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Middle of Nowwhere

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Fri Sep 16, 2011 6:58 pm
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WhiteTiger93 says...

Damon laughed, but dropped the subject. She was obviously not his type of women. He liked the quite, flirty type he could sneak off with. The type he had persuaded he would eventually love, if they would only give him time. But however annoying this country woman might be, she was different. And Damon had always loved to solve difficult puzzles.

He sighed deeply and began to cough a little. Aviva got him a glass of water which he gratefully took with a nod of his head. He thought of his mother. She and his father had been in arranged marriages, but no to each other. When they told their parents that they loved each other, of course his mother's parents had been very happy to send her off with a Duke to be. His father's parents, were not happy. Damon's mother was quite the beauty, but very poor.

However, they had eloped anyway. Damon grit his teeth. His mother had loved his father with all her heart just as she had loved him...but his father did not. He had beaten Damon and his brother as children and beaten his mother as well. The woman he claimed to love. Right.

"Love is false or love is ugly," he muttered to himself, half asleep. He was so tired...but he was tired of sleeping too.

He was also tired of thinking of his mother. He remembered the time he had hit a women when he had been drunk. That night, when he was alone, was one of the few times he remembered crying. He refused to become like his father who beat of women. Women like his mother.

"I'm of even hearing the word of so many people's mouths," he whispered to himself, unaware if he was really and truely conscious or not.
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Fri Sep 16, 2011 7:13 pm
TNCowgirl says...

Aviva smiled as sleep took over him the second herb she had put in his water finally kicking in. She would have peace and quiet for about a day and a half and his body would get the much needed rest that he didn't seem to give it. It was mean to slip it in without him knowing but he would mistake the change in water taste as just being in a different area. She smiled, now she would also get some sleep and he wasn't about to wake up any time soon so she wasn't worried about being safe.

She walked back to her room and slipped out of her dress looking at the scar still left on her side from when Ivy, Colt, Ella, and Adam had all helped save her life. She smiled and slipped into her night gown. She was glad she had been attacked by the mountain lion because she had met some amazing people and made friends with them.

*~*~*~*~*Time Skip hope you don't mind.*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Damon had slept a solid two days. Aviva was happy with the rate his body was healing too. She knew she needed to make a good amount of food because he was going to be hungry as a bear when he woke up. She smiled as she hummed softly cooking up the dear meat that Black Hawk had brought over like she had asked.

"In a good mood today?" Adam asked walking in with an arm load of wood Ella right behind him.

"I try and always be in a good mood." She smiled back at him. "Thank you so much Ella, I haven't gotten to go to the store recently and was plum out of sugar. I'll have to go once he wakes up and can fend for himself."

"Not a problem, you gave me those chickens two weeks ago so I figure it's a good switch." Ella laughed.

"I guess I'll accept that. But remember to let one of the hens sit her eggs so you can get some chicks." Aviva smiled. "Talking about chickens I need to feed mine. I just ground up a ton of corn that Black Hawk brought over."

"Do you feed them alot?" Ella asked.

"No, just a handful or so during the summer like now, but during the winter I do. Black Hawks tribe grows so much corn they always have a ton that they bring me as long as I send alot of the ground up stuff back to them. It's a trade off for me grinding it." Aviva smiled.
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