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To Love or Not To Love: A Romeo and Juliet Parody

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Fri May 06, 2011 11:12 pm
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*coco says...

Eric walked into the house to see Lauren standing in front of the mirror in the hallway, fixing her hair.

“Is anyone else home?” Eric asked her, looking around.

“No,” Lauren responded, “dad’s out of town for business and everyone else is at the office.”

Damn it. Eric shook his head disappointedly. Melody’s words really hit home with him and he’d been hoping to tell his family that he wasn’t going to do what they asked him. He’d even been practising how to say it to them in the car on his way home.

“So...” Lauren suddenly said, “where did you just come from, hmm?”

Eric made his way towards the kitchen. “Kelley’s party...”

Lauren whacked him on the head with her hairbrush stopping him dead in his tracks.

"Ow!" Eric winced and rubbed the spot. “What was that for?”

“For being a total bore!”

Eric arched a quizzical brow. “‘Scuse me?”

Lauren narrowed in on him. “You took Melody to another party, and of all people, Kelley’s party! Seriously, Eric that was the best you could come up with?” She looked un-impressed.

Eric rolled his eyes. “Look, I’ve got a lot on my mind at the moment. I haven’t got time to plan fancy dates...” and even if he did have the time, Eric didn’t think he’d be able to do it. Fancy dates were never really his specialty. Come to think of it, dating in general wasn’t his specialty either. The girl’s he’d been with in the past...well, he couldn't exactly call what he did with them ‘dating’...

Lauren continued yapping on. “You need to make an effort, Eric, otherwise Melody will think that you’re not serious about her.”

Eric’s guard suddenly went up. “Why, did she say somethin'?” he sounded a little worried.

“She's too nice to say anything,” Lauren quipped, obviously annoyed by all of this, “Just trust me when I tell you that if you want to keep her you’re really gonna have to step up your game...”

Eric furrowed his brows in concentration. “But how?”

It was Lauren’s turn to roll her eyes. “God, Eric, I can’t tell you everything, this has to come from you. Just tap into your romantic side...I’m sure you’ll figure something out...”

Romantic side? Eric watched Lauren put one of those hippie headbands on her head and realised that she was getting ready to go somewhere.

“Where are you goin’ at this time of the night, alien?” he asked her curiously.

“Out, duh...”

“Out where?”

“To the peer with Casey,” she replied, checking herself out for the last time in the mirror.

Eric didn’t like the sound of that. What would his brothers do if they were here? He started going through the ‘big brother’ manual inside his head. Rule number one would probably be to stop her, yeah, like that’ll happen... so he went for rule number two instead. “I want you home by 10, young lady,” he frowned sternly.

Lauren just rolled her eyes. “Blegh...” she pulled a face, “you sound like dad...” And with that she was gone.
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Sun May 08, 2011 4:10 am
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bluewaterlily says...

Without knocking, Mary entered Melody’s room. Melody felt a surge of annoyance. Would it kill her to knock? This is why I should keep the door locked. Melody was considering it, but she decided against it. When she was at school, Mary would probably retaliate by taking the lock off of the doorknob-or if she was as crazy was Melody thought she was, the whole door itself would be gone.

“What do you want?” she asked Mary, not succeeding at keeping the irritation out of her voice.

“Jack and I need to talk to you,” she replied. Fabulous, what have I done wrong this time?

“About what?” Melody asked cautiously, but Mary had turned on her heel and was making her way downstairs to the living room. Rolling her eyes and sighing, Melody followed her.

Melody’s uncle was sitting on the sofa. Melody took a seat next to him and Mary sat down on the other of side of him.

“You’re probably wondering why you’re here,” Jack said. Melody nodded. “You’re not in trouble,” he added, seeing her expression. “We’d just like to talk to you about the boy you’re seeing.”

“What about him?” Melody said guardedly.

Jack opened his mouth to speak, but Mary beat to him to it. “As you know, the Van Holdens are filing a lawsuit against us. Well, they know that we have niece. They don’t know who the niece is,” she said pointedly, looking Melody before continuing, “but it’s enough to use that information against not only you but also us. For your sake, Jack and I believe it’s best that you do not continue to see this boy-” Melody could hear the smug satisfaction in Mary’s voice.

“-That’s not fair!” Melody protested.

“The decision is final, Melody,” Mary replied sternly.

“But you don’t even know anything about him!” she countered. Only when the words were out of her mouth, did she realize that they only proved Mary’s point right.

“Exactly,” Mary replied complacently. “Which is why this the right decision, whether you agree or not.” Desperately, Melody looked at her uncle for support. However, he was saying anything and the tense set of his jaw told her he was agreed with Mary. Game over.

“You’re not to go anywhere except for school, and you’re not to talk to this boy on the phone,” Mary said, glaring at Melody. Basically I’m on house arrest. And I don’t even have Eric’s phone number.

Jack finally spoke up, “I know you don’t agree, Melody, but we’re doing what’s best for you-” But Melody got up from the couch and stormed off to her bedroom before slamming the door. Jack sighed and exchanged a look with Mary before following her.

“We need to talk,” he said once he entered her room.

“No, we don’t,” Melody replied, turning to face the wall so her back was to him. Jack sighed and sat next to her on the bed.

“Look, Melody,” he said with forced patience in his voice, “I know that losing your parents was hard for you, but dating some boy isn’t going to help you cope.”

Melody stared at him incredulously. “That’s what you think I’m doing? Then you really don’t know me. What if I really like this guy in way I haven’t felt about any other boy I’ve ever dated?”

“You think you feel a certain way about this boy,” Jack corrected her. “But right now, you’re just really confused.”

“You make it sound like I’m a helpless child!” Melody exclaimed.

“You’re a still a minor,” her uncle replied.

“And yet I’ve been through more in the past year than people twice my age have been through in their life,” she countered.

“Yes, Melody,” her uncle agreed, “but you still need someone to help keep you on the right track, and that person is me.”

“I can make my own decisions,” Melody said.

“Just like your mother. Always thought she was so independent, that she didn’t need anyone else to her,” he said softly.

“But maybe I’m better off alone,” she equally soft replied. Her uncle looked stricken.

“Now you’re my responsibility and I’m going to do what I think is right for you. You don’t have to understand or be happy with it, but someday you will understand that I had your best interests at heart.” Then he left, but Melody couldn’t get the hurt look on his face out of her head.
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Wed May 11, 2011 12:39 pm
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*coco says...

The next morning Eric woke up extra early - so early the maids practically gaped at the mouth seeing him rush down the stairs, fully dressed and ready for school. But school wasn’t exactly where he was heading. Since he couldn’t have his talk with his family, Eric had focused all his attention on trying to come up with a perfect date for Melody. He’d been up till one in the morning thinking of different places he could take her, places she’d like going to, problem was they’d only went out once so far, twice if you count the first date which lasted five minutes, cheers dad... The point was Eric didn’t exactly know Melody all that well could he know what places she liked to go and what she liked to do for fun...?

But then the idea hit him like a football to the head. A concert! Eric knew Melody loved music, she treated her iPod like how his ex-girlfriend’s used to treat their designer handbags; like it was their baby or something... With that in mind, Eric googled the concert dates of one particular band he remembered seeing on one of Melody’s t-shirts. Lucky for him that same band was playing at the peer on Friday, not so lucky for him the tickets were all sold out. This meant that he had to do something he normally avoided doing - calling on some of his family’s contacts to ask for a favour. He never used his name to get anything in life, ever, but, hey, if it meant he could make Melody happy, he’d do it in a heartbeat.

The only thing Eric needed to do now was pick up the tickets. Just as he stepped out of the house and headed for his car, a baby blue Porsche suddenly pulled up on the Van Holden driveway and a familiar brunette female hopped out.

“Eric!” the girl called out in her usual squeaky voice - one that kinda sounded like a cat and mouse being strangled together. She strutted up to him in her 6 inch heels with a huge smile exposing her shiny white teeth. “Where’s Trent?” she asked, looking around.

Stupid question. Eric opened his car door and got inside. “At work, where the hell should he be?”

Her face visibly fell. “What? But, he told me he’d take a day off for me!”

“Well he didn’t,” Eric replied bluntly. He was too busy to deal with his brother’s crazy girlfriend today.

The brunette let out a high-pitch scream in frustration before whipping out her cell phone. Eric could only guess that she was calling Trent. He shook his head and started the car, driving off to pick up the concert tickets, and leaving her to it.

Eric reached school just as the bell for first period rang.

“Dude, where were you, you missed homeroom,” Bobby said, watching Eric take the seat next to him for History.

“I had to pick these bad boys up,” he let out a wicked smirk and revealed two shiny concert tickets inside his pant pocket accompanied by two VIP backstage passes.

Bobby scanned it all and arched an amused brow. “Since when are you into rock music?”

“I’m not, but Melody is.”

“Ah, I see,” Bobby let out a smirk. “So this is all to impress Melody, huh?”

“Yup,” Eric replied, leaning back on his chair and twining his fingers behind his head, looking as smug as ever. “Awesome idea, huh?”

For a few seconds Bobby just stared at Eric like he was some kinda alien that just landed from the moon. Then he just erupted with a roar of laughter.

“What’s so funny?” Eric frowned.

“I’m sorry, E,” Bobby showed his palms in mock surrender. “It’s just...I’ve never seen you like this over some chick. She’s changed you...”

“She’s not jus’ some chick, alright? She’' special...” Eric crossed his arms, suddenly feeling annoyed (and a little self-conscious). “And I haven’t changed...”

Bobby shook his head with a smirk and decided to drop it. He could tell Eric was starting to feel uncomfortable.
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Thu May 12, 2011 2:06 am
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bluewaterlily says...

Melody was at her locker when Eric approached, a huge self-satisfied smirk on his face. She assumed that the grin on his face was because he had worked things out with his family. She smiled back. Eric leaned against the locker next to hers and turned to look at her.

“Hey Mel, you won’t believe what’s just happened.” But Melody was sure she knew.

“Did you work things out with your family?” For a second Eric looked confused. Then he shook his head.

“Actually, that’s not what this is about. I haven’t gotten a chance to talk to them yet. But this is something even better,” Eric replied with a sly smile.

Curiously, Melody watched as he pulled two silvery small sheets of paper out of his pants pocket that looked suspiciously like concert tickets. Proudly, Eric held them up for her to see. It was concert tickets! And one of Melody’s favorite rock bands! Melody’s jaw dropped.

“That can’t be what I think it is!” she exclaimed, making Eric laugh.

“That’s not even the best of it,” Eric said.

Now Melody was skeptical. How could it get any better? Again Eric pulled two small shiny sheets of paper out of his pocket, but they were different from the first two. He held it up to her face so she could clearly see what it was. Two VIP passes right in front of her!

“Eric you didn’t!” Then she added, still amazed, “How did you get these?”

“Let’s just say I know a guy,” he replied shrewdly.

Melody couldn’t believe Eric. No guy had ever done anything like this for her before. Grant’s idea of a date was dragging her to the school’s football game to be crammed in the bleachers to watch him catch a ball repeatedly. Melody probably wouldn’t mind going to a school football game with Eric. But he was taking her to an actual concert and even managed to get backstage passes! He had really outdone himself.

“Good idea, huh?” He smiled at her cheekily.

“The best,” Melody replied. But the realization that she wouldn’t be able to go because she was basically on houses arrest slowly dawned on her.

“What’s wrong, Mel?” Eric asked frowning, noticing the change of Melody’s facial expression.

“Well…stuff’s kind of going on in my family, too. And they think it’s not a good idea that I’m dating…so they’ve forbidden me from going on any dates,” Melody explained, giving him an apologetic look. Thanks a lot, Mary. If only her uncle could stand up to her…

“I have a solution to your problem,” Eric said simply.

“You do?” Melody asked hopefully.

“Sneak out,” Eric answered.

“I don’t know…” Melody replied, biting her bottom lip nervously.

Eric just smiled at Melody, drawing her close to him.

“C’mon, Mel. Your family doesn’t have to know. Besides, it was super hard to get these tickets, and I know you really want to go. What do you say?” He smirked, knowing he’d already won her over.

“…Okay,” Melody replied after a while. Pulling her close to him again, Eric kissed her. When Melody was kissing Eric, nothing else mattered. All she could focus on was the feel of Eric’s lips against hers. She was robbed of all her thoughts, worries, fears…and common sense that was telling her she was just going to get into major trouble. But she didn’t even care. Sometimes the thrill was worth the risk.
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Fri May 13, 2011 6:49 pm
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*coco says...

It was almost a quarter to six and Eric was parked up outside the entrance to the concert waiting for Melody. He would’ve liked to pick her up but thanks to her family’s ‘no boyfriend’ rule she'd to make her own way here while Eric was left waiting - something he never liked doing. He hoped she didn’t get caught sneaking out, from the look on her face when he gave her the idea she’d obviously never done it before. A sly smirk crept up on Eric’s face as he remembered the amount of times he’d snuck out of his house over the years. The last time was to see Coach Clancy’s daughter, he’d even dragged Bobby along with him too, poor guy. Whilst Eric had the time of his life that night, Bobby spent half of it being chased down the block by Coach Clancy’s dog.

Yeah, those were good times...

Eric let out a sigh and looked down at his watch again. It was six o’clock now and the concert was about to start.

Where the heck was she?
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Tue May 17, 2011 2:39 am
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bluewaterlily says...

Melody couldn’t believe her luck. Her aunt and uncle had to go to a meeting or something involving the Van Holdens’ lawsuit. Thank you, Van Holdens. They were reluctant to leave her alone, but they didn’t have a choice. Melody knew she had to hurry up getting ready because her aunt and uncle didn’t leave until 5: 50 and the concert started ten minutes ago. She hurried and changed her clothes before getting her car and stepping on it. By the time Melody got to the pier, it was nearly full with cars. She could see a person standing next to their car, as if waiting for someone. She looked closer. It was….Eric.

When Eric saw Melody approach he frowned and said, “Mel, where were you? The concert started ten minutes ago.” She could hear the frustration in his voice.

“I know,” Melody replied, sighing. “I’m really sorry, Eric, but my family is watching me like a hawk, and I didn’t get a chance to sneak out until twenty minutes ago.” Eric just nodded.

“Well, we better get our seats,” Eric said, walking to the ticket booth.

A bored looking attendant stared at them from behind the glass with his eyebrows raised. “Sorry, but this isn’t a place for a couple of kids.” Melody noticed that he was looking at her in particular with a distrustful expression on his face. Not that she cared. She was use to the suspicious looks she received from adults; at least people avoided her, adults in particular.

Eric rolled his eyes and placed the tickets on the counter. “We have tickets. Now how ‘bout letting us go before the concert ends?” Ignoring them, the attendant examined the tickets as if he thought they were forged.

“Alright,” Eric said. “The tickets are real. Can we go now?” Impatiently, the attendant waved on.

“What crawled up his backside?” Eric remarked, even though they were still within earshot.

“Life?” Melody suggested, laughing as they took their seats in the front row. Eric just shrugged playfully, returning her smile. A silence fell over them but unlike all the times before, this silence wasn’t awkward. They watched a guitar solo for a few minutes before the multi-colored strobe lights brightened. Until now, the crowd had been watching in captivated silence but excited murmurs could be heard throughout the crowd when they realized they band was about to perform.

Melody felt a surge of excitement as smoke covered the stage and when it cleared, the band emerged. The crowd roared and a few dozen girls jumped to their feet, screaming and chanting the band’s name and yelling things like “I love you!” Melody rolled her eyes but her lips curled into a small smile. Even though it was her first concert and she was super excited to be here, she wasn’t that excited. The lead singer grinned and winked at a few girls who looked like they were going to faint. Then he snapped his fingers, and the drummer began to play followed by the bass and guitar players. The lead singer sang, his voice ringing out clearly over the fans’ screams and cheers.

Song after song was played. Though the lyrics and tunes were different each had the same energetic, exhilarating vibe to it. Melody couldn’t believe she was here. She was still having a hard time taking it all in: front row seats, one of her favourite bands performing live only feet away from her, and the fact Eric had made this happen.

Melody looked at Eric. He was watching the band, but as if he sensed her gaze on him, he turned to her and smiled. Melody smiled back at him. A silent understanding passed between them that hadn’t between their before. Without thinking about it, Melody’s hand reached for Eric’s.


The concert was over. People were exiting. When all the people had left, Eric got up and led Melody to the back of the stage where a security guard stood in front of a door, scowling as they approached.

“No autographs! Now go away before you’ll be escorted out.” Eric smirked, unfazed. He whipped out the backstage passes and held them up to the security guard’s face. His scowl was erased by a look of surprise for a minute before the scowl settled back on his face.

“This way,” he said tightly, leading Melody and Eric into the room where the band was talking. They looked up when the security guard entered.

“Some fans with VIP backstage passes,” he explained. The band smiled politely at Melody and Eric.

“What did you think of the concert?” the lead singer asked.

“It was amazing.” Melody replied, making him smile, obviously pleased. Eric nodded his agreement. Melody could tell he was out of his element. The band could tell too.

“Not really a fan?” the lead singer asked.

“I’m new to this,” Eric replied sheepishly. The lead singer leaned over and whispered something to Eric, pointing to Melody. Eric nodded, rubbing the back of his neck the way he did when was embarrassed. Melody didn’t know what they were saying but she could have sworn she heard the lead say to Eric, “She’s a keeper.” The lead singer turned back to Melody.

“So your name is Melody, right?”

“Yes,” Melody replied. The lead signer turned away again towards his band. He took a sheet of paper off a desk, signed it, passed it to his band mates, who signed it and passed it to Melody. She looked down to read it. It said: To Melody, our biggest fan. Kind of cliché but it was still nice. The lead singer surprised her even more by placing a guitar pick in her hand. She looked up at him curiously.

“Keep it. We have a million of them,” he said with a smile. After that, they left.

“Did you have a good time?” Eric asked her with a smirk.
“Yes,” Melody replied, smiling. “It was one of the best nights of my life.” Eric looked surprise but he smiled, pleased that she was happy.

“I better get home before my family finds out I snuck out, Melody said at last. Eric nodded and gave her one quick kiss on the lips. After that, Melody walked to her car, feeling the warmth of the guitar pick in her hand and replaying the night in her head.
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Tue May 17, 2011 6:34 pm
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*coco says...

Man, I’m good.

To say that Eric was pleased with himself would be an understatement. Tonight couldn’t have gone more smooth even if he tried. Eric was on cloud nine. He’d finally proven himself to Melody and the fact that she actually enjoyed herself in the process was just the icing on the cake. The look on her face when the band came out...Eric still couldn’t get the image out of his head. She looked so happy, so excited and grateful, and to think that he, Eric Van Holden, made that happen, that he managed to put that smile on her face...that moved something deep inside him. Something Eric still didn’t exactly understand.

Pushing those thoughts into the back of his mind, Eric turned his attention back to his family. He knew he’d have to face them all when he got home, his brothers, his step-mom, his old man...In his head, Eric tried to work out all the possible scenarios that would happen after he dropped the bomb on them:

“Dad, I’m sorry, but I don’t wanna ruin some girl’s life to save your business...”

Well, the first scenario would probably end with Eric getting his butt kicked by all three of his older brothers. The second scenario would probably end with him being threatened with his inheritance by his dad. And the third...the third scenario would probably end with him being kicked out of the house.

With those pleasant thoughts accompanying him on his journey home, Eric reached over to turn the radio up hoping the latest rap song would give him some sort of distraction from his messed up life. He looked away from the road for one second. The next thing he saw was the glare of a huge truck suddenly come from out of nowhere and head towards him.

“What the-“

Eric slammed hard on the breaks, his tires squealing but it was way too late for him.

The impact of the collision was instant. His body was thrown forward like a bad football tackle. The airbag exploded, glass shattered all around him, and then, everything went dark.


“Son...can you hear me? Look at’ll be fine...”

Eric slowly opened his eyes to the sound of the unfamiliar voice. He tried to see who it was but everything was blurred. Something warm and wet was in his eyes, on his face, on his clothes...Blood. In the background he could hear screams of panic, the sounds of cars screeching to a halt and sirens wailing.

Suddenly, he felt himself being lifted from the cold hard ground. A shot of pain ran through him, his whole body ached. He wanted to scream, swear and cry because of how bad it hurt but he couldn’t make a sound. He couldn’t even move. Slowly, the sounds in the background started to fade away and everything started to become dark again.

“Stay with me, son, alright? Stay with me...”

He tried to blink and focus on the voice but everything was drifting away... He felt someone put an oxygen mask on him and wheel him away. Finally, his eyes gave in and closed.
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Sat May 21, 2011 3:13 am
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bluewaterlily says...

The next day at school, Melody couldn’t find Eric anywhere. Between classes, she saw Eric’s friends in the hall, but she didn’t see Eric. She noticed that they had worried looks on their faces, especially Bobby. Maybe he knew where Eric was.

“Bobby!” Melody called. “Do you know where Eric is?”

“Nope,” Bobby replied. Melody could have sworn he sounded nervous. “Sorry, Melody,” he added when he saw the disappointed look on her face. “Haven’t seen him all day. He might be sick.” Bobby’s friends shot him a warning glance. Melody had a feeling they knew something she didn’t. Why else would they all be acting so anxious and worried, especially when she asked about Eric?

“Well the bell’s about to ring and we better get to class. See ya around.” With that said, Bobby and his friends hurried off to class, probably the only time they would ever show up on time for class.

She heaved a long sigh of frustration and disappointment. So much for getting answers. Until now, Melody hadn’t noticed that not only Eric was missing but also Lauren. That had to mean something was up. Though it would make her late for her class, Melody decided to call Lauren to see if everything was okay. She pulled out her phone and dialled Lauren’s phone number. It took a while for her to better.

“Hey, Melody,” Lauren said, her voice Melody was surprised by her tired, emotionless tone.

“Hey, Lauren,” Melody replied. “Is everything okay?”

“Not really,” Lauren answered. “…Eric got in a car wreck last night…” Melody was so surprised she almost dropped the phone.

“Is he okay?” she finally managed to say, her voice coming out breathless. Tears welled in her eyes as she thinking about Eric and her parents. She couldn’t go through watching that happen to someone again. No one deserved that. She held her breath in anxiety waiting for Lauren’s reply.

“Eric’s doing a little better. He woke up a few hours ago. But it’s still pretty bad. He has a few broken ribs and tons of cuts.” Melody was relieved that Eric was doing better and that he was conscious. She could finally let out the breath she had been holding.

Can I see him?” Melody asked.

“Of course,” Lauren replied. “He really wants to see you…” Melody’s heart flipped. At that moment, she made the decision to go to the hospital to see Eric. She didn’t care that her aunt and uncle would murder her when they found out she cut a few classes. This was more important than a few pointless classes or her aunt and uncle’s anger when they found out she skipped school. She’d get her story straight later. Right now all Melody could focus on was getting to the hospital.

“I’m on my way,” she told Lauren.
The hospital building loomed over Melody, the gray walls seeming cold and sinister. Unpleasant memories threatened to overwhelm Melody: watching her parents that looked like they were asleep, when really they were dying, the doctors telling Melody that they’d probably get better even though she knew it was all a bunch of lies, and being led away by strangers right after her parents died.

Melody took a shaky breath and shook her head to clear it, pushing the painful memories to the very back of her mind.
Though she absolutely hated hospitals, she knew she had to do this. If she backed down, she would never forgive herself for it. Slowly, Melody walked into the hospital, trying to ignore the overwhelming smell of antiseptic.

Melody felt a little calmer when she saw Lauren in the lobby waiting for her until she saw the look on Lauren’s face. Her eyes were red from crying and she had a worried exhausted expression that made her seem much older. Melody knew just how she felt. With silent understanding, Melody hugged her. When Melody pulled away, Lauren led her to the room where Eric was. She left to give them privacy.

When Melody saw Eric, she had to bite her bottom lip to keep from crying. His lip was badly split, his face was covered in purple and blue bruises, and long cuts crisscrossed his arms. And that was only what Melody could see, but she knew there was much worse. Eric was staring up at the ceiling, but when he heard someone enter the room, he slowly turned his head towards her direction.

“Mel?!,” he said, his voice hoarse. Though Eric couldn’t smile because his lips were swollen, Melody could see the tiniest hint of happiness in his eyes.

“Hey, Eric,” Melody said taking a seat in the chair next to his bedside. “Lauren told me what happened… and I came to see you.”

“But aren’t you supposed to be in school?” Eric asked.

Melody nodded sheepishly. “Yeah, but I cut a few classes to come here,” Eric looked both impressed and surprised.

Melody shrugged. “This was my only chance to see you since my family has put me on house arrest. But I’ll have to go soon.” Eric looked disappointed, and Melody felt a surge of guilt. She had just got here and soon she’d have to leave, but she was already going to be in trouble and the longer she stayed, the worse it would be for her.

For a while they sat in silence, Melody’s fingers interlaced with Eric’s. Eric was staring up at the ceiling again, lost in his own thoughts. Melody was wondering what he was thinking, though she assumed he was thinking about everything that had happened last night. Melody stole a quick glance at her watch. She’d already missed two if her classes.

Unlacing her fingers from his, Melody said, “I’ve already missed two class periods. I better go before I get in any more trouble.” Melody had to look away from the disappointment on Eric’s face.

“I promise I’ll back be back tomorrow,” Melody said, but once the words were out, she was skeptical. How was she going to do that? Even though her family was watching her like a hawk, she’d be lucky to get one minute to herself once her aunt and uncle found out she skipped school. But looking at Eric one last time changed her mind. Somehow she’d keep her promise. As clichéd as the saying “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” it was true.
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Mon May 23, 2011 9:24 pm
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*coco says...

Eric had always hated hospitals. Sure, playing football all these years, he’d managed to land himself in the hospital a few times for gashes and maybe some broken bones but this...this was on a whole new level...When he first woke up it was to the sound of the beeping machines next to his bed. His head and upper body were all bandaged up and his arms and face stung with bruises and cuts. He couldn’t even remember what happened, how it happened or why. Everything was a total blur and it made him so angry he wanted to kill something. Luckily, Lauren was there to calm him down. Her eyes were red like she’d been crying. That was the moment Eric realised the seriousness of what just happened to him. He couldn’t believe it.

He almost died.

Even Melody showing up couldn’t break Eric’s shock. He thought it would do the trick since she was the only person he really wanted at his bedside, but her short visit just left him feeling more dazed. He could still feel the warm touch of her fingers interlocked with his, but he was so spaced out it was like he wasn’t even physically there.

The next time he woke up, all he kept seeing was Melody’s face. Lauren came into the room a few seconds later with a cup of coffee in her hands. She looked bad. Her hair was messed up, her mascara was all smudged and she had bags under her eyes.

“Go home, Lauren,” Eric's voice was all croaky but he made it sound serious. He appreciated his little sister staying by his side all this time but he didn't like seeing her looking so tired.

Lauren took a sip of her coffee and shook her head. “I’m not leaving you alone, least not until dad shows up.”

Eric scoffed. It came out more like a cough though. “That’s not gonna happen anytime soon.” Knowing their dad, he was probably running all over the place trying to keep Eric’s accident a secret from the public. The last thing he needed right now was Eric getting into a car accident just when his company was in a business dispute with the Duqaine’s. Eric wouldn't be surprised if his old man didn't bother showing up at all.

A few minutes later Eric’s doctor walked in, clipboard in hand, ready to drop the bomb on the extent of damage of the car accident.

“Which do you want to hear first, Mr Van Holden? The good news or the bad?” he asked.

“I really couldn’t give a crap...” Eric grumbled miserably. He was too spaced out to even listen to what the doctor had to say...partly because he was scared. What if the doctor told him he couldn’t walk again, or worse, play football again? Eric suddenly felt sick. Apart from Lauren, his friends and Melody, football was the only thing he ever cared about. If he lost it his life would mean nothing.

Lauren gave Eric a levelled look before turning her attention to the doctor. “Good news, please...”

“Well, the good news is that you’ll still be able to play football.”

Eric closed his eyes in relief. Thank you, God.

“The bad news, however, is in two-fold,” continued the doctor, his tone a little more serious, “firstly, the damage to your ribs were quite extensive, so it will probably be a while before you’ll be fit enough to play properly,” the doctor paused to look down at his board before looking up again. “Secondly, you’ve suffered a minor head trauma from the impact of the collision. This might leave you with sharp regular headaches for a few weeks, you may also occasionally feel a little dizzy, sick, confused, but more importantly, it may also leave you with periods where you feel completely disoriented and out of control.”

Lauren looked worried and so did Eric.

“What do you mean?” Lauren asked.

“They’re symptoms commonly associated with concussions," he answered. "While the car crash has obviously left Eric feeling quite shocked, the severity of the accident will cause him to occasionally lose his short-term memory causing him to forget things like where he is or what he’s’s one of the reasons why Eric can’t remember anything about the accident.”

Well, that’s just f****** awesome. Eric was fighting the urge not to kick something even though he could barely move his legs. He turned his head and tried to ignore the rest of what the doctor was saying. He didn’t want to admit it out loud but all this was making him feel something he'd never felt before.

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bluewaterlily says...

When Melody got home, her aunt was standing at the door, arms folded and lips pressed into a thin, straight line. Even though her aunt looked dissatisfied-as usual- but Mary’s expression was different. This meant Melody was in trouble.

“I got a call from your school today,” she said. Great. I really need to start thinking things through.

“About what?” Melody replied, feigning surprise.

“Don’t act innocent, Melody,” Mary snapped. “I know you skipped two classes. Even for you, this extreme. This has something to do with this boy, doesn’t it?” Melody honestly didn’t have an answer to that. Was the reason why she cut two classes that obvious?

When Melody didn’t answer, Mary shook her head. “You’re going to ruin your life over some boy.” Melody resisted the urge to roll her eyes. She just cut two classes; from the way Mary was overreacting you would’ve sworn she was drinking or doing drugs. Besides ninety percent of the junk you learned in school was useless. Assuming the conversation was over, she started to make her way upstairs, but Mary stopped her.

“If you’re going to break the rules, you’re going to suffer the consequences. Give me your iPod and cellphone.” Melody pulled the cellphone out of her backpack and reluctantly placed it in her hand. Lauren would probably call or text her about Eric and she wouldn’t be able to respond. The one time I actually need my cellphone…

Melody went upstairs and retrieved her iPod and placed it in Mary’s hand. She didn’t really care that Mary confiscated her iPod. Ever since she started dating Eric she hadn’t been listening to it that much. But she did care that Mary took her cellphone. She was going to go crazy knowing that Lauren would most likely call her with news about Eric and she wouldn’t know.

For a moment, Mary walked out of the living room and into her bedroom. She returned with a duster in her hand before giving it to Melody. She stared at it in confusion.

“What’s this for?” Melody asked, dreading the answer.

Mary smiled coldly. “Maybe labor will teach you a lesson.”

“Why do I need to do this when that’s why you have maids for?” Melody retorted.

“Because when you do something wrong, you need to be taught a lesson,” Mary replied, as if talking to a small child. “But I’m sure the maids will appreciate you helping them out.”

Walking away, Mary added, “You can begin with the back shelves. They haven’t been dusted in ages. Don’t stop until you can’t see a speck of dust.”

Melody approached the wall with row after row of shelves cluttered with picture frames that were so dusty you could hardly see the photos. Tangled cobwebs covered the thick film of dust on the shelves and pictures. Melody sighed. This was going take forever, especially to meet her aunt’s standards. Well I finally know how Cinderella felt…

The next day at school Lauren was back. She still looked extremely tired though.

“Why didn’t you call?” she asked as Melody took a seat next to her. For a moment, Melody was confused. Then she remembered Mary took her cellphone and thanks to her, Melody didn’t know Lauren called.

“I’m sorry,” Melody replied, sighing. “My aunt confiscated my cellphone as a punishment for skipping two classes yesterday. What’s the news on Eric? ”

“He has a minor concussion. For a few weeks it’s going to leave him with bad headaches, confused, and he might forget stuff like where he is or what he is doing.” Poor Eric. It took all of Melody’s willpower not to jump out of her seat and go to the hospital and see him right now.

Melody was about to ask if he would still be able to play football, when Ruby strutted up to Melody and Lauren. She took one look at Lauren and stopped dead in her tracks. Her lips curved into a predatory smile.

“Wow, you look crap. What happened to you? You fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down?” Lauren didn’t bother to respond. Either she was so spaced out and she didn’t hear Ruby, or she didn’t have the energy to put up a fight. Probably both.

“Shut up, Ruby,” Melody snarled. Ruby narrowed her eyes and turned to glare at her.

“What’s your problem, freak?”

“You,” Melody retorted, not caring that the whole class was staring at them. “Get over yourself. Believe it or not, the world doesn’t revolve around you. I mean, honestly, get a life. Is your life so sad that you have to pick on other people to feel about better about yourself? And you wonder why Eric dumped you.”

For once, Ruby was rendered speechless. The whole class erupted into laughter. Someone from the back of the classroom said, “Man, Ruby, you got schooled by the new girl!”

Melody couldn’t help but feel a little smug. It was time someone put Ruby in her place. She had it coming. Doesn’t feel so good when it’s happening to you. When Melody turned to face Lauren and saw her blank expression, she forgot her self-satisfaction. Lauren was the only person-besides Ruby- who wasn’t celebrating. She stared straight ahead at the board.

“Lauren, are you okay?” Melody asked.

She nodded. Melody didn’t know what to say. She wanted to tell Lauren everything would be all right but she couldn’t make that promise. People had made that promise to her even though in the end it was all a big lie. And Melody knew the last thing Lauren needed was an empty promise and false hope.

As Melody pulled into the driveway of her home, she noticed a red convertible pull up behind her. The door opened and the click-clack of high heels sounded against the pavement as the person strutted up to Melody. Her jaw dropped. OMG! This crazy psycho followed me home. And she says I’m a freak. At least I don’t stalk people and hear voices in my head! Melody wished for the millionth time she went to a normal school-or at least one where psychotic cheerleaders didn’t stalk you and follow you home. Melody turned to her, glaring dangerously.

“What do you want?” she asked Ruby. But Ruby wasn’t listening. She was staring at Melody’s family’s mansion. Her mouth hung open in an ‘O’.

“You live with the Duqaines?” Ruby finally managed. Melody fought the urge to grab Ruby by her ponytail and bang her head against the pavement. Since her head was so hard, she probably wouldn’t suffer any injuries…In fact her head would probably put a dent in the concrete.

“Yes, I live with my uncle,” Melody snapped. “Why? Is that a problem?” But to her surprise, Ruby was smiling deviously that made Melody feel uneasy.

“Nope,” Ruby replied, her grin becoming wider and more wicked as she walked towards her car. “Not at all…”

Melody watched her leave, feeling relieed that she was finally gone but a little nervous about the way she smiled. Mary’s warning echoed in her mind, only succeeding in heightening her unease. "As you know, the Van Holdens are filing a lawsuit against us. Well, they know that we have niece. They don’t know who the niece is, but it’s enough to use that information against not only you but also us." Though she didn’t know what Ruby was planning, Melody knew she was going to use that information against her.
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*coco says...

The first person to show up at the hospital the next day was Eric’s step-mom.

“Thank the Lord you’re alright!” she breathed when she saw him. “Oh, everyone was so worried! The doctors all said that there was no hope... L-Lauren said that you nearly died on the way to the hospital a-and the doctors had to revitalise you-”

Then her tears were interrupted by the sudden entrance of Eric’s dad.

Now, to say that the old man wasn’t pleased would be a pretty big understatement. He was literally blowing smoke from his ears when he saw Eric lying on the bed all bruised and battered like he’d just been through hell and back. At that moment any normal dad would’ve probably taken the time to ask their son if he was okay, if he needed anything...then again Eric’s old man was never ‘normal’. Insane would probably be a better word.

"What the hell happened?" he snarled fiercely. “I demand to know this instant! Were you driving under the influence of alcohol?”

“Honey, maybe we should wait-” even Eric’s step-mom couldn’t stop him from lashing out.

“What the hell were you doing out at that time of night, anyway, you stupid stupid boy? Where did you go, hmm? Let me guess, to see a girl?”

Eric’s silence only confirmed it.

“It was to see a girl, wasn’t it?” His dad suddenly looked hopeful. “Was it the Duqaine’s neice?”

Eric clenched his jaw. “No, it wasn’t the Duqaine’s niece.”

The old man was cursing like a sailor now. “I don't understand! What the hell were you doing wasting your time nearly getting yourself killed over another girl when I specifically told you to find the Duqaine girl?”

That was it. Something inside Eric just snapped. “Seriously? You’re giving me that speech now?

“Of course I am!” his dad roared. “Because the reputation of my family is important to me and I am prepared to do whatever it takes to protect it!”

“Well, I’m not,” was Eric’s reply. It was the truth. If that was what his family stood for, he didn’t want anything to do with it.

His dad’s eyes turned dangerous. “Excuse me?”

“It’s not right...” Eric re-iterated earning a snort.

“Says the boy who lived to break girls’ hearts...what makes the Duqaine girl so special, hmm? What makes her so damn different from all those other girls whose hearts you’ve broken over the years?”

“I’m not doing it,” Eric repeated, this time more finally.

“You can and you will!” his dad declared, clearly ignoring him. “You will stop seeing this...girl you’re currently seeing...” he said it like it brought a bad taste to his mouth, “...and then you will locate the Duqaine’s niece and do what you were supposed to do,” with that he charged out of the room.

Eric sat up, looking incredulous. “You can’t stop me from seein’ who I wanna see!” he yelled at him. It made his head hurt but he was passed caring at that point.

His dad immediately stopped dead in his tracks, glaring at him from the corner of his eye. He pointed his finger at Eric sternly. “Don’t push me,” he warned him. “You’re not to see that girl again. And that’s final.”
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bluewaterlily says...

Along with the other English classes, Melody made her way into the auditorium. She wondered what would happen to the play since Eric wasn’t at school. As far as she knew, Eric didn’t have an understudy. So the play would probably be cancelled. The auditorium echoed with the sound of anxious whispers and murmurs. The room quieted down as soon as Mrs. Bing climbed up onto the stage.

“As you all know due to Eric being sick, we no longer have a Romeo for the play. Under normal circumstances, the play would be cancelled, but I have an understudy willing to take Eric’s place. Would my new Romeo and Juliet make their way to the stage so we can begin rehearsals?”

Melody watched as a familiar boy got up from his seat and walked toward the stage. When she looked closer, her heart almost stopped. It was…Jeffery! Great, my life just got better! Melody bet wherever Ruby was, she was smiling smugly. Slowly as possible, Melody made her way to the stage. When she got up onto the stage, she was careful to place a large distance between her and Jeffery. He smiled guiltily at her. Melody glared darts at him when Mrs. Bing turned her back.

“Melody, dear, you’re too far from us,” Mrs. Bing chastised. “Come a little closer.” Reluctantly, Melody closed in the space between her and Jeffery.

“That’s better,” Mrs. Bing said, nodding in approval. “Now, please turn to page twelve of your scripts.”
The stage directions at the top of the page said, Romeo takes Juliet by hand. Jeffery reached for Melody’s hand and gripped it firmly, as if he knew she would try pulling away. It took all of Melody’s self-control not to pull away and stomp on his foot.

“My lady,” Jeffery read, “If I could be so bold to say something.” Somehow, he managed to make his voice sound urgent and pleading. Melody thought it was just part of his act until she looked into his eyes. He looked at her desperately, as if he was trying to tell her something… For a moment Melody forgot her anger at him. Instead she just felt disoriented.

“Speak sir,” she replied, her voice coming out softer than she intended.

"I have danced with many a women, but none have managed to stir my heart quite like you have... It is strange. I do not even know who you are...” There was that same hint of passion in his voice that only succeeded in confusing Melody. She just stood there for a minute before she remembered to look down at her script.

“I have met gentlemen in hopes of finding the one I am destined to be with. Every man I have met has failed to arouse the passion deep within my heart. That was until I met you, sir. Though we shared only one dance, I know that there is something inside you that all the others lacked.” Wow, could that get any sappier? Melody’s cheeks burned red with embarrassment from reading all that mushy, sentimental junk. She wished Eric was here instead. Together, they probably would have laughed at the sentimentality of the lines. But reading it with Jeffery just made her feel awkward. Thank God, this scene is almost over.

“Though it pains me, I must leave.” Jeffery made his voice sound regretful.

“But sir,” Melody said, trying to make her voice sound sorrowful, “when will I see you again?”

“Fear not,” Jeffery read, his voice becoming reassuring. “I will send for you.”

The second to last part of the scene was Melody’s least favourite part. The stage directions read, “Romeo kisses Juliet’s hand.” Reluctantly, Melody extended her hand to Jeffery. His lips brushed lightly against the back of her hand, and Melody quickly pulled away, blushing furiously. Her favourite part of this scene was the final part: “Romeo exits.”

“Wonderful!” Mrs. Bing exclaimed, beaming at them with a smile brighter than the sun as they made their way down the stage. As Melody was walking past Mrs. Bing, she stopped her. “You did a great job, Melody, but you were too stiff. Try to loosen up next time.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Melody replied. She hadn’t even noticed until Mrs. Bing had pointed it out. Melody relaxed her stiff shoulder and back muscles.

Again, Melody was stopped by someone who had grabbed her firmly by the wrist. She turned to face the person. Surprise, surprise it was Jeffery. He pulled her aside to the corner of the stage where they could talk in privacy. Roughly, Melody pulled her arm free from Jeffery’s grasp.

“What do you want, Jeffery?” she asked warily.

“You were a great during rehearsals…”he stalled. Melody rolled her eyes impatiently. “What’s the real reason you’re here.”

“Look, Melody, I know how you feel about me now, but I just can’t get you out of my mind. I’ve never met another girl like you before and you make feel something I’ve never felt before you came along.” Melody sucked in a breath. Once she believed that. How many guys have told me that same old lie? Though she didn’t want to admit it, Eric had said the same thing…just in different ways. Doubt gnawed at her. How long would be before he got tired of her? She pushed it back and returned to the subject at hand. Jeffery was probably trying to make her that Eric didn’t really care about juts to make her trust him again.

“What do you want from me?” she asked tiredly.

“I’ll show you,” he replied.

Before Melody knew what was happening, Jeffery pulled her close to him. His face came closer to hers as he kissed her and placed his hand on the back of her head to keep her from pulling away. Furiously, Melody shoved him away. She clenched her hands into fists so that she wouldn’t punch.

“What do you think you’re doing? You know I’m dating Eric,” Melody snarled.

“Melody, you have to stop dating Eric. He’s just going to break your heart. He’s done to a million other girls. What makes you think you’re any different?”

“Do you hear yourself?” Melody retorted. “You’re saying I’m so special and then you say ‘what makes you think you’re any different?’ Isn’t that a little contradicting? You used me Jeffery and you expect me to trust you? Well think again.”

“I’m trying to protect you,” he replied defensively.

Melody shook her head. Angry tears blurred her vision. Watching Lauren so depressed and withdrawn, seeing Eric in the hospital, and now this was the last straw. She didn’t know how much more she could take.

“No you’re not, you just don’t like seeing me with Eric. Just please leave me alone.” Then she ran out of the auditorium so she could be alone to cry.
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*coco says...

It took a while for Eric to let off steam after his dad left the hospital. He still couldn’t believe how his old man was treating him, like he was a spoilt kid who crossed the line. It was times like this Eric wished his mom was still alive. She would’ve been able to talk some sense into his dad. Just thinking about her made Eric feel sad. He was only eight when she died, and event though his step-mom tried to fill in the gap, he still missed her like crazy. Sometimes he'd see her face in Lauren’s face or hear her laugh in Lauren’s laugh. It was probably one of the reasons why Eric was so close to the alien. Everything about his little sister reminded him of their mom.

Eric’s anger started to die down a couple of minutes later only to be replaced by total boredom. When he wasn’t asleep, he'd occupy himself by doing the most bizarre things like finding patterns in the ceiling and listening to the display of his heartbeat on the machines. Not even the random pretty nurses that happened to stop by in his room to check up on him could break his boredom. It was like he was on a whole different planet.

By the time Lauren showed up, Eric had been given a small mirror to look at the damage on his face. “This sucks!” he complained, staring at his reflection like it was a bad dream.

“How are you?” Lauren asked quietly, taking a seat beside him. “The bruises look like their clearing up...”

“Not the scars, though,” he whined/said, staring at the cuts on his chin, on the bridge of his nose and a long one on his left brow. “Tell me the truth, Lauren, d’you think they make me look ugly?” He was dead serious.

Lauren just shoved him. “Jesus, Eric, you almost died and you’re worried about how you look?”

“Well, duh...” he turned his attention back to the mirror. “You know I read somewhere that chicks dig the whole ‘Scarface’ look...” if that was the case then maybe Melody would. Crap, what if she didn't?

“God, you’re such a loser,” was Lauren’s only reply.

“An' you’re such an alien,” Eric smirked. “Where are Bobby an' the boys, why haven’ they come to see me yet?”

“Dad called their parents and told them not to show up in case they get followed here by the media and your cover is blown.”

Eric clenched his jaws in anger. “Is that man deliberately trynna ruin my life?”

“Looks like it,” Lauren responded drily, “so, what did he say when he showed up in the morning?”

“The usual,” Eric grumbled, dumping the mirror to one side. “He pretty much blamed the whole accident on me.”

“But you were hit by a drunk driver!” Lauren protested.

“Well, for some reason he thought I was the one who was drunk.”

Lauren shook her head, half in anger, and half in disbelief. “Unbelievable...”

“Anyway, how was school?” Eric asked, easily changing the subject. He really didn’t want to remember the encounter he had with his dad, it would only make him angry again. “Anyone ask about me?”

“Well, Bobby’s telling everyone that you’re ill,” Lauren replied. “And as for school, it was pretty boring as usual. Melody had a go at Ruby in front of everyone an-”

Eric arched an eyebrow; a scoundrel’s grin appeared on his face. “She did what?

“Melody totally owned her in front of the whole class. Ruby’s reputation - or what little she had left of it - just went out of the window while Melody's reputation is just sky rocketing.”

Eric erupted with a roar of laughter. Nice one, Mel... “Y’know, I think I’m havin’ a good influence on her...”


The next day Eric couldn't be happier to find out that he was going to be discharged soon. Apparently, his injuries were healing well enough for him to be able to go home, sure he’d be on bed-rest for another day or so before he could go to school, but he didn’t care. He just wanted to see Melody again. He hadn’t seen her since she last came to the hospital and until now Eric hadn’t even had the energy to think about her. It only hit him now how much he’d missed her.

He hoped only Lauren would show up to take him home. He also hoped that she wouldn’t be late. But being the alien that she was, it took a good half an hour for her to arrive. He was so bored waiting for her that he flicked through the cable channels for something to watch and did something he hadn’t done since he was eight. Watch cartoons.

“Whoa, Bugs Bunny’s on!” he suddenly caught the unimpressed glances from his brothers who walked into his room with Lauren at that moment. Eric coughed sheepishly. “I mean, look Bugs Bunny’s on...” he said more quietly.

“You really need to get out of this place...” Trent commented.

An awkward silence fell around them. Eric eyed them all, there was a reason why he didn’t want his brothers here.

“If you’re here to have a go at me ‘bout the whole ‘Duqaine’s niece’ thing you’re wastin’ your time ‘cause I’m not doin’ it...” he told them flatly.

Lauren looked confused. Eric suddenly remembered she still had no idea about it. “Wait, what are you guys talking about?” she asked them all.

Marcus ignored her. “Dad thought we could talk you into changin’ your mind.”

“Well, like I said, I’m not.”

“Why the hell not?” Trent snarled.

“‘Cause I can’t...what you’re all asking me to ‘aint right...” that did nothing to make Trent any less angry.

“C’mon, Eric, man up and grow a pair, will you?”

Eric ignored him. Trent reminded him of his was probably one of the reasons why Eric got along with him the least out of all his brothers.

To his credit Marcus told Trent to drop it.

“It sounds like you’ve changed, little bro...” he commented, taking a seat on the empty chair next to Eric’s bed. Eric didn’t know if Marcus sounded impressed or not and he decided not to ask. Unfortunately, at that moment Lauren decided to open her big mouth.

“It’s his new girlfriend,” she said proudly, “she’s changed him...”

“Quiet!” Eric whispered, elbowing her in the side, but it was way too late. All his brothers just stared at him, processing Lauren’s words before River suddenly erupted with a roar of laughter.

“A girlfriend, huh?” River was holding his stomach, gasping between laughs. “That word doesn’t even belong in the same sentence as you!”

Marcus joined in, clearly amused. “Has she figured out you’re a douche bag yet, or is this one a l’il bit on the slow side?”

Eric’s expression darkened and he resisted the urge to punch them both in the face. “Go ahead, laugh it up...” he muttered before looking away. Maybe Melody had changed him, maybe she hadn’t. Whatever the case, he wouldn’t expect his brothers to understand. They never took him seriously anyway.

“Lighten up, Eric, we’re your brothers, we’re jus’ playin’ with you,” Marcus assured him. “I’m proud of you for growin’ up, I have to admit the timing sucks, but I’m still proud. Look, if you feel that strongly about all this then maybe we can try to find another way to deal with all this Duqaine crap without you havin’ to break your new found morals...” he mused.

“Like how?” Eric questioned.

Lauren made a frustrated sound. The kind she’d normally make when there was a secret that no-one was telling her about. “Will someone please tell me what you guys are all talking about?”

“We’ll think of something, little bro...” River answered, ignoring her, before standing up and grabbing Eric’s packed bags. “Now, let’s get you outta here before we catch you watchin’ the Powerpuff girls too...”

Eric just stared at the two of them. Sarcastic comment aside, Marcus and River were both being way too nice. Either something was up, that was probably it. Something was definitly up...
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Sat May 28, 2011 8:50 pm
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bluewaterlily says...

Three days later, Eric was back at school. Melody was in the hallway near her locker when she saw Eric approaching. She was so relieved to see him. She would have gone and visited but no thanks to her aunt, she wasn’t allowed go anywhere, and if she cut class again she’d be suspended. He was looking much better than when she saw him several days ago in the hospital. The bruises on his face were fading and the cuts didn’t look as bad as they had the last time Melody saw him. She still couldn’t believe the car crash was a week ago.

“Hey, Mel,” Eric said, smirking at her. “Missed me?” Melody rolled her eyes in amusement. Classic Eric. Of course she had missed him. Why else had she been thinking about him all week?

“Duh,” she replied. “Who else would I have around to annoy me?” Then turning serious again, Melody said “I’m sorry I didn’t come back to see you, but my family won’t let me go anywhere except for school and-”

But Eric wasn’t listening. Instead, he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her close to him, and then he kissed her. Like every time Eric kissed her, the outside world faded away. Melody had missed that feeling whenever she was alone Eric. But soon, the bell was ringing and they both reluctantly pulled away.

“I’ll see you around,” Melody said.

“C’ya around,” Eric replied. Melody watched him walk off to his class. She sighed. When were they ever
able to see each other? She wasn’t allowed to going on dates anymore and they hardly had any classes together. She and Eric had some serious catching up to do, but so little time…

Eric was at his locker, getting books out of his locker. He was still thinking about what he was going to do about the Duqaine niece. And why his brothers were being so uncharacteristically nice to him. Though he didn’t know what they were planning, he knew they were up to something. Melody was at the back of his mind, too. It was obvious she had missed him as much as he’d missed her. But he didn’t know what he was doing about them spending time together. Thanks to her family’s stupid rules, that was making things much harder. His thoughts were interrupted when Ruby strutted up to him. Great, what does she want? Like I don’t have enough problems.

“Hey, Eric,” Ruby said, smiling. He turned to face her. Let’s just get this over with.

“What do you want, Ruby?” he snapped. But Ruby wasn’t listening. She was staring at him like he was an alien.

“What happened to your face?” she asked. I don’t have time for this. Eric turned and walked away.

“Wait!” Ruby called. “There’s something you should know about your girlfriend.” Against his better judgment, Eric back around, eyebrows raised.

“A few days ago, I saw Melody kissing Jeffery,” Ruby said almost nonchalantly. Whatever Eric was expecting to hear, it wasn’t this. He didn’t want to believe her. After all this was Ruby. But a small part of Eric was skeptical. What if Melody had gotten closer to Jeffery while he wasn’t around? A few weeks he remembered Jeffery talking to Melody and when he asked her about it she said it was nothing. But what if Melody was really hiding something?

As if sensing his doubts and worries, Ruby smirked. Walking away, she said, “By the way, you should know, since you’ve been gone, Jeffery is your understudy for the play.”

Melody was in the auditorium when she saw Eric. She was about to smile at him until she saw the look on his face. He looked furious. She’d seem him frustrated, but never this angry.

“What’s wrong?” Melody asked as Eric approached.

“Melody, we need to talk,” he said. Melody followed him to the back of the auditorium. She knew that if he wasn’t calling her ‘Mel’ and saying the four dreaded words “We need to talk”, then it was really bad. For a second, she wondered if he was going to break up with her. But she couldn’t think of anything she said or did that made Eric mad at her.

“Ruby told me she was you kissing Jeffery here a few days ago. Is it true?” he questioned. Great, Ruby saw what happened. When I see her I’ll be sure to knock her out so she can finally keep her big mouth shut.

“Eric, it’s not what you think,” Melody said. Her answer didn’t satisfy Eric. In fact it only made him angrier; his jaw clenched.

“Is it or isn’t it true?” he repeated.

“Yes,” Melody admitted, “but Jeffery kissed me first and I didn’t want him too.” But after Melody had said yes, Eric turned and walked away.

“Eric!” Melody said desperately as tears blurred her vision. “You know I’d never do that to you.” For a moment, Melody thought he believed her and she felt a small flicker of hope. He turned to face her again, his expression half angry, half hurt. She felt what little speckle of hope she had crushed.

“I thought so,” he replied coldly, “but apparently I was wrong.” Melody watched him walk away as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Suddenly out of nowhere, Ruby strode up to Melody, a huge triumphant smirk on her face. “It’s doesn’t feel so good when someone messes with your life, does it?”
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*coco says...

Eric stormed backstage looking for the exit so he could cool off. He was so angry he wanted to punch something or someone.

Jeffery...that son of a - his teeth clenched just thinking about him touching Melody never mind kissing her. This means war. Eric had never been the jealous type before and it sucked big time. He needed to teach Jeffery a lesson. One that he’d never forget.

The backstage door suddenly opened and Lauren stepped out. “What’s going on? Melody’s crying and you just suddenly stormed off-”

“Why the heck didn’t you tell me?” Eric asked her angrily.

Lauren looked confused. “Tell you what?”

“That Mrs Bing made Jeffery my understudy! I had to find out from Ruby, d’you have any idea how embarrassin’ that is?”

Lauren looked incredulous. “Well, I’m sorry, alright, I must’ve forgotten! Jesus, Eric, I’ve had a lot on my mind recently in case you've forgotten...”

But Eric wasn’t listening, he was still fuming. His fists were clenched and his knuckles were popping out.

“Are you gonna tell me what all this is about?” Lauren asked impatiently.

Eric was so angry he didn’t trust himself to speak. For a few seconds he just paced up and down the school parking lot wiping a hand down his face. “She kissed him,” he finally said.

Lauren arched a brow. “I don’t get it. Who kissed who?”

“Melody,” he said through gritted teeth. “She kissed Jeffery while I was away.”

“What?” Lauren’s eyes suddenly went big. “No way, Ruby’s lying!”

“She’s not, I asked Melody...”

“And?” Lauren pressed, “what did she say?”

“She said it was true.”

Lauren shook her head. “No way, I don’t believe it...”

“She said Jeffery kissed her first an’ she didn’t want him to...”

“Now, that I believe,” Lauren said. “I mean, everyone knows Jeffery’s in love with her! Don’t you see what he’s trying to do, Eric? He doesn’t like seeing her with you so he’s trying to break the two of you up and Ruby’s just sitting back and enjoying it all. C-mon, Eric, you should know better than to let those two losers get to you.”

She was right and he knew it. Jesus, why did she have to be so damn clever all the time? Eric rubbed the side of his neck sheepishly and wondered how he was going to apologise to Melody. He’d actually made her cry and that wasn’t something he was proud of.

“You know, it’s actually kinda funny when you think about it...” Lauren mused suddenly.

Eric looked at her in confusion. “‘Scuse me?”

“I mean, all those years of you kissing other people’s girlfriends and now it’s finally happened to you.”

“Are you sayin’ I deserved this?”

“No...” Lauren pressed. “I’m just saying that karma sucks.”

Eric just stared at her. “You’re such a hippie.”

“And you’re such a loser,” she retorted. “Now, if I were you I’d go back in there and make things right with Mel. You’ve just recovered from a head injury, the last thing you need is all this drama...”


Eric found Melody backstage a few minutes later standing next to the water cooler. She wasn’t crying anymore but her eyes still looked a little watery. Eric almost turned back with guilt but he knew he had to do this. She hadn’t heard him come in so, with his tail between his legs, he approached her and cleared his throat. Immediately, she looked up and moved away from the wall.

“Eric, I-”

He stopped her. “Look, I’m sorry, Mel.” Apologising felt totally alien to him. He didn’t even know where to start. “I overreacted an’ it wasn’t even your fault...its jus’ that I really like you an’ when I heard that...that Jeffery,” even saying his name made Eric’s jaw clench, “...I dunno I guess somethin’ inside me jus’ snapped,” he paused, realising that he was babbling. “I really am sorry.”
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