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Mon Mar 24, 2008 3:50 pm
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Emerson says...

What is the "Will Review For Food" section?

A lot of people were posting review advertisements in the lounge, but we thought it would be a better idea to have a section specifically dedicated to it. What this means is that you can post a thread explaining what works you will critique, the level of critiques you give, and what you might [if anything] want in return. From there, people can post on your thread with links, and you can review them!

What to say...

In your thread, you could say "If you need a critique, post your link here," and only that. But that isn't much fun, is it?

To be as most of a help as possible, try make a list of the things you are good at critiquing. For example, I would say that I do not critique sci-fi or fantasy unless under special conditions, and unless I've been several prompted to do so. That way, if someone asks me to review something from the fantasy section, and they never receive the review, they know why. Or they'll know not even to ask me, because more often than not, I won't review something from the fantasy section. (I don't know how it works!)

If you would like, and this could be more help to the authors who are looking for reviews, post links to what you consider to be your best reviews. That way they know what to expect out of you. Some reviewers will be great at grammar, or characters, or plot line. So people will be "softer", where as [like me] others chew the story up then spit it out. Just keep in mind that calling yourself harsh/hard doesn't give you the right to be mean. Even if you are a harsh reviewer, be nice, and don't say something if it isn't going to help the writer improve.

The more information you give the authors about what you might be giving them, the better you can sell yourself! I mean, sell your critiques!

What do I get?

You can mention in your thread if you would like something in return for the critiques. If you want to be paid points, or given reviews on a specific work, or maybe you want them to say hello in your guest book, because it is lonely, then mention it on the thread! It's only right to be paid for your awesome services, but be reasonable! Don't ask someone to mail you a kitten because you must sacrifice it to the SPEW god. Something simple is always best.

Note: To make it fair, no advertisement threads in this section should be stickies. If they are stickied, a moderator will unsticky them.
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