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Gossip Girl

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Wed Mar 29, 2017 2:49 am
fictionfanatic says...


A substantial layer of water had developed on top of the deep colored whiskey and condensation was dripping from the glass onto the coffee table, forming a perfect ring on the cherry oak surface. I could practically see my father's look of disgust, as he was a strong believer that whiskey should never be on the rocks for this very reason. If he saw this he would give me one of his infamous sneers and preach the same line he's thrown my way time and time again - You're such a pansy, Sawyer, he would say with a shake of his head. I reached for the glass and swirled it in my hand to mix the two liquids before choking it down and slamming the glass back down on the table.

"What's with you, Gossip Girl got your panties in a wad?" August joked from his lounged position in seat beside mine. I'd almost forgotten he was there we'd been so quiet, save for the TV that was playing.

"That little girl doesn't know what she's talking about." I muttered, leaning forward in my seat, "It wasn't like that."

August let out a loud laugh that rang throughout the room as he hollered sarcastically, "Yeah sure, of course it wasn't!"

He chuckled to himself until he realized I wasn't laughing and in turn he raised an eyebrow at me curiously, clarifying, "Wasn't it?"

I took a moment to think about it, a memory from the night before coming to mind.


Emma was sleeping soundly on my chest, our breathing matched and her platinum hair splayed out. I moved my thumb in concentric circles on her arm and looked over at the clock - 4am. Shifting my gaze I looked down at her and couldn't help but smile a little bit. The moonlight shining in from my window highlighted her features, her pale skin practically glowing and her eyelashes casting a shadow on her cheek. I took in her every feature, from the smooth curve of her forehead to the curl of her lips, and was overwhelmed with the desire to kiss her.

"Emma?" I whispered, wondering if she was still awake.

With no response I titled my head and placed a kiss on her forehead, lingering for a moment before laying back and letting out a deep sigh. Why on Earth was a girl like her getting mixed up with a guy like me?


I shook the memory from my head before responding, "I don't know man, it's just different."

"Then what the hell are you doing here with me?" He asked bluntly.

"What's the supposed to mean?" I retorted.

"I'll say it slowly so you can understand," August said, suddenly sitting up so he could look me in the eye, "You like her."

My eyebrows furrowed together as I took in what he said, realizing he might be right.

"Well shit." I muttered under my breath, unmoving while I contemplated what I should do about it.

August got up and started sliding his shoes on, saying, "I'll get out of your hair, I have to check on the kiddos back home. Just don't do anything stupid or Claire will for sure beat the living daylight out of you."

"See you tomorrow," I called over at him as he made his way out.

Pulling out my phone I decided to make a quick call, waiting impatiently as it rang. Waiting. Waiting.

"Hello?" A groggy voice finally answered.

"Hey Em, it's Sawyer...are you sleeping?"

She was quiet for a moment before replying, "Yeah."

I couldn't help but chuckle as I checked the time and realized, "Emma, it's 6:30!"

"Well I'm tired, sue me." She remarked sassily.

"I-" I had to catch myself. Typically I would give her some smart remark like How about you let me tire you out some more? or something equally as sleazy but it just didn't seem right. Yet, I couldn't get the image of her standing in front of me in nothing but her lacy underwear out of my head and I had a burning desire to see it again. Or was it to see her again? I shook my head in confusion, realizing I had been quiet for a moment too long.

Decidedly, I asked, "Do you want to come over?"

Damn, I sounded like a jerk.

I quickly added, "My cook is making pizza and he's from Naples so it's pretty good."

Fuck, now I just sounded like a blazing idiot.

Spoiler! :

Poor Sawyer is so confused
Live, Love, Laugh

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Wed Mar 29, 2017 1:47 pm
NicoleBri says...

Vada Marie Collins

"Wouldn't you like to know?" I whispered back to Isadora, I couldn't retain my giggles as she made a pouting face for me to tell her what happened.

I pulled my phone out and hid it under the desk while I texted her what I wanted to say out loud...

I think August and I hooked up last night. Don't tell anyone please!!!

Pressing send, I put my phone back up, since we were in the back the teacher couldn't really see under our desks so that was a plus. I never cared for sitting in the front, that is where you always get called on to answer dumb questions.

As she read my message her eyes widened and she couldn't help but let out a little giggle, I know it was because it was so hard to believe. He was the first guy I slept with since Jameson. My heart ached at saying his name.

He was by far the best boyfriend I had had, why I broke up with him? Who knows. Stupidity was the answer. Lately he seems to be giving Claire all of his attention. He acted like a lost puppy dog when she was near him.

Really? That is a big step for you!!! :D

Isadora was my best friend, she knew my secrets that some people didn't even know. We had been friends forever and a day and I wouldn't want to trade that for anything.

Ha, we were just drunk. I needed it anyways. lmao!

I put my phone back up for the last time, class was almost over and I needed to go to the bathroom.. maybe to cry for a little bit. Certain things were getting to me today that shouldn't.

@fictionfanatic there you go! They can hang out after class too if you want them too. I just wanted to give you something to go off of. If I need to change something let me know!
Words are a lens to focus one's mind.

- Ayn Rand

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Wed Mar 29, 2017 4:55 pm
XxXTheSwordsmanXxX says...

Henry Campbell

Chemistry was pretty easy to get through with Dylan helping him through it. Truth was that he didn't really care for chemistry, but it was required. Getting the notes and writing things down, the bell finally tolled.

Next was Math. Now that was something that Henry was good at. He had to be for his college aspirations. He was practically flying through the lesson and had a majority of the homework down by the time the next bell rang.

He sighed as he headed for PE.

He didn't have an issue with exercise, but they required a t-shirt and shorts for the PE uniforms. "Can I change in a more....private spot?" he asked the coach.

"Sorry bud, only have the locker room for you," the coach responded.

Henry headed in and took several deep breaths before beginning to undress. As the shirt and pants came off, his rather well toned shape came into view. What's more the severity of his scarring was also seen. Only in his boxers, the scars could be seen etched over the left side of his body. From the pink and wrinkled flesh of his face to the toes of his left foot. Like his left half were from an entirely different body. Pulling on his shorts he had already noted how the locker room had gone silent.

Turning to everyone, his chest still bare, he furrowed his brow in irritation. "Take a picture! It will last longer," he snapped as he closed the locker and headed out pulling on the shirt.

They had the mile today, something that Henry was used to. He spent the first lap at the center of the mass of students before he was pouring on the speed. Endurance was something you had to have for martial arts, and Henry had plenty of it. He was in third by the time he finished the mile at four minutes and eighteen seconds.


Thankfully it was lunch time. Another bout of the gym students staring at him had him in a bad mood. With his paper bag lunch he headed to the yard and took the time to move through a few of his tai chi forms to calm down. His eyes closed he didn't see when a group of three were standing there watching him.

"You some sort of Bruce Lee fighter?" a taller guy with a look of wealth asked from the sidelines. "Doing Kung Fu in secret."

"Bruce Lee didn't use Kung Fu," Henry responded. "He just did a bunch of kicking and screaming."

The brown haired girl beside the guy laughed and the second guy beside her seemed generally amused.

"We thought we would introduce ourselves," the girl said walking up. "Isadora. Augustus is the mouth, and that over there is Sawyer."

"Henry," he responded as he grabbed his sack lunch.

"Why don't you get something from the cafeteria? They probably got better for than what's in there," Augustus jeered.

"Nothing beats my mother's pork steaks, and some of us are only just barely able to come to this school," Henry said. Picking up his pack he sighed as a book fell out with the title Advanced Programming, 8th edition.

"Learning to be a hacker?" Isadora inquires as Henry picked up the book.

"Something like that."

"You don't talk much do you?"

"Generally people avoid me. I don't have much practice." To be honest, the extended talk was starting to feel awkward for Henry, which is why he was thankful when he heard the bell for the fourth period go off.

The rest of the day was a blue of learning and information. Henry was glad to see that Dylan seemed to have the same classes as him for the most part.


With school finally over, the students rushed out to their waiting cars and hoped in. If Henry felt anymore like an outsider, he would be on Neptune. Sighing he pulled his pack higher up on his back as he started walking.

"Hey, Henry!" he heard Dylan calling. "Where's your ride?"

"My parents are still at work so I'll be hoofin' it."

"Get in! What about if you come over to my place?" Henry pauses for a moment trying to think if it would be alright.

"What you got cement in your shoes?" another voice says as a head of blue peeks from around Dylan. "But after what I saw on the track, that can't possibly be it."

Henry wasn't too sure about the blue haired girl, and not that smirk that she had on her lips. "Claire will you stop it. Don't mind her. She takes some getting used to. If you want you can come over and we can do a bit of studying. "

Henry chuckled and shook his head before he hunched down and got into the seat. "I guess," he says as he pulls out his nokia brick and starts his number pad text to his parents about where he would be and when he would be back.

"Damn that thing is old! You come from the stone age or something?" Claire asks, seeing the severely outdated phone.

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Wed Apr 05, 2017 3:14 am
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fictionfanatic says...


"Vada vada vu vada, banana bana bo bada, me my mo mada, Vada."

I hummed the song over again, flipping through the most recent edition of Vogue while lounging on Vada's bed.

Emerging from her walk-in closet, Vada snipped, "You know I hate that."

Giving her a cheeky grin, I looked up at her while flipping to the next page and said "I know, but you love me so I figure I can get away with it."

She rolled her eyes at me but I still caught her smiling.

"Aaaanyways," I drawled out, "Think you and August will be rubbing elbows again anytime soon?"

She went quiet, so I persisted, "Well I guess rubbing elbows isn't the right term, more like rubbing-"

A sharp thwack with a pillow stopped me mid-sentence and I couldn't help but giggle as she shushed me.

"What," I argued, "It's not like your parents are ever home, no one can hear me."

She let out a quiet sigh before climbing onto the bed and changing the subject, "Are you staying over again tonight?"

"You know it." I said with a nod of my head, turning my attention back to my magazine. It was rare that I actually went back home to sleep - my father and his associates are always busy at work and with people always in the house it can be hard to keep any sort of focus, let alone sleep. Besides, it never quite felt like home. Back in Brazil our house still had most of my mother's touch despite the fact that she had passed away so long ago, so when we moved we lost all of that. Our house here just wasn't the same.

"Earth to Isa!" Vada called, pulling me out of my own thoughts, "Did you hear anything I just said?"

"Sorry babe," I said, closing my magazine and throwing it to the floor, "I was daydreaming, what did you say?"

"The new club is opening up tomorrow night. Everyone is going! I think there's a 20s theme, what are you wearing?"

"Oh, I forgot all about that!" I exclaimed, "I bought my dress weeks ago! It's a little thing in that classic flapper style, in my signature nude color of course. It's an absolute doll of a dress, it has a feathery fringe at the hem of the skirt and the most dazzling design in silver crystals along the bodice. What have you picked out?"

She hopped off the bed and disappeared into her closet, emerging holding an absolutely gorgeous dress.

"Vada, it's perfect!" I cheered in excitement.

Spoiler! :
So I can totally get rid of this thing about the club opening if you guys aren't on board but I just thought it would be a fun little idea to bring all of the charries together and get some interaction! @Gravity what do you think??

Mentioned @NicoleBri
Live, Love, Laugh

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Wed Apr 05, 2017 6:22 pm
Nike says...

Emma Bobek

Sawyer's chest rose and fell as he slept peacefully. I had my head on his chest, anxious about how I felt. I couldn't do this ever again... cause I had feelings for him. He's using me. There's no one his player reputation would change for me. Even if there was chemistry. Even... even if I really liked him. I was supposed to change this year. I was supposed to be the girl that did not sleep around.

I finally shut my eyes and dozed off into the night.


"Do you want to come over?" Sawyer said, his tone a bit too cocky. "My cook is making pizza and he's from Naples so it's pretty good." He saved himself.

My heart raced when I saw his name flash on my phone just a minute ago, even if it did bother my sleep. Was he actually having me over for a hang? Or was this another ploy to get me in bed?

I couldn't actually think that he wanted me for more. Could I? There was that shed of hope, that maybe he did. But I shut it down. He wanted me for sex. And yet, I couldn't tell him no. I wanted to be with him, even if it were just for that. And that was past me speaking... I was supposed to be stronger than that.

But remembering him how he looked last night, his eyes full of lust, and yet, looking at me as if I were the only thing that mattered in the world.

"I like pizza, so you're in luck." I smiled.

"I'll see you soon?" He seemed a little excited, making my heart skip a beat.

"Sure," and I hung up, smiling from ear to ear. I didn't think my heart could beat so quickly.


I rang the doorbell, the cool wind brushing against my skin. His house was huge, but not as big at Augustus'. The door swung open with a smug looking Sawyer. My breath caught in my throat as I smiled up at him, engulfed by his stare.

"Emm, hey." His voice was breathless.

"Hey," I could actually jump his bones right now.

Even though I saw him yesterday, I felt like I haven't seen him in months and I never wanted to be without him. He stepped aside, letting me in.

I slipped off my jacket and Sawyer took it, hanging it up in the closet just behind him. A soft hum of classical music played throughout the house, reminding me of my father when he was working. He'd always play Mozart to focus.

"So that pizza, is it ready to be devoured?" I cracked a smile.

Sawyer took my hand, sending chills down my body. "He's just making it. Why don't I give you an official tour of the house?"

I knew what these 'tours' were. I've been on a few of them. It included the guys' bedroom... and only the guys' bedroom. My stomach flipped as my hope diminished for him. Holding his hand felt like holding onto fire. I pulled away from his grip, shaking my head.

"hey, Emma, what's up?"

I couldn't catch my breath and looking at him was impossible. Why did I do this to myself? I turned around and headed for the front door, feeling my heart race. I could imagine us together, happy. Me for one in a relationship. How dumb was I?

"Emma," Sawyer grabbed my arm, stopping me from opening the door.

My skin crawled as I tried to pull my arm away. "Just forget about me Sawyer." I paused. "I'm not that girl anymore, no matter what you heard. No matter what Gossip Girl said. I'm not her." My voice cracked, and that's when I felt tears rolling down my cheeks.

I really fell for him.

He spun me around with ease, making me look up at him as he placed his soft fingers under my chin. Our eyes met, making breathing almost impossible. The tension grew thick as I resisted kissing him.

"I know you're not that girl Emma," he said softly, his lips forming a smile. "I don't want you to be someone you're not."

Spoiler! :
“There is no need to call me Sir, Professor.”

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Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:46 am
TheForgottenKing says...

Sebastian Trapani

Bash glanced down at his phone. His GPS had led him to the right address. He lifted up his Ray-Bans off his face as his Lexus pulled into the driveway. He sent a quick text to Declan as he got out of the car, making his way up to the front door before knocking politely.

He heard a pair of feet make their way to the door before it cracked open. He was met with the gaze of a very attractive girl. Her green eyes immediately caught his attention. He noticed a hint of curiosity from those eyes and something. Else, but not something he could name. His eyes quickly roamed over her body and he felt his insecurities built up. She's flawed.

He blinked as he realized she asked him a question. His eyes locked onto hers again. He opened his mouth to speak when he saw Declan coming down the stairs. So this must be his girlfriend, he thought to himself. He smirked. Guess gingers stick with themselves. He cleared his throat as Declan invited him in with an inquisitive glance.

Bash gestured to his phone." I got the info from Coach Beaumonts forms." He sat down on the chair Declan indicated." Well, I usually like to meet up with tadpoles to get to talk them more one on one." He glanced as the girl made her way upstairs. His eyes returned to Declan.

"Playing for the St. Jude's men's lacrosse isn't just a fun sport for the spring. We train year round. Guys from our team end up in ivy league schools as lacrosse champions. I just wanna see where your mindset is. Are you ready to commit? Because you falter for a second and you will be dropped from the team."

"I won't be playing favorites as team captain. You earn your stripes on this team or not at all. If I find you messing around with drugs or alchohol you will be let go. I can't afford to invest time and the teams time into someone who wants to fool around. If you wanna do that stuff in your free time be my guest, but show up on the field high or hungover, and I will drag your ass off. "

Bash smiled to himself. Declan was handling his personality pretty well, so he could deffinitly give him points for that. The entire team had a pool going on, and so far Declan was a prime choice for a spot.

He glanced up to the stairs." And please try to avoid getting your girlfriend pregnant. We'd like to avoid pregnancies on the team as much as possible. Use a condom." He frowned at Declan's chuckle. He looked at him curiously." That's not my girlfriend. That's my sister Dylan." Immediately Bash made the connection. The girl Augustus Kolbeck had been trying to nail. Big Red. He shrugged it away, his eyes returning to Declan's.

"Consider yourself onto the next phase of the cut. We workout each morning as a team an hour before school. Bring your school clothes because you won't have time to change and go home. You can shower in the locker room. And we'll see you after school for even more practice. If my grandfather had been a nazi he would've been proud. I run a regime Irving. I just hope you can keep up. I've got a good feeling about you."

Bash sat up and shook Declan's hand as h made his way back to his car. Bash noticed Declan's sister standing at the top of the stairs. He nodded his head at her." Mrs. Irving." He said politely, before making his way back to his car. He may have an opinion about everything, but his mother had taught him to show respect before anything else. And Mrs. Trapani was a woman to fear.
"I make my own luck"- Shay Patrick Cormac

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Fri Apr 14, 2017 2:23 am
TheForgottenKing says...

Ainsley Clarke

I glanced at my phone as I sipped the hot coffee, a wave of heat instantly starting to warm up my body. The caffeine was also slowly beginning to take affect and heighten my senses. I had been up late working with my father on a new computer program, and being the daddy's girl, I had quickly volunteered. Eventually mother had forced us to go to bed.

My phone vibrated and I glanced back at it. My eyes lit up as I began to type excitedly. The new gossip girl post had gone up, and being me, I couldn't wait to eat all the juicy details. Surely all the little bees were scurrying around, wondering why someone would reveal their dark secrets. And I loved it. The details. The faults and the problems. It made my day that much more amazing, seeing all those people topple off the pedestal they had placed themselves on.

I hit the gas and my silver Porsche shot forward as I made my way to school. My thoughts outpaced my car as I made my way through traffic, and thought about all the tears and shock I would see today. But seriously, why would anyone do anything if they didn't want others to know about it? Whoever gossip girl was, she was good at what she did. And I loved it.

Pulling up to the school, i parked and made my way to my friends, who were chattering excitedly about what they were reading.

"Oh my god, I knew she was such a slut."

"Well she looks the part. I mean look at the way she dresses! God, I would never be seen shopping for that kind of stuff."

The girls stopped talking as I approached, gathering their things as they joined me. I made my way to the library, and once there, unloaded all the nights reading, the librarian had a look of either shock or respect on her face, but honestly I didn't care. After that I made my into the hall, making my way to class. Than I saw her. Consider me an attack helicopter. Like the ones my dad has made for the military. I zeroed in on my target and fired.

"Oh my god! I'm so not sorry! Maybe without those cow feet you wouldn't have tripped! But probably can't happen with your mother slutting it around New York. Who knows! Maybe your dad isn't even your dad!"

The girl picked herself up, tears already leaking from her face, as she tried to grab her beg, but Lacey, one of my friends, put her heel down on it, as Jasmine poured her coffee all over it." Whoops." She said. Madison, my esteemed target, left her bag there, as she made her way through the hall. I felt a smile plaster itself on my face. I turned around and began walking away. God I had missed school.
"I make my own luck"- Shay Patrick Cormac

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Fri Apr 14, 2017 3:14 am
Gravity says...


Henry got in the town car, sitting next to Declan, facing across from me as he pulled out his phone.

"You come from the stone age or something?" Claire teased.

"No, just Brooklyn," Henry said back.

"Where in Brooklyn?" Declan inquired, trying to be polite.

"Bushwick," said Henry, and the car fell silent. Bushwick was the worst neighborhood in Brooklyn, other than maybe Vinegar Hill. But the two fell close.

He looked at Claire and then Declan awkwardly, so I tried to shoot him a reassuring smile. I could tell Claire snapping his photo made him especially uncomfortable. I watched her unlock her phone and open a text, so I quickly texted her.

Don't you dare send his photo to Gossip Girl.

I watched as she opened the text and rolled her eyes, but she went back and deleted the photo.

The silence seemed to go on. and on. and on.

"Um, so how was everybody's day?" I asked. Claire snorted and ran her fingers through her hair.

"It was good," said Declan, "I don't have lacrosse practice Fridays so that's nice." I could tell he was trying to be supportive, but he was confused as to what Henry was doing there. He arched an eyebrow at me and I already knew the question.

Are you two a thing? his expression asked. I shook my head almost imperceptibly, Declan nodded his head and sat back, so I knew he understood. It was weird, we really did have twin sense sometimes.

"Finally," Claire whispered, as we pulled up to her condo. She left the car, gave me a wink (which was accented by a perfectly winged eyeliner), and shut the door.

"So, Henry, what do you do for fun?" Declan asked uneasily, once the driver got back on the road.

"I like to watch Scarface and gang bang with the crips," Henry said wryly.

"Um," Declan paused looking at me, and I read the question on his face What's his deal?

I laughed forcefully, "He's kidding, Dec." I looked at Henry, "You're kidding, right?"

"Yep. I don't like Scarface. The thing about the gang though... that's open to interpretation." The laugh that bubbled up inside me that time was genuine, and I found myself chuckling.

The town car stopped and I stepped out in front of the apartment building with Declan, and Henry followed suit. His eyes widened a bit when he saw the tall building.

"Come on, we have the penthouse on the top floor." This seemed to shock him even more, and it struck me that between the bad neighborhood, the lack of his ride home, and his surprise at the building, he was probably at St. Jude's on scholarship.

We stepped into the elevator and I punched in the code, we then rode up the 14 floors to our apartment. The elevator doors slid open revealing our stark white leather couch, the smooth marble coffee table, and the large flat screen mounted on the wall. The penthouse, in general, was very minimalist, other than my room.

"Wow," said Henry, "You have a nice place.

"Thank you," I said, "We can study in my room, it's this way." I lead him out of the imposing living room, past the kitchen where Alberta was tidying up, and to my room.

"Oh wow," he said, "Did you do these?" he pointed to various acrylic and watercolor paintings mounted on boards and canvas around the room. Some of them were fashion designs, others were portraits, I had a few abstract ones up there as well with maybe one or two still lives and landscapes.

"Yep, I did every single one. Well, except for this one, that's an O'Keeffe." I pointed to a painting on the wall with swirling purples and blues.


"Georgia O'Keeffe, the famous depression era painter."

"It's an original?" Henry asked, regarding it skeptically,

"Oh, yeah it's original. Mom and Dad bought it for me for my birthday last year, she's one of my favorites." I said. I sat on my bed. It was neatly made, the bedspread featured an abstract tree with falling leaves in rainbow colors. It looked as if it'd been painted, which is why I picked it out.

"You have a cool room," Henry said, and he sounded almost wistful. I knew he probably wasn't the "material stuff" type, but I really liked having the ability to make my room my own. I got the feeling that he didn't really have the ability to do that.

"Um," I cleared my throat, "Chemistry notes." I pulled my notebook out of my bag and opened it, quickly explaining the density formula. We were just doing basic chemistry at this point.

"So who came up with Big Red?" he asked, looking at me. I felt my cheeks heat up as I tucked a fiery strand behind my ear.

"That's a loaded question," I muttered,

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"There's this site... I guess kids at this school send in tips about other kids to some anonymous girl. Well, we think it's a girl. I guess we can't really know that for sure. But anyway, the site's called Gossip Girl."

"Oh, yeah the principal told me that was banned at school. Can't they shut the site down?" he asked.

"I mean, and this is just my guess, but I don't think they can really do anything. They can ban us from the website on school property but what we do online is our business as long as it isn't slandering the school or school staff."

"But you think it's a problem, right?" he asked, "I mean, am I in it?"

"Not yet. But I think in this instance 'yet' is the key word. I don't like it but there isn't much I can do. I keep my nose clean, so there's really no good dirt on me to report. The worst Gossip Girl can do is make fat jokes, and I'm used to that from my Mom," I said chuckling, but the laughter was dry and humorless.

Henry's expression was mildly surprised. I think he expected apathy from upper east side parents, but not necessarily malice. I think he was also surprised at my nonchalance about Gossip Girl, and I admit, I was surprised as well at how quickly I'd gotten used to being in the Constance Billard fishbowl.

We sat there for a minute and then my phone chimed, it was a reminder.

Mom will be home in an hour, check yourself.

"My Mom is going to be home soon, do you want me to have the driver drop you off at your house?"

"Are you embarrassed of me or something?" Henry asked.

"Trust me, it's not you I'm embarrassed of," I muttered.


When Henry left, the landline rang and I picked it up.

"Hello?" I said,

"'ello meez ereving'," said the doorman in his thick French accent, "zere' eez a young man waiting for you, 'is name eez Trapani,"

I exhaled, covering the receiver, "Dec?" I yelled.

"What?" Declan hollered back from the kitchen. He was probably helping Alberta make something.

"Children, please, inside voices," Alberta chastised and I made my way into the living room.

"Some guy's here, his last name is Trapani. Do you know him or is he another creep trying to hassle Mom and Dad for an investment?"

"No, he's some guy from lacrosse, let him up."

I walked back into my room and picked up the phone, "It's all good Leo, he can come up. Thanks so much," I said, ending the call.

I heard the elevator doors ding so I shut my bedroom door and changed into leggings and a work-out tank top, putting my hair in a ponytail before attacking my makeup with remover pads. I walked into the living room where an admittedly attractive Italian guy stood. He looked at my face for a moment, his eyes staring into mine, and then he looked at the rest of my body. I felt like there were ants crawling down my spine and I bit my lip nervously. It was the typical "Wow your... face... is so pretty" reaction. I could see the judgment in his eyes and I walked directly to the elevator and hit the down button, trying not to let it get to me.

And the heart is hard to translate
It has a language of its own
It talks in tongues and quiet sighs,
And prayers and proclamations

-Florence + The Machine (All This and Heaven Too)

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Sun Apr 16, 2017 12:09 am
HazelGrace16 says...

Claire Devney

The end of the school day was drawing near, and it was a seemingly normal day. I mean, in comparison with other non-dramatic schools. Oh how I envy them. Sadly, I was dumb enough to assume it would stay that way. I walked down the hallway with Emma as I spotted a poor girl get harassed by the queen bitch herself.

Ainsley Clarke.

Let’s just say Madison Carlton, her target, is not the prettiest flower in the garden if you know what I mean. I like to think it's because she hasn’t bloomed yet. I don’t know why Ainsley makes her life a living hell, but it better be a good reason. As Madison runs off I walk over and yank the coffee soaked bag from the floor.

“Ainsley! I haven’t seen you yet this year! It's good to see that you still terrorize children.” I say in my sweetest sarcastic bitch voice.

“Good one.” Ainsley turns crossing her arms.

“And Lacey, love the nose job. But I’d be careful, the bruises under your eyes are coming a bit through the concealer.” Lacey frowns, and pats under her eyes.

“Are you finished?” Ainsley asks.

“Not quite.” I smile and turn to Jasmine. “And last but not least Jasmine! I’m so glad to hear you figured out about your boyfriend cheating on you. I saw all the twitter drama, and I bet you had a great summer.” Just as Jasmine takes a step forward, Ainsley grabs her arm.

“What do you want Devney?” Ainsley clenches her teeth through the sneer.

“I want you to go apologize to Madison, and pay for any damage you caused to her stuff.” I say simply.

“And if I dont?” What are you going to do about it? Tip me off to Gossip Girl?” She whines. I’ve always hated how she talks to people like they’re stupid. “Besides, I could buy that piece of shit at a Goodwill. She’ll be fine.” She smiles. And just like that, with a wave of her hand her posse walks away towards the doors. When the coast is clear, Madison appears again from behind the wall of lockers. I hold the bag out to her.

“Thanks Claire.” I nod, and she scurries off. I stand there a moment letting the crowds walk past me before I head back towards Emma.

“What the hell was that?” She asks. “You almost just got a stiletto stabbed into your eye for a girl you barely know.”

“Puh-leeze. Jasmine can barely throw a wiffle ball without hurting herself. And, I stepped in because they were being jerks.”

“It seemed a little more personal than that. What’s your deal with saving the underdogs?”

“It’s not just underdogs Emma. It the people who feel like they can’t say anything about it. I can.”

“Are you saying Dylan and I can’t stick up for ourselves. Is that why you became friends with us?”

“No, I became friends with you guys because I thought you were cool, and I kind saw parts of myself in both of you. Believe it or not I don’t always have an agenda.”

“Look, I’m sorry that was uncalled for.”

“It’s fine. I get it. I have the tendency to have an obsession to help those who are “powerless”. Makes my own inevitable issues seem less like a big deal.”

“It's strange how you do that, and yet you still get classified as a bitch.”

“Oh, I am a bitch.” I say matter of factly. “I just know who to be a bitch to, and when it's not the time.”

“Power to you.” She jokes raising an imaginary class.

“Power to us.” I raise one right back, and the two of us start laughing.


Later that night I’m over at Nick’s apartment, and we’re making out on the couch when a recurring thought occurs to me. I pull away just as his hand reaches for the edge of my skirt.

“What’s wrong.” He asks before going back in to kiss my neck.

“Who’s the girl in the picture? I’m just curious since she just so happens to stare at us from your bookshelf every time we’re on this couch.” He stops kissing my neck, and looks down at me.

“Why? Are you jealous?” He smirks raising an eyebrow.

“Not quite. Just a bit uneasy with her beady eyes staring down at me.” I joke. He slightly chuckles.

“Well…” He says in between kissing my neck. “That...Is old...friend.” I quickly stop him right there.

“Okay. I know you’re lying because you’re trying to distract me by kissing my neck. I’ve been having sex with you long enough to know what's going on.

“Is it working?” He smiles.

“No.” I say matter of factly, and he sighs sitting up.

“She’s just an old ex.” I raise my eyebrow. “We broke up about a month before we started...before we met, and I never changed the picture out.”

“Ha. Seems kind of weird to me that that’d you’d move on with another girl, and not even bother to remove traces of another.”

“Look she means nothing to me anymore. Can we just continue where we left off?” He smiles leaning towards me, and I place a firm hand on his chest.

“I think I should go.” I stand, and he grabs my arm pulling me back down onto the couch. He kisses me hard, and my head spins. He pulls away and whispers into my ear.

“You know I only love you.” And before I can say anything, he is back to kissing me.

Next thing I know I am staring into his bathroom mirror with a sheet wrapped around me. Nick walks up behind me, and wraps his arms gently around my waist.

"You are so beautiful." He whispers in my ear sending shivers down my spine.

“What was she like?” I say ignoring the comment.

“Who?” He asks.


“Claire why are you talking about this again? I told you we broke up. End of story.” He snaps.

“Well excuse me for trying to see what your type is.” I joke. Only this time he is not amused.

“Have you thought about dyeing your hair back to brown?” He asks obviously changing the subject.

“Why? I like it blue, and I thought you did too.”

“I did. It's just, it brings a lot of attention, and the only attention I want on you is mine. I don’t want any guy coming out of the blue and stealing you from me.” He kisses my shoulder, and I pull away.

“I like my hair blue, and I intend to keep it that way Nick.” I argue. Suddenly something changes in his face, and he grabs my wrist. Hard. “Nick stop-”

“You’re being childish Claire. With your hair you’re basically screaming to people you want attention. But I’m the only one who sees you. Who really sees you, and I don't feel like competing against everyone else. You want to know what my type is? I want someone who is mature and sexy. I love you Claire, but you need to prove to me you can grow up a little.” I stare at him as he strokes my face gently with his other hand. “Now, you should probably head home before your mom calls you worried sick.” He drops my wrist and walks back into the bedroom.

“I don’t need to go home.” I walk after him. “My mom won't notice I’m gone, and besides I dont need to explain myself to her.” He smiles pulling me onto his lap.

“That’s my girl.” He kisses me softly.

That next morning I shoot my stylist a quick text.

Me: What are you doing this morning? I need an appointment asap.

Mariana: What’s up? You touched up your roots a few weeks ago. Is something wrong?

Me: No. I just need something new.

Mariana: I can get you in at 9:30.

Me: Thanks.

Next thing I do is text my mom.

Me: Hey I know you’re still on your trip, but could you call me in for a half day at school? Migraine is really bad this morning.

Mom: k

"Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine" - The Imitation Game

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Sun Apr 16, 2017 2:40 am
fictionfanatic says...


"Sawyer." The harsh tone of my father's voice called through my sleepy state, corrupting my dreams.

"Sawyer!" God this was a horrible nightmare.

A shock of cold water on my face jerked me from my sleep.

"What the hell!" I exclaimed, squinting up to see my father hovering over my bed with a crystal glass in hand. That's when the smell hit me - vodka.

"Are you serious??" I yelled, jumping from my bed and grabbing the hem of my shirt to wipe my face, "What's your problem?"

"My problem is that I have a son who treats my home like his personal whore house." He said dryly, setting the glass down on my nightstand before turning to me glowering, "I got a call from my driver, Sawyer. Do you really think I work as hard as I do so that you can cart around these girls on my dime?"

I had learned a long time ago that it was easier to deal with him if I didn't say anything so I tried to do just that, looking back at him blankly. If I could keep it up long enough he would wear himself out and just give up.

"You can't keep bringing around floozy girls, son." He said deliberately, his icy eyes staring me down.

"Don't call her that!" I snapped through gritted teeth, bristling at the ill-mention of Emma. He always knew just how to get to me.

He paused, pressing his lips together as he looked me up and down and pondered for a moment. Taking a few steps towards me, he closed the gap so that we were practically nose and nose before he said, "You be careful of who you let into your life, Sawyer, there are things that need to be protected in this family and what you do not only reflects on me but puts us all at risk."

I could feel the heat of his breath on my face and smell the liquor on his skin even though it was only 6am. Like father like son, I suppose. I had to keep myself from grimacing at the thought.

Stepping towards him so that our chest's were pressing together, I growled, "Well we wouldn't want to mess with your precious reputation now would we."

In an instant I was floored, pain radiating through my jaw from where my father's fist had just made contact. Glaring up at him, I watched as he smoothed the lapel of his gray suit jacket.

"You know Sawyer," He sighed, adjusting his cufflinks before turning his gaze to look down on me, "That Bobek girl may come from money but she doesn't belong here. She'll only get hurt and when she does it will be because of you."

He turned on his heel and made his way out, but not before tossing over his shoulder, "Get ready for school son, you look like hell."

Without thinking I grabbed the glass from the nightstand and hurled it towards him, screaming, "Fuck you!" as the sound of glass shattering against the wall sent a shiver down my spine. My mother is going to kill me for breaking that glass.


"Hey, good look my man! What'd you get into a fight with Shep on your way here?" August laughed, a goofy grin splayed across his face as he sauntered down the steps towards me.

I laughed, ignoring the pain from the bruising that was already forming, and replied "Oh you know me, I had one drink too many and stirred up some trouble."

"I'm calling bull," Vada smirked, jest sparkling in her eyes as she teased, "My guess is that Emma is already fed up with him and she laid into him last night"

"Oh please, do you see the way Emma looks at Sawyer? No way." Isa argued, leaning her head back and trying to soak up the last bit of warmth from the Autumn sun.

"You're all a bunch of idiots, you know that?" I chuckled, shaking my head at just how wrong they all were.

"At least it will go with the motif for the club opening tonight," Vada exclaimed in excitement, "You'll look like a dapper gangster in all the right ways."

"Damn it!" August yelled, "I forgot all about that!"

Isadora, always one for theatrics, feigned offense as she covered her heart with her hand and cried out, "What! You're killing me August, you're really killing me!"

"Oh eat your lunch and cry me a river Isadora, I'm still going." August teased.

The sound of a familiar voice turned my head to see Emma walking by with Dylan. We locked eyes and she gave me a small wave. Smiling back at her, I gave her a subtle wink before she passed completely.

She'll only get hurt.

I shook my father's voice from my head and turned my attention back towards my lunch. As I took a long swig from my coffee cup I couldn't help but revel in the taste of the gin hitting my tongue. Suddenly I was starting to feel a lot better.

Live, Love, Laugh

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Gravity says...


"Hey Dec, do you have any cotton swabs? I'm trying to take off my nailpolish so I can repaint them and I've run out," Dylan asked, poking her fiery mass of red curls through my doorway.

"Wait, let me get this straight. You have paint on your nails already, but want to take it off so you can paint them all over again?" I asked, looking up from my novel.

"Look at these monstrosities," Dylan said, showing me her fingernails. I looked at them and saw maybe a few chips here and there.

"Will you leave me alone if I say no?" I asked hopefully,

"Haha, Nope." She shot back.

I sighed, "Okay, let me get them."

"Thank you," she said, smiling sweetly.

"Whatever," I chuckled before getting up and grabbing swabs from my bathroom. I didn't really use them but Alberta always insisted.

"Hey Dyl," I said, settling back into bed.

"Yeah?" she asked, her head poking through my doorway once more. I took the opportunity to hurl one of those stupid decorative pillows at her head that I never used.

"You'll pay for that one!" Dylan shouted, on her way back to my room. I grinned and shook my head as I settled back into my book. I'd seen twins fight like cats and dogs, especially when they were fraternal, like Dylan and I, and were different genders. Luckily, we were best friends. I was definitely the more introverted one, happy to sit back in Dylan's shadow and make sure she didn't get into any trouble; but I was always waiting in the wings for when she needed advice, somebody to talk to, or somebody to bicker with lightly. Even though I was technically less than 10 minutes older than she was, I still felt the obligation to fit the "big brother" persona and watch out for her.

The rest of the night, once Dylan's friend, Henry, had left, and Bash came and went, I did a little homework and then went to bed, not bothering to look out for Mom and Dad. Sometimes they were home on time, sometimes they weren't. We always made sure to have everything in order just in case. Dylan was Mom's favorite punching bag and Dad liked to try to connect with me with the whole sports thing, but gave up when I didn't give in. He didn't get that even though I loved running and lacrosse and really anything that got my body moving, I didn't enjoy using it to try to be better than others or obsess over the statistics and goings on of famous athletes. I wasn't super competitive, I was truly just a team player.

The next morning Dylan and I got ready for school and left as quietly as possible. Mom and Dad's bedroom door was shut, and we assumed they were sleeping off hangovers from whatever corporate cocktail party they undoubtedly attended the night before.

"It's gonna be a good day," I assured Dylan as we got in the elevator. When Mom and Dad got up with us, Mom always made some comment about Dylan's appearance or her grades, Dad stood by and watched, and then I tried to lift Dylan's mood before school started. When Mom and Dad slept in, Dylan was always in brighter spirits, and I could see it in her this morning, too.

"So how did things go with Henry?" I asked. "Do you like him or something?"

"No," she said, "It just seems like he's the only one here who doesn't feed into the Gossip Girl crap, you know? Emma isn't super invested in it, but I can tell it affects her but Claire is... Claire. "

"I mean, you always have me," I said, but then Dylan's phone chimed.

"Oh great, Gossip Girl," she groaned.

"Speak of the devil and he shall appear," I mused.

Dylan and I left the spacious town car and stepped onto the school grounds, where Emma was waiting.

"Hey Ems," Dylan said, "Where's Claire?"

"Not sure, I texted her but she hasn't texted back. I got here a little late anyway, so I assumed she went inside already? You know how the teachers have been about the cellphone policy lately, she's probably doing stuff for yearbook. Or Gossip Girl, Emma said, holding up her phone."

"Have you opened the post yet?" Dylan asked.

"Nope, all it's going to say is that I'm sleeping with Sawyer, which I already know. Then it will speculate some forbidden romance between people and probably make a quip about, well," Emma smiled apologetically.

"My weight," Dylan prompted, "I know."

"Sorry," Emma said, wincing.

"It's fine," Dylan dismissed, reluctantly putting her phone in her jacket pocket and trying to ignore all the stares. "Speaking of which, how are things going with you and Sawyer?" Emma grinned and blushed and Bash waved me over to hang out with the rest of the lacrosse team. I quickly disengaged and went to join them. I needed to make some friends. Quickly.


Claire didn't reappear until 4th period. At least, I don't think she did, I was in PE my elective block and she wasn't. When I saw her, I immediately noticed, she dyed her hair brown, I thought.

"What's up little blue?" I asked her outside the classroom, using the nickname Gossip Girl had coined for her.

"Can't call me that anymore," said Claire with a cocky grin, running her fingers through one of her styled curls.

"I see that, what's with the new hair?" I asked.

"You know, just wanted a change," she said, biting her lip. That was Dylan's tell, that's how I knew she was nervous. Or lying. Usually it was because she was nervous.

"Really. You seemed to love the blue, though. It was so... you,"

"Well it's not anymore, okay?" Claire said, crossing her arms over her chest, "Sometimes people just need to learn to grow up. I have. Not sure why that's such a big deal."

"You know, it takes more than just a new hairdo to grow up," I said quietly, "And sometimes the biggest sign of maturity is doing things that make you feel good about yourself, rather than what makes everybody else feel good about you." With that, I gave her a polite nod and walked into the classroom, not waiting to hear her response.
And the heart is hard to translate
It has a language of its own
It talks in tongues and quiet sighs,
And prayers and proclamations

-Florence + The Machine (All This and Heaven Too)

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Gravity says...

Good morning Upper East Siders,

Welcome to another morning of your own personal hell. That's right, me. I know it both excites you and fills you with dread to know that someone on the inside, one of you, knows everything. And I could yank the rug out from under you any moment.

First, a little minor news.

[Insert photo of Dylan and Henry getting into the town car]

At the end of last week Big Red was seen taking Scarface home with her. Do I sense romance in the air? Seems like this pair was a match made in heaven. Or hell.

[Insert photo of Claire with her new brown hair]

Well Claire, multi-colored hair has kind of been your thing. Even I've taken to calling you Little Blue. Without your trademark, who are you supposed to be? To me it seems like you're putting on a costume. My guess is it won't last, so Little Blue you will stay.

[Insert photo of Sawyer with his bruised face]

Hmm, Sawyer, Chicago's new lover and potential boy toy. Rumor has it this injury was a result of a lover's quarrel. However, based on past experiences of when parents get displeased, I don't think Dearest is the one to blame in this case, I think it's Daddy.

[insert photo of Ainsley and Claire together]

Ainsley Ainsley Ainsley, I so hoped you would make an appearance. Seems like you've come back this year to resume your spot as the Mean Queen Bee. Well A, even the mightiest are easily de-throned, and Claire could be the one to do it.

As always, you know you can count on me for any future goings-on. Watch your backs, kiddies, you never know when someone may be watching.

Who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell.
You know you love me,
Gossip Girl

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And the heart is hard to translate
It has a language of its own
It talks in tongues and quiet sighs,
And prayers and proclamations

-Florence + The Machine (All This and Heaven Too)

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Mon Apr 17, 2017 2:15 pm
XxXTheSwordsmanXxX says...

Henry Campbell

"The whispers are different this morning," Henry muttered to himself as he moved through the halls. He felt rather naked with his hoodie stuffed into his back pack. He didn't want to be hassled on the way to school with the people on the streets and even less at the school.

But something was different today. People were whispering and pointing, but it wasn't the usual 'Oh God, what happened to his face' whispering. Something had happened and he was at the center of it.

Hurrying to Chemistry he took his seat as Dylan sat beside him. Even now the other students were turning back to look at him as the teacher was trying to conduct class.

"Okay, I give..." Henry muttered to Dylan. "Why is everyone so focused on me? Besides the obvious."

"I don't think you want me to answer that," Dylan said with an almost sad tone.

"I don't need you playing bodyguard for me...what is going on?"

Dylan sighed before pulling out her phone and opening the Gossip Girl blog. He could see it right off the bat. A picture of him getting into Dylan's car from the previous week. His jaw clenched as he read the small blurb of the event and possible gossip. His eyes focusing on the name that he had been given.

He really wished he could wear his hoodie.

Henry and the phone back and just stared at his textbook, his brow pulled down in an angry expression. His breathing was getting quicker as he tried to keep his composure.

That barely lasted to third period.

"Yo, Scarface!" one of the other students called from across the locker room. "Hey, Scarface! Your mom leave you in the oven too long?"

It took everything that Henry had to not turn around and beat the kid into the concrete. He was on the verge of turning when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

Henry looked to the guy that has saved him from a trip to the principle. "Let's get some air," Sawyer said walking Henry out. "Sorry about that man. It can be brutal here."

"Yeah," Henry replied as he pulled his shirt on to cover up as many scars as he could. "Thanks."

"I could tell you weren't far away from knocking his teeth out, so I thought I would get you out of there," Sawyer replied. "You're Henry right?"

"Yeah...and you're Sawyer. Saw your picture on that damn site."

"Yeah I guess so. Look just...don't pay any mind to it. It will all blow over."

"Maybe for you, Sawyer. Your bruises go away. These scars..." Henry pointed to his face for emphasis, "...they don't get any better than this." Henry turned and started around the track. He just wanted to run off some frustration before actually starting the class. He needed it. If he didn't, there was no telling what might set him off.

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Wed Apr 19, 2017 1:51 am
Nike says...

Augustus Kolbeck

Vada had begun hanging with the three of us more often. I wasn't sure how I felt about it yet, but I didn't mind. Seeing her everyday wasn't bad. It was easier to keep an eye on her... thinking about her being with anyone else made my stomach flip.

"Dude, did you read GG yet?" Sawyer asked me, looking up from his lunch.

Both Isadora and Vada looked up from their phones, at Sawyer. He smiled weakly, nodding towards me. I knew it was time to open up the page. I took my phone from my pocket, my heart raced. Tapping through, I found the website and found a brand new post.

"Daddy? She knows?" I gasped, looking up at Sawyer.

He nodded, "Whoever Gossip Girl is... I'll teach her a lesson."

"I highly doubt you'll beat up a girl, Sawyer." Isadora laughed.

The wind picked up, blowing her hair wildly. She pulled on it, tying it into a lose pony. I had looked over at Vada, noticing she was reading something off her phone. And by her face, I got the impression it was the rest of Gossip Girl.

"Ainsley is back?"She gasped.

"What?" I looked around the campus, only seeing other students in the same uniforms we all wore. You couldn't find a single familiar face in the crowd. But Ainsley, you could see her. She stuck out. And there she was.

Just by the entry way to the school, Ainsley stood with her perfect blonde curls and model smile. She was talking to her friends, flipping her hair as she spoke. I swallowed hard, feeling my skin tingle. This was one of the girls I was with, and I would get with again.

"Wipe your saliva off your chin, August." I heard Isadora say with disgust.

I shook my head, getting out of the Ainsley trance. "Uh, oh, sorry guys."

"Right," I heard Vada say under her breath. Looking over at her, she was digging into her salad, her eyebrows were furrowed. Well shit.

"Seriously, I just haven't seen her in a while guys." I acknowledged to everyone.

"Dude, it's cool." Sawyer smiled. "I'm happy she doesn't have that power on me though."

"At least Gossip Girl doesn't talk about me. And when she does, it's all positives." I smiled.

"Cause you're like a secondary character dude, you're a jerk but no one hates you." Vada giggled.

"Well fuck you too Vada,"

Our eyes met, making my heart skip a beat. I never noticed how they weren't just brown, they were hazel, green, they were... amazing. Snapping out of it, she looked back at Isadora as I got back to my lunch.


"Vaaaaa-d-aaaaa!" I called into the now empty club.

I was all dressed for the opening, suit and tie and everything girls would drool for. Vada had messaged me to come early, to help her out with the opening. I took that as code for come early so we can fuck. I had two condoms in my wallet, ready for her.

"Aye, Vada, where you at?" I called again, my voice echoing against the walls.

"Come to the coat check." I heard her echo back.

"How the hell am I supposed to know what that is?"

"Follow my voice..."

Looking down at the floor, I found articles of her clothing lying a path ahead of me. "You think that's safe? What if someone else walks in?"

"Take it with you dumbass."
“There is no need to call me Sir, Professor.”

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Wed Apr 19, 2017 2:08 am
Nike says...

Emma Bobek

"Claire!" I yelled down the hallway, noticing her face. The only way I would have recognized her is by her blue hair, but that was long gone as of right now.

She smiled, taking a small jog towards me, between all the people crowding the hall. I had slipped off my headphones, Zedd had to wait, non-blue hair was freaking me out.

"What happened to your signature look? Even Gossip Girl is worried." I asked, eyeing her hair.

Rolling her eyes, she replied. "Can't a girl want a new do? Both you and Dylan are freaking out over nothing." She huffed. "Can't you be like everyone else and say Oh Claire! I love your new hair!"

I felt the guilt kick in, causing my stomach to burn up. Smiling, I said, "Claire, your hair does look amazing. Honestly,"

"Thanks for that Em," She huffed again.

"Everything okay?" I pushed.

Shaking her head, she crossed her arms over her chest and looked away from me. The students were piling into their classes, emptying the hall around us. The tension grew between us, making me concerned for what was going on in her head.

"You can talk to me dude,"

"Just go back to Sawyer, okay dude?" Her tone was accusing as our eyes met. "I'm perfectly fine, maybe you should take care of yourself. No girl falls for a guy so quickly. No girl falls for Sawyer."

My heart felt like it's been stabbed at least a million times. Over and over, in, out. I swallowed hard, taking a step back from her. The tension was worse as tears pricked my cheeks. I was crying? I was crying oh my God. I couldn't allow her to see me crying. She'd think that I was weak. And I did not want her to think that I was weak.

Turning on my heel, I ran down the opposite way, out the exit. The warm air hit me as I pushed the doors opening, jogging down the steps. The only people out here were those that had their lunch break. So I was safe, I didn't know anyone on their break right now.

Just this morning I was with Dylan, all happy and gushy. Sawyer had winked at me. It was a good morning. And now?

My lungs felt like they were gonna give out, so I stopped just before the lunch area outside, placing my hands on my thighs as I bent over, catching my breath.

"Emma?" I heard Declan's voice. "Em, are you okay?"

Shaking my head, I fell onto the grass, the cool ground weirdly comforting. Tears streamed down my face as I tried my best to wipe them away. A pair of arms pulled me close, and I just sunk into the warm body, feeling as if it was safe. I was vulnerable now, what did I know?

"It's me Emma," Declan said reassuringly, "I'm here,"

It was safe. I tried to breathe.
“There is no need to call me Sir, Professor.”

Lead. The most dangerous thing in Led Zeppelin's name and I'll remind you the other thing was Zeppelin.
— John Oliver