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To Love or Not To Love: A Romeo and Juliet Parody

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Sat Jan 29, 2011 2:56 am
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bluewaterlily says...

As Melody walked through the hall, her uncle’s warning flashed through her mind. If anyone asks why you are enrolling in a new school in the middle of the year, just ignore the question. Melody’s uncle didn’t want people to know that her parents were killed in a car accident a year ago, and that she spent the year bouncing around from one relative to the next. And that her uncle was the last willing relative to take her in. But Melody doubted people would care why she was starting a new school in the middle of the year. With her dark hair streaked with neon colors, dark clothing, combat boots, and intense eyes people tended to avoid her. Not that she cared. All people do is lie, pretend to care, and turn around and stab you in the back. You’re better off alone.

The bell rang, snapping Melody out of her desolate thoughts, she glanced at her schedule. Algebra2: Room 3642. Great, math. What a great way to start the day ,she thought sarcastically. After a few minutes of navigating room3642, Melody took a seat in the back of the classroom. Thirty faces stared at her like she was an alien, but she was used to it. Not caring the teacher was looking, Melody pulled out her iPod. Scrolling through the playlist, she selected a depressing Emo song and turned up the volume. The music comforted Melody. It pulled her into a world where she could forget her pain and where she could relate to the singer’s and their lyrics. Any opportunity Melody had to just forget about the car accident that robbed her of everything important to her, she took. Soon the battery died and Melody was involuntarily pulled back to reality. She had no other choice but to listen to the teacher drone about pointless equations that she didn’t care about, understand, or would ever use outside of school.

Anxiously, Melody looked at the clock, waiting for the bell to ring. Every so often, the teacher would catch Melody staring at the clock and glare at her. She would glance at him for a moment before her eyes darted back to the clock. After what felt like forever, the bell rang. Melody jumped out of her seat, earning her a few snickers, but she didn’t care. After a while, you learned to get used to it.

As she was making her way to the door, the teacher cleared his throat and said, “Mrs. Grey, we need to talk.” Melody’s temper flared. She hated being called “Mrs”, especially by a teacher. Eyes burning with defiance, she turned to him.

“Yes?” Melody asked, though the word came out as more of a challenge.

“Your behavior today was unacceptable, Mrs. Grey. I don’t know what your problem is…” That’s because you don’t know me,she thought. “…You will not keep behaving like that in my class. For your misbehavior, you have earned yourself detention. It’ll be a good time to make up your work.” Melody started to walk away since he finished his lecture, but he stopped her by clearing his throat again, this time louder with more force.

“Sir?” Melody said through gritted teeth.

“Give me your iPod. If you are going to misbehave in my class, you will suffer the consequences.” Hands trembling with anger, she retrieved the iPod out of her backpack, reluctantly placing it in his hand.

“Now I’ll write a note for your next class, Mrs. Grey,” he said, eyeing the iPod with distaste. When he looked up, Melody was gone, the sound of her combat boots clomping against the floor, fading into the distance.

The bell rang three times, dismissing students for the end of the day. Melody walked to her locker, loaded down with textbooks. She struggled with the combination for several minutes. Both resigned and frustrated she kicked the locker. So she would have to carry her books. Whatever. Someone approached, tapping Melody lightly on the shoulder. As she whirled around, she saw a boy standing in front of her, a stupid grin plastered on his face. Behind him stood his gang of friends with similar smiles on their faces.

“Excuse me, but do you need help? Melody stared at his lettermen jacket and her eyes narrowed distrustfully.A jock. Probably the quarterback or captain of the football team, the kind of guy that girls fight each other for. But the kind that dates you until a prettier girl comes along. He stared at her expectantly, waiting for an answer.

“No I don’t need your help,” she snapped. Melody. She continued struggling with the locker, aware of the jock’s friends’ stupid snickers.

“It’d be a lot of easier if you let me help you,” he said. Abruptly he asked, “What’s your name?”

“What’s your name?” Melody shot back, irritated at his randomness.

He smiled, flashing perfect white teeth as his blue eyes sparkled with amusement. “Eric,” he replied. “Not tell me yours.”


“Melody,” he repeated, his grin growing wider. “What a pretty name.” Melody rolled her eyes at the false compliment.

“Whatever.” She didn’t have time for this; she was already late for detention.

“Now if you excuse me.” Melody shifted her books to the other arm, starting to leave. However, Eric stopped her, wrapping a tight restrictive arm around her waist.

“Wait, Melody. Why are you in such a hurry? Can I as least get your phone number?” This did it for Melody.

She stepped on his foot, grinding her heel against his toes for more effect. Shocked, Eric recoiled. Melody hurried to room 3264. As she looked back, she saw Eric gawking at something. Following his gaze, she watched as Eric stared at a girl in a tight top and short skirt, twisting her hips as she walked by. Eric’s gaze lingered on the back of her skirt and back up to her face. She smiled at him and he gave her that stupid grin that she fell for. Melody’s blood boiled with anger and humiliation. She would not be another boy’s play-toy. Never again. Boys, she thought. They’re all the same.
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Sat Jan 29, 2011 6:33 pm
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*coco says...

Eric was supposed to be in detention. He couldn’t remember exactly what he’d done to get it, maybe it was locking those freshmen in the janitor’s closet - whatever it was, he knew that he should be inside room 3264 right now doing his time. But fate would instead have him under the bleachers in a kissing session with his latest conquest, Verona High's very own Queen B, Ruby Lazaar.

“So, when can we do this again?” she asked. Her voice was deep and seductive.

Eric ran a hand down his crumpled shirt and turned the collar up with a frown. He hated it when girls started getting attached. “How 'bout I let you know?”

With that, he left her standing where she was and headed straight for detention. He hoped Mrs Well’s was in charge today. The woman totally had a cougar crush on him. All Eric had to do was give her one of his trademark bad boy smiles and she'd be wrapped around his finger quicker than you could say touch down.

He strolled down the deserted school hallway and opened the door to room 3264. To his luck, Mrs Well’s stared back at him, bright red lipstick an' all, seated behind the head desk.

“Oh, Eric, there you are...” she giggled. Her cheeks turned as pink as her blouse before she finally managed to get a hold of herself. Eric rolled his eyes inwardly. Women. “Detention started fifteen minutes ago. Why you are so late?”

“I had to take care of,” as planned, he flashed her one of his charming smiles.

If it was any other teacher, that excuse would’ve landed him with another after-school detention. But, Mrs Well’s only chuckled, batting her eyelashes at him before telling him to take a seat.

Piece of cake. Eric smiled to himself and strolled to the back of the classroom to sit down behind one of the empty desks. To his surprise, sitting on his left was the cute emo girl he’d met by the lockers this morning, the one who stomped on my foot. She was burying her face in a Physics book to avoid looking at him. A mischievous glimmer suddenly appeared in Eric’s eyes. Today’s detention could be fun.

“Hey there, Melody...nice to see you again...”

She glared darts at him sideways before returning to her book. Eric slumped back in his chair and outstretched his hands in a fake yawn. He then draped one of his arms playfully around the back of her chair. She swatted it away like a fly making him chuckle.

“What the hell do you want?” she whispered bitterly, finally having enough.

Eric gave her an innocent look. “Nothin'...”

She rolled her eyes with frustration and then returned to her book.

Eric leaned in forward to speak closer to her ear and whispered, “Except for your number...”

Needless to say, he enjoyed seeing the look on her face as he pulled back.
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Sun Jan 30, 2011 2:01 am
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bluewaterlily says...

Melody caught Eric staring at her. She didn’t like the way he kept looking at her, like she was a piece of art an auction to be haggled for. A shudder ran through her body followed by a wave of anger. She didn’t have to be treated like this.

“What are you looking at?”

Eric shook his head, as if in a trance. “I got lost in your beautiful eyes.”

Melody lost her temper. All day he had bothered her and she’d had enough.

“Shut up,” Melody growled.

“Come on, Mel.” Melody stiffened at the given nickname.

Don’t call me that.” Eric could practically hear Melody grinding her teeth.

Eric started to wrap his arm around her shoulder. Melody jerked back before Eric’s arm could touch her. If Eric thought she was shooting daggers at him all day, it was nothing compared to the look she gave him now.

“Hey Lover Boy, if you make a move one more time I’ll snap your arm like a twig. You should know I have a black belt in karate.” Melody’s lips twitched as she suppressed a smug smirk. Seven years of karate lessons finally paid off.

Eric smiled. Beautiful, feisty, intelligent, and physically inclined. What more could he want in a girl? There was something different about her than other girls like the shallow blondes Eric usually toyed with. As Eric thought about it, he finally realized she wasn’t all over him like every other girl. That made her all the more alluring, and the fact that she didn’t like him made him want her even more. Melody radiated a dark beauty that both attracted and frightened people, las if she were a night goddess. Or better yet the dark side of the moon.

One way or another Eric was going to get her. He felt like a child who wanted a toy his parents refused to give him. But Eric wasn’t dismayed; no girl could resist his charisma. Okay…Melody, but she was the only exception, and she was different from the others. One of a kind. An opportunity Eric couldn’t pass up. Like the final football game for the season, Eric had his eyes on the prize. Football was all about strategy and challenge. Winning Melody over would certainly be a challenge, but Eric didn’t mind. If it was one thing he loved, it was certainly a good challenge.
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Sun Jan 30, 2011 11:51 pm
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*coco says...

Eric spent the rest of detention in silence. With his game face on he started thinking of all the different ways he could do this. Even when detention was over and he was in the boys locker room before football practice, Eric was quiet, leaning against his locker, eyebrows forrowed in contemplation.

Needless to say, his strange behaviour didn’t go unnoticed.

“Eric?” his best-friend Bobby walked over to him with a puzzled expression on his face. “Dude, why aren’t you dressed for practise yet?”

“Shh!” Eric told him. “I’m thinkin'...”

Bobby arched an eyebrow. “You’re thinking?” he took a step back and looked at him like he was mad. “'Bout what, Friday’s game?”

Eric rolled his eyes. “Nahh, Bobby, 'bout something much more important than that...”

“Like what?” Bobby asked. “What could be more important than Friday’s game?”

Eric smirked wickedly making Bobby's face fall.

“Oh no, I know that look. This is about a girl, isn’t it? Who are you chasin' after this time?” he asked with caution.

“It’s a secret,” Eric winked at him and Bobby gave him one of his usual stern looks.

“I worry 'bout you sometimes...” he told him.

“Why, Bobby...” Eric mockingly gestured to his heart and then pointed at his friend. “I didn’t think you cared...”

“I’m serious, E,” Bobby frowned, “you’re always getting into trouble over a girl. Remember what happened last year with Coach Clancy’s daughter? You chased after her for months than broke her heart an' got yourself kicked outta the football team which led to our first defeat of the season!”

“Oh, c-mon!” Eric scoffed. “That was one time! Besides, it’s not my fault you all sucked without me.”

Bobby’s eyes narrowed sternly and Eric chuckled.

“Alright, alright!” he said, showing his palms in mock surrender. “You win. I’ll leave the girl alone.”

“You will?”

Eric rolled his eyes. Bobby and his damn morals. How did I become friends with such a goodie-two-shoes? “Sure...” he lied.

Bobby didn’t seem convinced. Suddenly, Coach Clancy stepped into the locker room. As usual his jaw clenched when his beady black eyes narrowed in on Eric.

“Van Holden!” he called, making the rest of the team jump. “Why the hell aren't you dressed yet? Practice starts in five minutes! Get that ass moving!”

“Yes sir!” Eric gave the old man a playful mock salute before shedding his clothes, his mind still discretely on Melody the dark beauty and how he was going to claim her as his next accomplishment.
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Wed Feb 02, 2011 3:00 am
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bluewaterlily says...

The ride home was silent. Melody expected her uncle to yell at her like the other relatives, but when she got in the car, and he looked at her, all she saw was disappointment. She would have preferred his anger. After fifteen minutes of painful silence, her uncle pulled into the driveway.

As Melody got out of the car, she heard her uncle say softly, “I don’t know what I’m going to do with you, Melody.”

“Trust me, I don’t either,” she replied in a softer tone.

Melody followed her uncle into the kitchen where her aunt was setting the table for dinner.

“How was your day at school?” her aunt asked, not looking up.

Melody’s uncle looked at her then at her aunt. Melody sighed. That was her uncle’s way of telling her to fess up. Great another reason for Mary to hate me.

“I got detention today,” she said flatly. Finally Mary looked at Melody, her eyes narrowing in disapproval.

“What did you do, Melody?” Melody flinched. The only time people ever used her name was when she was in trouble.

“I was listening to my iPod when I should have been listening to the teacher,” Melody replied, rather bluntly.

Mary shook her head reproachfully and returned her attention to setting the table, muttering about teens and their evil electronics. If Melody’s uncle wasn’t looking at her, she would have rolled her eyes. A surge of guilt washed over Melody. Her uncle had been kind enough to take her in, and unlike the other relatives, Melody knew he truly cared about her. The least she could do was stay out of trouble and get along with her aunt-or at least try to. Though Melody was sure that it would kill her to get along with her aunt. But like Melody’s mother used to say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

“Aunt Mary, would you like me to help you set up the table?” Mary looked up in surprise. Melody rarely ever spoke. Only if she was spoken to, and whoever spoke to her received a very brief reply. She eyed Melody suspiciously. What was that girl up to? Trying to get on her good side so she wouldn’t be punished? Mary reasoned there was no harm in letting Melody help her prepare the table for dinner. Wordlessly, she handed Melody some utensils and cups that Melody set down next to the plates.

“Thank you, Melody,” Mary said stiffly.

“You’re welcome, Aunt Mary,” Melody replied with what she hoped was a respectful, polite smile.
Briefly, she caught her uncle’s eye. Gratitude reflected in his eyes, and a true smile broke across Melody’s lips. She was sure she could do this, and it made her feel better that she wouldn’t be a burden to her uncle. For once in a long time, Melody finished a meal. After her parents died, food seemed tasteless, and eating became a chore for Melody. But today she savored the flavors of the lasagna. The warm oozy cheese, the rich flavor of the tomato sauce. When supper ended, without being asked, Melody washed the dishes.

Feeling pleased with herself she went up to her room to do her homework-or try. First Melody decided to do her math. She was behind in all the subjects, but especially math. If she tried at least, maybe she’d understand it more. Absorbed in trying to figure out linear systems, Melody heard loud footsteps as someone opened the door. Standing in front of Melody’s bed was Mary, arms folded across her chest.

“Aunt Mary, is there anything I can do for you?” Melody asked politely, almost meekly-at least for her. Mary’s eyes narrowed.

“I know what you’re trying to do, Melody, but it’s not going to work.”

“What do you mean?” Melody replied coolly. Mary scowled.

“Don’t act all innocent. I know you’re trying to get on everyone’s good side so you can get away with what you want. But I know your type. The kind that sneaks out at night, drinks and does drugs, and the kind that gets in trouble with the police. But just to let you know I’m watching you, and while Jack may believe you’ve changed I don’t. Old habits die hard.”

Melody’s cheeks burned with fury. Another stupid hypocritical adult judging her, pretending to know her. She started to say something, but Mary’s triumphant smirk stopped her.

“See what I mean? You’re too rash, always speaking before you think. You don’t even know how to control your anger, and that will be your downfall.” Mary’s words froze the blood in Melody’s veins. Though it pained her to admit it, her aunt was right. And Melody would have to be careful with her words around Mary. There was something about Mary that made Melody extra rash. But Melody realized it wasn’t just with Mary, it was with anyone who angered her.

For once, Melody cautiously considered her words. “You’re right about that, Aunt Mary. Thank you for showing me the error of my ways.” The last part seemed a bit dramatic, but it was a start. However, Mary’s smirk faded into her usual scowl she saved just for Melody.

“Just remember I’m watching you.” With that, Mary turned sharply on her heel, slamming the door behind her.

Melody heaved a long sigh. Putting up with her aunt was going to prove a challenge. But she was doing this for her uncle-and herself. She needed to repay her uncle by behaving, and she needed to change her ways. Then maybe she could have friends and a normal life-or at least people would tolerate her. Though this was probably going to be the hardest thing Melody would ever have to do in her life, her mother’s words echoed in her mind. If what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.
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Thu Feb 03, 2011 12:19 am
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*coco says...

Straight after Football practice, Eric, Bobby and a few other guys headed to a house party. Three hours later, Eric arrived home, entering through the kitchen doors while whistling an up-beat tune. His step-mom and two curly haired kids sat at the kitchen counter with crayons. They jumped towards him as soon as he entered.

“Uncle Eric!” Marcus’ twins exclaimed while running over to him. Each kid took one of his legs and hugged tightly.

“Heyy, how are my li’l troopers?” Eric smiled, scooping them up in each of his arms.

“Where the hell have you been?” his older brother Trent, snarled.

“Out,” Eric responded.

“I can see that, smart-ass,” Trent growled. “Out where?”

Eric’s eyes fell on all three of his older brothers Marcus, River and Trent. For some reason they had dark shadows flitted across each of their faces.

“Whoa!” Eric arched an eyebrow at their grim expressions before putting the two kids down. “Who died?”

His brothers waited until the kids were taken away by one of the housemaid’s before telling him that their enemies - the Duqaine's - had deliberately opened up a hotel on the Van Holden side of Verona - their side.

Eric couldn't believe what he was hearing. “No way! Dad taught ‘em a lesson though, right?” he asked them all.

“No,” River answered bitterly. “No, he didn’t.”

“He even stopped us from dealing with it!” roared Trent.

“Wha-?” Eric was stunned. “Where’s the ole man now?”

“In his office. Working,” Marcus replied earning a snort from Eric.

Working my ass. Eric could bet his entire life savings that his dad was just sitting at his desk taking shot after shot of expensive whisky.

“I don’t get it....why would he stop you guys?” Eric asked.

“God knows,” scowled Trent.

“He didn’t want you boys going over there and causing a scene,” their step-mom explained soothingly.

Trent glared at her. “The Duqaine’s opened up a hotel on our side of Verona! Do you have any idea how much of an insult that is?” he started pacing up and down the kitchen cursing like a sailor. Their step-mom narrowed her gaze at his use of expletives.

“So what’s the plan?” Eric asked his brothers. “How are we gonna retaliate?”

They were all uncharacteristically silent for a long time.

“Tomorrow night will be their hotel’s grand opening party,” Marcus's brow furrowed in contemplation. “Our best chance to strike then.”
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Thu Feb 03, 2011 4:34 pm
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bluewaterlily says...

When Melody got home from school, Mary was standing by the kitchen door. She walked up to Melody as soon as she stepped foot inside. She tapped her foot with impatience.

"You're home," Mary said.

"Yes..." Melody replied cautiously, not sure where the conversation was going.

"We're going shopping. Go put your stuff up."

"Why?" Melody asked before she could think not to say it. Mary's faced pinched into that scowl she saved only for Melody.

“If you must know my sons have opened a new hotel on the Van Holden side of Verona. That’ll show those snobby Van Holdens. The Grand Opening Party is tonight. We have to find you something to wear and do something with your hair. You are not going to the party with those streaks in your hair." Almost defiantly, Melody ran her hands through her hair, her fingers twirling around her glossy, wavy locks.

"Who said I wanted to go?" Mary smiled coldly with a hint of her usual superior attitude that said,Who said you had a choice? Melody couldn't take it anymore. Her aunt was being impossible. Getting along with her aunt was like a cat getting along with a dog.

"Where's Uncle Jack? I need to talk to him."

Mary's smile changed to a smirk. "He's helping my sons prepare for the party. Which means I'm left in charge of you." Great, my life keeps getting better. But Melody decided if she had to suffer, she may have to take it, but she could give it back.

Melody donned her brightest smile. "You know what, Aunt Mary? I'm glad we get to spend quality time together. Today is going to be so much fun." Mary's eyes narrowed suspiciously.

"Are you using sarcasm?" Melody bit her tongue, trying to keep a straight face.

"Of course not, Aunt Mary," she replied, eyes wide with mock innocence.

"Just go put your stuff up, Melody," Mary snapped, her ego still bruised by Melody's jesting. Obediently, Melody went upstairs to put her backpack up. She grabbed her purse and slipped her iPod in it. Her teacher had given it back to her at the end of the day. Though she couldn't listen to it in front of Mary, it comforted her to have it with her. Melody quickly walked downstairs, eagerly waiting for the party when she could listen to her iPod.


They went to so many stores Melody lost count. If she had to see one more dress, she'd scream. But they just entered another dress shop, and they still had to buy shoes and do Melody's hair. As they entered, an elderly clerk greeted them. She started at Melody's streaks and combat boots with distaste. Catching her stare, Melody smiled darkly at her. Quickly the woman dropped her gaze to the floor. Melody resisted the urge to laugh. It never got old when adults thought she was oblivious to their disapproving stares.

"How may I help you?" she asked, still looking at the floor.

"We're looking for a dress for my niece for an evening party."

"Perhaps I can find something for you both." Melody bit back a fit of laughter. She doubted this old hag that smelled like mothballs could help her find something fashionable.

Sure enough, Melody was right. Everything the clerk chose was for eighty year old women, or outdated by thirty years. Melody was despairing she'd never find a good dress. Gathering the ugly dresses in her arms, Melody placed them back on the rack when she turned to stare at a manikin. The dress on the manikin was stunning-even Melody liked it. The midnight blue fabric shimmered like the night sky and the fabric hugged the curves of the manikin, giving it a shapely figure. The skirts fanned out at the bottom like a flower.

Melody scanned the racks searching for the dress. She found only one. Her stomach tightened anxiously. She hoped the dress would fit. Taking it into the dressing room, she stripped out of her shirt and ripped jeans and into the dress. The silky fabric flowed over her like water. Melody stared at her reflection in the mirror. The inky blue of the dress contrasted nicely against her fair skin and the fabric clung to her shapely curves. Melody could hardly believe the girl in the mirror was herself.

She showed it to her aunt, who scrutinized her under her stony stare. "I don know.... The neckline is a little low... Only if you're eighty five, Melody thought. "...but I suppose it'll do."

Melody was so happy she could have hugged her aunt. This alarmed her, but she was glad that she found a dress that wasn't for an old woman and that they were almost done shopping. Next Mary helped Melody pick out her shoes. Melody marveled at her aunt's fashion sense-or lack of fashion sense. She picked out a pair of ugly black pumps that not even Melody's grandmother would wear. But no worries. She was going to switch those ugly grandma shoes that pinched her toes for her combat boots. No one would see under the long flowing skirts of her dress.

Now it was time for the part Melody dreaded the most, getting her hair done. It took hours. Melody thought she was just getting the streaks washed out of her hair. But no, her stupid aunt insisted on a haircut. Her hair that tumbled past her shoulders down her back and to her waist was cut to her shoulders. Then her hair was curled. At first Melody was furious that her aunt made her cut her hair, but when she saw it curled, she kind of liked it.


The party was about to start. Already dressed, Melody shoved her iPod into her wristlet. She slipped out of the high heels and into her combat boots. Closing her eyes, she wriggled her toes, glad to have room to move them. It was time to meet her uncle out to the car.

When they arrived at the hotel, it was packed with people. Melody followed her uncle through the crowd that parted for him them. In the front of the lobby-underneath the grand crystal chandelier- her two cousins, Richard and Delen, stood looking formidable in their fine business suits. They acknowledged Melody with a polite smile. They then turned to her uncle and began talking in hushed tones. Melody used this opportunity to slip away into a dark corner of the room, near the refreshments table. Her dark dress blended in with the shadows. Taking care to make sure no one was looking, Melody slipped out her iPod. A wave of happiness washed over her as she lost herself in the music. Though, soon, she had to turn it off when she saw the lights brightening on her uncle, aunt, and cousins in the front of the room.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you to the Grand Opening of the Duqaine Ho-" Richard's speech was cut short by the loud forceful sound of the door opening as three figures shoved their way through the crowd. "Hello," the oldest person, a man in his early to mid twenties, called. "We heard the Duqaines were opening a hotel on our side of Verona. We couldn't miss the event."

Richard's jaw clenched tightly. "You're unwelcome here. Now go before we call the police." They just smiled.

"Make us," the oldest of the group challenged.

Having had enough Richard and Delen shoved their way through the crowd until they stood only inched apart from the leader and his friends. They stood right in front of Melody though they didn't see her because she blended in the background like a ghost. Melody was too curious to move. She could see the smug pleasure in he and his companion’s faces and the angry, set jaws of Delen and Richard. One thing all five faces shared was a mutual contempt towards one another. The next she knew they were fighting. Richard shoved the older man roughly and he punched Richard. Delen was busy fighting the other two of his companions. Delen punched one of them really hard, and he staggered back, roughly bumping into Melody.

Dazed, she lost her balance, hitting her head on the table's corner. She cried out in pain as the sharp edge of the table ripped the skin on her scalp open. Melody brought a hand to her head. A warm liquid dampened her hand. When Melody removed her hand from her head, she saw it was dyed crimson with her blood. She had to look away or she feared she’d throw up. Melody closed her eyes, fighting back waves of pain and nausea. Her head seemed detached from the rest of her body, like it was floating.

“Melody,” a familiar but distant voice said. Melody opened her eyes and saw a face inches from hers. However, her vision was a blurry jumble, so she couldn’t make out who the face belonged to. Melody blinked for several minutes until her vision cleared, and she could make out the face.

“Uncle Jack?” He nodded.

“Can you tell me what happened?” Jack asked.

“I was pushed, lost my balance, and hit my head on the table,” Melody replied.

Moving closer to Melody, Jack undid her hair from its clip and parted the thick mass of hair, searching for the wound. Melody winced as he poked and prodded her scalp. When her hair was completely parted, a four inch gash was revealed, oozing blood. Jack swore darkly. “Can you stand?” Jack asked her. Those Van Holdnes weere going to pay.

“I don’t know,” Melody replied. She struggled to her feet, but Jack stopped her by putting a firm hand on her shoulder.
“Then don’t push it.” Jack carefully helped Melody to her feet, allowing her to lean on him for support.

“Where are you taking me?” she asked, though she knew the answer.

“We’re taking you to the hospital,” Jack replied, his mouth pressed into a grim line.
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*coco says...

It was almost a quarter to ten and Eric was parked up outside the Duqaine hotel. His brothers had given him strict instructions to stay in the car and keep watch while they went and ‘dealt with business.’ He sat at the driver’s seat of his Range Rover and waited patiently, drumming his fingers on the wheel and bobbing his head along to the latest rap music on the radio.

Barely three minutes passed when he spotted his three brothers stumbling out of the hotel followed by their dad. What the hell? Where’d he come from?

So much for keeping watch.


“Oh my god!” shrieked their step-mom. Her eyes were wide as it fell on the injuries on Eric’s brothers. “What happened?

Their dad’s face was bright red with anger. Eric could practically see the fumes coming out of the old man’s ears. “These imbeciles...” he spat, pointing at each one of his son’s, “have, in a single night, urinated on the legacy of their forefathers!” he turned to his wife and continued. “Do you know where I just dragged their sorry asses from, hmm? The Duqaine hotel’s grand opening party!”

Eric’s step-mom dramatically clapped a hand to her mouth. “Oh no...”

Oh yes!” his dad roared. “And it doesn’t stop there!” He crossed the room to the television and switched the channel to Verona city’s local news. They were showing footage of Eric’s brothers fighting the Duqaine brothers. “You see,” Eric’s dad pointed. “Their idiotic behaviour has even managed to make the 10 o’clock news!”

“They deserved it, dad!” Trent scowled suddenly. His bottom lip was bleeding pretty badly. “We weren’t gonna let ‘em get away with trying to humiliate us!”

You humiliated us, not them!” their dad scowled back. “All four of you...your disgusting behaviour and your disobedience-”

River interrupted him with a snarl. His head was badly bruised. “They needed to be taught a lesson!”

“Of course they do!” their dad shouted, “but not like this, not by acting like a bunch of delinquent thugs and causing a scene! I explained it to you all yesterday. To get revenge you have to be patient. You have to plan, wait for the opportune moment and then strike!”

Silence fell around them. Eric glanced up at his brothers and knew they were thinking the exact same thing he was. Maybe the ole man’s right...
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Fri Feb 04, 2011 2:04 pm
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bluewaterlily says...

The night passed painfully slow. As soon as they arrived at the hospital and Melody changed into a hospital gown, she had an X-ray. After the X-ray, a doctor stitched the wound back together. In between sleep and consciousness, Melody was vaguely aware of an unpleasant tugging at her scalp and the pounding of her head. All she wanted to do was sleep and forget the pain. After what felt like forever, Melody was finally moved to a room. Though the bed was uncomfortable, she was glad she’d finally be able to sleep. Closing her eyes, Melody allowed sleep to claim her weary mind and body.
“Melody.” Melody ignored the voice. Why couldn’t she be left alone? She felt she hadn’t slept very long, and a dense fog clouded her mind, making her feel drowsy.

“Melody,” the voice repeated, louder this time. Melody decided to open her eyes. The sooner she did, the sooner she could go back to sleep.

A light blinded her eyes; instinctively, she looked away. She realized it was the light of a doctor.

“Follow the light with your eyes,” the doctor instructed. Melody did as she was told.

When the doctor was pleased, he turned the light off and put it back into his pocket. “I’ll be back to check on you soon.” With that, he left Melody alone, closing the door softly behind him. Melody rolled onto her side, savouring how much time she had to sleep and dreading when the doctor would be back.

Melody did not get much sleep. About twice every hour she was woken up by the doctor to make sure she was doing alright. She understood the doctor was doing his job, but it was still annoying. In the morning the doctors talked about releasing her. A few hours after Melody was given another dosage of pain medication, she was finally released.

When she got home the first thing she did was crawl into her comfortable bed and sleep. It felt so good to be able to sleep undisturbed. She woke up a few hours later, her mind feeling sharper. Melody leaned into the pillows, content to just relax. But one thought occurred to her. If she had to get stiches, then they had to cut her hair to get to the gash. Panic gripped Melody. She ran her fingers through her hair, not feeling the usual weight of it. Underneath her hair she could feel the tender, swollen skin of the wound.

Quickly, Melody got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. She looked at her reflection in the mirror with horror. How could she not have realized that they would have to cut her hair to get to the wound? She must have been doped up on some serious medication not to have noticed. Her hair was crudely cut. Melody's once even-length wavy hair was shaggy and stood up in all directions. The haircut made her face look angular and sharper, like a boy's. It looked like a little kid had cut her hair while she slept. Melody felt a sudden surge of anger at her aunt. If her stupid aunt hadn't made her go to the party then she wouldn't have been hurt and she'd still have all of her hair. Unable to look at her refection any longer, Melody returned to bed and turned on her iPod, finding solace in the music.
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Fri Feb 04, 2011 6:07 pm
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*coco says...

The next morning Eric was at school sitting in the seats of the auditorium for his first lesson of the day; English with Mr. Reed. Snore. He wondered why the dude was doing his lesson in here instead of in their usual dingy classroom.

“Settle down everyone...” Mr. Reed addressed his students with a huge smile. “I have some incredibly exciting news to share with you all today. Now, as you all know each year our English classes get together to organise Verona Academy’s annual school production. I am delighted to announce that this year you have all been selected to take part-”

The rest of Mr. Reed’s sentence was drowned out by a collective groan that came from the whole class. Eric joined them. He hated school plays.

Mr. Reed ignored their reaction. He looked way too happy to let anything ruin his day. “Now, after much deliberation, the English teachers and I have all decided that this year’s school production will be on William Shakespeare’s most celebrated play; Romeo and Juliet!”

A few minutes passed in which the school's other English classes joined them in the auditorium followed by Verona Academy's eccentric drama teacher Mrs Bing. The beefy woman dressed in bright colours greeted them all with a bigger smile than Mr. Reed's before handing out copies of the play to each student. Eric stared at his copy, flicking through it like it was in a foreign language.

“What exactly is this about?” he frowned, giving up and flicking his copy over to Bobby.

Out've the corner of his eye, Eric suddenly spotted a familiar-looking girl with short shaggy hair come in with the rest of the other English classes. As she took a seat in front of him, he spotted a small badage on her forehead. Before he could recognise who she was Mrs. Bing made her response.

"Eric, my boy..." she sighed, her eyes turning all dreamy. “I shall sum up the play with the words Shakespeare used to introduce it..." she cleared her throat dramatically before continuing.

"'Two households, both alike in dignity,
In fair Verona, where we lay our scene,
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.
From forth the fatal loins of these two foes
A pair of star-cross'd lovers take their life;
Whose misadventured piteous overthrows
Do with their death bury their parents' strife.
The fearful passage of their death-mark'd love,
And the continuance of their parents' rage,
Which, but their children's end, nought could remove,
Is now the two hours' traffic of our stage;
The which if you with patient ears attend,
What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend.'

The entire class just stared at her like she'd just grown two heads.

Eric processed her words for a second before arching an eyebrow. “Can you repeat that again in English?”
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Sat Feb 05, 2011 4:37 am
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bluewaterlily says...

Mrs. Bing sighed. “Hasn’t anyone read Romeo and Juliet? Can anyone tell me what Shakespeare’s introduction is about?” Silence as a few hundred blank faces stared at her.

Melody raised her hand, and Mrs. Bing, nodded at her, indicating for her to speak. She stared at Melody hopefully.

“'Two households, both alike in dignity’ speaks of the two families in Romeo and Juliet, the Capulets and Montagues. ‘In fair Verona, where we lay our scene’ Verona is the setting. ‘From ancient grudge break to new mutiny ‘simply means the grudge between the Capulets and Montagues. ‘A pair of star-cross'd lovers take their life’ refers to the fate that befell Romeo and Juliet. And ‘Do with their death bury their parents' strife’ means that after Romeo and Juliet died, the Capulets and Montagues decide they have been fighting for too long, and end their feud."

Everyone in the auditorium stared at Melody like she was a freak. She didn’t know if they were staring at her because of her haircut or her summary of Romeo and Juliet. Probably both. Unlike the teens who stared at Melody like she was an alien, Mrs. Bing stared at Melody with a mixture of respect and awe. She clapped, the bangles on her arms jingling and jangling against each other.

“I couldn’t have summarized the play better myself. What’s your name?”

“Melody Grey,” Melody replied, cheeks burning with humiliation of being the center of attention.

“Well, Melody Grey, I believe you have a chance of getting the part of Juliet,” Mrs. Bing replied, winking slyly at Melody. Everyone in the auditorium erupted into laughter, gossiping about “the new weird girl”. So much for fitting in. Melody leaned back into her seat, praying English would end soon, and wishing she’d had enough sense to bring her iPod with her.

Eric bit back a sigh. Melody wasn’t making it easy for him. As much as he wanted to date Melody, he had his reputation to consider. What was with that damn haircut? It was like Melody didn’t even try to fit in., but maybe that’s what made her so appealing. Eric was tired of all the shallow blondes he dated. He’d never met a girl like Melody, and the fact that she was the first girl that didn’t like him made him like her even more. And if she got the part of Juliet-which he was certain Melody would-then he’s make sure somehow he got the part for Romeo. Eric was sure it couldn’t be too hard. If he gave her one of his trademark smiles it should work. It worked on all the other female teachers, so why shouldn’t it work on Mrs. Bing? Eric was still deep in thought when the bell rang.When he saw Melody leaving, he sprang from his seat and hurriedly followed her. Before she could leave, Eric blocked her way.

“Hey Melody, nice new haircut,” Eric said, since it was the first thing that popped into his mind.

“Shut up,” Melody growled, scowling furiously at him. Her head was throbbing, it had been a long day already, and the last thing Melody needed was to put up with Eric and his childish games.

“You honestly think I’d get a haircut like this? In case you can’t see the bandage on my forehead, I hit my head and had to get stiches, and my hair had to be cut so the cut could be stitched.”

“But you’re okay now, right?” he said, not knowing what else to say.

Melody rolled her eyes in exasperation. “Of course I’m okay or else I wouldn’t be here. But why do you or anyone else care?”

To Eric’s surprise though Melody’s first remark was sarcastic, her last reply didn’t sound sarcastic or angry. And she looked like she was about to cry. It surprised Eric that the bold girl that had stepped on his foot and dared to speak up about Romeo and Juliet even though it made her look uncool, was on the verge of tears. Eric felt the sudden urge to comfort Melody. Unlike most girls who cry over something minor like not being invited to their crush’s party, Melody must really be going through a rough time. When he stared deeply into her guarded emerald-green eyes, he saw a deep sorrow in those intense eyes like everyone in her life had hurt her. Without thinking about it, Eric’s hand started to reach for Melody’.

“Eric!” a voice called. Eric turned to see who called him. It was that cheerleader he met a few days ago. Was it…Ashley? She waved him, desperately trying to get his attention. Seeing Eric with Melody made the cheerleader glare at her. When Eric realized the cheerleader was glaring at Melody, he turned his back on her, about to comfort Melody again. But when he turned to her, he saw Melody walking away, the sound of her combat boots echoing in the now empty auditorium.
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Mon Feb 07, 2011 12:31 am
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*coco says...

Eric sighed and swung his head back in frustration as he watched Melody walk off. Why did she have to be so damn difficult?

“Eric, Eric...Eric!” the blonde Eric had hit it off with a few days ago was practically yelling in his ear now.

“What?” Eric growled at her irritatingly. This cheerleader was starting to get way too clingy for comfort.

“What were you doing talking to her?” she practically scowled the last part of her sentence, glaring at Melody’s disappearing figure with a look Eric knew all too well. Jealousy.

Great. This was the last thing he needed right now. Or was it...?

“What are you smiling about?” she asked, staring at Eric’s face with confusion. He had a wild and wicked smirk which signalled a plan falling into place.

“I need you to do me a favour,” Eric said.

She arched a brow. “Okay, sure,” she said eventually, a flirtatious smile appeared on her face. “What am I gonna get in return?” her voice seductive as she ran a finger slowly down the line of buttons on Eric’s shirt.

Eric’s friends sounded a few wolf whistles from behind them. He ignored them.

“Well, Rachel...” Eric began.

Her eyes narrowed. “My name’s Ruby, remember?”

“Of course...Ruby...” Eric corrected himself. “What you’re gonna get in return depends on how well you do the favour.”

Ruby cocked her head to the side and thought for a moment. “Fair enough, what’s the favour?”

Eric smirked wickedly. “Well, the thing is that girl I was just talkin’ to happens to be friend...” he lied.

Ruby pulled a face like she’d just seen dog poop. “Gross. She looks way too poor to know your family.”

Eric ignored her with a frown and continued. “She just moved here and bein’ the new girl an’ all, she doesn’t have any friends yet...”

For a cheerleader, Ruby seemed to put two-and-two together quite quickly. Eric was almost impressed...almost. “You want me to make friends with her?”

The frown returned to Eric’s face. “Yes.”

“Eric, have you seen her hair? I’m head cheerleader, I have my reputation to think about!"

Eric rolled his eyes. “Aw c’mon, Rachel-”


Damn it! “I meant Ruby!” Eric gave her his infamous sad puppy dog eyes. “C'mon, I mean, I’d hang out with her but I’m a guy, she needs girlfriends to have her back, y’know what I’m saying?”

Those eyes were – as always – enough to get him his way.

“Urgh, fine!” Ruby grumbled like an angry toddler. “But you so owe me!”

Eric watched Ruby leave with a wolfish grin on his face. His plan was full-proof. A part of him felt sorry for Melody’s situation. For someone as different as her, being the ‘new girl’ wasn’t going to be easy, especially in a high school like Verona Academy. She’d be eaten alive if she carried on the way she did. But, this way, with Ruby looking out for her, she’d have friends in no time. Another part of him knew that this would mean he'd get to spend more time with her without compromising his reputation in the process. Only problem was whether Melody would actually agree to it.

“Yo, Eric, you comin’?” Bobby called from behind, interrupting his thoughts. “We've got Chemistry next!”

Eric’s eyes fell on Mr. Reed and Mrs. Bing who were still on the stage.

“Y'all go ahead, I’ll just be a minute!” Eric called back before making his way towards the two teachers.

“What a shame,” tutted Mrs. Bing. In her hands were a bunch of leaflets and she was waving it in front of Mr. Reed’s face. “Your English class insult me, Reed! Not a single one of your students bothered to pick up an auditions form, not even that lovely girl who explained the introduction! How on earth are we going to put on a play without any actors?”

“If I may, Mrs B, I might just have a solution to your li’l problem,” Eric butted in, approaching them both with a charming smile.

Both Mrs. Bing and Mr. Reed looked up and stared at Eric skeptically.

“Oh really?” mused Mrs Bing. “Well feel free to tell us about this solution of yours...”

“It's simple, really. Y'see the reason why none of us wanna audition is 'cause the story doesn't excite as...we can't really relate to it...” Eric explained.

Mrs Bing frowned but listened in silence.

“So, maybe if you re-wrote the play and made it a l'il more relevent to our age group, you might see more people auditioning...”

Mr. Reed looked like Eric had just slapped him across the face. “Rewrite Shakespeare? Eric, are you out of your mind?”

Mrs Bing hushed him with a silencing finger. “Quiet, Reed, the boy has a point...” She paused for a moment and appeared deep in thought. “These kids will never be able to pull off a classic production of Romeo and Juliet. The language is too complex, the dialogue is too...old-fashioned...”

Mr Reed looked like he was about to have a seizure.

Mrs Bing, oblivious to his reaction, continued thoughtfully. “If we rewrite the play and perhaps give it a more modern twist and add current themes, than maybe we’ll be able to put on a show that, never mind the kids will enjoy working on, but a show that other students will actually come to see...” her eyes locked on Eric’s and her face broke out into an exciting smile. “Eric, my boy, I think you have just saved the school would you like to be our Romeo?”

Eric smirked. “Mrs Bing, I thought you’d never ask...”
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bluewaterlily says...

As Melody closed her locker, she heard footsteps as someone approached. Great, just what I need. Melody rolled her eyes, expecting it to be Eric. To her surprise, standing in front of her was that cheerleader that kept flirting with Eric. She stared at Melody expectantly with her arms folded across her chest. Melody thought she almost preferred Eric annoying her.

“What do you want?” Melody asked bluntly. The cheerleader frowned, taken back by Melody’s bluntness.

“I want to be your friend.” Melody snorted. The same girl that was glaring at her a few minutes ago for talking to Eric wanted to be her friend. And I want my parents alive again.

“What do you really want?”

The cheerleader frowned again. Ruby just didn’t see how this was gonna work out, no matter how bad she wanted to date Eric. This girl was impossible. What did Eric see in her? She dressed like she was homeless. Ripped jeans, combat boots, an old T-shirt with an Emo band, and a studded belt. Mega gross! Did she even care about her appearance?

“I told you,” she replied with a trace of impatience in her voice.

“Oh yeah?” Melody challenged. “What’s my name?”

The cheerleader’s frown deepened into a look of confusion that marred her pretty face. From the look on her face, a person would assume she was trying to find a cure for cancer. Don’t strain yourself, dear, Melody thought, lips twitching as she suppressed a smirk.

“It’s Mary, right?”


“Close enough.”

“Let me guess? Eric put you up to this?” When the cheerleader didn’t answer Melody’s suspicions were confirmed. The cheerleader’s eyes narrowed.

“I don’t get how you’re a family friend of Eric’s.” Melody couldn’t help it; she laughed.

“What?” the cheerleader asked indignantly.

“I don’t know what Eric told you, but I’m not a family friend-I’m not even his friend.”

Ruby glared at Melody. “I don’t care what your relationship with Eric is. Just stay away from him. He’s mine.” Melody doubted that last sentence was true, but she just smiled at the cheerleader.

“Trust me, I’m not stopping you. You can have him. You two deserve each other.” With that, Melody walked away, leaving Ruby to ponder her words.

“That girl is impossible,” Ruby complained. Trust me I know, but that's what makes her so appealing and infuriating-at the same time.

“Melody just needs a little time to open up,” Eric assured her with his charming smile. I hope.

“Just let me talk to her. I’m sure you two will be friends in no time.”

Ruby pouted. “You owe me, Eric. I tried making friends with her, but it just isn’t going to work out. I tried, but it’s not my fault she’s so stubborn.”

She moved closer to Eric, a flirtatious grin on her face. “Now why don’t you pay up?” Moving close to Eric, she ran her fingers up and down his shirt. Eric frowned as he pulled away, smoothing the wrinkles of his shirt. He rubbed vigorously, like he could remove the touch of Ruby from his clothes.

“Look Ruby…you’re a great girl, but this isn’t going to work out.” Slowly, Ruby’s smile faded, replaced by a look of fury that contorted her pretty face. Maybe if she wasn’t so clingy. “But I could hook you up with one of my friends, if you’re interested.” Eric smirked, remembering how his friends watched him talking with Ruby earlier today. One of them would be interested in Ruby.

“It’s this Melody girl, isn’t it?” Now, she remembers her name. Eric didn’t answer. Though Ruby wasn’t the brightest star in the sky, she was smart enough to know that his silence was answer enough.

“Honestly, Eric, you could do so much better. What does she have that I don’t?” A brain, individuality spirit…fire…. Just thinking about all of Melody’s special qualities made Eric smile. Ruby’s eyes narrowed.

“Just to let you know, I always get what I want. Sometimes I might have to wait, but eventually I get always get my way.” Eric could see a hungry look in her eyes as desperation practically emanated off her.

Eric smirked. “You’re not the only one, Ruby.” With that he walked away to go find and Melody, leaving Ruby fuming.
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Tue Feb 08, 2011 7:26 pm
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*coco says...

Eric raced across the school hallway searching for her. Suddenly, he felt a firm but feminine hand grip the back of his shirt making him stop dead in his tracks. Arching an eyebrow, he turned to see the stern face of his Chemistry teacher Miss Sparks glare down at him.


“Just where do you think you’re going, Eric?” Miss Sparks demanded. “Whatever girl I interrupted you from chasing right now can wait until after my class.”

Eric cocked his head to the side and pretended to look offended. “Miss Sparks...” he smiled charmingly. “What makes you think I was chasin' a girl?”

His Chemistry teacher gave a stern frown. “Eric, the day you stop chasing girls at Verona Academy is the day my husband finally signs our divorce papers,” she said dryly before stepping aside and motioning him to enter the lab. “Now, I would appreciate it if you could please take your seat so that I can begin with today’s lesson.”

There was no point fighting it. Eric showed his palms in mock surrender. “Alright, alright, you win.”

I'll just have to find Melody after class. With a frustrated sigh, Eric stepped inside Chem lab and took a seat beside his gang of friends. Miss Sparks started the class, talking about protons and chemical compounds and a whole bunch of other stuff he really didn’t have time for. He tried coming up with a plan B to help deal with the whole Melody situation, but even after a full hour of thinking he had nothing.

Jesus... Eric sank into his stool with a sigh. And I thought algebra was hard...


As soon as the bell rang Eric was out looking for Melody again. After a long time searching, he finally saw her near her locker and strolled over to her with a smile.

“Hello again...” he said, leaning against the locker next to hers.

Melody turned her head to see him smirking at her. She rolled her eyes and opened her locker.

Happy to see me then. “So, I was thinking maybe we could...”

“No,” she shut her locker abruptly cutting Eric off mid-sentence, “Not now, not ever.” With that, she huffed and walked right by him but Eric stood in front of her blocking her way.

“C’mon, you could use a friend.”

She placed her hands on her hips in a defensive posture. “Is that why you sent your little girlfriend to me? What am I to you all, a charity case?” she didn’t wait for Eric to respond, instead she side-walked past him, but Eric followed her shoving his hands in his pockets in defeat.

“Look, Melody, I know what you might think of me, but I was honestly just tryna help you make a few friends so you wouldn't have to be alone.”

“Well, I don’t need your help. I’m perfectly capable of finding my own friends.”

Eric arched an eyebrow in amusement. “With that permanent frown on your face? I don’t think so, baby..."

His words seemed to hit a nerve. "Don't follow me!" Melody snapped suddenly, glaring at him for all she was worth before spinning back on her heel and storming away.

Eric waited and watched her with a smirk on his face. She must’ve noticed because half-way she glanced back in his direction. Eric winked at her and she huffed and turned around again.
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Wed Feb 09, 2011 3:01 am
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bluewaterlily says...

Melody stormed off to her next class. She expected Eric to follow her, but he probably had to go stare at the cheerleaders or girls soccer team. What was it about Eric that irritated her so much? No one she had ever met had ever gotten under her skin the way Eric did-well maybe Mary-but between the two of them, Melody might have to call it a draw. Melody was still pondering it as she took her seat in her desk in history class. Second to math, history was her least favorite subject. Perfect time to reflect on why Eric annoyed her like no one she’d ever met before. It was on the very edge of her mind, and yet she couldn’t find the answer. Was it because of his cocky smile that made him think-and act- like he was a king? No,Melody finally decided. All though it’s extremely annoying, I’ve met and dealt with plenty of guys with the same superior attitude. Was it the cheesy pickup lines? Nah, all boys use them. Suddenly, it dawned on Melody, the realization hitting her like a lightning bolt. Eric reminded her of her ex, Grant.

A few months before Melody’s parents died, at her old school, Melody was dating the hottest guy in school, Grant. The quarterback for the football team and the heartthrob every girl swooned over. Even Melody. She was even a cheerleader back then. But now the idea of cheerleading sickened her. But she was popular, so Grant liked her. For two months he dated her, and she felt like the happiest girl alive, like in some bad overly-clichéd romance novel. But one day, she caught him in thehallway kissing her best friend. After that everything went downhill. She quit the cheerleading team, lost all her friends, and lost her popularity status. But that was the least of her worries. A month later the car crash happened. And Melody spent a year bouncing around from one home to the next being judged by relatives that hardly cared about her and always being the new girl.

And now here she was. The new girl in a stuck up private school where money mattered, and where you’d be eaten alive faster than other typical high schools. Being chased by a persistent guy who only wanted her for his own entertainment, trying to toy with her feelings. But never again. Melody would never allow her heart to be broken like that again. Back then she was so naïve and she paid for it. But now she learned her lesson.

The bell rang, pulling Melody out of her thoughts. With a start, she jumped from her seat, earning her quite a few laughs. But whatever. It was finally time to go home and Melody could care less about a few snickering idiots. She hurried to her locker to put her history book up and grab a retrieve a few other books for homework. Leaning against the locker was…Eric.

Crap!! Melody’s heart banged against her ribcage. Seeing Eric aroused a storm of emotions in Melody. Anger, frustration, wariness, weariness, but also pain. He reminded her so much of Grant. The same trademark cute but wolfish grin. The cute angelic but at the same time deceiving face girls fell for. The dreamy eyes that held the same devilish gleam. Bittersweet memories washed over Melody. All the times she and Grant cut class to see each other, the envious stares she got from all the other girls that made her feel special and privileged, and prom when Melody and Grant danced the night away when he said he’d be right back. Melody waited and she went looking for him she saw him kissing her best friend. All Melody saw when she looked at Eric was Grant.

“Hey Melody,” Eric said, smiling mischievously. Melody rolled her eyes, so not in the mood.

“Aw, come on. You’re no fun,” Eric teased. “What will it take for you to smile?”

“How ‘bout you go jump off a bridge?” Melody replied, not even looking at him.

Eric’s grin widened. He put a hand dramatically to his heart, as if wounded. “Don’t be that way, baby. It hurts me.”

Melody couldn’t take it anymore. She’d end up saying something…or doing something if she stayed a minute longer in her presence. For once, she decided to walk away without a fight. It just wasn’t worth it, and she was tired of being the pawn caught up in Eric’s dirty little games. If she walked away, then she wouldn’t have to be hurt. That’s always been my weakness. I never knew when to walk away. Maybe if she had, then it would have saved Melody a lot of heartache. As she started to leave, Eric grabbed her wrist. He expected her to jerk away, roll her eyes, and maybe even step on his foot. But when she turned to face him, she had a weary expression on her face, and her eyes were dark with pain.

“Eric please,” Melody said. “Just stop. Her voice trembled, and her eyes sparkled with tears. I’ve dealt with enough guys like you. You don’t really care about me; you just want to mess around with me for your own amusement and entertainment. But I’ve had enough. I’m tired of being the pawn for your game. Just do me a favor and leave me alone. Go find another girl to be your puppet. How about that cheerleader? She’d love to be your girlfriend. But just leave me alone. I’m done with guys like you.”

With that Melody walked away, leaving Eric to wonder-for the first time in his life-if he’d gone too far. He was too shocked to follow her, and decided it was best this time to leave her alone.

Tears streamed down Melody’s cheeks. Frustrated with herself for being so weak, Melody wiped them away. More replaced the ones she’d swiped away. This time Melody didn’t bother to wipe them away. Who’d care if she was crying? Certainly not anyone that goes to this school. Melody lifted her head and walked past Eric. Eric watched her, transfixed. Even through her tears, Melody maintained her dignity.
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