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To Love or Not To Love: A Romeo and Juliet Parody

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Thu Mar 31, 2011 11:23 am
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bluewaterlily says...

As Melody took her seat next to Lauren in math, Ruby stalked up to her, a furious expression pinching her face. Melody rolled her eyes. Great, what did I do this time? She noticed that Ruby’s Clones weren’t with her.

“What is your problem?” Funny, I was thinking the same thing.

“Excuse me?” Melody replied, struggling to push back her already-rising temper.

“What did you say to Kelley and my friends to make them turn against me?” Ruby accused. Melody’s eyebrows shot up.

“Why would I need or want to talk to your friends?” Melody replied, her voice coming out strained from trying to yell until she managed to get some sense into this dumb blonde’s head.

Ruby’s scowl deepened. “Because you wanted to get even with me for making you think that Jeffery actually liked you.” The last words stung, but Melody wasn’t to give Ruby that kind of satisfaction. She lifted her head with dignity and met Ruby’s blazing eyes, steadily returning her glare.

“Ruby, how many times do I have to tell you that I don’t care about you, Eric, or anyone that goes to this school? If you could just get that through your rock-hard head, then we could both move on with our lives. And if this is still about Eric, then listen to me carefully. I. Don’t. Like. Him.”

Ruby’s eyes narrowed. “Whatever, freak. But I know it was you who trashed my reputation. But don’t think you’ve won yet. I’ll get even, and what I did to you before will be nothing compared to what I can and will do to you .” She glowered at Melody one last time before returning to her seat.

“What was that about?” Lauren asked, seriously confused.

“Ruby thinks I’m l mad at her over the Jeffery thing and that I got even by having her friends turn against her,” Melody replied, rolling her eyes. Lauren grimaced.

“What’s wrong?” Melody asked.

“I have a feeling Eric has something to do with this,” she replied. Lauren looked like she was about to say more, but at that moment, the teacher walked in, and she was forced to end the conversation and turn to the board where the teacher now stood. Good timing, Melody thought sarcastically. She sighed. She had a feeling Lauren was right. Between Ruby and Eric, those two always managed to drag her into some kind of drama. And she always ended up having to clean up the mess.
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Wed Apr 06, 2011 11:25 pm
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*coco says...

Eric was in the cafeteria with his gang of friends, celebrating the fruits of phase one of his plan. Ruby was nowhere to be seen and Kelley was now Verona High’s new it-girl. Eric couldn’t keep the smirk of triumph off his face...until Lauren showed up.

“Eric!” she snapped. Her eyes were big again like she was mad at him again.

Women and their mood swings. “Yes, alien?”

Lauren placed her hands on her hips. “Can I ask why you have that irritating smirk on your face?”

“Because I’m celebratin'...”

“Celebrating what?” she asked, an annoyed expression playing across her face.

"The success of operation de-throne the queen..." Bobby replied, looking amused.

Lauren raised a quizzical brow. "Operation what?"

"Operation de-throne the queen,” Eric explained, taking a huge swig from his can of soda. “See, the boys an' I made a plan to kill Ruby's rep after what she did to Melody..."

Lauren didn't look too impressed. "Well that was really stupid of you because now she's threatened to ruin Melody's life..."

“What?” Eric’s face visibly deflated. "Says who?"

"Says Ruby."

Eric slammed his head onto the cafeteria table, letting out a frustrated groan. He hated when his plans backfired on him. It didn’t happen a lot which is why it sucked so hard on the rare occassions that it did. “Man, that cheerleader’s seriously startin' to become a pain in my backside...”

“And you’re seriously starting to become a pain in mine,” Lauren responded.

“For the record, I was totally against this idea...” Casey pointed out, making just about everyone at the table roll their eyes. Kiss-ass.

“I don’t care,” Lauren snapped impatiently. “The point is the plan has totally backfired and now Ruby is going to give Melody hell for no reason at all...” She turned her head sharply to Eric. “If I were you, I’d sort this all out. Starting with Melody.”

Pushing aside his lunch tray, Eric got to his feet and decided he’d better follow his sister’s advice and set things straight with Melody, before she started hating him even more than she already did...if that’s even possible...

“Way to ruin my happy day, alien...” he grumbled as he walked passed Lauren. He only hoped Melody wasn’t going to be her usual stubborn-self when he tried to explain himself. The last thing he wanted was another yelling session with her...

He turned the corner of the hallway just in time to see Melody come into full view. She was standing by her locker, grabbing a couple of books. To his luck, she didn’t seem to look angry, she doesn’t seem to look happy either but then again she never did. Here goes... Taking a deep breath, he strolled through the hallway right up to her just as she was shoving the books into her bag.

"Hey, Mel,” Eric began sheepishly, leaning against the locker next to hers. “Sorry I left like that last night. I had some stuff to deal with..."

Melody turned her head to face him. "I'm sure you did," she made the statement cold.

Eric arched a quizzical brow. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means," Melody spat, "that I saw you with Kelley. That’s real classy, Eric, seeing your ex-girlfriend's best friend behind her back..."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up..." Eric exclaimed, suddenly realizing what Melody was insinuating, " think me an' Kelley are..."

Melody’s eyes were glaring darts at him. "I don't think, I know, and to be honest I couldn’t care less. You can date who you want and cheat on who you want, just keep me out of it, alright?" It was a warning.

Eric looked incredulous. "Mel, listen, you've got it all wrong. I was only-"

"Save it, Eric," she interrupted, slamming her locker shut.

With that, she stormed off, leaving Eric standing where he was looking like a complete ass. What the hell had just happened? Everything he’d done, everything he’d planned...all of it was with the intention of helping her, and showing her that he wasn’t as bad as she thought he was, that he actually cared about her. And what did she do in return? Slap it right back in his face. Why the heck did he even bother if she wasn’t even willing to give him a chance?
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Fri Apr 08, 2011 2:19 am
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bluewaterlily says...

Melody was in the cafeteria. Like usual, she pushed her food around her tray, not eating. Though it was more of jabbing her at food with her fork. She was still furious with Eric. He was going out with Kelley, and he thought he could lie to her? How stupid does he think I am? Apparently very stupid. But unlike most girls, she knew his type and, wasn’t going to fall for all that garbage he was telling her.

Someone slid their tray next to hers. Melody looked up, surprised as Lauren took a seat to next to Melody.

“Hey, Melody.”

“Hey, Lauren,” Melody replied.

“We need to talk,” Lauren said, cutting right to the chase. “About Eric.” Melody shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

“What about him?” she countered cautiously, even though she knew the answer.

“About the night of the party,” Lauren responded. “When Eric left you at the party, and was talking to Kelley, it’s not what you think. I can assure you that there isn’t anything going on between Eric and Kelley. They were planning revenge on Ruby after what she after you…”

At of all the things Melody expected to hear Lauren say, this certainly wasn’t it. Her anger dissolved, replaced by a jumble of several emotions all muddled together into a mixed up mess. But she could distinguish one emotion from all the others, confusion.

“Really?” Melody said, still dumbfounded.

“Really,” Lauren confirmed. This only made Melody more confused.

Together, Melody and Lauren walked to the auditorium. They took their seats amongst the other students. As Miss Bing made her way up to the stage, the talking and laughter slowly faded, and everyone turned to look at her. Miss Bing had a grim expression on her face.

“I have an important announcement about the play. The play is canceled-” Everyone gasped, including Melody. “Our Romeo has dropped out the play, therefore the play is canceled.” More good news today. Melody sighed. She knew she was the reason why Eric dropped out. She hadn’t noticed until a moment ago that Eric was missing. She got up from her seat. Lauren grabbed her wrist.

“Where are you going, Melody?” Lauren asked, concerned.

“I’ll be right back,” Melody replied, slipping out of the auditorium. Luckily no one noticed her, or if they did, they acted as if they didn’t. Ah,the advantages of being invisible.

Where could he be? Maybe the gym? When Melody entered the gym, it was empty. The second place she tried was the football field. There, sitting in the top row of the empty bleachers, was Eric. When Eric heard the thudding of her boots, he turned his head in direction, but he didn’t say anything.

“Hey, Eric,” Melody said. Now she was the one sounding sheepish.


“I heard you dropped out of the play.” Eric shrugged.

“Why did you drop out?” Melody asked. Now she had Eric’s attention.

“…Well I only joined the play to get closer to you,” Eric admitted, shifting uncomfortably. “Though you’ve made it pretty clear what you think of me,” he added quietly.

“Well I was wrong about you and Kelley… maybe you’re not as bad as I thought,” Melody said slowly. Eric stared at her in complete shock.

“What did you just say?”

“I said I was wrong.”

“What made you come around?” Eric asked, raising an eyebrow. Then his usual sly smile crept across his face. “It was my bad boy charm, wasn’t it?”

Melody rolled her eyes. “Sure. Keep telling yourself that, player. Just remember I have a black belt in karate.” But as Melody said it, she had a surprisingly light, playful tone, and her lips twitched as they curled upward into the faintest smile.
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Thu Apr 14, 2011 6:29 pm
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*coco says...

“Whoa! The emo girl can smile!” he exclaimed a little amused and confused at the same time. “I guess hell has frozen over somewhere...”

She gave him a playful shrug. “I guess so...”

An awkward silence passed between the two of them before Eric decided to speak up again.

“So...did Mrs Bing send you over here to beg me to come back to the play?”

“No,” Melody replied, taking a seat next to him on the bleachers. “I came here myself so I could ask you a question.”

Eric un-interestingly threw the football he had in his hands into the air and caught it with ease. “Go ahead...”

“This whole Ruby thing...” Melody began, “did you really plan all that to get back at her for what she did to me?”

Eric nodded sheepishly, “Pretty stupid thing to do, huh?”

“Well, yeah. I mean, Ruby thought I put you up to it and basically threatened to ruin my life. But...” she paused for a second. “It was kinda cool that you tried to stick up for me. I haven’t had a lot of guys do that for me...come to think I haven’t had any guys do that for me...”

Eric smirked, throwing his football into the air again before catching it. “That’s because they were all jerks.”

Melody quirked an amused brow, “and you’re not?” she questioned, making Eric chuckle lightly.

Were they actually...bonding? He wasn't sure. “Alright, alright,” he said, raising his palms in mock surrender, “I’ll admit I can be a bit of a jerk... sometimes...”

“Sometimes?” Melody repeated. “Really?”

“Okay, most of the time...”

Melody shook her head and smiled making Eric smile too.

“Y’know, Mel, you should do that more often,” he told her.

She looked confused. “Do what?”

“Smile. It looks good on you...”
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Fri Apr 15, 2011 1:42 am
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bluewaterlily says...

“Thanks,” Melody replied, the compliment making her smile even more.

“Now I have something to ask you,” Eric said.

“What is it?” Melody asked.

“It’s probably not important, but why did you practically hate me?”

“Because I thought you were just like the other guys I have dated.”

Eric arched an eyebrow. “Really? How so?”

“Let’s see: star quarterback of the football team, most popular guy in school, and the guy girls practically murder each other for.” Eric frowned.

But,” Melody continued, “After you stood up for me, it showed me a different side of you.” Slowly, his frown faded.

“Now I have something to ask you,” Melody said.

“Let me guess, you wanna me ask me a date,” Eric said, smiling playfully. Melody rolled her eyes.

“In your dreams, Lover Boy. What I wanted to really know is why you like me.” Eric was caught by surprise.

“I like you because you’re different, Mel. You’re not fake…there’s so much more to you. And the fact that you didn’t like me made me like you even more.”

“But why?” Melody persisted. Eric was starting to get frustrated.

“I can’t explain it. You’re not like most girls.”

“But that’s a good thing,” he added hastily, after seeing Melody’s expression. “You’re not about pretending, and you don’t care what people think about you…You make me feel different, something that I’ve never felt before in my life.” Melody nodded, not expecting to hear Eric say all of that stuff about her. But at the same time it felt good…

“You know Eric… you’re different too. No guy that’s ever liked me and stood up for me…or been as persistent as you have in trying to get me to go on a date…” Eric chuckled at the last part. Again, Melody smiled.

A minute later, she said, “Eric, are you going to re-join the play? You know, now that we’ve worked things out?”

Eric took a moment to answer and then nodded. “Yeah I guess so.” Then he groaned. “Ugh, Miss Bing is going to kill me.”

“I’ll be sure to attend your funeral, then,” Melody said teasingly.

Eric shook his head, laughing. “What am I going to do with you, Mel?”

Melody smirked. “Funny, I was gonna ask you the same thing.” Together they made their way to the auditorium.
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Sat Apr 16, 2011 12:09 am
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*coco says...

Man, if looks could kill then Eric was sure his limbs would probably be spread out across the school grounds by now. When he stepped back into the auditorium Mrs. Bing looked torn between wanting to rip Eric him into pieces and kiss him all at once. Gross. Thankfully, the crazy woman didn’t do either.

“Ladies and gentleman!” her voice was so high-pitched from relief, she nearly sounded like one of those annoying chipmunks on TV. “It seems that Shakespeare is smiling down on us all, for the play is back on!”

Eric drowned out the cheers from the rest of the class. He was still trying to come to grips with his conversation with Melody. Sure, he’d blabbed a bunch of stuff to her that he really shouldn’t have, stuff about how he felt about her and why. Weird, he never talked about things like that. Ever. Especially to some girl. Then again, Melody wasn’t just ‘some girl’...

"So," Bobby said, taking a seat next to him with the rest of the boys. "Does this mean that you an’ Melody are finally together?”

Eric didn’t answer straight away. For a few seconds he just let his eyes fall on Melody while she practiced some of her lines with Mrs. Bing.

“Not exactly,” he finally concluded, making his friends roll their eyes. “But,” he assured them, “I’m workin’ on it...”


After English, the cogs in Eric’s brain wouldn’t stop turning. Since he was a kid he remembered always being impatient. Even when his step-mom would try to tell him that good things came to people who’d wait, Eric never listened. To him good things came to people who’d chase after 'em and that was exactly what he’d have to do with Melody. Problem was he wasn’t exactly bursting with ideas. His mind was torn; a part of him wanted to be friends with her and give her some time to trust him, and another part of him - the part he normally listened to - wanted to throw all caution to the wind and ask her out on a date or something.

This battle inside his head was rudely interrupted when Ruby strutted over to him while he was on his way to Miss Sparks’ Chemistry class. The ex-queen b was dressed in her cheerleaders outfit and had her usual beauty-queen like smile plastered on her face. Wierd. You couldn’t tell that the chick’s reputation had just crashed and burned before her eyes. Then again, maybe she was just in denial...

"Hello, Eric," she said coyly, tilting her head to the side and flashing him her pearly white teeth. “I need your help with something.”

“Yeah?” Eric looked at her, quirking an amused brow as he carried on walking, “with what, exactly?”

“That new girl trashed my reputation,” she practically spat the words. “Kelley is strutting around the school wearing my crown an-”

“And what exactly d’you want me to do about that?” Eric interrupted her.

“Well...” Ruby slowly crept closer, batting her eyelashes and flashing her oh-so charming smile at him. “I was thinking maybe we could get back together again. It doesn’t have to be real, we could just pretend until I get my reputation back...”

Eric stopped dead in his tracks and just stared at Ruby for a few seconds before erupting into a loud roar of laughter.

“What the hell is so funny?” Ruby snapped, a muscle twitching under her eye.

“Oh, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby....” he began, trying to control himself, “First of all, Melody didn't trash your rep, that was me...Secondly, you seriously need to get over yourself ‘cause I did...”

And with that, he headed for Chemistry class, still chuckling, leaving Ruby gob-smacked in the middle of the hallway.

Lauren, who’d been listening to all this secretly from her locker, took this opportunity to do what she did best. Gloat.

“Game over, Ruby,” Lauren smirked.

Ruby’s eyes narrowed on her dangerously. “It’s not over until I say it is,” she sneered.

“Sure, keep tellin’ yourself that, sweetheart,” Lauren said sarcastically before walking off.
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Mon Apr 18, 2011 2:42 am
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bluewaterlily says...

Melody was at her locker getting book and stuffing them into her bag when she noticed Eric walking up to her. He leaned against the locker next to hers and smirked cheekily at her. She was torn between rolling her eyes and smirking back. She did both.

“You just won’t go away, will you?” Melody teased.

“Mel, I was wondering if you’d like to come with me to a friend’s party tonight…” Eric said. Is he asking me out on a date? Melody wondered unintelligently. That would explain why her pulse quickened. But she didn’t know what to say. A part of Melody wanted to say yes; after all, Eric had shown that he cared about her when he stood up for her, but another part of her, the rational part of her, was telling to say no. Though Eric had proven he cared about her, he still had a reputation for dating girls and dumping them and dating them again. And it wasn’t like he had really changed in the two or three weeks since he meet Melody. How long would it be before he got bored with her and found another girl? Every guy Melody had ever liked had just used her or lied to her. What made Melody think he was any different? Even if he had been the first guy to stand up for her…

Still sometimes you had to take a chance or else you’d never know. If Melody just lived her life closed off, then she’d never meet the person she was meant to be with. Sometimes to gain, you had to take a risk. Maybe you’d lose it all, but maybe you’d gain it all. Even though her head was telling her that she was stupid to trust Eric and that she’d get hurt, her heart was telling her that maybe she could change Eric… It was obvious he had to approach her differently than he had with any other girl ever he’d shown interest before, and so he had to change his ways to earn her trust. If she had changed him just a tiny bit in the short period of time since they met each other, then there was a chance that Melody could change him even more. Maybe Melody actually had shot with him…

Mel?” Eric stared at her expectantly. Eric’s voice broke through Melody’s barrier of thoughts. She’d forgotten he was there, so absorbed was she in her thoughts.

“Sorry,” Melody replied. “I zoned out. But yes, I’d like to the party with you.” Eric looked at her strangely, but handed her a sheet of paper.

“Directions to my friend’s house…” he explained. Melody nodded. An uncomfortable silence fell over them.

Eric broke the silence by saying, “Well the bell’s about to ring. I gotta get to class. I’ll see you tonight.

See you around,” Melody said, bit Eric was already gone. Melody stared at the piece of paper in her hands, feeling a mixture of something close to excitement and dread.

Melody descended the stairs from her bedroom to the living room. Her uncle was sitting on the sofa, watching the evening news. When he saw Melody, he looked up.

Going on a date with Jeffery?” he asked. Melody winced at the mention of Jeffery. She still hadn’t told her uncle that they weren’t dating anymore.

“Actually Jeffery and I aren’t going out anymore. Jeffery turned out to be…different than who he said he was…I’m going on a date with another guy...”

Her uncle raised his eyebrows and said, “I hope this one is different, then.” Melody cringed at the words “this one”, but she secretly agreed with him.

“Well I’ll see you in a few hours, Uncle Jack,” Melody said, before turning to leave. Her uncle nodded and returned to the TV.
The music was blasting and mingled with the sound of laughter and gossip. Melody spotted Eric laughing and talking with a group of friends at the refreshments table. As Melody approached, Eric and his friends turned to look at her. Eric smiled boldly at her.

“So this is the famous Melody,” one of his friends said. Involuntarily, Melody felt her cheeks burn bright red. Suddenly, she felt very self-conscious. Eric’s grin widened, as if he sensed her discomfort.

“Don’t to listen to them, Mel. They’re idiots.” Then taking her by the arm, he led Melody to a far corner of the room where they could be alone.

“Do you want something to drink?” he asked her.

“A Coke will do,” Melody replied. Eric walked back to the table to get her soda. As he returned, the loud rock song was ending and a soft, slow song was beginning.

Melody noticed couples pulling each other close to dance. Eric set the can of soda down, and without asking, pulled her to him. He then rested his hands on her hips and she wrapped her arms around his neck. She could feel the hair on the nape of his neck underneath her fingers. Together, they swayed to the slow but steady beat of the song. It reminded Melody of prom with Grant a year ago, but this felt better…more natural…

Melody looked up at Eric. He removed one hand from her hip and brought it to her cheek, tilting her head back, her face coming closer to his. When Melody realized that he was about kiss her, her heart beat quickened, the thundering of heartbeat in her ears drowning out the music, the talking, the laughter, everything. And before she could decide to pull away at the last second, their lips met.
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Tue Apr 19, 2011 5:20 pm
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*coco says...

Eric had kissed a lot of girl in the past but he couldn’t remember them feeling like this. Kissing Melody was...amazing. Not in a cheesy, sappy (or girly) kinda way but in a genuinely real kinda way, in a way that made him not want to let go of her...but unfortunately fate would have the pair of them be rudely interrupted by Eric’s cell phone...


Talk about bad timing. Eric tried to ignore it but whoever was calling seemed pretty insistent. He guessed it was probably one of his brothers...

“Maybe you should answer that,” Melody said to him.

“Yeah,” Eric mumbled, letting out a disappointed sigh before pulling out his phone. “What?” he answered annoyed.

“Where the hell are you?” Surprise, surprise, it was Trent.

Eric frowned. “I’m at a party, why?”

“Of course you are,” his brother’s voice was - as usual - full of disapproval. “Dad wants you home. Now.”


Before he knew it, Trent had hung up on him. Sighing, Eric pocketed his cell and looked down at Melody. She was looking up at him confused.

“Is everything ok?” she asked.

“Uh, yeah...” he answered, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly, “listen, I’m really sorry but I gotta head stuff...are you gonna be ok gettin’ back home on your own?”

“Oh, I’ll be fine,” she said, trying to hide the look of disappointment on her face. “You go ahead...”

Eric sighed and looked her over. He didn’t want to leave her, not when he'd worked so hard to get her here in the first place. “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then...”

“Sure, see you tomorrow...”

Taking one final look at her, Eric headed out of the party. She’d probably be mad at him tomorrow, truthfully, he couldn’t blame her if she was. Here he was trying to prove to her that he wasn’t the guy she thought he was and at the same time he was blowing her off on their first date. On an impulse he looked down at his watch. Jesus, it hadn’t even been ten minutes! Angrily, he stepped into his car and turned on the ignition. His ole man had better have a good reason for interrupting him...


Trent was scowling by the time Eric finally arrived home. "What the hell took you so long?"

Eric gave him a levelled look as he took a seat on the couch. He really wasn't in the mood. “Traffic,” was his only reply.

At this time his dad and step-mom entered the lounge with Marcus and River.

“So, what’s all this about?” Eric asked them all. He didn’t like the looks on their faces, especially his dad’s face.

“Well," his dad began, "as you may or may not know Van Holden Corp is currently in a legal battle with the Duqaine’s over the recent construction of their new hotel. We have conveniently managed to discover that the site it was built upon is actually part of our town’s history...”

“What does that mean?” Eric asked.

River answered. “It means that they can’t legally build on that land so they have to shut down their hotel.”

Eric looked confused. "So, this is a good thing, right?"

His family nodded.

“So what’s the problem, exactly?”

“The problem is,” Marcus replied, “in response to our lawsuit against them, the Duqaine’s are filing a lawsuit against us...”

What?" Eric was getting more confused by the minute. “On what grounds?”

“On the grounds of corruption and obstruction of justice,” River answered.

Eric didn’t bother to ask if any of those allegations were true or not, knowing his dad and brothers and how they liked to go about their business, the allegations probably were true. He heaved in a deep sigh and looked up at them all. “So where do I come in in all this?” he asked, earning him a cunning smile from just about everyone in the room.

Eric suddenly felt very, very worried for himself...
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Wed Apr 20, 2011 2:38 am
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bluewaterlily says...

As Melody was leaving and getting into her car, her phone went off. She pulled out her phone and saw that her aunt Mary’s number flash across the screen. She sighed, already dreading the conversation. With Mary, there was no way of dodging her phone call, or when she got home, Mary would find some creative way to make Melody’s home-life even more miserable. Melody heaved a long frustrated sigh and answered the phone.

“Can I help you?” she asked sarcastically.

“Where are you?” Mary demanded.

“At a party,” Melody replied irritably. Was on a date. Melody could hear Mary harrumph and mutter “Teenagers”. Just as Mary was probably rolling her eyes, Melody did the same thing.

“What are you doing at a party?” Mary questioned. Melody rolled her eyes again and bit her lip to keep from sighing exasperatedly.

“I was on a date,” Melody replied.

“With whom?” her nosey aunt probed.

“With a guy,” Melody replied wryly. Melody imagined Mary’s face pinching into a scowl.

“You know what I meant, smart-mouth. You need to keep that big mouth of yours shut; then maybe you’d stay out of trouble. Says the Queen of Gossip. If it was one thing Mary loved to do was gather with her friends at her house every afternoon and gossip about everyone and everything; especially when her husband was working. She didn’t think Melody knew. But when you hardly ever spoke (and were invisible to practically every person around you) people said things they thought you wouldn’t hear or know about…

“What did you call me for?” Melody asked, getting impatient.

“You are to get home this instant,” Mary ordered with her usual superior attitude.

“You still didn’t tell me why I’m supposed ‘to get home this instant’,” Melody said matter-of-factly.

“Just do as I say, Melody,” Mary snapped.

Then curtly, she hung up. Extremely irritated, Melody got into her car and turned on the ignition. She couldn’t help but wonder if Eric’s and her families calling them both was more than coincidence. It might or might not be a coincidence, but she was sure it was an ill-humored joke of fate. Without even noticing, she let out a frustrated huff, not thinking about her aunt (she used to her aunt’s pejorative attitude) but thinking about how her date ended so soon. Just about all of her first dates seemed crash and burn, especially at the end.

But…she did manage to get a kiss… Melody replayed the scene in her head, the feel of Eric’s lips brushing softly against hers. It had been different than from kissing Grant. Unlike the intensity of Grant’s kisses, this was different…more real…natural… Too bad their first date was cut short. But Melody knew she’d see Eric at school…and she was surprised to find herself actually looking forward to the next day at school.


When Melody pulled into the driveway, she saw Delen and Richard’s cars parked there too. Whatever Mary had called her for most be serious if her two older cousins were here as well. As Melody walked into the living room, she noticed that grim expressions that darkened everyone’s faces. Only Mary’s face looked the same usual; Melody doubted that Mary’s facial expression could be any bitterer. She was right. But her uncle looked worst out of all them. Dark shadows circled his tired eyes, making him look old. In his eyes, Melody could see the same resigned, weary look that had usually because of her…

“What happened?” Melody asked, taking a seat on the couch next to her uncle.

Delen replied, “The Van Holdens are filing a lawsuit against us for building a hotel on ‘their side of Verona’. We’re filing a lawsuit against them, but they have evidence that the site we built our hotel on is part of Verona’s history, which legally means that we can’t build our hotel there, so we may have to shut it down.”

“But that’s not fair!” Melody exclaimed incredulously. “They can’t do that, can they?”

Delen shrugged concededly. “They have the evidence; therefore they basically have the upper hand, so far, at least.”

“What about justice?” Melody said. Delen laughed bitterly and exchanged a look with Melody that said “What justice?”. Melody knew exactly what he was feeling. When her parents were killed by the drunk driver, two innocent people were killed and the drunk driver practically got off the hook. Justice was a joke.
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Sun Apr 24, 2011 8:57 pm
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*coco says...

Eric was in his bedroom, lying on the couch spacing out with a tennis ball in his hands and a half-empty pizza box lying next to him. Normally, the box would be empty by now but tonight Eric didn’t have time to put food into his mouth – shocking but true – no, he had way too much going through his head...

“The Van Holden’s have a niece that attends your school. You will find out who she is, make her fall for you and then do what you do best: ruin her. The only way we can invalidate the Duqaine’s accusations against us is by tarnishing their reputation, and the most effective way of doing that will be to target the niece.”

How could his family ask him to do something like that? Destroy an innocent girl’s life – for what – to save their stupid business? He found himself suddenly thinking who this girl could be. Had he seen her before, did he know her?

Suddenly, Eric’s thoughts were interrupted by Lauren’s usual unannounced entrance.

“So,” she smiled happily, helping herself to a slice of Pizza. “...we should totally celebrate.”

If you heard the things I heard, you wouldn’t be saying that... “Celebrate what?” Eric asked miserably. He decided that telling Lauren what'd happened probably wasn't such a good idea.

“Oh, I dunno, how about the fact that my oh-so-awesome match-making skills finally got you on Melody’s good-books! You’re welcome by the way...”

It also got me a date with her. Eric found himself rolling his eyes as he suddenly remembered the kiss he shared with Melody and how it was so rudely cut short no thanks to his messed up family.

“Y’know, bro, I’m hoping you’ve learnt a lesson out of all of this,” Lauren said, picking up a second slice of Pizza and making her way out of his room.

Eric miserably threw the tennis ball into the ceiling making it bounce back into his hands, “Like what?”

Lauren smiled smugly. “In the future, leave the cleverness to me.”

Eric threw her a mock two-fingered salute. “Will do, alien...”

Half an hour after Lauren left his room, the house fell into complete silence. Eric guessed everyone was probably asleep by now seeing as it was a weekday. Eric should’ve been in bed by now too but there was no way he could sleep tonight. Not after hearing how low his family was willing to stoop. It made him think about scary things like what else they were capable of doing...


The next day, his dad’s words continued to haunt him. Even when he and Bobby reached school, last night just carried on replaying again and again inside his head like a bad song. Miserably, Eric walked down the hallway to his locker. Bobby was yapping on about Reese getting drunk at last night’s party and a whole bunch of other stuff Eric didn’t have the time for. He reached his locker and swung the door open, not realising that he nearly hit Kelley in the face.

“Jesus, you could’ve killed me!” she shrieked.

Eric was so spaced out he didn’t even see her standing there. “What d’you want?” he asked her un-interestedly, not even apologising.

“The whole school’s talking about it, y’know...” Kelley replied, an annoyed expression playing across her face, “about what happened at last night’s party...”

Eric really didn’t have the patience for this. “Am I supposed to know what you’re talking about?”

She gave him a stern look. “Don’t act all innocent, Eric, I’m talking about how you kissing the new girl has all-of-a-sudden turned her into some overnight celebrity!”

Eric arched a brow. “Are you jealous?”

“No,” she folded her arms across her chest. “I just hope your new girlfriend knows what she’s gotten herself into. I’m no Einstein but I seriously doubt that a girl like her has the necessary skills to handle all the attention that comes with dating a guy like you...” and with that, the annoying blonde strutted off smugly down the hallway.

As much as Eric hated to admit it, Kelley did have a point. Man, could life get anymore suck-ish right now?

“Dude!" Bobby suddenly exclaimed. Until now he’d been listening to Eric and Kelley’s conversation in silence. “You kissed Melody last night?” his eyes were lit up and there was a grin on his face as he slapped Eric on the back. “Nice!”

“It was jus’ one kiss,” Eric grumbled, turning his attention to the pile of mess that was inside of his locker. “I didn’t even know if she liked it or not...” it was the truth, he really didn’t know. Come to think of it, he’d only realised that he didn’t know when he woke up this morning.

“Well, there’s only one way to find out,” Bobby smirked. “You should ask her to the Winter Ball...”

Eric shook his head. “I don’t think that's a good idea...”

“Oh, c- mon, E!” Bobby protested, shoving him a little. “You’ve been fawning over this girl for months and now you finally have her, you wanna let her go?”


“Then what’s the problem?”

My family and their crazy-ass plans THAT'S what's the problem...

Suddenly the bell rang for first period.

“We should get to class,” Bobby said, thankfully changing the subject. “Here,” he handed Eric a thick text book.

"What the hell’s this?" Eric asked, looking at it curiously.

"It's for our History assignment, duh," Bobby replied.

Eric took the book and un-interestingly tossed it into his locker. "Weird. I didn't even know I took History."

Bobby rolled his eyes. “Why am I not surprised?”
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Mon Apr 25, 2011 4:04 am
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bluewaterlily says...

All because Eric had kissed Melody last night, people were treating her differently. One: people didn’t treat her like she was as invisible and nonexistent as a ghost. And two, people were actually smiling at her. It amused Melody how fickle people could be. Though, it definitely was a step up, Melody couldn’t deny that. At lunch instead of sitting by herself, as usual, Lauren and two of her friends sat at Melody’s table.

“Hey, Melody,” Lauren said, grinning widely at her, a triumphant self-satisfied smile that showed she was pleased that Melody and Eric were finally dating.

“Hey, Lauren,” Melody replied.

“So,” Lauren said, smiling even wider, which Melody hadn’t thought was possible, “how was the party last night?”

“It was good,” Melody replied. Lauren looked disappointed when she discovered that Melody wasn’t going to give her more details. Melody wanted to tell Lauren more, especially since she helped show Melody another side of Eric, but she didn’t want to do it in front of her friends. They’d probably just pass it on to their friends. Lauren seemed to understand that Melody wasn’t going to tell, so she reluctantly accepted it and didn’t question Melody any farther. Her friends, however, were more persistent.

“You are so luck, Melody!” one of them gushed. It’s just so funny how life works out. Yesterday I was looked down on, and today I’m being envied. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

“Is Eric a good kisser?” one of them-maybe Tina-asked, smiling mischievously. Melody resisted the urge to roll her eyes. People (mostly girls) were acting like it was some huge conspiracy. Then again at a school like Verona High, the new Emo girl dating the most popular guy in school (the horror!) was basically a huge conspiracy. At the same time, Melody wondered how Lauren could be friends with these girls that were about as deep as a kitty pool. She also wondered if these girls would feel the same way about Eric if he wasn’t “cute”, or at least their definition of cute.

“I don’t know,” Melody replied wryly. “Why don’t you kiss Eric and then let me know if he’s a ‘good kisser’?” Slowly the girl’s smile faded and, her expression became unreadable. Melody bit her lip to keep from smirking. She had a talent for saying things that made people dislike her or avoid her. It was a gift. Both of the girls seemed uncomfortable in Melody’s presence now.

“We’ve should go. The bell’s about to ring. It was nice to meet you, Melody.” Hurriedly, they picked up their trays and left, leaving Lauren behind with Melody. Trust me, the pleasure was all mine, Melody thought with a smirk as she watched them walk away.

“They’re gone, you can tell me now,” Lauren said. Melody wanted to tell Lauren but she wanted to find Eric. All day people had been swarming and she’d never had a chance to find Eric.

“I have to go and find Eric now, but I’ll give you my phone number and you can call me.” Melody took out a piece of paper and a pen and scribbled her number on it, before handing it back to Lauren who looked disappointed to have to wait.

“I’ll see you later, Lauren,” Melody said.

“Later, Melody,” Lauren replied unhappily.

When Melody finally found Eric he was at his locker. Eric turned to face Melody when he heard the clomping of her boots. He smiled at her sheepishly, as if he was afraid she’d be furious at him. Melody noticed he looked tired.

“Hey, Mel. Look, I’m really sorry about blowing you off last night, but my there was…stuff going on in my family,” Eric explained.

“It’s okay, I understand,” Melody assured him. Eric looked a little relieved but Melody could tell that something was bothering him.

“Is something wrong?” Melody asked.

“It’s complicated,” Eric mumbled. Melody moved closer to Eric. They next thing they knew, they were about to kiss again, but the bell for fourth period rang, making them pull apart.

“Well, I’ll see you around,” Eric said dejectedly.

“Yeah, see you around,” Melody replied. Eric looked at her one last time before hurrying off to his class. When he was gone, Melody sighed. Couldn’t they get a break?
It was the end of the day and Melody was getting books out of a locker and stuffing them into her bag that she’d need for her homework. Someone approached. She was hoping it was Eric. But to her surprise, it was Jeffery. Immediately, her guard went up.

“Hey, Melody…” he said, careful to keep a good distance between the two of them, as if he was afraid of her.

Melody folded her arms across her chest. “What do you want, Jeffery?” Jeffery moved a little closer.

“Melody, you have to believe me that I’m sorry about what I did. What I did was stupid, maybe the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. I really like you and I want you back.” Classic guy excuses. Melody rolled her eyes. Jeffery’s little speech sounded almost exactly what Grant said to her after she found him kissing another girl.

“Why do you want me back all of a sudden?” Melody demanded. Jeffery looked incredulous.

“You would have known that if you would have returned my calls,” he replied.

“Good excuse,” Melody said. “Now what’s the real reason you’re here?”

Jeffery sighed. “I really do want you back, especially after seeing you with Eric.”

Melody shook her head, disgusted. “That’s the only reason you came here? You don’t really ‘want me back’; you just don’t like seeing me with another guy.”

Jeffery was getting frustrated. “Come on, Melody, you can still be mad at me. And part of the reason I came here is to warn you about dating Eric. What makes you think you can trust him?”

“Sometimes people aren’t who they seem to be,” Melody replied pointedly, glaring at him. “And why do you care what I do? You didn’t even like me; you liked Kelley.”


“Save it, Jeffery,” Melody said. “I’m tired of lies, yours and everyone else’s. Sorry but I’m not anyone’s last choice.” Not knowing what to say, Jeffery just walked away.
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Wed Apr 27, 2011 11:23 pm
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*coco says...

Man, school was such a bore.

Eric nearly fell asleep during Miss Sparks’ presentation at last period. He just sat sunken in his chair the whole time twiddling his thumbs waiting for the bell to ring. When it finally did he couldn’t be happier. He didn’t even bother waiting for his friends, he just shot out’ve class faster than lightening. On his way down the hallway, he spotted Jeffery walking away from Melody. His guard suddenly went up.

“What did that punk want?” he asked her, suddenly a little worried.

“Oh, nothing,” Melody assured him. If she was lying, she was doing a good job.

Suddenly a small pink card fell from her locker, landing on Eric’s sneaker. He knelt down to pick it up and recognised Kelley’s handwriting.

“Looks like you’ve just got your first ever invite to a party,” he said, handing it over to Melody with a small smile. “Congratulations...”

She looked down at it and rolled her eyes. “Yeah, ‘cause apparently I’ve become totally cool after kissing you...”

Eric blushed a bit. “About that...” he rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. “I’m sorry...”

“Don’t be, I’m sure it’ll pass...” she smiled.

I doubt that... “Are you gonna go?” he asked her, signalling at the pink card.

Melody thought about it for a second as if she wasn't sure. "Will you come with me?"

“Sure,” Anything to keep me from going home. Eric reached into his pocket and pulled out his own invite from Kelley with a small smirk. "Who am I to say no to a good party?"
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Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:22 pm
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bluewaterlily says...

As Melody walked into the house, all eyes turned on her. Kelley was gossiping and laughing with her followers when she noticed Melody. She approached her with a huge fake smile plastered on her face. If that smile was any wider, her face would crack. It didn’t help that she was wearing fifty pounds of makeup, which only made her face stiffer.

“Melody! So glad you could make it,” Kelley said as if they were old friends. “Why don’t you join me and my friends?” Before Melody could protest she was being led away by Kelley. Desperately, Melody searched the room looking for Eric or even Lauren. But of course, no such luck.

“It’s a shame you don’t have any friends,” Kelley said, her voice dripping with false sympathy.

“That’s not true,” Melody replied coolly, meeting Kelley’s stare. “Lauren is my friend.”

“Exactly…” Kelley responded, making a face as if had just stepped in gum. Melody felt a surge of anger. Unlike Kelley and her followers, Lauren wasn’t faker than a spray tan.

“But since you’re dating Eric, you have credibility, and you could hang out with me and my friends.” Kelley folded her arms and stared at Melody smugly, expectantly, as if she thought Melody was going to drop to her knees at her feet and worship her. Melody’s anger reached its peak. All of a sudden she was worthy of being seen with the most popular girl in school, like it was a big privilege. As much as Melody wanted to put fifty pounds of makeup on her face, wear clothes that were too small and too tight, flirt with every guy she saw, and starve herself to stay the size of a model, she could think of 1000 other things she’d rather do. Like dying. It couldn’t be nearly as bad as being one of Kelley’s followers.

“Thanks, but no thanks,” Melody replied without hesitation. Without looking back she walked away, leaving Kelley and her friends speechless in shock and rage.
Melody found Eric with his friends.

Hey Mel,” Eric said. “Where were you?”

“Kelley and her friends started talking to me.”

“About what?” Eric asked, frowning.

Melody rolled her. “She wanted me to join her little group of followers.” Eric quirked an amused eyebrow.

“And how did that work out for her?” he asked. Melody shrugged indifferently.

“I told her no,” Melody replied.

“I might have told her yes,” she added, making Eric raise his eyebrows, “right after the apocalypse.” Eric laughed, shaking his head.

“Mel, you know she’s going to hate you for refusing her offer,” he said growing serious.

"And yet somehow I think I’ll go on.” Eric laughed at her sarcasm but then went serious again, which was so unlike him.

“Well maybe it could have been an opportunity for you to make new friends,” he said to her thoughtfully. Melody shrugged.

“Yeah but I don’t really belong with those people,” she replied softly. And though she didn’t say, it she thought, But maybe I have everything I need.
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Sun May 01, 2011 9:33 pm
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*coco says...

Eric chuckled lightly and took a swig of his drink. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

There was an awkward silence which lasted for a few seconds before Melody decided to break it.

“Eric?” she said quietly.

He looked up. “Hm?”

“Remember at school when I asked you if something was wrong with you?”

“Yeah,” Eric answered, his expression suddenly turning dark. He could tell where she was going with this. “And I told you it’s complicated.”

She bit her bottom lip nervously. “I know you did, it’s just that...after what happened between us...I just don’t want you to think you can’t talk to me about your problems...”

She started going on about how ‘telling people your problems helps makes you feel better’ and stuff but Eric wasn’t really listening, he just stared at her the whole time with intrigue. No girl he ever dated before had ever been interested in listening to his problems, probably because I’d never really stuck with them long enough for things to get that deep, but still, it felt strange to see someone care so much...

“Are you listening to me?” she asked suddenly making Eric snap back to attention like a rubber band.

“Yeah, sorry...”

She gave him a levelled look. “So, are you gonna tell me what’s up?”

Eric is uncharacteristically silent for a long time. He wanted to share his feelings with her, really he did, but it was such a girly thing to do. Not to mention difficult. How the heck could he explain his screwed up family situation to a girl like Melody who probably came from a normal decent one?

But the look on her face told him she wasn't going to give up.

“It's my family," he finally answered, leaning back on his chair, "they've kinda put me in a difficult position..."

"How'd you mean?" Melody asked, looking relieved that he was sharing, but intrigued at the same time.

"They want me to do something for them...something that I know is wrong...”

Melody quirked a quizzical brow. “Like what?”

Eric gave her an apologetic look. “I can’t tell you.”

She processed his words for a second, suddenly, looking a little worried. “It’s not something illegal...right?”

Eric couldn’t help but chuckle at the look on her face. “No, it’s nothin’ illegal, Mel...jeez do I look like a criminal to you?”

Well...” she smirked, trying to be funny, before returning to the subject at hand. “Can’t you just tell your family that, whatever it is, you don’t want to do it?”

Eric took another swig of drink from his cup. “I could, but then I’d just be confirming what they already think about me...”

“What’s that?”

“That I’m a disappointment to the family.”

Silence fell for another few seconds before Melody’s face broke into an understanding smile. “Do you wanna know what I’d do if I were in your shoes?”

Eric’s brow quirked with restrained amusement. “Tell me.”

“I’d rather have my family be disappointed in me than do something that I know is wrong just to please them.”

Eric couldn’t help but smile – not because she had a point, that was pretty obvious, no, he was smiling because he couldn’t believe how easily she managed to make him feel better. He’d been having sleepless nights worrying about his conversation with his family, but with Melody all he had to do was spend a few minutes with her and she’d already given him a solution. The right solution. It warmed him and moved something inside him. Something he still couldn't explain.

“Good advice, huh?” she smiled smugly, noticing the look on his face. “Did I make you feel better?”

Eric sslowly wrapped an arm around Melody’s waist, drawing her nearer to him until her familiar girlish scent filled his nose. “Loads better,” he smirked.
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Thu May 05, 2011 2:39 am
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bluewaterlily says...

As Melody was getting home from the party, her phone went off. Lauren’s number flashed across the screen.

“Hey, Lauren,” Melody said.

“Hey, Melody. I know it’s late but it’s the only opportunity I had to talk with you.”

“That’s fine,” Melody said, “but I might have to go soon. If my aunt finds out that I’m talking on the phone this late she’ll kill me.”

“Is she strict?” Lauren asked.

“You could say that,” Melody said. And a whole lot of other stuff too…

“Well, now you’ve got to tell me what’s been happening to you over the past few days,” Lauren said, barely able to contain the excitement. Melody smiled.

“Well if you’re wondering about Eric and me, nothing’s really happened between us except for the kiss…” Melody could have sworn she heard Lauren sigh.

“All he took you to was a party?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Melody replied, not sure where this was going.

“Boys,” Lauren muttered. “Eric has gotta step his game up. Just a stupid party? Honestly? He couldn’t have tried harder? He has a lot to learn when it comes to girls.” Melody laughed.

“It wasn’t that bad…”

“It probably wasn’t that good, either,” Lauren countered. Melody didn’t really mind as long as she was with Eric. She was just relieved when Lauren changed the subject.

“So anything else interesting happened to you?”

“If by interesting you mean weird then, yes,” Melody replied.

“Like what?” Lauren asked, her voice taking on an interested tone.

“Well Jeffery wanted me to get back together with him.”

“Let me guess? He’s jealous seeing you with Eric?” Lauren said.

“Pretty much,” Melody replied. Melody guessed Lauren was rolling her eyes.

“Boys are so predictable.” Not exactly. Just most of them are the same and have the same habits.

Melody didn’t want to go into too much detail, so she changed the subject. “And earlier tonight at the party, Kelley was trying to get me to join her group of followers.”

Lauren was caught by surprise. “What?!” Melody laughed.

“Please tell me you said no!”

“I don’t know if I should be offended. But as much as I’ve always wanted to be a live walking version of Barbie, no thanks.” It was Lauren’s turn to laugh.

“Melody!” Mary called from downstairs. “What is all that noise I’m hearing? Are you on the phone?”

Melody sighed. “Lauren I gotta go. My aunt found out I was on the phone.”

“Bye, Melody,” Lauren replied disappointedly.

“Bye, Lauren,” Melody replied, equally disappointed. Then she hung up before she get in any more trouble.
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