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What Goes Here?

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Mon Sep 19, 2011 1:15 am
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Lumi says...

If you're wandering around the forums and find this little corner of reality, you've stumbled onto the place where all of our Storybookers plot out their next moves. In this forum, you'll find threads containing discussions for specific Storybooks, usually labeled as a Discussion Thread, or "DT" for short.

So if you're a leader of a Storybook and want to have a place to chat with your fellow writers without having to interrupt the flow of the Storybook itself, this is the place to go!

In fact, you'll find that you receive notifications whenever a new post is made in a DT Thread in which you've posted--that way, everyone keeps in-touch with what's going on in the plotting and character development of a Storybook without missing a beat. We hope you'll find this resource handy, and that you'll continue using it to its fullest potential.
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