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Sat Mar 07, 2009 2:22 am
Angels-Symphony says...

Dream Catcher
Eternal Night

Plot: There are 2 boarding schools, Mirage and Rave Academy, and of course they are rivals. While Rave Academy students steal the dreams of children for their own reasons, Mirage Academy students fight to preserve the dreams of the children. The time has come for their annual challenge, and the top five students of each academy have been chosen to go against the opposing side. The plot is pretty loose so you can twist it up and play around it.


1. No God-like characters

2. Romance between the students is allowed, but no sex scenes.

3. Limited cussing

4. Must post at least three times a week to stay involved and up to date in events, and at least once a week to preserve spot.

5. You must post at least one paragraph. You will asked to leave if you have short posts. Dialogue is an acception.


1. Must be between the ages 14-18

2. You may play on either Rave or Mirage

3. You must choose one of the abilities/powers at the bottom of the post, but you are allowed to ask permission for a different power that is not posted.

4. All powers must be different and you must have a weakness.

5. Please make commanders of older age ( meaning 16-18 ) since they have to be upperclassman. I apologize for not noting that before.


(NOTE: There must be at least three male characters in this Storybook. If you'd really like to join but there are too many female players, please PM me)
Mirage Academy Positions:

1. Commander: Leader of the group, leads offensive attacks.(must be between 16-18)
2. [s]Officer: Second in command, mainly leads defensive.[/s]
3. [s]Navigator: Navigates routes and locates danger. [/s]
4. [s]Researcher/Spy: In charge of gathering data about the other side and other data.[/s]
5. [s]Secret Weapon: Used in case of an emergency. Retrieves all obtained items[/s]

Rave Academy Positions:

1. [s]Commander: Leader of the group, leads offensive attacks. (must be between 16-18)[/s]
2. [s]Officer: Second in command, leads defensive.[/s]
3. [s]Navigator: Navigates routes and locates danger. [/s]
4. [s]Researcher/Spy: In charge of gathering data about the other side and other data.[/s]
5. [s]Secret Weapon: Used in case of an emergency. Retrieves all obtained items.[/s]

1. [s]Spirit Manipulation:[/s]
2. [s]Water Manipulation[/s]
3. Fire Manipulation
4. [s]Shadow Manipulation[/s]
5.[s] Air Manipulation[/s]
6. [s]Earth (ground) manipulation[/s]
7. Ice Manipulation
8. [s]Thunder Manipulation[/s]
9. [s]Dream Eater/Manipulation[/s]
10. [s] Dream Soother/ Manipulation[/s]

Rave Academy Council:

1. Commander: Kaleb (Curse Manipulation)
2. Officer: Kaida (Dream Eater/Manipulation; can also steal and make nightmares)
3. Navigator: Sicily Romano (Spirit Manipulation; can also alter people's thoughts)
4. Researcher/Spy: Charlotte Natasha Habert (earth manipulation)
5. Secret Weapon: Johanna Elderou Norwood (thunder manipulation)

Mirage Academy Council:

1. Commander: Julie (fire manipulation)
2. Officer: Kimiko (Dream Soother/Manipulation; can also keep dreams and transform them)
3. Navigator: Jay Senthor (water manipulation)
4. Researcher/Spy: May Taylor (Shadow Manipulation)
5. Secret Weapon: Ringo Tori (air manipulation)

Stats: HP and levels are subject to change once we have enough members to start.

You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself into one.

The writer, when he is also an artist, is someone who admits what others don't dare reveal.

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Sun Mar 08, 2009 12:59 am
WaterVyper says...

I'm a little confused: Are we allowed to kill people in this?
There once was a cat.
He wasn’t particularly fat.
Fuzzy was his favorite mat.
And really, that was that.

Oh, but did you really think so?
Keep reading, it’s just the start of the show!
And as for how far this tale will go…
Well, even the cat doesn’t know.

Stay gold, Ponyboy.
— S.E. Hinton