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Dark Beginnings DT

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Wed Jan 02, 2008 4:12 am
Light_Devil says...

Hmmm, me and seeminglymeaningless have just arrived at the castle/keep/labyrinth thing
and i was wondering, where is everyone else?

Are they going to start leaving soon, cause if they don't then who'll save Flint and Kahlak from the Men's army that is guarding it (thanks Billy, i believe that getting into the labyrinth with half a map is just to hard)?

Right now bella and rask are kissing, Kitnea and the others are following but they haven't posted in awhile, so I'm a bit worried, who's going to save us?

Tavis and the others are still at the inn . . . .hmmmm maybe I should make Flint do something, that should surprise them a bit . . . . but only so much. Some one has to hurry themselves up!

If someone doesn't . . . well, I'm just getting a bit concerned, you now?
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Thu Jan 03, 2008 7:48 am
sylverdawn says...

k ill post in a bit. One thing, first we have to catch up with Kitnea, THEN Kahlak and Flint. Or we could be really reckless and go in without the other half of the map.

Suggestion, maybe one of the characters already know their way around the castle, for one reason or another.

If people are ok with this, pls post. ANd add stuff to it if you can think of anything.

One more thing, its taking to long to catch up. Maybe Kahlak and Flint can get sidetracked to buy time... like a bunch of bounty hunters go after them. Either that or the other group can hurry up.
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