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Choices made and in the making

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Mon Apr 20, 2020 2:41 pm
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kattee says...

Spoiler! :
Thank you so much @Jaybird :D

Music Haven.png
If you want some sweet reviews to your poems, short stories, and essays, come by Katteelog.

Have a lovely day❤️

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Tue Apr 21, 2020 5:06 pm
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Magebird says...

Spoiler! :
I really love your latest poem! I especially love the different musical words you threw in - it reminds me of my childhood piano lessons.
[ mage ]


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Thu Apr 23, 2020 5:11 pm
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mckaylaam says...

Spoiler! :
"Music Haven" is a really lovely poem! Music is such an important part of my life so I enjoyed reading a poem that focuses on that :) The last stanza especially stuck out to me, that feeling of "hoping that it would never end" is too relatable!
And I love the thought of being with you,
or maybe it's the thought of not being so alone.


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