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The Demon Brothers (*coco + Cspr)

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Thu Jan 27, 2011 1:22 am
*coco says...


I scanned through the pages of the tattered old book labelled ‘History of Lycanthropy’ and tried to take in everything I was reading. According to the book, while vampires had at least six different Houses with six different insignia’s, werewolves had none. Only a handful of them managed to survive the war with the vampires. Those few stuck together throughout the centuries as one single pack under the symbol of paw print with the eye of their leader, Morbeus, at the centre of it.

I closed the book and let out a frustrated sigh. Apart from finding out that bit of information this research thing was starting to hit a dead.

Just as I was about to rest my head for a few minutes Caleb suddenly came charging in through the door looking like he’d just struck gold.

“Where’s Officer Dawson?” he asked.

“Downstairs with Shang and the EMT’s...” I answered giving him a strange look. “You’re looking perkier...” The last time I saw him, Caleb was drunk off his ass.

“I’ve found it!” he declared excitedly. “I’ve found where the mark on Dawson’s body comes from!” he shoved the book I’d left him with towards my face and pointed at one of the pages. “Check it out...”

I glanced up at him in disbelief. Typical. I spend half the night looking through that damn book to try and find the mark and Caleb manages to find it after just five minutes. The ass.

I took the book from him irritably and scanned the picture Caleb was pointing at. Sure enough there it was clear as day and drawn in black and white. The upside down crucifix with a snake coiled around it.

“According to the book this is the brand of the Addicts,” Caleb explained.

“The what?”

“It’s a long story. Basically, after what happened during the Great Purge, the vampire houses came together to form a set of rules to help protect their blood-lines from future threats of extinction from the humans...”

I nodded. “The Pledge of Sanctity,” it was the name the vampires gave to their 'rules'. All supernatural creatures knew about it. “But, none of this tells me what an Addict is.”

“I’m getting to that, bro...” Caleb rolled his eyes. “So one of the rules made it forbidden for vampires to hunt humans and drain them of blood directly. Instead, they had to agree to use blood banks or special serums so as not to attract attention from the humans...” Caleb turned the page of the book and continued. “Unfortunately, this didn’t go down too well with a minority of the vampires because vampires, by their nature, hunt and kill, and this pledge meant an end to that. The weakest vampires couldn’t deal with it and started breaking the rules by hunting humans. By the end of the 19th century all six vampire houses were having difficulty keeping these weaker vampires in line.”

“These weaker vampires became known as 'Addicts' and they were becoming a real problem for the rest of the vampires because every human an Addict would kill brought with it more suspicion from the humans who were starting to wonder if the vampires that they thought they’d killed off during the Great Purge had been enough. The Addicts became seen as a danger to the existence of the vampire race, so, not knowing how else to deal with them, the Head’s of whatever House those Addicts belonged to, decided to throw them out of their covens, ostracising them from the vampire community forever. According to the book those Addicts that were thrown out got together and decided to form a new House, one that didn’t have to follow the Pledge of Sanctity, under the leadership of an Addict named Sonya...”

“That’s the vampire that you saw back in the campus, the one that killed those humans?” I asked, feeling like some things were slowly starting to fall in place.

Caleb nodded. “Apparently, she’s a former member of the vampire House of Markav. She’s supposed to be the most ruthless of all the Addicts.”

“Why is that?”

“Apparently, she’d roam the streets at night disguised as a hooker to try and lure human men and women to drink their blood.”

“Classy,” I mused, mulling over everything Caleb had just told me. “So let me get this straight, you’re telling me that the mark on Officer Dawson’s body belongs to the Addicts who are basically just a bunch of hungry vampires that don’t like following the rules?”

“Yup,” smiled Caleb. “I mean it makes sense. It explains what that vampire – Sonya - was doing in the campus.”

“But it doesn’t explain why she decided to go from killing men and women at night to killing a whole bunch of kids in such a public way,” I shook my head, “And, how do you explain the other vampire, the one I saw killing all those werewolves? She said she had nothing to do with what happened.”

“You mean the one that tried to kill me?” Caleb paused to think for a moment. “Well, there could be two explanations for that little ray of sunshine...a) she could either be lying to save her ass – hardly likely in my opinion, or b) she could belong to the Blood Knight’s...”

I raised a brow. “What are the Blood Knight’s?”

“They’re supposedly an armed wing of vampire soldiers with members from all six vampire Houses. Their job is to hunt the Addicts and kill them off one by one. My guess is that the vampire probably came to the College to catch Sonya and got more than she bargained for when she found the werewolves.”

“Maybe...” I ran an uneasy hand through my hair. “But, I mean, none of this answers why this ‘Sonya’ chose to mark Officer Dawson in the first place. Why didn’t she just kill him instead? And what about the werewolves, what the heck were they doing at the college?”

Caleb shrugged. “Beats me...”

I suddenly felt my cell phone vibrating. It was Shang who I’d left down in the basement with Officer Dawson. “What is it?” I asked him down the line.

“You’d better come down here,” Shang responded. “There’s something you need to see...”

“I'm on my way,” I hung up and got to my feet before turning to Caleb. “That was Shang. I think something’s happened..."
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Thu Jan 27, 2011 3:33 am
Cspr says...


I frowned, wondering what on earth Shang could want. “Do you need me?”
Lucan gave me a look.

“I mean, do you need my help?”

He scoffed. “Of course,” he muttered.

He stood up and pulled on a coat, before walking over to me.

I backed up, hitting the doorjamb. “Ouch.”

“Watch where you’re going, would you? Now come along.”

“I’m still a bit tipsy,” I argued, stumbling as I made to follow him.

“Need I remind you that you can up the stairs, while holding a book and not looking down where you were putting your feet?”

I couldn’t argue that, so I just stared, hoping I looked wasted still. I didn’t want to see Officer Dawson’s body again.

It didn’t work.

He rolled his amber eyes at me and snatched at my arm, before about dragging me down the flight of stairs, deeper into the house, and then down the stairs to the basement.

Huck whined at the top of the stairs as Lucan pulled on the, well, whatever that chain sort of thing-y you use to turn lights on is and slammed the door.

I gulped.

“You all right there? Because there’s no vomiting allowed down here, okay? If you do, I’ll force you to sleep outside for a few nights.”

I rolled my eyes, even if in the hazy half-light he probably couldn’t see it (which might bode better for me.) “Peachy,” I barked. “And you wouldn’t do that,” I reminded him a beat later.

“Good,” he said.

Nothing else was said as he jogged down the stairs.

I huffed to myself and made my way down the stairs, them groaning under my weight as I went slow, clasping the rail for

“Come on down, meathead!”

“I can’t see straight,” I yelled down at my brother.

“Would you two shut up? You’ll upset Officer Dawson,” Shang said from somewhere down below.

Both Lucan and I froze.

“He’s awake?” Lucan asked awkwardly.

“You bet he is. He’s hurting, too. The wounds burn him and I just had to give him morphine, but it doesn’t seem to be helping. You got anymore of that special sedative by chance?” Shang’s voice managed to hold more sarcasm than any I’d heard before when he spoke that word—special.

I would have laughed if the situation wasn’t so bloody tense or whatnot.
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Mon Jan 31, 2011 11:06 pm
*coco says...


I gave Shang a look.

“Maybe, but right now I need him awake...”

I signalled for Caleb to follow my lead and we both made our way towards the Officer. He was groaning in pain making Caleb wince uncomfortably. I threw him a ‘suck it up’ look before returning my attention back to Dawson.

“Officer, my name is Lucan Mercer, this is my younger brother Caleb Mercer, we specialise in supernatural cases,” I said making the necessary introductions. “Can you hear me?” I asked gently.

The gray-haired man let out another groan before swallowing and managing a brief nod.

“Now, I know you’re in a lot of pain, sir, but what I need you to do is help me get to the bottom of what could’ve done this to you...can you do that for me?”

“I...” the Officer struggled, his voice throaty and deep, “I don’t know...”

I continued to press him. He was the only survivor and therefore the only witness. His testimony was vital. “I’m just gonna ask you a couple of questions, alright? Just so we can understand what happened.” I assured him. “If at any time you feel like you can no longer continue, tell me and we'll stop immediately...”

The Officer continued to groan in pain before finally speaking. “Alright...okay...”

I gave him an appreciative nod and then signalled for Caleb to begin questioning.

“Why do I have to do it?” he hissed in a whisper.

“Because I said so,” I shot at back at him with a frown. “Now go ahead and test that little theory of yours.”

Caleb rolled his eyes frustratingly before slowly approaching closer to the Officer, a look of disgust mixed with remnants of tipsiness on his face.

“Mr. Dawson,” Caleb began clearing his throat. “Could you please tell us what happened, starting from the very beginning?”

The Officer swallowed hard and then spoke. “M-me and a couple of other Officers were called into the College to make sure the p-party didn’t get out of hand...” he squirmed slightly before continuing, “...everything was fine at first, th-then suddenly two kids ran into the Great Hall c-c-covered in blood of them had their hand ripped off...they said that something had attacked them...”

I listened intently. So the werewolves attacked first, and not the vampires...

The Officer began squirming again, his eyes squinting with pain. “Then, next thing I know these b-b-big hairy men came bursting in...” he let out a sigh. “The kids were screaming and trying to run away b-but that only made those men laugh...they chased each and every one...even the other Officers...and ripped their bodies apart one by one in front of my eyes...”

Caleb glanced over at me and I found myself clenching my jaw. Those werewolves were gonna pay with their lives...

“I-I managed to escape with a few of the kids,” the Officer continued, “we tried to sneak out th-through the back doors but then those men spotted us and had us cornered...then we saw this woman...”

“Wait, what woman?” I asked. “What did she look like?”

The Officer cleared his throat. “Sh-she had dark hair and dark eyes...her clothes were ripped and...and she had blood all over her-”

“Clothes,” Caleb finished with a satisfied nod. He looked up at me before saying, “That’s the vampire I saw!”

I tried to take this all in. “Okay, sir, carry on, what did this woman do?”

“Sh-she told those men to kill us all...accept for me...she saw my uniform and said something to the was in a strange language that I didn’t understand...b-but the man understood because he did what he told her...” the Officer’s voice broke, he seemed to be on the verge of tears.

I looked at him like he was mad. “You mean the woman was working with those men?” I asked, incredulous.

“Yes,” Officer Dawson replied. “The man butchered those kids and left me alive...”

That would mean that the vampires were working together with the werewolves to kill all those humans? How could that be possible? Vampires hated the werewolves. The vampire I’d seen made that perfectly clear when she was shooting them dead back at the college. So how could the other vampire work with werewolves?

I returned my attention back to the Officer who was now coughing up blood. “One final question, sir,” I assured him. “You said that the woman chose to keep you alive, did she tell you why?”

The Officer nodded. “She said that she wanted me to d-deliver a message...”

“And what message was that?” I asked.

“Something about...the Addicts...”

Caleb locked eyes with me and gave me one of his infamous ‘I told you so’ smirks. As usual I ignored it.

“What about the Addicts, Officer?” I continued to press.

Officer Dawson struggled violently. He tried to talk but his body seemed to have exhausted itself from any energy to continue.

“The Addicts are joining forces with the werewolves to revolt against the Pledge of Sanctity and wipe out all the pure blood vampires.”

Both Caleb and I whipped our heads towards the sound of the voice. Standing beside the basement door was the brunette EMT.

“Nora?” Shang arched an eyebrow towards her. “What are you talking about?”

She slowly approached closer, her brown eyes locking on mine and Caleb’s before responding. “It's something that we witches have predicted would happen since the creation of the Pledge ...”

Caleb and I both backtracked for a second.

Did she just say - witches?
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Wed Feb 02, 2011 2:54 am
Cspr says...


I think I just stood there frozen, jaw slightly unhinged, for five minutes. Okay, so maybe that was slightly dramatic. I stood there for roughly thirty seconds.


Lucan shoved me a bit. “You’re a witch?”

“I thought it was pretty obvious,” the girl, Nora, said. “Well, obvious for you two.”
“We don’t get out as much as people think. Or I don’t.”

I rolled my eyes, and then turned a glare on the girl—trying to look intimidating, which needless to say wasn’t my best suit, because she just smirked back.

“Whether or not she’s a witch isn’t that important,” I said, giving up and turning to look at Lucan.

“I’d say it was,” she said. I could see her crossing her arms out of the corner of my eye.

Ugh. Why did the feisty ones always give me so much trouble?

I frowned. “I’d say it isn’t,” I retorted.

“Then what’s important?”

“Your information,” I say.

“She sort of just spelled out what she knows, Caleb,” my brother grumbled beside me.

I felt my neck make a popping sound; I looked back at him so fast. “What are you talking about?”

He looked completely innocent.

This was just wonderful.

“Okay, here are the basics, boys: I know what I just said and that’s about all. I’m not very high up.”

I felt my eyebrows draw together, “High up?”

Nora put a hand to her forehead. “He knows nothing.”

Lucan shoved me again. This time my foot slipped. My foot slipped because there was blood where I was standing.

I cursed.

Officer Dawson groaned in the background and then I remembered we had company. I glanced over. Shang was staring at us, far too curiously, and Officer Dawson seemed to be imitating a dying, half-gutted fish.


“Can we drug him now?” I asked, glancing sideways at Lucan.
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Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:31 pm
*coco says...


I grabbed another injection filled with bright blue liquid and chucked it towards Caleb.

“Knock yourself out,” I told him, before turning to face the witch – or Nora as she liked to call herself. “I thought all the witches died out during the Salem Witch trials?”

She shrugged, “A lot of us were killed, yes, but like the vampires and werewolves some of us managed to survive. Most of us came to Longdale hoping to start over.”

I looked her up and down. Her big brown eyes stared back at me unfazed by my scrutiny and her light brown curls bounced as she crossed her arms over her chest. Attractive she may be, I wasn’t sure if I could trust her or not.

“You mentioned something about not being very ‘high up’...” I asked her finally. “Could you maybe point us to the direction of someone who is?”

Her eyebrows rose, clearly taken aback by my boldness.

“Listen, we witches have been in hiding for centuries in the hope of staying out of trouble. There’s no way we’re going to put our lives in jeopardy by revealing our locations...especially to two demons.”

I glanced at Caleb and Shang before arching an eyebrow at the witch. “How did you know we’re demons?” I asked innocently.

She rolled her eyes in annoyance. “Oh please, all supernatural creatures know about you and your brother...about your story...”

“Oh yeah?” Caleb asked, obviously finished with dosing Officer Dawson. His eyes narrowed in on the witch with distrust. “Let’s hear it then...”

“Gladly,” she pouted. “We know that your father was a demon, and not just any demon but one of the twelve Fallen Angels that were banished from heaven for following Lucifer. We know that your father regularly crossed into the human world and that during his many trips he sired two sons with a human.”

Caleb and I swapped uncomfortable glances with one another. We never brought up the story of our past. Ever. But the witch happily continued...

“We also know that Lucifer was far from happy about a half-demon, half-human merge. He labelled such a merge as an abominations to the demonic blood and swore that he wouldn’t rest until he had their in his grasp. But over the years you two proved to be the biggest challenge of all the half-demons. Because you both did something that he didn’t think you were capable of doing.”

“And what’s that?” Caleb said through gritted teeth.

“You both fought him back,” Nora smiled.

An uncomfortable silence fell around us which lasted for several seconds. I could feel my jaw clench as the witch’s words played over and over again in my head. Hearing how Caleb and I had come to be had stirred dark memories from our past; the memory of our mother dying at birth, the memory of growing up in an orphanage, the memory of having nightmares and hearing the devil’s constant whisperings in my head... To hear this witch speak about it all so easily felt like someone reopening an old and painful wound.

But now was not the time for emotions. Caleb and I had far more important things to worry about now.

“Look,” I said, meeting the witch dead in the eye, “if you’re really concerned with protecting your kind then you’ll help us find out more about this prediction you said your fellow witches made about the Addicts.”

She eyed me carefully, and I continued.

“If you don’t then there’s gonna be an all-out war. The Addicts, the werewolves, the vampires...they’ll all go public with their killing. There will be carnage everywhere. You saw what happened back at that College. Sooner or later the humans are going to realise what’s going on and before you know it there will be another war, one that even the witches won’t be able to escape...”

The girl continued to stare at me until finally she broke her gaze. She let out a deep sigh and looked over at the sedated body of Officer Dawson. Several seconds passed before she looked me in the eye again.

“If anyone can help you it’s my grandmother,” she spoke reluctantly. “It was her tribe that came up with the prediction about the Addicts in the first place.”

“Great. Where can we find her?” I asked.

“She lives about fifteen minutes from here in the old Bennett boarding house. I can take you there in the evening.”

“What’s wrong with now?” asked Caleb.

“Now is not a good time,” the girl pressed sternly, her eyes piercing Caleb's. “Like I said, I’ll take you to her in the evening.”

“Okay,” I nodded, deciding it would be best not to push. “Evening it is.”
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Wed Mar 16, 2011 5:20 pm
Cspr says...


The fact I was forced to practically drag Lucan up to the office was bad enough. Now he was just standing, leaned on his desk, and watching me.
So, I was pacing. It wasn’t a big deal. I couldn’t decide what to say. He was just pissing me off with his easy-going routine and what did you say? Ugh, I'd explode if I tried to say anything. We'd been dragged into this mess, it wasn't like we were getting out. I probably wouldn't want to if I could, now that I knew. Still. It was...bad.
Anyway, the big deal was we had Shang, a half-dead police officer, and a bloody witch in our basement. Or we had. I wasn’t sure where she was now. Probably raiding our kitchenette and stealing our frozen pizzas or something weirdly normal like that.
Ugh. Witches.
I didn’t know about them well enough to hate them, but the thought of someone turning me into a ruddy frog was enough to make me antsy.
And with the things she knew, the things she’d told us about--all of it. She could ruin us and--
“Caleb. Calm down. Have a smoke or something.”
I stopped and stared. “What?”
“Right, you don’t smoke normal cigs,” Lucan said dryly. I then watched my older brother shake his head, looking worried. “Just--sit down. You’re making me nervous.”
I finally noticed his white knuckles, how he was grasping at the edge of the table. Noticed his foot tapping; noticed the twitch at his jaw.
“Sorry.” I flopped down in the nearest chair and grabbed up one of the old newspapers off the ground. No idea what I’d do with it. Read the wanted ads? No idea. I just needed to have my hands on something.
“So, what do you think about this?” Lucan asked. He shifted his arms and his tattoos seemed to jump, move. Magic tattoos, then. Always wondered.
“That’s a neat trick.”
“What?” Lucan stared a minute. “Oh, stop being A.D.D. What do you think?”
“About Nora? About the witches? About the Addicts? What?”
Lucan let out a long breath, then said, very, very calmly, “Everything.”
I huffed. “Okay. One, I think Nora is creepy, even if she is hot. Oh, and you'd have better luck with dating a tree. Two, I think we might get tied to stakes and burnt if we visit her Granny. And three, I think we’ll soon lived in a world ruled by the things we’ve been trying to dispose of for years because no one ever tells us anything.” I counted the things off on my fingers. “Better?”
“No.” Lucan shook his head. “When did you become such a pessimist?”
“Last Tuesday.”
“Well, at least you’re still sarcastic,” he muttered. “What about Officer Dawson, though? You think he’ll make it?”
I gawk. “How would I know?” Seriously. How would I know? I wasn't the scientific-y one around here. Heck, I wasn't even #1, top dog, whatever on just about anything. The only thing I was good at was being comic relief.
“I think he will.”
Oh, he was trying to convince himself.
“He’ll be fine,” I say, feeling a bit tired. A throbbing was starting at my temples. Adrenaline rush--gone. I flipped open the newspaper. “Now, let me read, will ya? Gotta see if any kiddies are claiming some clown-monster is wandering around. With our luck, everything from here to Hades is popping up.”
“Lovely,” Lucan snarled. “And, anyway--clown-monster?”
“Don’t judge. Bogarts, you know.”
"Bogarts don't kill. They scare. Big difference, there."
I listened to Lucan crunch across the carpet. We need to clean before the office starts to become a sentient being. “You all right?”
“Yes. You?”
I raise an eyebrow.
“Nervous,” Lucan muttered. “Hopeful.”
“Don’t get too attached to her,” I repeat, hoping he'd get the message if I said it enough. He couldn't very well date a witch, could he?
But, hey, he was horrible with women. Maybe a witch is what he'd need. Wouldn't like it, though. Didn't want him turned into some pig or whatever like in that Greek story.
I glance up. The office door swung shut behind him, loudly.
“Bastard,” I muttered, then flipped pages. Nothing special. Some pie-eating contest or something stupid like that. Let’s see who’s dropped dead, then.
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Sat Mar 19, 2011 11:38 pm
*coco says...


I shot Caleb and irritated glance before stepping out from my office and slamming the door behind me. To say that I was angry with what he said would be an understatement.

“Don’t get too attached to her...” As if I’m acting like some sorta love-sick puppy. The douche.

I chewed the toothpick in my mouth and headed down to the garage, spotting Shang at the entrance talking to the some of the other EMTs.

“How’s Dawson holding up?” I asked, walking up to him. “Is he still sedated?”

“Yeah,” Shang replied, leading me away from them. “Nora’s seeing to him...”

“Did you know she was a witch?” I asked.

“Of course not,” he responded. “I mean, it’s not like you can sense her kind...”

I nodded in agreement. Witches were always known for being notoriously difficult to recognise. Strange how that didn't help stop them from being massacred at Salem, though...

“Do you think we can trust her?” Shang asked.

“Let’s hope so...I mean, right now she’s the only real lead we have to go on. If her grandmother can tell us more about this prediction of hers then maybe we can find a way to stop it from happening.”

Shang gave a deep sigh. “I still can’t believe all this...I mean, the whole werewolf attack, the Addicts planning to overthrow the pure-bloods, and now the witches making prophecies of an all-out war...” he shook his head in dismay. “It’s only a matter of time before the humans start taking things into their own hands. I’ve already heard the department’s new private investigator Sean Ryder is jumping on the band wagon. He’s planning to organise a full-scale man-hunt to try and find the perpetrators of the campus attack. He doesn’t buy the reports that animals were responsible.”

With a frustrated sigh, I wiped a hand down my face. “Bloody fantastic...that’s exactly what we need right now; idiotic cops getting involved...”

“We can’t let them do it, Luc,” Shang pressed, “they don’t know what we’re dealing with.”

I found myself clenching my jaw. Shang was right. These humans had no idea about what was really going on, and it was mine and Caleb’s job to make sure they never did. We had to meet with Nora’s grandmother and fast.
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Tue Mar 22, 2011 2:48 am
Cspr says...


Call of the Wild? The Holy Bible?”

I narrowed my eyes and looked back at Nora in the rear-view mirror. First, she’d slammed the door. Then she’d made herself comfy in the back seat, moving about all my stuff. Now she was holding up two of my books and waving them about. Didn’t she know I had everything perfectly ordered?

“By the way, the interior of your car is a dump. I mean, you, what, drive a Vauxhall Cresta? You should at least take care of it.” She raised an eyebrow and swatted away some of her hair.

“First off, it’s a Vauxhall Velox PB, with a 3294 cc engine. And it’s black, not navy.”

Nora rolled her eyes. “I know it’s black.”

“Can we just, you know, go before the Addicts take over the world?” Lucan suggested, helpfully.

A muscle in my jaw twitched and I didn’t dare look at Lucan, for fear of giving him the evil eye.

“She’s talking about my baby. I had to correct her.”

“I don’t see how correcting me about it being a less quality car helped with your mission, then,” Nora quipped.

I dropped my a foot on the gas and was quite happy when she let out a little shriek.

She scrambled around in the back and she dropped my books. Oops. Maybe not my best idea. “I’m not buckled!”

“Well...good luck with that.” I felt her smack the back of my head and the car jerked. "Watch it!" I snap.

I slowed down a bit--lots of thorn bushes around here, I co-owned a mechanic shop but I didn’t want scratches in the paint--but I didn’t . Out of the corner of my eye, pulling around the loop, I watched Lucan shoot her a comforting glance.

“Don’t mind him. Just get fixuated and relax. He won’t crash us.”

“That’s a relief.”

Lucan then went back to sitting normal as I drove us out past the patchy grass divide between our parking lot and the street. I completely ignored the wink he gave me.

“Fixuated isn’t a word,” I muttered in retort.

“So, Nora, you have a boyfriend?”

I almost burst into laughter, despite how irritated I'd been. Because--now that was a bit too much. Nora didn’t seem to notice. She just responded with a weird look and a “Maybe”.

"Ah," Lucan muttered. "I was curious. I mean, I thought witches had to stay single or something."

I shot him an odd look. This coming from the guy who bloody knows everything? Eh. I guess he just didn't want her thinking he was a total weirdo?

"Keep your eyes on the road," Lucan barked a millisecond later.

"I do have an eye on the road."

"He has a lazy eye?" Nora asked, sounding honestly curious.

I smirked to myself as Lucan actually smacked himself in the face. Thirty minutes--just the three of us in the car. Should be fun. My face went blank as I realized Shang, Officer Dawson, and our dog were alone in our place a second later. Oh, gah, if I thought the witch would be bad, the last time Shang came over--

I just blinked and stared harder at the road.

Some things were better left unremembered.
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Mon Mar 28, 2011 9:46 pm
*coco says...


Luckily, we managed to reach the Bennett Boarding house without any further embarrassment or awkwardness. Caleb parked up at the end of the drive and the three of us stepped out. My eyes instantly fell on the building in front of us. The Bennett Boarding house looked like one of those old-school medieval manors that were big in the late 1800s.

“So this is the witches’ lair, huh?” Caleb mused thoughtfully, opening his trunk to grab a jacket. “Creepy...”

"Shut it," Nora quipped. She looked like she'd just about had enough of Caleb. I couldn't blame her, he was being more of a douche than normal, which was saying something. I guess he still didn't trust her.

"Witches..." I could hear him mutter bitterly under his breath.

The front doors groaned and closed shut behind us as we entered the house. Nora led us down a dimly lit hallway where we passed a series of mudcloths, each depicting a specific event from witch history. The Salem witch trials collection in particular caught my eye. One had a depiction of a woman being crucified and burnt at the steak while parts of her organs were trickling out of her body. Caleb and I swapped disgusted glances with one another and quietly moved on.

She led us to what I guessed was probably the main lounge area, thing was it looked more like the inside of a voodoo shop. It smelled of incense and every inch of the place was covered with creepy looking African tribal masks and ebony stone talismans.

“Take a seat,” Nora said, pointing at a couple of velvet couches around a roaring fireplace. “I’ll let my grandmother now you’re here.”

I gave her an appreciative nod before Caleb and I nervously took our seats. As we waited in silence, I started replaying all the questions I'd planned to ask Nora's grandmother in my head, each one was extremely important so I couldn't afford to forget. Suddenly, Caleb nudged me in the rib, breaking my concentration.

I shot him an irritated glance. "What?"

"Something about this doesn't feel right..." he whispered making me roll my eyes. He carried on yapping. "I mean, what if all this is a trap, huh? What if they brought us here to-"

“Well, well, well...” a voice suddenly croaked, stopping Caleb mid-sentence. “If it isn’t the famous Son’s of the Fallen...”

Both Caleb and I whipped our heads towards the sound of the voice and saw a thin old woman who looked to be in her late 60s slowly approach us. Everything about her, from the look in her dark eyes and mane of crazy brown ringlets, to her demeanour and the smirk on her face made me feel suspicious. Nora followed behind and helped the old woman to the seat opposite us.

The witch eyed us both with a knowing smirk. “I must admit when my granddaughter told me that she’d met you both I thought she was bluffing. You see, like others I believed that your existence was just another rumour...another legend passed down from one supernatural being to another, but now....” her smirk grew bigger, “ I see that for once the rumours were true...”

“Forgive me, but my brother and I didn’t come all this way to talk about us,” I interjected, slightly irritated. Nora frowned at my rudeness but I couldn’t care less. When I said that I didn’t like people talking about mine and Caleb’s past, I meant it.

The witch just smiled. “Yes, of course. You came here to ask me about a certain prophecy that my tribe once made...the one predicting the rise of the Addicts and the fall of the Pure Blood vampires.”

"That's right," I answered stiffly.

“What exactly is it you wish to know, demon?”

“The prophecy said that the Addicts and werewolves would work together. We want to know how that's possible. Technically, the Addicts are still vampires and vampires are supposed to hate werewolves...”

The witch nodded. “Yes, but now it seems that they both share a common enemy: the Pure Blood vampires. To the werewolves, the Pure Blood vampires are the enemy that massacred their people, to the Addicts, they are nothing more than oppressors who shunned them from the coven...”

I raised a confused brow. “You're saying that the Addicts would put aside a blood feud with the werewolves - one that’s lasted for over six centuries - just to kill the Pure Bloods for kicking them out of the coven?” It just didn’t make sense to me.

The witch smiled. “That's exactly what I'm saying.”

Caleb gave her a look of distrust. “Call me crazy but you don’t seem all that worried. I mean, we’re on the brink of an all-out war here, one that even your people won’t be safe from-”

“I can assure you demon, I know full well the dangers that this coming war will bring to my people,” the witch interjected pointedly. “What I fail to understand, however, is why the two of you are so interested...”

Caleb scoffed. “It’s not rocket science, lady. If this war happens the humans will be massacred left right and centre, this town will become a blood bath and there’s no way in hell we’re gonna let that happen...”

The witch raised an amused brow. “Since when do demon-spawn care for the lives of mere humans?” she didn’t wait for a response. “My granddaughter even tells me that you two are actually planning to try to stop the prophecy from coming true. Is that correct?”

“Yes,” Caleb and I replied in unison.

She raised a surprised brow. “How very noble of you...” she mused.

I found myself clenching my jaw as I eyed her with a frown. I knew sarcasm when I heard it. "Are you going to help us or not?" I asked bluntly.

The witch looked me dead in the eye. "That which is inevitable can never be stopped."
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Fri Apr 08, 2011 2:44 am
Cspr says...


I let out a low growl without thinking. All amusement, annoyance, paranoia--that had fled me when I entered this place. A rage--a different kind of fear--that. That’s what I felt. This house was wrong. Nora wasn’t the threat here. I knew that. Something older.
And now I had to wonder if it was this woman. Ancient. The woman who said the supposedly coming future bloody genocide was unable to be stopped.

“Listen here, lady,” I spit, “whether or not it’ll happen or not may not be up to us. Hell, I bet your little prophecy just gave the blighters guidance.”
A look of surprise sweeps across her face.
“However, I swear I to the fact that I will make sure things are as good as they can get if something does. No one deserves this. They don’t deserve to know. They don’t deserve to see. We both know if everything goes to Hell they’ll be able to. The glamours will fade, the mist, everything will crack. That. Cannot. Happen.”
I realize I started to lean forward. I shift back, eyes narrowing.
“I’ve never been one to care for prophecies. They have those in kiddie books. ‘Oh, Johnny, you’re gonna be a star’ or some such shiz. Who says that shiz is real? No one. They’d be called crazy--if they weren’t under six.”
“I believe the prophecies I have to, and ignore the pesky little jokes that pop up here and there.”

I feel a hand grasp my arm to a point of hurt. I glance over to see Lucan giving me a look. I take in the fact he’s ghost white. It hits me.
This lady--wasn’t she the one that got the prophecy or something? Or wouldn’t one of the witches in her knitting circle or whatever witches had have gotten it?

I look over at the woman to see fire burning in her dark eyes. Her nails have dug into the sofa cushions where her hands lay. I gulp. My shoulders rise up to my ears as I lean back, expecting to be turned into a toad.

“Sorry,” I rasp out.

When she bursts into laughter, I almost fling myself at the floor in shock.

She throws her head back, white teeth flashing, and her curls shake. The bead entwined in the hair rattle, like a snake, and I swallow hard.

Laughing is good, right?

Finally, she calms herself. She takes in a few breaths, then grins ferally at me. Nora looks as confused as I feel.

“Someone’s wandered into too many markets, hm?” the lady asks me.

“P-pardon?” I ask, even as my heart starts thumping behind my ribs. Lucan looks over at me in confusion.

The lady grabs at Nora’s arm and Nora helps her to her feet. I realize I have nowhere to recoil to, so I sit stiff as a board instead. The lady makes it a few feet away, before reaching out. I can’t see what’s happening, but half my face feels weird and Nora has this horror-struck look on her face.

“Flash magic. That’s illegal.” Nora’s granny or whatever frowns at me, like I’m a petulant kid who did something they were told not to. “Never liked the markets.” She sniffs. “Crazy half-blood witches and warlocks, wandering around pawning off amulets, talismans, drugs. Playing with tarot cards. Pretending to heal. Consorting with demons.” She gives me a leveled look. “Some even say there’s a certain lack of pets when markets come through town. People used to blame it on wolves; now they blame it on teenagers.”
She shakes her head. The beads clank again.
I feel like I’m rooted to my seat; like my shoes are nailed down.
“Then there’s everything else. Some things so horrible my own eyes won’t even let me see them. Or perhaps so beautiful.” She tips her head. “You’ll never trust us?”

I don’t respond, too confused. Surprised.


“Tell your brother to wait outside.” It’s an order. And she’s looking at Lucan. Lucan’s whose wheels are turning in his head; tongue-tied. But his face shows no emotion.

I start to sweat.

“Go wait outside, Caleb.”

I nod. Get up. Back up the way we came.

“Watch out for Ethan, too. He--likes the entryway.”

Nora is giving me a curious, slightly worried look when I stumble off.

I’m not sure whether to begin to like her, or dislike her more.
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Sat Apr 16, 2011 8:07 pm
*coco says...


To say that I was confused about what just happened would be an understatement.

I shot Caleb a dark look, fighting the urge to kick the crap out of him as he sheepishly walked out of the room, grumbling more apologies to whoever was listening. That ass never did know how to control that mouth of his...

Once I was sure he was gone, I turned my attention back to Nora’s grandmother. She was standing next to the fireplace adding more coal to the fire. I waited in silence for her to say something, but when she didn’t, I decided to make the first move.

“I apologise for my brother. I wasn’t aware of his...” I cleared my throat awkwardly, “extracurricular activities...” It was the truth, although looking back I guess I should’ve realised that the douche was up to no good. Lately, he’d been spending way too much time talking to spirits....or, whatever the hell they were...

Nora’s grandmother waved a care-free hand, keeping her attention on the fireplace. “No need to explain. I was young once; I know very well the temptations of illegal magic...”

Of course, her response did little to assuage my anger at Caleb. I didn’t know much about those illegal marketplaces, but from the little that I’d heard it was a place where foolish humans went for cheap thrills, and where only the darkest and most evil of magic was practised. Caleb should’ve known better. He had no business being there.

“He is right about one thing, though, your brother...” Nora’s grandmother suddenly added.

“Yeah?” I questioned, giving her a strange look. “What’s that?”

“Prophecies are...troublesome things. They should not be taken so seriously.”

I found myself clenching my jaw. This witch was really started to irritate me. A part of me actually felt like she enjoyed it. “What are you talking about?” I questioned. “Innocent humans have already died and if I’m not mistaken your tribe predicted that this would happen. Why the hell shouldn’t I take the prophecy seriously?”

She turned to face me and just shrugged in a care-free sort of way which irritated me even more. “Well, just because the Addicts and werewolves have acted on the first part of the prophecy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are ready to carry out the second part. It could be months, years, possibly even centuries before they decide to make their next move and attack the Pure Bloods.”

“Maybe, but I’m not willing to take that risk. As far as I’m concerned they have to be stopped now before things get any worse.”

Nora’s grandmother gave me a levelled look. “You haven’t been listening, demon. I told you this prophecy cannot be stopped-”

“There must be a way!” I interrupted her angrily. Nora, who had been silently standing next to her grandmother listening to all this, gave me another one of her glares.

“What exactly is it that you wish me to offer you, demon?” her grandmother asked me. “A magic spell to stop all this from happening, an incantation to turn back time?”

What did she think I was, twelve? “Of course not, I just...” I paused, trying hard to gather my thoughts. The truth was I didn’t exactly know what I wanted from the witch. I just knew that there was something she and Nora weren’t telling me...
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Wed Apr 20, 2011 2:00 am
Cspr says...


I sighed quietly and kept my shoulders up at my ears as I walked out of the house. The thick carpet softened my footsteps, at least, so I didn’t feel too awkward.
Okay, no, that was a lie. Two dark-haired women watched me leave, their eyes wide, and the heat hadn’t left my face.
So, my skulking out had been noticed.
“Uh, sorry,” I whispered.
One pursed her lips, painted black, and hissed something at me--in a language I did not know.
I was out the door in seconds flat.


Outside, the grass was green, wind swayed towering trees, and the air was sweet. I noticed these things, but couldn’t embrace them, or feel too happy about what a ‘nice day’ it was. I didn’t exactly have ‘nice days’. The darkness was everywhere.
I shook my head and turned to look at the house, with its creepy manor-look.
For an example of ‘darkness everywhere’, some sort of weird-as-frick thing was on the roof just now, staring at me with creepy mud-brown eyes; lipstick smeared all over its mouth.
I did a double-take and took a step right back into my car.
“Boo,” it spoke down at me.
I resisted the urge to scream, because it was usual and how girly was that? Oh, wait, that was sexist.
Point--male screams are deep and just sound weird, like someone squashed an elephant or something. Something.
The thing threw some sort of plant matter at me, perhaps some lint, too, and shrieked in laughter. I stared.
“Why aren’t you running? You can see me, right? Why aren’t you running?” The thing pouted. It paused for a minute, looked about, then made a rather ironic statement, “You’re no fun.”
Lucan wishes.
It threw a potted plant next--and the terracotta hit the grass with a smash, sharps flying every which way. One hit my sneaker-ed foot and I was left shaking my leg, trying to dislodge it.
It flew out and I turned to glower at the beastie.
“If you scratch the paint, you’re dead,” I informed the monster, gesturing at my car.
It laughed gleefully and flung another pot.
I rolled up my sleeves in response and looked at the thick vines curling up the house. Hm. Maybe I could--
“Don’t even think about it.”
I blinked and turned my head sideways a bit. A guy, a freakishly pale guy, was standing beside me--black hair almost covering his eyes completely. He smiled in a grimace sort of way and stared up at the thing.
“What is it, Ethan, hm?” the monster asked, as it fluttered down from its high perch.
My blood chilled. It wasn’t frightening--really--it, however, was extremely unnerving. It drifted along the ground like a garden snake and smiled up at me beatifically.
“Watch out,” it whispered, “they’re coming.”
The guy beside me scowled. I watched the odd expression out of the corner of my eye and grimaced.
“Leave ‘im alone, will ya?” Ethan asked.
The thing pouted and disappeared with a ‘poof’, glittery purple-black smoke left in its wake. I smelt burnt toast--one of my least favorite smells; below ‘burning flesh’, ‘course--and wrinkled my nose. Disgusting.
I looked sideways again, looked long enough to realize, that, no, I was not hallucinating, his form was shimmering--not truly there.
“Personal space?” I suggested helpfully. I shivered and stepped away.
The guy nodded, looking like he was thinking hard on whether or not he should, you know, move a few inches, or feet, and then--poof. He was gone too.
I closed my eyes. “Oh, lovely. Now I’m seeing dead people.” I pinched the bridge of my nose.
Must’ve been a poltergeist, then; nasty devils, like boggarts. Seen them before. I’d never seen--never seen a ghost look like a person.
That just upped things to a whole new level, didn’ it?
I took in a breath and looked around, unease tugging at me. Something about that thing, what it’d said--they’re coming--had set my teeth on edge.
I ran my tongue along my canines and then licked my lips, before looking around the dark front garden. The purple-leaved plants cast shadows on the ground in front of the beds, red flowers bright-colored cherry; cheery.
I frowned and looked past, to the stone foundation of the house, then beyond, into the thorn ticket with its tall grasses and weeds that grew from the ground, strong only surviving.
Then I noticed the birds were gone--and the fact that tall grass was shivering, moving. Barely, subtle--but enough to be noticed.
I narrowed my eyes and prayed Lucan was getting close to being done. I knew all sorts of little things lived in gardens, wild places; I liked cities for that reason. Normally it was pixies, gnomes (of the alive and not alive sort), fairies, odd-looking snakes, and almost anything small that needed a place to nest, to live. Small things. Harmless, mostly.
But this was a witch-owned garden, and things hadn’t been normal for a while.
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Wed Apr 27, 2011 11:43 pm
*coco says...


Before I could argue with the witch any further, Nora crossed the room and grabbed me by the arm, pulling me away.

“I think you should leave,” she quipped sternly.

“Fine,” I quipped back with a snarl, “but I swear, if I find out that the two of you have kept something from me – which I know you have – you’re gonna regret it...”

Nora let out a dry laugh. “Is that a threat?”

I glared at her dangerously and could sense a sudden trickle of fear appear in the witch’s eyes. “It’s a promise.”

And with that, I charged out.
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Thu Apr 28, 2011 2:11 am
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Cspr says...


I glanced up as I heard loud footsteps. Lucan was stalking towards me and I shrunk back against my car. "Not very useful information, huh?" I ask.

He glowers at me. "Can we just go?"

"Actually, that might be a good idea," I say.

I glance back at the house. It's quite beautiful, if worn by nature probably beyond repair. All I can see are the witches inside and the poltergeist that had been hanging out on the roof. I glance towards where I saw the tall grass swaying and shiver.

"Please note I'm still pissed at you, but what's wrong?"

I raise an eyebrow at Lucan, and then shrug. "I don't know. I just--there was this weird ghoul thing on the roof for a bit and I think there may be something in the backyard that might not like us being here."

Lucan swears as he comes up beside me. He looks over his shoulder then back to me. "Why didn't you come in and get me? It could've been--"

"I was banished, remember?" I peel myself off the car and let my joints pop. "Let's just--oh dear."

"What?" Lucan turns and he takes on an expression that pretty much matches how I feel. Shocked. Confused. Scared. Of course, I'm all the above and experiencing extreme deja vu, but that was beside the point.

"Is that a--?"

"Chimera," I respond easily. I blink. "Wait, how can you see--?"

"The ground the house was built on--eons of spells--you know, I don't frickin' know. Let's just--"


"Sounds good, but what about--?"

I notice the beast edging closer. Its pelt is soaked, as if it had gone for a swim, and it sniffs along the ground. Its eyes are blinded--pure white--but as it creeps along the ground, muscles showing under its lion's pelt, I know its sense of smell is top notch.

"The witches can handle themselves." I pop open the passenger door with one hand and grab the shoulder of Lucan's shirt with my other. "You," I shove him--just lightly, "get in!"

I turn, bent on going to my door and, you know, peeling off and getting the freak away from this dreadful, possibly haunted place--only to come face to face with an old friend, even if I'm not sure this is the same I saw years before. It breaths on me with the cold breath of a monster and every muscle in my body tightens.

I feel for my knife and the beast chuffs, like a lion would.

"Nice kitty," I try. Never works in the movies, but hey, what do I have to lose?

It growls in response. "I suggest leaving demon. Your brethren are on the way."

I freeze and look closer. Its eyes--green. Humanoid.

They flash back to white in a second and a roar sounds from the beast's throat. I jump and get an idea in a millisecond.

I've thrown myself onto the roof of my car and scurried onto the right hand side before I even hear the beast shriek--something of it probably impaled with something sharp of Lucan's.

Thank goodness for the buddy system.

I open my car door and slam it, not something I usually do, and reach for the keys to turn it on.

"Caleb," Lucan mumbles beside me.

I look over, panting, to see his door closed, a monster giving us a death-glare from outside--stopped by something from ripping the car to bits--and--Lucan.

My eyes widen.

"It--" How did I not hear? How--?

"I'm fine. Drive." There's a pause and he rasps in a breath. "Well?"

I gun the engine and obey. It won't do him, or us, any good to stay here on that accursed lot.

However, the sight of blood all over Lucan's shirt and the vague sight of claw marks had me thinking I was certain to run into a tree. My hands just won't stop shaking.
My SPD senses are tingling.

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Thu Apr 28, 2011 6:54 pm
*coco says...


Something wasn’t right. I was in pain and it wasn’t and ordinary kind of pain. It was a kind of pain that would turn any normal human insane, the kind of pain that made me clench my jaw in order to stop myself from screaming. It was a pain that I’d never felt before in my life. Ever. And that scared the hell out’ve me.

With steady hands, I pulled off my bloodstained shirt to see the damage. Three deep claw marks were now on my right shoulder, throbbing and blood gushing out.

“Oh, crap, crap, crap!” Caleb’s voice was shaky. He was trying to keep his eyes on the road but the amount of blood that was now pouring out of my shoulder was making it difficult for him to concentrate. “Luc, that looks real bad...a-are you ok?”

It took a while for me to answer. The pain was so bad I was finding it hard to speak. “I-I’m fine, alright, just drive...” But I wasn’t fine, my eyes were starting to close and everything around me started to get blurry.

“Lucan!” Caleb was shoving me, his voice was desperate. “Don’t close your eyes, alright, stay awake-”

“I’m trying, asshole,” I wiped a hand down my face and tried to focus. I knew that I needed to try and stop the bleeding otherwise there was no way I was going to make it. Shakily, I scrunched up my shirt into a ball and pressed it down on my shoulder hard. Pain surged through my body again and it took every fibre of my being not to scream.

“I-I don’t get it, Chimera bites aren’t supposed to be this bad,” Caleb was panicking, “what the hell was it even doing near the witches house?” He wiped a hand down his face and gulped. “Just stay with me, Lucan, alright, stay with me we’ll be home soon...”

I tried to focus on Caleb’s voice but I could feel everything start to drift away, my eyes finally giving in and closing...

My eyes snapped open and I tried to focus. Pure darkness surrounded me, encircling me in oblivion. Was I dead? Suddenly some candles were lit and I found myself looking down at the familiar dark cathedral...the one that I’d always find myself dreaming about in my sleep. There were demons everywhere, hooded and shrouded in black cloaks. Before I could even begin to understand what was going on around me, I suddenly heard a raspy shout coming from the raised dais at the front of the cathedral. I could recognise that voice from anywhere. It was Lucifer.

“Ramses, you dog! What the hell happened?” he hissed sinisterly at the masked demon kneeling before him. The sight of that demon made my heart sink. I’d recognised him from my dreams as kid. couldn’t be...

“I swear to you, my Dark Lord, the boys were supposed to be at the location. Perhaps they were warned...”

“Perhaps,” Lucifer responded icily. “The question whom?” his cold pupil-less eyes locked on my father’s. “You haven’t betrayed me, have you Ramses? You haven't been secretly helping to protect your sons, have you?”

“Of course not, my Lord! I live to serve you. Whatever you ask I obey.”

“Good.” Lucifer stood up from his thrown and turned his back on my father. His order came in the form of a whisper. “Find them, Ramses. Your abominations pose a serious threat to our existence. I want them eliminated.”

I watched in a state of horror as my father’s face twist into a horrible smirk. “Yes, my Lord.”

And with that, they were all gone.
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