.” He grinned, throwing off his jacket and beckoning for Leon to back away. Leon naturally complied, watching as Az and Akio lined up to fight.

Akio’s arms started glowing red, and Leon had a sudden sinking pit in his stomach. “Akio, go easy on her. You don’t need to...”

“Shut up, Sparrow. If this was a real battle, there would be no holding back.”

“This isn’t a real battle, so don’t-”

Akio turned and looked at Leon, red eyes glowing like his arms and now legs. “What part of shut up did you not get?” Leon looked away, falling silent. “Now, Az, let’s begin.” The light emanating from his arms and legs burst into red spirit dragons, entities Leon was all too familiar with. Az prepared herself as Akio lined up to charge, but Leon grimaced, knowing that she could never be prepared.

Akio burst forward, clenching a fist and punching at the wall of glass Az threw up in defense. It shattered with no resistance, and Az tried to sidestep his fist, but he spun sideways and continued the linear attack. His dragon covered fist made contact with her stomach, and the dragon glowed brighter for a second before sending her flying through a tree.

He pushed off the ground with his dragon covered legs, spiraling along her trajectory and letting his foot connect with her nose. Her head slammed into the ground from the impact, and he raised his hand for another punch.

Director: We should stop him. He could kill her.
Director 2: I’m not worried. The boy will stop himself.
Director: You said that last time, and looked what happened.
Director 2: That kid stopped before actually killing the other kid! So nothing went wrong.
Director: Tell that to the lawsuit.
Director 2: It’s just a lawsuit.
Director: Tell that to the bank account.
Director 2: Oh, look. The other boy is doing something.
Cutaway End

Akio stopped before planting his fist in Az’s gut again. Slowly, he turned to see Leon’s hand placed on his shoulder. A long pause. Finally, Akio lowered his hand, letting the spirit dragons fade away. He smiled at Az’s sore, beat-up body., ignoring the thin trail of blood emerging from the corner of his mouth. “Great spar! I found it very enjoyable. Thanks.” He turned away without waiting for a response and walked out of the arena.

Leon frantically stumbled towards Az, muttering some Japanese phrases and hoping for his spirit dragon to emerge. After a few seconds of muttering, the yellow entity appeared from his naginata, and it flew towards Az’s bruises and cuts. It glowed a bright white light, and quickly most of the cuts and bruises were healed, though not all of them.

“Sorry, healing some bruises and cuts is about all I can make him do at this point,” Leon offered, despite Az not seeming offended.

Az sighed heavily in relief. “Your cousin is a bit… aggressive.”

“Sorry about that, too. He wasn’t always like that, but these past few months, something changed in him. I don’t know what happened, as he never really told me. I had been away for those months, so I can’t say what went on his life.”

“It’s not your fault. I’m lucky you’ve got this helpful healing ability.”

Leon looked away. “Yeah, helpful.”

Aznera looked intrigued by this response, but thankfully, she couldn’t pursue, as they heard loud voices coming from outside the door. “What was that about?” Came the voice of Wonder Woman herself.

“We were just sparing,” Akio said.

“I’ve seen clay statues fight more aggressively than your sparing, and I wish I was kidding about that. You’re here to become a hero, not a villain. Heroes don’t kill their allies.”

Their voices quieted down, and Leon and Az could no longer hear what they were saying. They looked at each other nervously. Finally, Az spoke. “I think we should leave through the back entrance," she said, and they both laughed.

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Lumi says...


Martha raised herself off the floor with an internal owowowowowowowowowwwww. Looking around as her body readjusted to the planet's gravity, she spotted Spin speaking with a dark-suited man with orange covering half of his mask.

She limped towards their conversation.

"It's lovely to see you here, Spinacia," he said in a low, measured voice. "Your abilities really are something to be admired, especially in your current shape, your current year."

Spinacia raised an eyebrow or two, crossing her arms over her ruffled orange sleeveless vest. "So you're one of the ones here who know about time travel? We have rumors and legends in my world about that, but they're really just stories...right?"

Martha approached and composed herself. "Professor Slade, it's nice to see you in this...neutral space."

Professor Slade nodded, eyes dimpling behind his mask. "Miss Wayne, always a pleasure."

"Sooooo you're the Slade that brought me here," connected Spinacia. She stood to attention and sank into a low bow. "Thank you for that."

"Oh! Totally, if you brought Spinacia here, I definitely owe you some bat brownies sometime," muttered Martha.

"I also came with a bit of a mission for you ladies before the real trial mission begins." He brushed residual red dust from his shoulderpads and crossed his arms. "We can't seem to guide Doctor Brown to our location among the timelines and dimensions, so we'd like you to gather some new students and take initiative."

"Sh-shouldn't this word be coming from Mission Directors Mario and Waluigi?"

"It would, were they not locked in an hours-long gocart race around the universe..."

Spinacia's eyes practically became stars as she bounced off the ground, floating a bit. "A race around the universe sounds like an amazing feat! I want to - oh." She deflated a little and dropped to the floor again. "Maybe once I learn to fly... perhaps I could join them?"

Slade chuckled. "If only it were that easy! Director Waluigi has a bad case rage?"

Martha put an arm around Spinacia's shoulders and held a thumbs up to Slade. "We'll get the students together, Sladdy! Leave it to us. Any place to meet up?"

"Yes. We intercepted a DeLorean from his universe earlier this morning. It is now on the Quad, gassed, and ready to go as soon as you all assemble."

"In that case," Martha affirmed, "peace!" Grabbing Spinacia's hand, Martha ran for the gravity chamber's exit and out into the sunlight.

"Where--" huff "are--" huff "we--" huff "going?!"

"We're just gonna cheat and use my dad's intercom, obviously!"

"Don't you think we should rest before a real mission?"

"I'm already gaining my gorgeous stamina back, Saiyan! Get on my level!" Martha ran ahead for the Administration building, leaving Spinacia in a jog.

She puffed and hollered after Martha. "Your level is less than four thousand, so you know!"

"I don't get the reference, but thank you!"

Spinacia rolled her eyes. Silly Saibaman...


"Dad?!" Martha plugged her key card against the key pad and entered a few numbers on the dial, opening the door to the headmaster's office. "I can't do anime night, dad."

A very large chair turned about-face as a series of digital interfaces vanished from sight. As Spinacia entered the room, the man in the chair rested his chin on his folded knuckles. "That's a crying shame, kiddo. We were just about to find out L's real name." His voice was deep, gravelly, and mysterious.

Spinacia waved awkwardly at the man. "Hello, mister... Batman," she said, pronouncing it 'BAT-muhn'. "Th-thank you for allowing me to -"

"Dad, you don't have to use the voice around me...or anyone. You're just hurting your trachea at this point." Martha sat on his desk and looked at her nails, which were chock-full of debris from the training grounds.

"Did you really come to see me just about anime night?"

"Ew of course not. I have better things to do." She paused and then drummed her fingers on his loudspeaker control. "I need to herd some sheep."

Spinacia squealed. "I didn't know there was livestock here! I love animals! And meat!"

Bruce looked at the Saiyan with unwavering eyes, just eliciting a "Huh" at her cluelessness. "Sure, use the intercom. But then you have to make friends."

"Dad, I made a Spinacia, leave it be."

"Actually, I think Mother and Master Noion did that..."

Both pairs of Bat Eyes fell on Spinacia, bringing her to sit in a rather luxurious chair.


Director: You and your father are so alike, kid. What's the problem?
Martha: <growling> You people have no idea of the problems rich superhero kids face! Stop oppressing me!
Director: Hey, kid, I'm just sayin'. You may look like your ma, but you are your daddy up one side and down the other.
Martha: <gritting her teeth> Have you ever been punched in the face by a Bat-Kid?
Director: No...Nooo...No no nononono!!!
Spinacia: (red-faced) I-is it not polite to talk about reproduction in public? I'm so sorry! Where I come from it's so... s-so matter-of-fact...
End Cutaway

Martha sat in the giant headmaster's chair, pressing down the button on the intercom. "Hellllllllo, ladies and gentlemen, robots and robetties! Those in Class Alpha, puh-leeeeeease meet on the Quad for the initiation of our Trial Mission! And don't forget to bring your gadgets and gizmos, kids."

Bat-dad looked at her affirmatively as she hopped over the desk and grabbed Spinacia to go. "See you much, much later, tosa."

"And you, Martha."
I am a forest fire and an ocean, and I will burn you just as much
as I will drown everything you have inside.
-Shinji Moon

I am the property of Rydia, please return me to her ship.

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TinkerTwaggy says...


& Mother Elf

Memories again: Revive the Supreme Ruler

“Look, Omega!” Mother Elf said, pointing at the last few lines of the paper distributed to every member of the class. “There happens to be a list of club activities. Would you be interested in joining one of them?”

Omega read the lines carefully, searching for a combat-driven club. Description-wise, the General Martial Arts club seemed to be the closest one to fit his needs. But he didn’t know if it would allow him to practice fighting with his complete arsenal. There was also a strategy club – another useful thing, it seemed. Omega knew he possessed tactics, but certainly not something as large-scale as strategies. And without Dr.Weil by his side, he and Mother Elf would have to be the ones to communicate them. To express them. To show them.

“Oh, you… You also want to join the music club?” Mother Elf whispered, genuine surprise in her tone. “Is that… Did you take that decision on your own?”

“Expression, Dark Elf,” Omega replied. “I need to gain expression skills.”

“Right, of course. What instrument do you plan to play.”

Omega read the list of available instruments. He didn’t know anything about them. “We shall experiment.”

“Alright, did you all make your choices?” the teacher, Tony Stark, exclaimed at the pupils sat in front of him. An electric rat apparently named Pikachu rested on his shoulder, and was trying to explain the central concepts behind the importance of the club activities - which would work if the sentences it tried to utter weren’t solely composed of cute exclamations staring poor Pikachu’s own name. Tony Stark gave him a side gaze, muttering something about building translators, then focused back on the class. “Well, anyway, You’ll all learn how to advertise whatever activities you need other people to join you in. The real lessons about that will start after the Trial Mission, which Miss Wayne kindly informed us about a few seconds ago. Any questions?”


The word echoed through the mind of Omega, awakening his very soul. He raised from his chair, eyes widened as the space around him glitched out with a crackling noise and was replaced by another of his memories. A city, completely ravaged, appeared before his eyes.

Hey, can you beat that bad Reploid for us?” said a Cyber-Elf floating around Omega.

Yeah, can you beat up that fake Reploid for us?” said the second one in an equally joyful tone.

Omega saw his body approach, illuminated by a golden light. In front of him… In front of him, was…


The interfering call made Omega frown. He turned back. “What is it, Dark Elf?” As if washed away by a mysterious command, the vision promptly disappeared, allowing the classroom to appear again.

“...A bold way to get some attention, kid.” Tony Stark commented, staring at Omega with curious eyes. “That could be useful if you could control that thing, though."

“I believe referring to Omega Zero as a ‘kid’ might be a bit of a stretch, considering that he’s over a hundred years old.” Mother Elf replied. “On his behalf, I do apologize for the interruption, however. He has yet to control this new ability of his.”

Tony Stark chuckled. “Okay, so, not a kid, yeah. Gimme a call whenever he gets this thing of his under check, ‘cause uh, glitching out reality sounds like a wicked marketing plot.”

Omega’s body was briefly engulfed in light as he began to Megamerge, letting his armor shine forth. “I have no questions,” he said. “Your time has been useful.”

“No problem! And I mean the marketing thing!”

Omega nodded and dashed away, heading towards the Quad before anybody else could move. A mission…

“If you are to become the Supreme Ruler again, then we have to work together.” Mother Elf warned him. “No controlling me against my will. No controlling others against their will.”

“I cannot control humans, anyway,” Omega replied. “Only destroy them.”

Mother Elf suddenly understood why humans and Reploids alike liked to sigh. “We’ll have to upgrade your communication skills again.”
"Is there a limit to how much living I can live with my life? How will I know if I've gone too far?
And why did I spend my life savings on sunglasses for a whale?
I shall find the answers... to these questions."

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TinkerTwaggy says...


Rivalry: On!

Omega has many powerful abilities, which is why he is feared by all, Reploid and human alike. These abilities are unique to each form, a total of three forms to begin with.

“...Three forms...” Lamia whispered to herself as she eagerly absorbed the information with her eyes.

It should be noted that Omega was originally intended to be much more powerful in either form. Due to game mechanics, he's just a seemingly motionless, floating enemy that could only move his hands and sword. Then, Omega takes his second form using the full power of the Dark Elf. Again, Omega's movement and attack patterns were limited due to game mechanics and the size of the Game Boy Advance screen.

“...By the wings of the Night Bringer…!” Lamia exclaimed, her eyes widening as she began to realize who exactly she was dealing with. She was quick to shout to herself that she’d be the top predator around after her defeat: but the more she read about Omega Zero, and the more she realized how much ground she had to cover. He was weakened now, but that wouldn’t last, and the world he currently resided in wouldn’t restrain his abilities.
That robot boy was a monster.

“Monster, huh...” with a quick search, Lamia found informative pages about the Traitor, Reflux the Knaaren. A predatory smile began to form on her face as she read the wonderful descriptions detailing his powers, transformations and abilities. That. She wanted that. Impenetrable shields, lightning-fast thunder spells, four transformations, regeneration, minions of her own to command and an almost unlimited supply of magic power. Like Omega, Reflux retained his Final Boss status, and it was something Lamia should strive for if she ever wanted to compete with that darn Reploid. Not only that, she also had access to Hoodlum technology and fairy magic. She was a mix of many things, and should she reach Reflux’s level, she, too, would be unstoppable.

“Heh… Heheheheh...” instinctively, Lamia’s shapeshifted as her Knaaren nature surfaced, and the excitement in her heart grew. “I am so going to–” Lamia’s alarm clock screamed to interrupt her. “...Oh. Class. Darn it, can’t even finish my epic one liners...” she sighed, took on her fairy form once more and headed out her beloved lair, grinning at the sun’s light she had yet to get used to as she headed towards her classroom.
...Only to discover that it was completely empty.

“...Oh.” Lamia frowned. “Weird, I’m only late by like… five minutes…?”

“That may be, but you may have missed the calling from Miss Martha.”

Lamia turned back, surprised to see a young man dressed in black, with a metallic arm and a red star painted on said arm’s shoulder area. “Miss Martha…?” she repeated. “Wait, you mean like, Martha… Wayne, right?” a frown. “Wait, why’s a student calling other students for missions? That doesn’t sound right. We didn’t even decide on team captains yet.”

“You’ll have to ask Mr.Wayne. I’m only here because he expected some students to be late. I’ll lead you the Quad, if you’d like to follow me.”

“Oh, right. Sorry about that. Uh, since you’re a teacher too – what’s your name again?”

“You may call me Bucky Barnes, though avoid doing so if we’re in a mission.”

Lamia let out a gasp. “Oh, yes, now see, I must show you something.”


Directior: What did you show him?

Lamia, chuckling: “Well, uh, I have this phone, and I downloaded random things on it.”

Spoiler! :
phpBB [media]

Director: …Is… You showed him that just because people call him Bucky?

Lamia: And I think we’re friends, now.

End Cutaway

Lamia kept on giggling as the Winter Soldier led her towards the Quad, where the rest of her class was already located. “It was awesome, right?” she inquired.

“I... don’t watch many cartoons, but it looked nice, yes. We’re here. Make sure you get out of your personal cave sooner to avoid missing things like this.”

“Sorry, sorry! I’ll be more careful. Thank you!” Lamia ran towards the gathering of students, apologizing to the students until her gaze met with a certain figure clad in red armor. All traces of social politeness disappeared from her face as she casually approached him, her height increasing with each step.
Omega Zero finally gained the decency to turn towards her, staring at her with that analytic, emotionless glare of his.

“I’m making this official.” Lamia exclaimed happily. “You are my prey. And as soon as I properly understand how you work in your natural habitat, I will hunt you down and destroy your sorry butt. Sounds good?”

A faint glow appeared in Omega Zero’s eyes as he kept on staring. “These parameters of yours are acceptable.”

Lamia giggled and turned back into her fairy form, gazing at the pupils that had slightly walked away from them. “Aight people, nothing to worry about here, just a little rivalry forming.”
"Is there a limit to how much living I can live with my life? How will I know if I've gone too far?
And why did I spend my life savings on sunglasses for a whale?
I shall find the answers... to these questions."

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Tue May 01, 2018 4:16 pm
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Rydia says...

Cherry Apple

Orientation: the action of orienting someone or something relative to the points of a compass or other specified positions. The professor thinks I should read the dictionary when I'm confused. The professor is also an idiot and I'm only sad he's not close enough to hear me think that.

"Go to school, Cherry. You'll have fun. You'll make some friends and we can stop babysitting you. Urgh!"

What they didn't say is this: you'll meet a lot of people who are half your (body's) age and twice as smart as you and you'll have to keep asking for help.

"Hey, Miss- excuse me-" The woman I am addressing turns around and does a 'double take'. This phrase, I am led to believe, describes the look of surprise on someone's face when they see something they are not expecting to see. People do this a lot when they see me. I am unexpected. Or, I am someone they know but not where they expect to find me.

"Miss Maximoff, err, Miss-"

It's a powerful name, a good sounding name but it's not my name and it sends a wave through me, a wave of something I don't yet understand. I. Am. Not. Her.

"It's Cherry, actually. I'm not taking her name since we're really not related. We don't have the same mum, or the same dad. I don't actually have any parents so I don't see how we can be family at all."

"I see, please accept my apologies for misunderstanding. I am Diana. I am a friend of Miss Maximoff and I can assure you she is very angry with the people who did this to you. Now, how can I help you?"

I want to say something smart back - I've been reading these books called Artemis Fowl and the main character always has something smart to say but the books don't tell you how he thinks of it.

"I don’t like lollipops."


"It's- uh. Nether-mind. I am unaware of how to orientation myself, so maybe you can help with that?"

I wonder if this is a stupid thing to not be able to do; it seems I am so far behind in human development that I don't know what is stupid and what is not. I have spent several months learning how to talk, read, write and tie shoelaces and yet this thing called orientation was not covered in my studies.

"How to- oh, yes. The orientation is available for anyone who hasn't attended the academy before. I believe you can join any of the sessions being held in the dining hall. Please, follow me. And don't worry, this world was once strange to me as well."

"Thank you." I'm not sure if I am worried. I do feel emotions, but mostly I want to scream and cry and throw things but it seems that these are not normal emotions to feel - nobody I have met yet has screamed or cried or thrown things. I think maybe they made me broken. I think maybe that's why I am so desperate to meet her and to understand what a real human looks like. Why I am so desperate to see what I would have been if I had been born instead of made.

But I also want to punch her in the face so there's that too.

A crackling breaks the silence and then a voice comes out of the air - cool power. "Hellllllllo, ladies and gentlemen, robots and robetties! Those in Class Alpha, puh-leeeeeease meet on the Quad for the initiation of our Trial Mission! And don't forget to bring your gadgets and gizmos, kids."

Diana and I both stop walking - class Alpha. That's my class. I'm not sure I understand what the Quad is or why I have to go there but I understand that the voice means me and it feels good to understand something.

"Sounds like your orientation will have to wait. Come on, the Quad's this way." Diana turns and leads me across the hallway and out of the building. It's not long before we reach this 'Quad' and I'm reminded once again that almost all of my peers are child sized. Diana wishes me well and goes off to do something adulty.

One of the child sized humans waves her arms for attention as I hover at the back of the group.

"Glad y'all could make it. Okay so here's the sitch, we've got our first mission with Doc Brown the time travelling genius - cool, right? - but he's currently awol so we've got to help find him before we can get a ride in his time machine. Any questions?"

A thin dark haired girl - at least it looks like a girl except for the whole monkey tail thing - is the first to raise a problem.

"This sounds super exciting and I can't wait to fight someone so powerful, but-"

"-We're not fighting him. We're finding him."

"Well that doesn't sound as fun."

"He's got a cool car."

"Okay, whatever. But, how do we find someone who could be anywhere in time without first having a time machine?"

I feel like this would be another great place to say something funny but I've got nothing so instead I try to answer the question with my impeccable logic skills: "Can't we just use a tesseract? No? Does that only exist in the books?"

What a great start for my first day of school.
Writing Gooder

~Previously KittyKatSparklesExplosion15~

The light shines brightest in the darkest places.

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Wed Jun 06, 2018 2:44 pm
TinkerTwaggy says...

Omega & Mother Elf:
Everyone’s a Messiah

A distant giggle followed the classmate’s remark.

“Now, now, boys and girls – I don’t think a Tesseract will be necessary for this particular test.”

Everybody else turned back, only to witness the strange duo of Tony Stark – that Pikachu really liked his shoulder, it seemed – and an old man in a white coat with a swirly tuft of white hair above his head, and wearing spiral round glasses.

“We got this guy for backup – thanks to, uh, ‘teacher’ Mario’s influence.” Tony Stark said, pointing at the little man beside him. “Everyone, meet Professor Elvin Gadd! Though you can call him E.Gadd, for short. And for the joke. He’ll be supervising today’s operation. Do your thing, Prof!”

“Yes, indeed! You see, my children, several of my Time Warps have already been placed in selected parts of this school. So, in teams of two or three, you will all jump in them to see which one leads to Dr. Emmett Brown. Of course, you’ll all be equipped with communicators so that I can tell you to come back once he’s been found.”

“And those of you who find him first get to ride his car for the next mission.” Tony Stark specified.

“And what about everybody else?” Lamia asked.

“You get in his train.”

Mother Elf tilted her head, silently wondering why the means of transportation should matter so much.

“Waitwaitwaitwaitwait Wait for me!” a voice suddenly eruptefarawayfaawayr a way. The classed turned back to witness a blond girl dressed in a red and blue suit – are those black spider webs on her costume…? – huffing and puffing her way towards Professor Elvin Gadd. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Um, I’m part of class Alpha! I… uh… I overslept!”

“And apparently, Spidey finally got himself a stable relationship.” Tony Stark commented. “What’s your name, girl?”

“Martini!” she exclaimed, turning towards him. “Martini Parker. You know my dad?”

“Depends which version, but uh, yeah. You should get in line, though, before you get in more trouble.”

“R-Right! Thank you!”

“And as I was saying,” E.Gadd continued, “you may now form your teams if so you wish, and choose your portal. Off you go, young ones!”

Omega began to walk forward, until the newcomer Martini ran in, stopping in front of Martha Wayne. “Can we–”

“I call dibs on Spinoccio and robot guy.” Martha quickly interrupted. “I’m full.”

“...B-But…! You don’t even know if –”

“Hey, robot guy! You coming or what?”

Mother Elf stopped Omega – who already started to walk around the group of ladies – and instructed him to turn back. “Apologies – you’d have to call Omega by name or clearer nickname for him to properly react to you.”

“Seriously? That’s lousy programming. So, Omega, are you at least programmed to obey orders?”

Omega gazed at Martha. “To my superiors, yes.”

“Well then come over here.”

“You are not my superior.”

“You do know I gave the call from my father’s office, right?”

“That would make your father the one in charge. Could you tell me of his location so that I may receive his orders after this mission?”

“No, like–”

“He does make a good point, there.” Wonder Woman intervened, leaving Cherry’s side and walking towards them, raising a finger. “The squad captains haven’t been decided yet, miss Martha. So technically, you can’t use your father’s name to have this… personality-lacking robot–”

“Reploid.” Mother Elf corrected.

“...Reploid to follow you.” Wonder Woman smiled. “And make sure you don’t do this too often. We like daring people, here, but we’d hate it if every student thought of you as a papa’s girl, teachers included.”

“Ugh, yeah, that’s a good point.” Martha conceded with a frown. “I wouldn’t like that either. Okay then, how can I convince you to join my team for this awesome mission?”

“Why d’you want him with us again?” Spinacia asked with curious eyes.

Martha raised an eyebrow. “Alien, human, robot.” she enumerated. “I’m pretty sure it’s like, the perfect trinity.”

“Are you… Are you sure you don’t have room for one more?” Martini inquired before Lamia surrounded her shoulders with a powerful arm. “They prolly don’t, but since we’re both stupidly late, let’s make team ‘Absents Are Always Wrong!’ Right this wa-a-a-a-ay!”

“I suggest that you appealed to Omega’s logic by explaining the usefulness of his role.” Mother Elf suggested as she watched the poor girl being dragged away by Lamia’s passionate grip.

“Hah! Easy.” Martha replied. “I’m the spy, Spinoccio’s my bodyguard, and you’re the damage dealer. If we find ourselves in a hostile time period, just smash stuff.”

Omega’s eyes shone red. “These parameters are acceptable. To the time portal, then.” Without warning, a swift movement left a crimson-colored afterimage standing. By the time it disappeared – and one dash-jump later – Omega had plunged inside of the time-warp left on an abandoned well-like structure on the ground left to the Quad.
Mother Elf turned back, gazing at the girls. “He’s usually sent off doing his missions alone,” she commented. “I’ll make sure he gets used to waiting for people in the following minutes. Shall we follow him?”



Martha’s indignant reaction was more than understandable, considering that she, Spinacia, Mother Elf, and Omega – who had stopped himself in order to assess the situation – had just landed in the beaches of Normandy, where the fated battle between the Allied Forces and Nazi Germany was about to take place.

“I don’t know what you’re disappointed about, because this looks perfect!” Spinacia exclaimed happily as her eyes gleamed with passion. “So! Who do we fight? What’s going on?”

“Uh, Dad taught me about this – I think this is, like, the biggest battle of human history or something. So, Doc is probably in one of the Nazi buildings over there. I can go there myself, but then we’ll need you lot to distract all the attention towards you. Should be easy, though, right?”

“Hmm, So this is a human military operation...” Mother Elf commented, looking down at the soldiers leaving the beaches, bravely dodging the numerous bullets thrown by their foes. “What is this operation called?”

“Does it matter? It’s Operation: Overlord. Followed by O–”

Omega’s head immediately rose. Leaving a trail of afterimages, he suddenly appeared in front of a very surprised Martha. “Overlord,” he repeated quickly. “Who commands these humans? Who is their overlord?”

“...peration Neptune, wow, back off, robot head, there’s no overlord here,” Martha continued, confused.

“No overlords. And we are to cause damage to their enemies?”


Confirmed.” By the time Martha finished blinking, Omega had already jumped from his spot – they had landed on the roof of one of the many boats that surrounded the landing beaches of the Allied troops – and, brandishing his O-Saber, proceeded to decimate any Nazi soldier that dared to exist within his path of destruction.
This… Was… Life.

“...What’s with him, all of sudden?” Martha commented, gazing at a smiling Mother Elf.

“He cares deeply about names, for names give purpose.” Mother Elf said. “The fact that this particular military invasion is called Overlord awakened his god-complex, and reminded him of the military force he used to command. You should go and perform your duty, miss Martha. I am convinced that not many enemies will be focusing on you, for now.”

“And that’s ‘cause I’m not letting that ‘bot get all the fun!” Spinacia exclaimed before jumping towards the battlefield. “Hey, Omega! Leave some of ‘em for me, you jerk!”


Director: Well, he certainly got really excited. That’s… new.

Mother Elf: of course he did! As previously mentioned, he does enjoy his job. Despite his behavior, he still is a Reploid.

Director: What’s the difference between a robot and a Reploid again?

Mother Elf: A robot is a machine, a tool created to enhance a human’s quality of life. A Reploid, however, is a sentient mechanical being that, just like humans, can think, feel, and make decisions for themselves. So, essentially, a human, except with robot parts.

Director: That… That sounds wonderful, all things considered.

Mother Elf: Oh, and Humanoids are a unified race composed of both Humans and Reploids, with no true distinction between them.

Director: ...Wait. How… How did that…

Mother Elf: Long, long, long story.

[End Cutaway]

“Omega! Pay attention!”

A bright smile on his face, Omega dodged a series of bullets and slashed another Nazi before letting him fall off the small cliff behind him, where Spinaccia intercepted him with a powerful Ki blast. The other Allied soldiers behind both of them, however, were suffering a lot more.

“What is it, Dark Elf?” Omega questioned.

It didn't take long for Mother Elf to realize that she’d have trouble making Omega understand the concept of teamwork. She had, to start with, to make him care. “Do you remember how you lost your first war?” she inquired. “X, Zero, Axl, together. You, and an army of Golem-type Mechanoloids. You, surrounded, after leaving ahead and letting them die. How can you avoid this situation from repeating?”

Omega gave it some thought. “Advancing with the golems.”


“And if they can’t keep up?”

This time, it was Mother Elf who had to think quickly. Then suddenly, she smiled. “There is a major difference between last time and this time.” she put a hand on his shoulder before turning into a sphere of light. “I’m here.”

Omega walked towards the edge of his spot, staring down at the soldiers below. He raised his O-Saber in the air as he did so. “Ready all weapons,” he shouted in a calm, yet surprisingly low voice. “Raise your weapons. Let her light reach them.”

Though most Allied soldiers appeared confused, some of them watched as their weapons were engulfed in a bright light created by Mother Elf. When it faded, said weapons had been drastically upgraded into futuristic-looking blasters, similar to Omega’s very own O-Buster. It didn’t take long for the remaining soldiers to raise their weapons in the air so that the same treatment would be given to theirs.

“Resume Operation: Overlord!” Omega shouted before turning back and resuming his own assault, frequently looking back to check on the advance of the other soldiers. Spinaccia remained by their side naturally, and with the two of them, most Nazis were definitely occupied with them.

Finding Doc Brown in the surrounding buildings of the era, if the Doc was indeed in theirs, would be in Martha’s hands.
"Is there a limit to how much living I can live with my life? How will I know if I've gone too far?
And why did I spend my life savings on sunglasses for a whale?
I shall find the answers... to these questions."

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cheeb says...

A swirling mass of confusion enveloped the students, and they found themselves back at the Academy.

"Does not compute," Omega monotoned. "I was fighting Nazis only 0.4683647489235 seconds ago."
"Yeah, what gives?" Lamia protested.

Spinacia smirked as she closed the door of the steaming silver DeLorean time machine. "Well, after the thrilling anticipation of an upcoming fight wore off, I remembered how Mr. Slade had said that we had already recovered Doctor Brown's car."
"So..." Cherry pressed.
"So I came back through Doctor Gadd's time portal and used the time machine to go back in time and stop us from jumping into the portals."

Slade narrowed his one visible eye at Professor Stark. "Yeah. As I detailed to Iron Lung over here in my report. Not sure why he felt the need to bring this Gadd guy in."
Stark threw his hands in the air. "I forgot! Okay?"

"But... we were still doing the mission." Martha frowned. "Why - what's the difference if we use the portals instead of the car?"
Spinacia fixed her friend with a steely stare. "Because the car is BADASS. Look! Look at this!" She opened the door again, reached into the driver's seat and flicked a switch. The car lifted into the air on jets of steam, as its wheels folded under it and began to glow blue. "The car flies! No one told me the car would fly! I can't even fly... well, not yet."
"You keep bringing up the fact that you can't fly," Martha said. "Everything okay, bubelah?"
"Okay. Okay, sweetie."

"Right," Martha SPINACIA I meant Spinacia said after she'd calmed down with a nice kettle of oolong tea. "I'm picking my team. Cherry Apple, you're with us, because I like that you're named after food. In fact, Martha, you're with us as well, and to keep up the food theme your code name for this mission will be... Rye! The bread of champions!"
the user formerly known as chibibo

That's a stupid question.
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