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A True Legend

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Sun Oct 30, 2011 4:03 am
wardemon42 says...

In the REGION of Gaurdania myhtical creatures live. If a human gets in the area captured and put in a camp to be memory erased of Gaurdania.The main characters are G'wendelon and G'rockle(any new names?) G'rockle is male and G'wendelon is female. G'rockle is a kitronus so he can see and destroy drascothians and he is also a prince.(son of Nogard his dad/king) G'wendelon isn't no princess or kitronus but she can charm you or use spells (a mage) they are all dragons(Nogard G'rockle amd G'wendelon) G'rockle has been sneaking off from his royal throne to build stuff with his welder's breath because he can't fully breathe fire.Then he goeas on a massive quest thorughout Gaurdania fighting beasts side by side with G'wendelon and any new friends to save the crystal of life from Tnepres,Bane,and Milotinous.If thety fail life will end as they know it.( I'm making this a book too)

If you have any questions on what they are just ask i have a notebook with three pages of notes

P.S. I made up the creatures and names and abilities

p.s.s. I am using bane G'wendelon and G'rockle till new ideas
The Tale of Me

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