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Love and Sickness

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Thu Apr 23, 2020 3:32 am
RoseAndThorn says...

The fourteenth

Spoiler! :
The feeling of distance when my girlfriend has had too much to drink- which is too often tbh. Love hurts.

Close your eyes. Exhale. Begin again.
You speak hesitantly, voice unsteady,
And your words are slipping and trembling and falling apart-
you feel yourself sliding further with every one.
The distance between the two of you is oceans apart, and stretching still
The waves come rushing and foaming around you again
Leaving you battered and tired and oh, you're sorry
The salt has worn your skin raw and you try not to bleed through
You will not dissolve into the foam and float out over the waters
Or crumble beneath the waves and be crushed to sand
So you close your eyes and you exhale.
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