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Gossip Girl

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Fri Jan 20, 2017 4:10 pm
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Gravity says...

Good morning Upper East Siders

We all know you've been up to all kinds of debauchery over the summer. What secrets will unfold throughout the school year between the ladies of Constance and the gentlemen at St. Jude's? That much is uncertain. One thing you can rely on, you'll be hearing all the details from me.

Who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell.
You know you love me
Gossip Girl

Storybooks Information, Rules, etc.

The main premise of this storybook is based off Gossip Girl, the hit show on the CW. I am answering this question here, so don't ask in the DT. YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE ANY PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OR TO HAVE WATCHED THE SHOW TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS STORYBOOK. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW WILL BE EXPLAINED BELOW.

The setting is the most wealthy borough of New York (Upper East Side). Gossip Girl is a blogger who always has the inside scoop on the scandals the teenagers in the Upper East Side are always getting themselves into. She could be one of you, or not. Your characters won't know who she is, however, if you are interested in your character being gossip girl, PM me and we will talk. Gossip Girl blasts will be done by me and will look just like the beginning of this post. They will be posted periodically throughout the storybook and will reveal your character's secrets to the whole world. I will obviously ask you before I scream your charrie's secrets to the world, and any final GG post will be approved by whoever is selected to be Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl posts are fueled by tips. A great way to create scandal is to send in a tip on someone. This could be anything from a nugget of information to an incriminating photo. Betrayal is a large part of this SB.

This is like any other high school storybook. There will be relationship crap and drama, but it is different because of the omniscient Gossip Girl and the fact that everyone in this storybook will be extremely wealthy, making the range of scandal even greater. The parents of characters in this storybook will be CEOs of fortune 500 companies, mob bosses, socialites, political lobbyists, essentially the people who rule the world with money. Their children, (a.k.a. your characters) are beautifully neglected and unsupervised. In the original show there is one poor-ish character. His name is Dan Humphrey, he comes from Brooklyn and makes the commute every morning to St. Judes. I'm okay with there being one character like that, but you must make this character dynamic. The goal for this SB is for everyone to have a dark side, whether the dark side is something that evolves later or is already there now.

The two sibling schools are Constance Billard School for Girls and St. Jude's School for Boys. The two separate names are simply for tradition's sake. The classes themselves are separated by guys and girls but the building is the same, so you would run into the opposite gender in the hallway. If you decide to have a transgender character or any other kind of gender identity, message me and we'll talk. No discrimination here :)

This storybook seems complicated, but I promise, if you love high school storybooks, you will like this. Just bear with me and join if this interests you, the mechanics and kinks will be worked out as we go.

1. You are allowed to use the personalities of characters from the original show, but not actual names or photos. For example, you cannot name your character Serena or Blair, and you cannot use a photo of Blake Lively for your charries.
2. Make your characters dynamic. They should change over time like real characters, and should have complex personalities.
3. No God-modding. If you decide to expose somebody's secrets etc. you must ask them first.
4. You have to read everybody's posts, whether you are tagged or not. This will be a complex storybook with complex plots and when GossipGirl does her blasts, it could be about many different characters. So just stay informed on everything that's going on and be open to interaction with new characters.
5. You should have a unique character different from everybody else. We can't all be the queen bee or the outcast, so think outside the box!
6. Have fun, get creative.

Character Profiles
Code: Select all
[b]Appearance (please also provide a photo if possible):[/b]
[b]Personal History (previous scandals, etc.):[/b]
[b]Parental History (who are their parents, how did they make their money?):[/b]
[b]Anything Else?:[/b]
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And the heart is hard to translate
It has a language of its own
It talks in tongues and quiet sighs,
And prayers and proclamations

-Florence + The Machine (All This and Heaven Too)

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Wed Jan 25, 2017 2:56 am
Gravity says...

Good morning Upper East Siders

A new school year means a new beginning, a fresh start. For some of you, this means you truly get to start the year off with a blank slate. For others, that means a new effort to hide the past. Who will be first to go down? Well, that's up to you, but you'll hear it from me first.

Who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell.
You know you love me
Gossip Girl
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And the heart is hard to translate
It has a language of its own
It talks in tongues and quiet sighs,
And prayers and proclamations

-Florence + The Machine (All This and Heaven Too)

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Wed Jan 25, 2017 3:12 am
Gravity says...


The students at Constance at St. Jude's milled around the ancient building, the girls with their impossibly short skirt hems and the guys with their sweater vests. The Autumn Manhattan air was crisp, but not nearly cold, as the first hints of red began to peek through the trees.

I walked with Dylan next to me, her red curls were somewhat ruffled as she adjusted her blazer.

"Well, at least they had uniforms in my size, right?" she said, trying to be positive. I patted her back and smiled. It was a new school, the last private school we went to had required our family to get uniforms custom made for her, which just tore down her self esteem even more.

"You look great, Dyl," I said reassuring her, as we approached the ornate stone steps and the huge oak doors.

"I really just want to go back home and go back to bed and be homeschooled. This is going to be just like everywhere else we've been to," Dylan said, finally admitting her concerns. Her eyebrows scrunched together and she shut her eyes for a moment, as if wishing herself away would take her home.

"We can do this, maybe the kids here will be nicer?" she said. But she wasn't fooling me.

"It looks like it's time to go in," I told her, and we followed the herd of other students into what looked almost like a chapel. There were rows of seats on either side and a space where the alter would've been, but Constance and St. Jude's hadn't technically been Catholic schools for decades. They must've just decided to keep the original integrity of the building and used the church area as an auditorium. Nevertheless, girls were on one side and guys were on the other, and I shot Dylan a sympathetic look as she moved to her side.

An imposing woman wearing a Hillary Clinton style pantsuit stood at the front of the room, her pulled into a tight bun. I was impressed, she managed to channel both Clinton and Professor McGonagall surprisingly well.

"Good morning students, I see many returning faces and a few new ones," she said, the corners of her lips turning up in a very faint, very fake smile.

"My name is Headmistress Queller, I will be overseeing the educations of each and everyone of you here at the Constance Billard School for Girls and St. Jude's School for Boys. I urge you to expect change and innovation, as well as tradition. Along with that comes a new rule," she said, pausing to gaze over the audience. She frowned and as I looked around, I saw why. Everybody was looking at their phones, with some website pulled up. They were all whispering about something called "Gossip Girl."

"We cannot control your use of the internet outside of school, but any access to the infamous "Gossip Girl" site on campus is strictly forbidden. All violators will be punished. We expect great things of you, please live up to your expectations." With that she stepped aside and everyone stood. My phone dinged with a text from Dylan:

Who is Gossip Girl, and what the hell have we gotten ourselves into?

Everybody, you guys are free to post!!!!
And the heart is hard to translate
It has a language of its own
It talks in tongues and quiet sighs,
And prayers and proclamations

-Florence + The Machine (All This and Heaven Too)

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Thu Jan 26, 2017 7:20 am
NicoleBri says...

Vada Collins

I need to see my baby girl. :( I miss Miley. I texted. I had been texting Stefan all morning since I had gotten up to get ready for school. Ugh. Today was definitely going to be hell.

We will come down next month, why don't you come down here? Mom & Dad can pay for your flight. I rolled my eyes, he knew why I wouldn't come down but he always asked every single time.

Throwing my phone on the bed, I stood in front of my full body mirror, my hair was a mess and I needed make up, severely.

I tossed my hair in a messy bun and sat at my make up table, it was a long process to look my best.

Applying the last of my lip gloss on I straightened my shoulders one last time, this uniform looked good on me but it never felt right. Why couldn't we be like other schools and wear regular cool clothes?

I sat in my car for a few minutes to calm myself. My junior year of school and it still gave me the first day jitters.

It was more or less the fact that I would be passing Jameson today. It was the first time I would see him since last year when school ended. He had broken up with me after finding out I cheated on him. I tried so hard to tell him I was drunk and it didn't mean anything but he seemed so broken up about it. Especially finding it out on the Gossip Girl website.

I didn't know who this "Gossip Girl" was but she was ruining my life every chance she could get. This year would be a new one and I planned on making a change, maybe I will get my boyfriend back.

I guess we shall see.

Spoiler! :
@Gravity I hope this post was okay. Let me know if I need to fix anything.
Words are a lens to focus one's mind.

- Ayn Rand

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Thu Jan 26, 2017 9:54 pm
Nike says...

Emma Michelle Bobek

You'll be fine, it's just your first day at a brand new school with the same kind of people you've been with all your life. There's snobs everyone, no one is different.

The halls were crowded with both boys and girls, murmuring to each other with the occasional Gossip Girl slip I've been hearing for a while. Who is this Gossip Girl? And was she dangerous?

I found my way to a room that resembled a chapel. In front of me were two students who couldn't stop talking to each other. The girl had amazing auburn locks and the guy could be a Weasley. More students pushed around me, finding their way to the rows of benches, facing an Umbridge looking woman. I swallowed hard and sat down next to a girl with the most amazing colorful hair. It was a dark grey blue mix I wish I could pull off.

"Good morning students, I see many returning faces and a few new ones," She said as her lips formed an insincere smile. "My name is Headmistress Queller, I will be overseeing the educations of each and everyone of you here at the Constance Billard School for Girls and St. Jude's School for Boys..."

Her voice even sounded evil with that high pitched tone no regular woman would have. "I urge you to expect change and innovation, as well as tradition. Along with that comes a new rule."

She was silent for a moment as she looked over the room, spotting each teen on their phone, giggling among each other. My heart raced as I felt lost, there was something I didn't know about and I wanted to know.

"We cannot control your use of the internet outside of school, but any access to the infamous "Gossip Girl" site on campus is strictly forbidden. All violators will be punished. We expect great things of you, please live up to your expectations." After this, she walked away from the podium and the lot of us rose from the benches.

Who was this Gossip Girl? She must be serious, even the Headmistress is trying to put a stop to her.

Before we left the room, I looked over to my left and met eyes with the girl that was next to me with the amazing hair. I swallowed hard, a little uncomfortable. Being new was tough.

"Who's Gossip Girl?" I asked her.

She rolled her eyes, "You're definetely new."

"Yeah, it's hard to tell cause I fit right in!" I smiled sarcastically.

Teens around us scurried out of the room, murmuring to each other. All I could hear form them was 'Gossip Girl this...' and 'Gossip Girl that...'.

"I'm Claire, and you'll fit in." She smiled.

"Emma," I sighed. "I can only try to."

"And Gossip Girl is someone you need to keep a lookout for, she or he or whatever, is always watching."

"Like God?"

"Some would say..."

She took her backpack and pushed passed me to walk out. I followed after, not as excited as I was before.


Augustus Joseph Kolbeck

Another year in St. Jude's, oh was I looking forward to it. After the 'school year talk' we had with Headmistress, I figured I needed a smoke break. Junior year wasn't short enough. The halls were crowded with both girls and boys in our terrible uniforms. I caught sight of Sawyer and waved over at him. He was at his locker, taking some books out. I pushed through the cluster of people and got to him.

"Smoke?" I asked.

"Not today man, I can go with you though." He replied.

I smiled and we made our way to the exit doors that stood at the end of this hallway. The warm air hit us once I opened the door, feeling the bit of freedom I needed to survive this school day.

Pulling out a cigarette from my pack, I lit it and shut my eyes, enjoying the taste of the menthol nicotine. Cars bustled around the school, you could hear the honking and the screeching.

"What is it about Headmistress Queller that I'd bone her?" I joked to Sawyer.

"It's her hair, the tightness of the bun tells so much about what's down below." He laughed.

Opening my eyes, I looked over at Sawyer and saw him tapping away at his phone, texting another girl I suppose. I flicked my cig, and then took in another drag.

"I'm having a party tomorrow." I sighed.

He looked up at me, reading my face I believe. "Dude, it's a weekday tomorrow, how do you think that'll work out?"

"Well, my siblings are Freshies here, so they deserve to have their first big party as soon as they can. I mean, they have the popular gene from me, might as well start now."

"But no one will show, it's only Wednesday." He said, looking around the grounds that was covered with too green grass and magnificent trees for New York.

"Were my parties ever lacking, Sawyer?" I chuckled. "Never,"

“There is no need to call me Sir, Professor.”

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Sat Jan 28, 2017 3:38 am
fictionfanatic says...


"What is it about Headmistress Queller that I'd bone her?" August wondered out loud, probably only partially joking.

"It's her hair," I responded, unable to suppress a coy smile as I continued with a laugh, "the tightness of the bun tells so much about what's down below."

I felt my phone vibrate in the pocket of my freshly pressed, St. Jude's approved khakis and pushed the edge of my blazer out of the way to reach for it. The screen came to life as my thumb hovered over the home button and the message popped up.

Unknown number:
I had a lot of fun when we went out the other night - do it again soon?? :)

I racked my brain, trying my damn hardest to remember which girl it might have been but was unable to come up with it. I quickly came to the decision that had she been of any interest I would have taken her number down and since I had not I navigated my way towards blocking the number when I heard August start to speak again.

"I'm having a party tomorrow." He said with a sigh.

With one last tap I confirmed the block and shut my phone off, lifting my gaze to August's face. I squinted, trying a discern whether or not he was being sarcastic. He and I had been friends since our parents put us into the same privatized preschool, so it didn't take me long to figure out that he wasn't.

"Dude, it's a weekday tomorrow," I said, knowing it would have no affect, "how do you think that'll work out?"

"Well, my siblings are Freshies here," he reasoned, "so they deserve to have their first big party as soon as they can. I mean, they have the popular gene from me, might as well start now."

I had to refrain from rolling my eyes at him."But no one will show, it's only Wednesday."

He laughed, "Were my parties ever lacking, Sawyer? Never."

"Well nevertheless" I said as August put out his cigarette, my lips curling up as a held back a laugh, knowing full well that what I said next would get a rise out of him, "I will gladly drink all of your whiskey, even when it turns out to be a dud just like all the others have!"

August shoved me and burst out with laughter, "Greatly appreciated!"

Still chuckling, I grabbed the door and pulled it open, about to walk back inside when I heard a heavily accented, feminine voice call out, "Hold the door!"

We both turned our attention to the source in time to see a stiletto clad foot step out of a black SUV with tinted windows, followed by a leggy, dark haired beauty.

The girl spoke a flurry of foreign words to someone inside the car before slamming the car door and running towards the door being held open for her.

Her full lips turned up into a smile as she passed us, turning her body to face us as she continued walking a few steps backwards and laughed, "Thanks boys! And to think everyone back home said chivalry was dead in America!" giving us a wink before turning back around and making her way down the hall.

Still holding the door, I looked back towards August as he walked inside and he said "I bet you people will show if I get her to come."

I erupted in laughter, following behind him and letting the door shut behind me as we headed to our first class.

Spoiler! :
Sorry my writing is a little rusty!

@Nike hope this is okay! If not let me know. Also, thanks for bringing in Sawyer! When I read Augustus' profile I thought they'd make good friends so I'm glad you thought so too! :D

A post for Isadora is coming soon!
Live, Love, Laugh

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Mon Jan 30, 2017 5:18 am
HazelGrace16 says...

Claire Devney

I never thought I'd miss the the lectures of old Headmistress Queller...And I was right. I swear I could see the broccoli remnants lodged in her teeth from 5 rows back. I flash pictures for the yearbook throughout the speech in order to catch Jose candid “new year excitement” photos. Bored would be the word I would use instead. Not everyone can master that beautiful candid look.

Especially not the students at this school.

I roll my eyes, and block out the sounds of Queller’s monotone speech. As I move the view of my camera across the auditorium, I spot Mr. Anderson. He’s standing alongside a bunch of the other teachers at the side of the auditorium as they supervise the assembly. After a moment his eyes lock to me, and I flash the camera. He looks away, but continues to steal glances my way. I smile. I'm hoping our summer of fun doesn't end the moment first period stars.

When the assembly ends the girl next to me turns my way, and asks me a question out of nowhere.

"Who's Gossip Girl?” She asks. I roll my eyes and sigh.

“You're definitely new." I say.

"Yeah, it's hard to tell cause I fit right in!" She says sarcastically.

“Yeah, well...I'm Claire, and you'll fit in." I say with my best reassuring smile.

"Emma," She sighed. "I can only try to."

"And Gossip Girl is someone you need to keep a lookout for, she or he or whatever, is always watching." I say filling in the definition that has become accustomed to the name Gossip Girl.

"Like God?" She asks. I scoff picking up my bag.

"Some would say..." I push past the girl into the exiting traffic of the auditorium. When I get back into the hall, I notice the feeling of a shadow on my back. “You know, following people isn't the best way to start fitting in.” I turn to Emma.

“Look, you know I'm new, and I don't have any friends. You’re the first person I've met so I went with it.”

“A nice, ‘Could you show me around?’ would've worked ya know?” She stares at me. I sigh. “Okay. Where's your first class?”

“Chemistry with Lewis.” She says looking at the piece of paper from her pocket.

“Hm. So do I. Well I guess you can walk with me.” I say.

“Really?” She smiles.

“Yeah. Just don't walk behind me like a lost puppy will you?”

“Oh. Yeah, sure!”

“Come on let's go.” We head off towards Mr. Lewis’ classroom together. As we walk I notice two friends of mine walking into the building followed by another one of Constance's “pretty new girls.” There jaws were practically hanging down to their crotches, so I might as well not miss this opportunity. I lift my camera to them and flash a picture. Their attention is pulled away from the girl to me.

“Like what you see boys?” I call out across to them motioning my head to the girl now walking away.

“Haha, very funny Claire.” Sawyer says annoyed. Sawyer and I always liked messing with each other, and I never missed an opportunity to do so.

“What? It's not my fault I saw you both drooling.” I laugh. I look at the picture on my camera. “I think I'll call this one drooling apes.”

“Wow, did you come up with that one all on your own?” He asks sarcastically.

“What can I say? My pictures speak the truth.” I say with a smile. Sawyer stares at me until August butts in.

“Hey Claire. Party at my place tomorrow. You up?” He asks.

“On a weekday and everything? Are you sure Mommy and Daddy will be okay with that?” I ask jokingly.

“Would they even care?” He asks.

“Touché. I'll be there. But…” I turn around to Emma who is once again standing behind me. I wrap my arm around her shoulder bringing her forward. “Only if my new lovely friend Emma here can come to.”

“Sounds cool. I'll see you both there.”

“Wouldn't want to be late to Chemistry.” Sawyer says bumping into me as they pass.

“A party? My parents would never be up for letting me stay out late on a school night.” Emma says as we walk into the classroom.

“Come on it'll be fun. Besides, it will help you “fit in” more.” I smile. She looks down. “Look, I'm not making fun of you. I'm just trying to show our schools all about. Secrets, and parties. Whaddya say?”

“Fine.” She smiles back.

The moment I sit down in my seat I notice the vibration of my phone coming from my bag. I quickly check the message and I quickly smile at what it says.

NICK ANDERSON: Meet me in my office after school.

Spoiler! :
@fictionfanatic and @Nike Your characters were mentioned in this post. Let me know if I should change anything!!
"Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine" - The Imitation Game

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Mon Jan 30, 2017 3:40 pm
NicoleBri says...

Jameson Reed

Reed, you can't ignore me forever. a text popped in from Jameson's ex, Rachel. She was still obsessed with him even though they had broken up 2 weeks ago.

He sat his phone on the dresser in his bedroom and got dressed into the lovely uniform that all kids at Jude's had to wear. He heard shuffling in the next room which meant Sheila, the nanny, had went to get Aubrey up for school. Normally he would go wake her up if Sheila couldn't but she didn't give any trouble today.

Ting, Ting

The phone went off once more but this time it was his other ex, Vada. She had broken up with him almost 5 months ago but still tried to talk to him. They had dated for 2 years before she broke up with him for another guy, of course they didn't work out so now she thought she would have a chance with him again.

Wanna meet in the library 6th period like old times?

He scoffed, she was the one who ended it and yet she is trying to lure him back into her arms.


Once he got to school he saw Claire walking with a new girl, Claire was gorgeous but he never tried to get with her.

"Hey Claire!" He yelled to her.

She looked his way and he winked at her. She smiled and continued walking & talking to the girl next to her. She looked like a lost puppy.

"Yo, James. Come to the party at my place tomorrow." Augustus yelled as he finished off his cigarette.

"Yeah, why not. Give me a cig man." Jameson held out his hand as Augustus pulled his pack from his pocket.

"I didn't know you smoked."

The familiar voice sent chills down his back,

"I thought I told you we were over?" he said. It was Rachel. She never knew when to leave well enough alone.

"We aren't done until I say so." Her words were stern and possessive. She wasn't going to leave him alone anytime soon.

Spoiler! :
@HazelGrace16 & @Nike I mentioned your charries, I hope it was okay. Let me know if I need to change anything.
Words are a lens to focus one's mind.

- Ayn Rand

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Mon Jan 30, 2017 4:05 pm
Gravity says...

Dylan Irving

That morning I had painstakingly styled my red hair into neater curls than the crazy unpredictable waves I'd grown used to. I'd also done my makeup a little bit more dramatic than usual, going with heavy winged eyeliner, a little gold eyeshadow (not garish, a soft gold) and a neutral lip. The gold eyeshadow made my greenish hazelish eyes pop and I'd also dressed up my uniform with black tights and black ankle length heeled boots.

"You look just fine, Dylan," Declan called, walking past my room and through the small hallway of our penthouse. "We gotta go, the town car is here."

"Oh, crap," I yanked my black leather book-bag onto my back and snatched up my teal coach bag and hurried after him. Yeah, coach was a little cheap for Constance Billard. Coach bags are the designer bags you get when you want to say you have a designer bag but you don't have thousands of dollars to spend on a purse. No doubt the other girls would be carrying coco chanel, louis vuitton, or, god forbid, hermes.

I shuddered as I thought of how much an hermes bag cost as I slammed my bedroom door behind me and rushed into the elevator right before the door closed. we were on the top suite of the building, the elevator went directly up to our penthouse but you had to punch in a code and have a key to enter. Unless there was a visitor, of course.

We passed through the brief walk up the steps and the first assembly without anything drastic happening. Other than hearing the mention of Gossip Girl. I watched the black background of her website glowing on the screens of everybody throughout the halls. These halls were pretty nice, admittedly. They looked more like the halls to luxurious hotels. Beautiful hardwood floor, the lockers looked more like high end wooden cupboards and the dark veneer finish on them shone, there were little tables here and there with vases and even a courtyard in the middle of the building covered by a glass ceiling over dozens of stone picnic tables and beautiful landscaping. Even the staircase going upstairs was made of dark, polished wood and curved gracefully. The school was beautiful. So why did I feel so... trapped?

Huffing to myself on the way to my locker, I opened google chrome on my Android phone and typed in the words Gossip Girl, and then tapped the first link.

"No way," I breathed, scrolling through all the posts. The website had several tabs. There was a posts tab, a photo gallery, (photos were included in posts but the photo gallery was a nice touch), a "spotted" tab with several screenshots of maps of New York and places students had been seen doing god knows what with god knows who. Hell, this girl was god. There was even an index including "helpful resources", such as who was dating who, an alphabetical list of anybody ever mentioned, links to the posts they were mentioned in, and background information if available.

The warning bell chimed and I hastily opened my little cupboard, shoved my book bag inside and grabbed a few notebooks, shut the cupboard, locked it, and hung the key around my neck. I found myself moving on autopilot to first period as I scrolled some more through the site. I managed to slide into my seat next to Declan at the last second, and I wordlessly passed him my phone.

Mr. Lewis, our teacher, strode into the room and began calling roll as Declan scrolled through the website.

"Holy shit," he breathed, looking up at me. Although we couldn't communicate telephathically (sadly) or read each other's minds (thankfully), I knew we were thinking the same thing. Who was Gossip Girl, and would she care about us?

"Declan Irving?" The teacher asked, and Declan raised his hand. Ms. Lewis walked over to him after marking him present and snatched my phone from his hand. The entire class waited tensely, including the girl who sat just in front of us with bright blue hair. Only her expression seemed somewhat amused and she discreetly took a photo of Ms. Lewis standing over Declan.

"Viewing Gossip Girl on school property?" she grimaced, I could tell this wasn't something she wanted to do, she was probably a really nice teacher.

"Go see Headmistress Queller," Ms. Lewis scribbled a note on a pad of stationary, "give her this."

I shot Declan an apologetic look and he grimaced, but I knew he wouldn't tell Queller it was my phone. That's the thing about twins, you don't rat each other out.

I didn't notice the blue haired girl again until my final period: yearbook. When I did see her, however, my mouth twisted into a grimace. I didn't know who she was, but based on the GossipGirl site, she operated largely off tips. I didn't want the next "blast" to include my brother.

I nervously twisted a lock of red hair around my finger and moved to the back, trying to maneuver as gracefully as possible through the chairs and bookbags. I often felt self conscious about this because of my size, like if I fell the floor would come crashing down.

I sat next to some blonde girl who wasn't paying any attention to me. Ms. Blue hair was sitting in front of us, but at least I wasn't right next to her, right?

I pulled out a notebook and sat quietly, waiting for the teacher to begin, but I caught snippets of the conversation of the girl next to me. It almost sounded like... they were talking about me.

"Look at her figure..." said the blonde girl to the beautiful African American girl sitting across the aisle with impeccable natural curls. I didn't even catch the rest of the sentence, but by the way the other girl's dark brown eyes appraised me, I knew. This wasn't anything I wasn't used to, but it still stung. I'd been trying for months to lose weight, I just had difficult controlling my food. I mean, didn't everybody? I worked out every night to be healthy, but no matter what I did, it never seemed to be enough. Not for everybody else, and certainly not for myself. Declan's and my parents didn't even see how hard I worked at the gym, only Declan did. He was the one who helped me workout.

"Isn't it just tragic? Do they even make uniforms in her size?" I felt my face heat up, it was probably redder than my hair and I clenched my hands into fists as the girls giggled. You will not cry, you will not cry, I commanded myself, as if thinking it would simply make it so.

To my surprise, it was the blue haired girl who turned around. "Hey you skinny bitches," she said, giving a sarcastic, humorless laugh, "Your breath smells like puke and your implants," she gestured to her chest area, "look like you got them done in jersey. Stop picking on her and eat something. God."

The blonde girl leaned back and crossed her legs and arms in a movement so coordinated it looked almost as if she'd practiced it in front of a mirror. But, she kept her mouth shut after shooting both of us a hostile glare.

Blue-hair smirked and I bit my lip, she was pretty badass. It looked like the blonde-Avery, based on the name written on her notebook-was someone with a lot of influence at this school, but apparently blue-hair had more based on the way she shut Avery down.

Blue-hair gestured to the empty seat next to her and my heart raced. Did she mean for me to sit there? What if I did and it was just some cruel joke? What if she was gesturing to someone else and I moved and looked like an idiot in front of Avery and her friend? Why was I overthinking a stupid seat? My insides churned and I wanted the day to be over. This school was nerve-wracking, definitely one of the worst I'd been to.

Blue-hair rolled her eyes at me and leaned over, grabbing my purse and plopping it in the chair next to her. Okay, she definitely wanted me to move. "What, you really want to sit with her for the rest of the semester?" she asked. I weighed my options. Blue-hair snapped a photo of my brother, so she was either a stalker or going to use the photo for Gossip Girl. On the other hand, she had saved me from the bottle blonde and she had a point. I really didn't want to sit next to Avery for the rest of the semester.

I plopped into the chair next to blue-hair just as the teacher walked down the aisle passing out syllabuses (syllabi?) and blue-hair exhaled. "Finally," she said with an exaggerated eye-roll, "For a second I thought you wanted to sit with them."

"No. Thanks."

"I'm Claire Devney," she said, confidently holding out her hand, "You're obviously new, considering I know everybody at both Constance and St. Jude's."

I shook Claire's hand tentatively, "I'm Dylan, Dylan Irving." I eyed her. She was somewhat fashionably dressed, which I liked. Her blue hair contrasted the pleated skirt fo the Constance Billard uniform and her blue tights matched her hair perfectly. She wore black combat boots with the tights, which ordinarily I wouldn't have paired together, but it kindof worked on her.

"So, Dylan Irving, tell me all your secrets," she said laughing, lazily flipping through the syllabus.

"About that," I started, "What's with the photo you took of my brother?" I listened to the teacher drone on in the background about rules and procedures, page design, etc. I didn't particularly care at that moment.

"Ah, so you guys are siblings. Twins?" I nodded. "Well Dyl, I'm guessing you've been here long enough to know what Gossip Girl is." her use of my shortened name just added to my unease.

"Yeah," I confirmed, brushing my thick red hair over my shoulder.

"I am her number one tipper. That's how I know everyone here. I have just a little bit of dirt on everybody, or have had a little something at one point or another. Photos are my currency. I see something I want, I offer a trade. It works out for all parties involved," she chuckled, "but mostly me."

"I see. So that photo of my brother is currency." I said flatly. "You're going to send a photo of him busted for having a phone out in the middle of class to Gossip Girl. Like she would care about two nobodies who just showed up at school."

"She wouldn't care about him getting busted for class, but you two attending Constance and St. Jude's is kindof a big deal because of your parents."

"You know about our parents?" I asked. "They're just in business. So is everybody else's parents around here."

"Yes, but it's not their business that might be interesting. It's their money. Money always comes with corruption and scandal. You'll see. I'm not going to delete the photo of your brother, but I can promise you that if you stick by someone like me, I can shield you from the worst of her wrath." Claire cocked her blue head, "She kinda owes me one."

"Are you Gossip Girl?" I asked.

Claire paused for a minute and smirked, "Aren't we all Gossip Girl, in a sense?"

Spoiler! :
And the heart is hard to translate
It has a language of its own
It talks in tongues and quiet sighs,
And prayers and proclamations

-Florence + The Machine (All This and Heaven Too)

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Mon Jan 30, 2017 9:49 pm
Nike says...

Emma Michelle Bobek

Claire had me under her wing and treated me like a little girl. I liked Claire, and I did want to fit in, but I hated being treated like a lost puppy. Good thing my parents were out of town, they wouldn't say a thing about going to that party.

The only reason I said they'd mind is because before I left Chicago, I went to all sorts of parties all the time, and, um, I was a wreck. I didn't remember half the nights I spent out.

"Lewis isn't a terrible teacher." I said to Claire.

"She isn't a terrible teacher?" She scoffed. "I mean, I guess, but I've seen better."

"Other than the fact that she flipped on... what's his name? Declan? She's pretty okay. I've had terrible teachers back in Chicago. They treated us like all we thought about is when we'd get our next pedicure... though, that isn't a lie."

I grabbed my books and got up from the desk. All the other students were gathering their things, talking among themselves as they left. Ms. Lewis was at her desk, tapping away at her laptop. Claire followed suit and grabbed her things, but paused at her camera. She picked it up and snapped an off hand pick of me. The flash hurt my eyes for a moments as I glared at her.

"What the hell Claire?" I huffed.

She smiled, placing her camera back in her bag. "You never know when you'll need a tip, Emma."

"Hey, not cool dude. I highly doubt GG would want anything to do with me."

"I'm your friend, you don't have to worry. I'm just playing with you."

"Right, okay." I rolled my eyes and walked out of the classroom into the crowded hallway.

People were walking around, murmuring to each other about Gossip Girls' next post. I sighed, already hating New York. I felt someone tap my shoulder and I turned around, seeing Claire.

"What?" I asked.

"Don't get mad Emmy, I'm not going to send a tip on you. I have nothing on you!" She laughed, making me roll my eyes once again. "Seriously though, we are friends, alright?"

"Alright dude. I'm just not ready to be on Gossip Girl yet. I have too much to hide." I said.

She rose an eyebrow in question. "What's up with you, Chicago?"

"Let's just say, Chicago is like Vegas. We all have our skeletons, Claire."

I looked to my right and saw a boy, a very cute boy at that, dead ass staring at Claire. He had these smoldering eyes and drool was practically dripping from his mouth. I smiled, looking back at Claire.

"You've got a cute boy crushing hard." I giggled.

She looked over to where I was looking and rolled her eyes, facing me again. "Jameson... he never got over me."

I laughed, following her as she started walking through the crowd. She was headed to her next class and I was headed to History. It was in the same hall, but our classes were on opposite ends.

"So, about Augustus' party... what do we wear?" I asked.

"Sexy, be sexy. He really wants another lay." She smirked.

"No way, I am not sleeping with this random guy Claire." I laughed. "If anything I'd like his friend more."

"Sawyer?" She stopped in her tracks, eyes wide at me.

My stomach flipped, did I say something wrong? Is that her boyfriend or something? Were they a thing? Oh shit.

"Well, he is hot." I smiled.

"Oh my God, have fun with him. Go ahead... he's way too much for me." She giggled, letting me relax.

We continued walking to our next classes.


It was History and I sat next to a girl named Vada Collins. That's what our teacher, Mr. Gregory Honor called her. She had these serious bad vibes radiating off her Prada jacket. Somehow, this made me like her. That smile that she had on, you knew it was for show.

"Vada? Hi, I'm Emma." I smiled at her.

She looked over at me, taking in my outfit and my face. As all of us girls do. She smiled up at me, the same insincere one she's been wearing all day I assume.

"Hello Emma," She said, her voice like nails on chalkboard. "What is it that you want?"

Mr. Honor was at the board, writing down our Syllabus. He was an 'old-style' kind of guy even though he was only a few years older than us, twenty four.

"Oh, nothing really, just wondering what perfume you have on, the smell is really pleasant."

Her smile turned into a smirk as she sniffed her wrist, as if taking a sample at the store. "This smell? I've had it for forever."

“There is no need to call me Sir, Professor.”

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Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:50 pm
Nike says...

Augustus Joseph Kolbeck

I was in my last class when I spotted a beautiful girl with dark red hair sitting just across the classroom from me. I would bang her right here, right now. But I had to contain myself. This wasn't your average model-thin girl, she was a woman. I had to get her off my list.

The bell rang and I got up, watching her gather her things. A guy that looks similar to her comes up, talks to her for a second then leaves. Maybe Gossip Girl has something on her that I could read.

I walked over to her side, stopping her in her tracks. She was shorter than me, which I found adorable. Her eyes were a majestic green that felt like there were secrets just waiting to burst through. I smirked at her as she pulled on her backpack, rolling her eyes.

"Not interested, pretty boy." She sighed.

Taking a step back, I pretend I was offended by placing my hand on my chest. "You thought I was going to ask you out?"

She stood just before me, her arms crossed over her chest. "Were you not?"

"I have a party tomorrow after school..." I paused, taking her in. All those curves were begging for attention. "Wear nothing under your clothes."

She rolled her eyes once again, looking away from me. "You're sick, grow up." And she stormed passed me, pushing me into the desk.

I regained my balance, feeling a tinge in my leg from where I hit the desk. She was already out the door by the time I straightened up. The whole class had fled the room, leaving me alone. I felt my cheeks get hot.

Pulling out my phone, I scrolled through the internet and found Gossip Girl. I clicked for Recent Pictures and saw one of that girl and that guy. Underneath it read, We've got new blood running through our halls... what secrets could they have? No names though. I needed to know who she was.

Scrolling a bit more, I saw the girl that was with Claire earlier. This picture was just of her, walking through the halls, looking lost. Blondie is from Chicago and Chicago is just like Vegas.

What did that mean?

"Augustus," I heard someone huff under their breath.

I looked up to see our Professor, Mr. Longbottom. He was balding and had those Harry Potter glasses. I smiled up at him, sliding my phone back into my pocket.

"It's time to go home Mr. Kolbeck." He said. "So, please leave."

"Will do Mr. Longbottom, sorry to have bothered you."


"Valencia, where are you going at this hour?" I asked, sitting in the living room with my cup of tea.

Since my parents were out of town, yet again, I was DD around here. My mother had to go over to Sweden for a meeting with their doctors, whatever, and my father was off cheating on my mother in Montreal. What a life.

My younger sister had on practically nothing, just this flimsy dress that showed almost all her chest and reached just passed her groin. She was getting no parenting, as you can see.

"This hour is five in the evening and it's none of you business." She rolled her eyes, looking through her tiny purse.

"Not looking like that, put on a jacket."

Her eyes met mine, angry was filled in hers. "All the girls you bring home look the same."

"You're fifteen Valencia! And you're not a slut, please just do something with that dress."

"Whatever Joey, I'm out. Don't wait up."

I huffed as I watched her leave the house in a fury. Our home was too big for the three of us, Jeremy and Valencia and I. You couldn't even see the front door from the first living room, which is where I was. All I could hear is the door slam and the alarm beep to inform me we were secure.

The room was grand with extremely high ceilings and creme colored walls. There were skylights shining down at me as I sit on my Lay-Z-Boy. When I say mine I mean mine, it was designed to my specifications The leather was hand picked, as dark as leather can be. And the lining was silk.

"Aye, August! Gossip Girl blasted your party!" My brother yelled from upstairs.

My heart raced as I reached for my phone, pulling up the Gossip Girl website once again. There was my face, smirking at the camera with details underneath.

Maybe Gossip Girl would show up and I'd finally get to meet her.

Spoiler! :
“There is no need to call me Sir, Professor.”

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Tue Jan 31, 2017 3:50 am
HazelGrace16 says...

Claire Devney

After the final bell rings I make my way out into the hallway towards my locker. Surprisingly someone's already waiting there for me. It's that girl Dylan, and her expression does not seem too happy.

“What happened to shielding me from the worst of her wrath?” She fumes. “Look I don't appreciate me or my brother being used in this school's stupid idea of a joke.”

“Wow, not even a hello?” She stares at me frowning. “Okay, clearly not a time for jokes. I can see that you saw Gossip Girls post?”

“Yes, and I-” But suddenly Dylan is cut off by another angry voice. Emma walks towards us with the same expression as Dylan with her phone in hand.

“You are just full of it aren't you? Do you enjoy making people feel important then throwing them under the bus.”

“First day of school, and Gossip Girl is already trying to ruin my year. Well I suppose I should introduce you two. Dylan this is Emma. Emma this is Dylan.”

“Could you please stop making jokes?” Emma says annoyed.

“Sorry. It's how I handle things. Anyways, I assume both of you saw the recent Gossip Girl uploads regarding both of you.” They look at each other then me simultaneously. I put up my hands in defense. “Buttttt… it was not me who tipped her off.”

“Bull shit. You were the one taking all the pictures. And there was the quote I mentioned about Chicago being just like Vegas.” Emma explained.

“Wow, do you honestly think I am Gossip Girl’s only tipper?” They both stare at me. I sigh. “She’s got little minions running around all over looking for gossip. Any little thing they grab onto like moths to a light.”

“But what about the picture of my brother?” Dylan finally speaks up.

“Well, if you'll notice the quality of the picture taken, you will notice that it was taken from a smartphone and not my actual camera. And it's not even the same photos.” I say pulling it out and showing them. “Plus I haven't been able to send any of these photos because I haven't had time to look through any of them today. I give only when Gossip Girl asks, and today she hasn't asked.”

“Oh.” They say in unison.

“Look, I know everything about me screams bitch, and at times I kind of am. But I promise I actually like you guys. I wouldn't have made an effort if I thought otherwise. Trust me, it's not like I go blabbing my Gossip Girl ties to just anyone.” I sigh. “ I don't have a lot of good friends and gossip girl uses that against me when looking for new dirt. So what's the best way to keep it that way? Sabotage any new chance of friends for me. Look, it may seem like I'm joking, but I genuinely don't stab my friends or newbies in the back. It's not fair. I want to let them make their own drama before spilling it...besides you guys of course.” I smile cheekily.

“Okay so let me get this straight. You didn't spill these pictures?”

“No. I swear on scout's honor.” I raise three fingers in the air.

“Fine.” Dylan pipes up. “I believe you.”

“I guess I believe you too.” Emma adds in.

“Thanks…” I say after a moment. I'm actually surprised at the genuine tone of my voice. “Paranoia spreads like wildfire, but I promise, once you know how to navigate this place it will get easier.”

“You make it sound so easy.” Dylan says.

“It's not really, but it's true. I promise I'll have your guys’ back if you have mine. That's the only way you can get ...So are you guys going to Augustus’ party tomorrow? I know Emma is, but I also saw him talk to you after class Dylan.”

“That creep? No way.”

“Come on. Augustus isn't so bad once you get to know him. He’s kind of sweetheart actually.”

“Really?” She asks unconvinced.

“I mean it just depends. You kind of have to get over that “I wanna bang you stage,” but I swear he is not that bad.” I grab Dylan’s hands. “Pleeeease??”

“I'll think about it…”

“Awesome! If you guys want I can pick you both up. Just text me details.” I notice a red haired boy walking towards us. Dylan's brother I assume. I turn in the other direction heading down the opposite hall.”

“Where are you going? Schools over and the door is that way.” Emma points towards the main entrance.

“Oh, I've just got some tutoring after school today.” I lie.

“On the first day of school?” Dylan asks.

“Yup! Never can get too far ahead of your studies.” I walk off leaving my possible new friends behind. I can tell they don't buy it, but the less details they know the better.


I stand in the doorway of Mr. Anderson’s classroom. He sits at his desk quietly reading an old copy of Alice in Wonderland. I knock on the doorframe.

“Claire-” He stands and clears his throat. “Miss Devney. Please come in, and have a seat. And please shut the door behind you.” I smile doing as he asked.

“Since when do you read?” I ask sitting on the edge of his desk. His eyes slowly trail from my legs to my face. “I didn’t take you fairy tale lover..”

“People surprise you.” He says sitting back down in his chair.

“So...why have you called me to your office today Mr. Anderson?” I made sure to put emphasis on his professional name. “And on the first day of school too? Must be important.” I stand walking over to one of the book shelves filled with brown title-less textbooks.I pull one off the shelf, and pretend to examine it knowing full well his eyes are on me.

“Miss Devney, I told you that our little...arrangement had to end at the beginning of the school year.” He stands now.

“And I told you I understood. I dont quite understand what the problem is.” I say. He now walks over to me, and grabs the book from out of my hands, placing it back on the shelf. He is close now, and I can smell the scent of his cologne. I scent I know all too well.

“The problem is that we must stop engaging in each others company.” I lean against the wall taking a sigh.

“So why did you call me here? To tell me to do something that you yourself are violating at this very moment.”


“You’re trying to stall. Why did you call me here?” He looks at me silently for a moment. “Fine, then I guess I will just go.” Suddenly he places his hand against the wall stopping me from walking away.

“Claire…” He breathes.

“I won't ask you again Mr. Anderson...Nick, why did you call-” But before I can even finish my sentence, he pushes me against the wall pressing his lips hard to mine. And suddenly my nerves are on fire. I run my fingers up his back and through his hair falling deeper into him. I bite his lip resulting in a soft groan deep within his throat. His hands search the skin along my neck till he grabs for the white buttons trailing down my chest. He kisses my neck as he unbuttons my shirt, and I feel myself falling deeper.

Falling deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of a lust far crazier than wonderland.

Spoiler! :
@Nike @Gravity Mentioned your characters in this post!
"Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine" - The Imitation Game

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Tue Jan 31, 2017 11:00 pm
Nike says...

Emma Michelle Bobek

Yesterday was my first day... today is my second and it's already exciting. I have to control myself though, I didn't need to repeat my bad decisions.

The school was crowded, even outside, by all the people I'd know to get along with. The weather today was a bit warm for September in New York, but I didn't mind, not wearing a jacket was something I enjoy. My uniform was still new to me, in my last school we didn't have uniforms. It was nice though, I didn't have to decide what would be the best to wear.

I did add on though a huge amount of bracelets on my right arm, including two Pandora ones. And I wore a grey beanie, just to keep to my rebel side a little longer.

"So you coming to my party, Chicago?" A guy said as he walked passed me.

I had my headphones in, listening to some Armin Van Buren, but I still managed to hear him. I looked over to my right and saw Augustus with Sawyer, my heart started to race just seeing Sawyer. Was I honestly developing a crush so quickly?

"Maybe," I replied.

He stopped just in front of me and turned around to give me a surprised expression with his jaw dropped. Sawyer was ignoring this interaction by staring at his phone.

"You wouldn't dare miss it, Ms Emmy. It's going to be a start to a reckless year." Augustus said with too much confidence.

"I said maybe, not no."

"Sawyer, tell this girl to come and to bring all of her friends." Augustus turned to face him.

Sawyer managed to look up for a moment, eyeing me. "There'll be a lot of booze, I can share." He smirked.

My heart about melted from his pearly whites. "Alcohol is a girls' best friend." I couldn't resist.

Alcohol made my last year hell, I had to stay away from it... but, I really wanted to just be with him for a little, just to see if it'll be worth the chase. I don't essentially even have to drink.

"So I'll see you there. I'll introduce you to my friend whiskey." Sawyer laughed.

"I've met him before, very nice guy." I laughed along with him, feeling my stomach flip flop.

"Chicago has a weak side for Sawyer..." Augustus rubbed his chin, as if thinking, "Good to know."

Rolling my eyes, I started to walk towards the school. "Chicago has no soft sides." I blurted as I walked passed them.


It was my free period, so I went to the library. I needed to catch up on my writing, I was slacking for a while. I had brought my laptop, so I found a quiet spot by the window and started to tap away at the keyboard.

I had my headphones in, so I was secluded from the real world. The Smiths sang their way through my words, helping me to form the perfect ending to my short story.

"Emmmaaaaa!" I heard someone call out.

Jumping in my seat, I looked up and spotted Claire. She had a smile playing on her face as she sat down. I pulled off my earphones and sighed inwardly. I was almost done.

"Claire, hey, what's up?" I said.

"Busy?" She asked.

"If you let me just finish one sentence, I won't be." I smiled.

"Go ahead..."

Smiling, I went back to typing and managed to hot save within five minutes. I shut the laptop and placed it into my backpack, zipping it up. Claire was looking through her photos on her camera once I collected myself.

"What's up?" I asked.

"What's up with you? Sitting in the library on your free period?"

I felt my heart sink for a moment, embarrassment haunting me. "I was writing." Why was I honest oh my God? I could have said shopping.

"Writing?" Her eyebrow rose in question.

"Yeah, I write stories... and I haven't written for a while, so I thought it'd be a good time to catch up."

"Can I read something of yours?"

I paused, thinking of the stories I'd written. Most of them show my troubles past. Could I trust her with that?

"Sure," I smiled. I'd show her the ones that don't explain anything about my regrets. "I'll send you some links. Could I have your e-mail?"

We exchanged e-mails and I sent them straight away. There were romantic short stories about a girl finding love in her best friend, a fantasy/dystopian piece, and one with too much emotion -- it was too sad for me to read everyday.

"Don't tell me you took a picture of me writing..." I huffed.

"I'm not the only tipper Emma. Stop freaking out." She crossed her arms over her chest, looking at me.

"Everyone calls me Chicago now. Gossip Girl has some real influence and we don't even know who she is." I sighed.

"Trust me, she's been here for a very long time. This school is her playground."

"Fuck that,"

We got up and started to leave the library. The teens were crowding the halls, all looking the same in our uniforms. I noticed Vada straight away by her locker, grabbing some things. I knew we wouldn't be friends, but I knew that I had to be on her good side.

"Stop staring at Queen Evil." Claire warned me at a whisper.

"Vada?" I asked.

She nodded, "She will cut anyone is her path. She's a strong tipper for GG."

"Ahaa," I sighed. "We should be getting ready for that party."

"It's the middle of the school day Em,"

I faced her, stopping in my tracks. "It's the start of a new school year, we have to look good."

"So, you wanna skip school?" She rose an eyebrow as she chewed on her gum.


“There is no need to call me Sir, Professor.”

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Wed Feb 01, 2017 10:10 pm
Gravity says...


Hey there kiddies,
Constance Billard and St. Judes saw its first day of the new year today. There have been some major happenings around the halls.
First, we've got blondie. Blondie is from Chicago, but apparently Chicago is just like Vegas. Wonder what Emma has hidden in sin city.
[insert photo of Emma here]

We've got some fresh meat in the upper classes. Big Red and her twin brother... silent soldier. He took the fall for big red today, looks like even the newbies have caught on to how things work around here.
[insert photo of Lewis taking Declan's phone]

Big Red seems to have befriended Little Blue, what an unlikely pair. Little Blue even squashed Avery Wallace, kinda like how one would take down a Queen Bee. Who's taking the throne next?
[insert photo of Dylan and Claire together in year book]

the first party of the year is already brewing in the upper east side. [link to webpage with party details and photo of Augustus] We all know nobody parties quite as lavishly- or as dangerously- as the rich. Interesting things are sure to come, my lovelies. Don't make the mistake of getting stuck in the crossfire. Who am I? Well, that's one secret I'll never tell.

You know you love me
Gossip Girl

@NicoleBri @Nike @HazelGrace16 @fictionfanatic
And the heart is hard to translate
It has a language of its own
It talks in tongues and quiet sighs,
And prayers and proclamations

-Florence + The Machine (All This and Heaven Too)

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Fri Feb 03, 2017 4:51 am
fictionfanatic says...

Spoiler! :
I'm making a tiny change to Isadora's charrie. Because there are already so many newbies I don't want to throw another one in so I'm just changing it so that she moved here last year, making this her second year here. Just figure it'll make things a little easier!
Also -


The sun was almost blinding coming out of the building, a much needed change from the dreary lighting inside. Shielding my eyes with one hand and toting my lunch in the other I scanned the steps until I spotted my friends.

I pranced over towards them and came up behind a sitting Vada. Leaning down towards her ear, I teased, "I hear you've managed to get yourself quite the reputation, V. The newbies are practically shaking in their Jimmy Choos!"

Vada rolled her eyes but I could tell she was suppressing a smile, adding in a quick jab, "I'm pretty sure you're the only one who wears your Jimmy Choos to class, Isa."

Sitting down next to her I feigned a gasp, throwing a hand over my heart to show my hurt as I exaggerated, "And cheat on my dear Louboutins?? Never!"

I could practically hear the boys rolling their eyes at us.

"ANYWAYS-" Augustus announced loudly before going off on a tangent. I pretended I was listening with the rest of them but my attention had already wandered. I spotted the fiery-haired girl whose brother covered for her come out the door and start looking around for somewhere to go.

Hopping up from my seat and smoothing out my always too short skirt, I called a "be right back!" over my shoulder and made my way over to the new girl as I wondered to my self for the millionth time why Constance Billard didn't make their skirts long enough for anyone over 5'4".

As I got closer to the girl her gaze shift towards me. Giving her a bright smile I began babbling enthusiastically, "Hey, I don't think we've met yet! You're new, right? I saw you in one of my classes earlier with your brother and I saw what he did for you when your phone got caught with Gossip Girl up - that was really cool of him, it must be nice to have a sibling. Especially a twin! Someone to always have your back, you know?"

I took a breathe and noticed her taking a moment to catch up with what I had said. Smiling sheepishly, I slowed down and apologized, "Sorry, sometimes I forget it can be hard for people who don't know me to understand my accent when I talk fast. Let me start over - I'm Isadora!"

She smiled softly and replied, "Oh no you're okay! I'm Dylan."

"Nice to meet you Dylan! Your hair is absolutely stunning by the way, I wish my hair looked like that. I could never pull of that red but you do it so well! Anyways, I just wanted to come over and introduce myself and ask if you'd like to join my friends and I for lunch!"

I pointed over to my little group, showing her who I was talking about. When she looked over and saw them she began shifting uncomfortably, contemplating "Uhmm..."

Spoiler! :
Alright I did a little name dropping here! @NicoleBri @Nike @Gravity
Grav, I left the ending open for Dylan to respond however you'd like her to! I know Isa is putting her in an uncomfortable spot with "Evil queen" Vada and Augustus being over there!
Live, Love, Laugh

If a nation loses its storytellers, it loses its childhood.
— Peter Handke