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In Need of a Partner?

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Wed Aug 24, 2011 9:52 pm
WhiteTiger93 says...

Well its been a while but I'd like to write a story and get this flowing maybe?

A girl is very conflicted. She's been raped before and had one of those "funny uncles" Now she's in college and her horrible childhood and high school memories are behind her. And her best friend, her ONLY TRUE friend is there with her.

The problem? She's in love with her best friend. Along the way of high school Cari realized she couldn't trust any man. And she was just attracted to women. She'd tried to date boys and be regular, but couldn't manage it. Not with her past. And she's never told a single soul.

Her best friend does't even know this. And she, the bestie, checks out guys all the time unaware. She dates guys constantly and no time seems like the right time to reveal Cari's secret. She's also SO afraid she'd lose her bestie.

Cari meets a guy at high school. If she liked guys, she would certainly have tried to date him. He is very much interested in her too. He knows her secret once they get to know each other and he doesn't care. He thinks her past is making it to where she doesn't want to give another guy a chance. And is he right? Is Cari straight, bi, or just ito girls?

And who does she truely want as a lover....her best friend, or this new guy friend?

So, yeah, I like contraversial stuff. If you're interested, just let me know. :)
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Wed Aug 24, 2011 9:57 pm
Katlyn67 says...

I've got one.

A young girl is raped. The man who did it, however, is a priest. Because he is a renowned man, people don't suspect it first. You know he did it because it's in his point of view, but the ironic thing is that peopel think he's a saint.

Yep, very controversial :) Hope to get a partner too!

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Fri Aug 26, 2011 10:05 pm
nutmegan595 says...

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Fri Sep 02, 2011 1:36 am
MilkNCookies says...

Ahh. So many sad rape ideas D:

Just pointing that out ;)
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Fri Sep 02, 2011 2:52 pm
WhiteTiger93 says...

I think that was my fault. XD I posted my idea and it kinda just built into a bunch of 'em. Maybe someone even posted one idea before me.

But anyway, I'm giving up on that story for this reason anyway. xD
Hermione, shut your ungodly, lopsided mouth and quit interrupting! 20 points from Gryffindor. You know, for the brightest witch of your age you can sure be a dumba** sometimes. *smiles* 10 points to Dumbledore!

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Sun Sep 04, 2011 11:12 pm
MilkNCookies says...

XD Well I have an idea.

A princess is sent into a strange land and is 'adopted' by a griffin. Back in her old land, a prince is sent to save her and prove his worth-but the prince would rather be anywhere else. The rest is undecided.

Taken (:
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Thu Sep 15, 2011 4:19 pm
Betheny says...


I was thinking about calling it Dancing Shadows, but I'm open for change.
It's a story about an acient guild of assassins who now opperate in a victorian/steampunk world with a little bit of fantasy thrown in (e.g. elves and dwarves, maybe basic magic). The idea is that this guild is slowly fading away due to relgious powers taking over bringing peace with them, thus people no longer need the assassins. Some of them think they should fight back, revealing themselves to the world but destroying the guild in the process while others think that they should fade away with grace, becoming the stuff of myth and legends.
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Fri Sep 23, 2011 12:14 am
Starrywolf says...

So, umm... Idea. PM. You all know the drill.


The United States is at war- this time, in their own territory. A group of people are hiding in an old government shelter (as of reality, they actually sell them now. No threat from Russia anymore. The characters are people that knew where one was and ran to it before they died from, you know, bombs.)

No electricity and no heating/cooling. They do have quite a bit of food and drink, since the paranoid scizophrenic that owns it (possible one of the main characters) kept it stocked, just in case, and they had matches, candles, and some wood.

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Mon Oct 03, 2011 11:54 pm
mvb627 says...

New at story-booking, But have a good idea. PM me if you want to help.

Strange things are happening at Thomas Prep. And four teens are going to dig deep to figure out what:

Monica Jackson: The new girl, sent on a scholarship, who’s trying to fit in at school without, literally, burning it down.

Marcus “Marc” Peterson: A loner who can hack anything, including the schools technology supply, and messes up one to many times.

Lisa Wilson: Miss popular, who starts seeing things happen, way before they actually do.

Jaden “Jade” Matthews: A shadow of his famous dad, He starts to relize that he can change forms. As in “ I change into animals”

When these four teens are dragged together for a school project, they relize that there’s something amiss. Will they be able to work together to figure it out?

So.. yeah. PM please!!!
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Fri Oct 28, 2011 1:55 am
Justlittleoleme says...

Hey guys, I've decided to give story booking a shot. I've already got everything set up for the most part but it has come to my attention that a partner would be a lovely thing to have. Someone bounce Ideas off of, to help me out with auditions, and to assist me in making this story the best dang story that it could possibly be!

My Idea:

Spoiler! :
My story takes place in cold and cruel world ruled by a ruthless and half-mad king. He dictates with out thought, tossing his kingdom into horrific wars at mere whimsy, stealing from and murdering his own people, creating chaos just for the sake of it, and throwing any who defy him to his beloved pet, The Wildercat, a devilish and ferocious beast that is just as mad and ruthless as its master.
Our hero is a young girl, the daughter of the rightful king and queen who had been murdered years before by the current ruler. Rescued by her uncle and stolen away to the wild and untamed Udairnil forest, she has been raised among the Katchy, her mothers people, a race of primitive humans native to the planet. For awhile she was quite happy to live among her fearsome yet carefree people, living beneath the protective branches of her beloved Udairnil forest and as far away from the mad king as she could possibly be. But when the crazed king learns of her very existence he comes after her with all he's got, tricking his people into believing that the Katchy were their enemies(not a very hard thing to do actually) . He releases his Wildercat and sends his army in full force, destroying her beloved home and scattering her brave and powerful people with the shear madness of his attack. She escapes, barely, with only the clothes on her back and her own little pet gryphon, Aoife. With the wildercat still on her trail and gryphon in hand, she does something she never thought she'd have to do, leave Udairnil forest and somehow, someway put everything right...

So, what do ya think? :smt026
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Sun Oct 30, 2011 3:00 am
wardemon42 says...

Ok. Imagine. In the REGION of Gaurdania myhtical creatures live. If a human gets in the area captured and put in a camp to be memory erased of Gaurdania.The main characters are G'wendelon and G'rockle(any new names?) G'rockle is male and G'wendelon is female. G'rockle is a kitronus so he can see and destroy drascothians and he is also a prince.(son of Nogard his dad/king) G'wendelon isn't no princess or kitronus but she can charm you or use spells (a mage) they are all dragons(Nogard G'rockle amd G'wendelon) G'rockle has been sneaking off from his royal throne to build stuff with his welder's breath because he can't fully breathe fire.Then he goeas on a massive quest thorughout Gaurdania fighting beasts side by side with G'wendelon and any new friends to save the crystal of life from Tnepres,Bane,and Milotinous.If thety fail life will end as they know it.( I'm making this a book too)

If you have any questions on what they are just ask i have a notebook with three pages of notes :D

P.S. I made up the creatures and names and abilities

p.s.s. I am using bane G'wendelon and G'rockle till new ideas
The Tale of Me

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Thu Nov 10, 2011 4:24 am
sasquash says...

Ever had one of those dreams that you felt like it was so real, but when you wake up, it quickly goes into the back of your mind and you soon forget about it?

Well, in my storybook idea, the characters would be a boy and a girl, and they live normal lives. They dont know each other all too well and they dont really make a point of trying to talk to each other at school or in public places. But thats when the dreams come in. In this storybook, the dreams are not dreams. They are a whole separate life where life where dreams come true and your true personality always shows forth. In the boy and girls dream, they are 'together', as friends, companions, im not too sure yet, its up for some modification.

In the dream world, they know exactly what happens in the real world. And though they fight with mystical beings and such, as is dreams, they also cannot idly stand by as they watch their chances of being together in the real world slip through their fingers. It should make out for a good storybook as the dream world couple attempt to get a message of sorts to the real world in one form or another.

P.M. me if you want to be my partner. :)
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Sat Dec 17, 2011 3:48 pm
*coco says...

I've been wanting to write something similar to George R.R. Martin's 'Game of Thrones' for a while now, but I need some help...make that A LOT of help :wink: If anyone might be interested in collaboration, please feel free to drop me a PM and I'll be happy to have you as a partner :)
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Mon Jan 16, 2012 6:49 pm
TheClosetKidnapper says...


I've got this idea for a novel. The main character is a 17 year old girl and the story is told through flashbacks of a particular summer vacation (each flashback takes up a chapter and it switches from the present to the flashbacks every other one) of which has been carved in her memory forever. I've started it but need help with collecting the ideas and taking it where I want it to go.
If you're interested and would like to see what I've written, PM me so I can send it to you. I hope to find a partner! :)
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Sat Jan 21, 2012 9:42 am
Rascalover says...

I was wondering if any body would be interested in writing a story with me about the following:
A married couple, Gary and Tara Vernon, had been together since high school. They have had their ups and downs, but were finally enjoying their marriage and parenting their six and four year old daughters, when an eighteen year old boy, Brock Meredith, contacts them asking if he could meet them because he knew they were his real parents. Brock had recently found out he is going to be a parent, and he figured this would be the perfect time to find out why his birth parents gave him up for adoption when he was eleven months old.


If anyone's interested feel free to PM me!
Thanks and have a nice day,
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