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To Live In Harmony DT

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Wed May 12, 2010 10:33 pm
TexanWriter says...

To Live In Harmony Discussion Thread

You know what to do.


Here are the NPCs of the corner.

Spoiler! :
Name: Atepa
Child of: Tepoto and Hotta

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Personality: Quiet and cold, she wakes up, works, and falls asleep. Atepa hates that she is destined to die alone; thinking about that regularly has left her seriously depressed and mentally isolated. She only ever thinks of herself, and works all day so she can eat. The fact that she helps feed her father and grandmother is just a side effect.

Appearance: Strawberry-blond hair that never grows past her shoulders. Am oval face and nice nose, doesn’t really smile that much. Tall, like her father, and the skinniest of the three.

Clothes: A long, plain, sea green dress. Sleeveless. Goes barefoot.



Her dress.

Job and Level: Nothing, is training as farmer

Other: N/A

Spoiler! :
Name: Tepoto
Child of: Joop and Itchi

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Personality: A hard worker who always tries to pretend that nothing is wrong in his life. Worries about his daughter constantly, but tries not to think of things like the facts that she will never know the happiness of finding love, or the joys of parenthood.

Appearance: Blond, wavy hair that he manages to keep trimmed. A chunk is missing from his nose because one day he was just too tired to properly swing that hatchet. Full skin-colored lips. Tall, thin and muscular.

Clothes: Simple khaki pants and a loose blue shirt with long sleeves and an embroidered collar.




Job and Level: Adept Farmer

Other: His wife died giving birth to Atepa.

Spoiler! :
Name: Grandmother Itchi
Child of: [unknows]

Gender: Female

Age: 72 - Elderly

Personality: Passes the days by telling stories, even if just to the wind, of her bountiful childhood before her village fell apart. Optimistic, is never seen without a smile and some small talk. Loves to carry on conversations.

Appearance: Looks young for her age. Thick, curly hair, mostly gray with white mixed in. A sweet, cheerful smile. Black eyes. Average height, very thin.

Clothes: A plain gray dress, ankle length, with long sleeves and a high collar. No patterns or decoration, but a patch by her right knee.



Job and Level: Master Parent (Tepoto had nine siblings at one point)

Other: Is completely blind.

I thought it might be fun to have some people already living on the island.


Any questions?
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